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Project Girard Review Topic


Project Girard is actually a comic I'm writing and illustrating, but as with another comic called Bad Vibes (which I'm still writing and gnashing my teeth over), I'm writing it in a prose format to sort out the details of the world and story more easily.


I need the criticism and the discussion, since that is my ego-fuel.




In Girard's view, it is humankind, not God, who has the problem with violence. Humans are driven by desire and envy, creating a triangulation of desire and results in conflict between the desiring parties. This conflict increases to a point where society is at risk; it is at this point that the scapegoat mechanism is triggered.
This is the point where one person is singled out as the cause of the trouble and is hunted down and killed by the group.
This person is the scapegoat.
Social order is restored as people are contented that they have solved the cause of their problems by removing the scapegoated individual, and the cycle begins anew.
As a way of providing a scapegoat for its schemes, the Committee selects a person from its list by lottery to participate in Project Girard, where the unwilling participant has to evade the Civil Protection Authorities and the common people for life, all the while being forced to commit crimes.
Project Girard is now in its forty second phase, with Argus Xu acting as the scapegoat.
He had thought he would never be selected, but his history meant otherwise. But Argus isn't going to go down without a fight.



The Story starts here.

"Wer Traumt?"


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