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Hello Comics forum. Very few of you guys will remember me, if any at all, since I've spent most of my time here lurking rather than making comics. All of my lurking has allowed me to collect various sprite kits. Many Bothans died to bring me this information. With the forum re-organizing and the old archives gone, I figured it would be good to post my own sprite archive here. It'll be put to good use by new and old comic makers alike. And now without further ado:


BZPower Sprite Kit Archive

Contents include, but are not limited to:

6-shade Chimoru, the classic Razor kit, RZMIK, and Rayg. 


If you want me to add anything to this post, go ahead and PM me your links or files.

Everything should be free to use unless a creator wishes to have it taken down.

All they would need to do is PM me, and the request would be granted without hesitation.

Remember to give credit to the original artists!

Edited by Protector Of The Fortress


Sprite Kit Archive

For all of your comic-making needs!

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