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G A Y   A S   H E C K

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i have stared into the abyss and i have seen the face of our maker

and the face of our maker is not the face of an ally

this day shall be remembered by our descendants as the tipping point

where mankind finally succumbed to our own careless abandon, and fell before the wrath of god

and you, emkay, will be remembered as the harbinger of humanity's ultimate end

may the universe take pity on us, and spare our pathetic lives in the wake of destruction

i know what youre thinking, whos gonna care what shoes shes wearing but BELIEVE ME, WOMEN notice

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This one actually spoke to me.


I'm not being even being ironic here the second comic actually spoke to me on a deep level. This is abstract post-modernism at it's finest because I mean just look at it.




I've been here since 2009 and I've made comics since 2009 and now it's been four years and I'm graduated and working and paying taxes and going to college and I'm still here why am I still here I can't


I can't even


I'm still here



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Oh look, AOB #2.

Nonsense, there is a massive stylistic difference here. If BIONICLES ADVENTURES COMIXS is modern art, then this is Post-Modern. Emkay has once again breathed new life into the dying art form of the sprite comic in a way that is both poignant and refreshing.


Yeah what they said.





Reach Heaven by Violence.


And while you are at it, see Bionicle characters as Magical Girls.

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Hmm, Facebook seems to be viewing this post. Must be something special about it...me, well, I don't care for these types of comics all that much. Not really my style, but I do see that it takes some work to make them. And obviously they have some kind of value to lots of people, which is evident in the ongoing contest. As I said, not my cup of tea, but you must be doing something right to get all these comments praising the beauty of your work. :P



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wow. what can i saythis is really a work of art. its a post-apocalyptic vision of the comics forum's future. time and space have collapsed on each other. years of comics have melded into a twisting maelstrom of words and pixels. a few, still alive, cling to whatever unstable matter they can. cries of "are you still here? are you still here?" echo throughout. there is no answer. those who are there only know that they themselves are still here


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This is like BAC on steroids. These are incredible achievements which will go down in comic history. You've captured the entire intellectual content of almost every comic to ever grace the forum and condensed it into an unparalleled work of art. Bravo.

avatar by Lady Kopaka


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While I'm not much into these kind of comics exploring the more absolute forms and relations of picture and typography, it's always interesting to see them pop up. Brings up a lot of associations and actually makes people look a bit harder on the whole or a detail of the a picture and forces them to put together what they see and think. This is something I encourage in visual media and you pulled it of quite well (and judging from the posts).


Ever thought about exploring the more Picasso-ish or Salvador Dali-ish side of the spectrum? :D

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New pages are up! Click to see latest! \(°u°)/

Gallery & conceptart topic - Current: Pre-mut & pre-ev Makuta: Krika | Antroz | Vamprah | Miserix | Bitil | .. 

Older pics: Helryx's Fury | Makuta Sethuldur | Order's Call (no necro k? C8)

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This is a beautiful artistic metaphor about AW3.


I loved the newest one. "Everything happens on an imaginary island." This is especially relevant because of everything that has happened in the forum, both in recent days and years ago. This place is dysfunctional.

Majhost sucks

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this comic series is now a non-rotational open massive multiple author comic series

anybody can be a co-author if they so choose, the only prerequisite is the conscious will to join. anybody who meets said prerequisite is automatically accepted.

as such, there will be no official list of co-authors; contrary to popular belief, horses cannot read the minds of humans.

comics created by co-authors other than myself will not be added to the first post.

there will be no roster. any co-author(s) may submit a comic(s) whenever they choose.


do not use this opportunity to develop a comic series within this topic that is separate from t h0r. please try to stay within the already established themes of the series, whatever you may interpret them to be.

staying within the established art style(s) of the series is preferred but not mandatory; feel free to exit your comfort zone, this is what we're here for. joining is not mandatory.

please follow the rules of the website and subforum.

G A Y   A S   H E C K

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Should I make a razor comic on MSPaint with a matoran exploring the state of the comics forum on BZPower, how a matoran is capable of feeling love and the return of a villain named storge who will become a Makuta and destroy the forum unless our hero stops him?

If you like Pingu & want to support a good project, click here. Also, I've rejoined the BZPRPG & I have a new profile for a new game. Click here to see it.

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