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The Shadow Master

The Mugbearer

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I've decided to re-post some arts to see some more comments from users. =) This character belongs to my epic 'Bionicle Universe: The Fiction' telling us about adventures of living Bionicle toys in real Moscow apartments. Unfortunately, not in English so I can't share this epic. ( Anyway, the name of the one who I want show is Onepu. Onepu was a cute emo-like Matoran with a purple Mask and childy voice. Until he forced to unleash his original personality!Actually he is Makuta Teridax in the Matoran body.Onepu___the_Shadow_Master_by_Shaddy_SW.jpg This 'note-drawing' picture was made for the Rusbionicle stop-motion movie 'Bionicle Universe'. I've tried to make a crossover of Onepu's Pakari mask and Teridax's Mask of Shadows. I've used OpenCanvas to paint him. the_shadow_master_coloured_by_shaddy_sw-d33a0zi.jpg You know, I dig his Mask. It looks like the face of Megatron! =3

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