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BIONICLE: Rise of a Phenomenon 3


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Hi guys LordofBionicles here!


After such a long time it is finally time for another Rise of a Phenomenon, this one being episode number 3. In this episode I take a look at the year 2002 which was HUGE for LEGO and of course BIONICLE, I talk about this year's story, sets, and even legal issues. Let´s not waste anymore time here it is:


BIONICLE Rise of a Phenomenon 3


And if you missed my previous videos here are all the links:


BIONICLE Rise of a Phenomenon Introduction

BIONICLE Rise of a Phenomenon 1

BIONICLE RIse of a Phenomenon 2


Please feel free to leave a comment below, if you have a suggestion for what you´d like to see on the next episode which will be about 2003 please let me know!

And also I´ll make some special reviews between the BRoaP episodes about the BIONICLE movies starting with Mask of light this September 13

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