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The Truly Disastrous Endeavors of Mordahk


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Ring ring ring... ring ring ring...


"Terry here! What do you want-"




*Girly scream* "Oh, Berrikore, my best bud, my friendo, my BFF! How's it been?"


"Let's cut to the chase. That moron, Mordahk, is raisin' Karz down here, and we're not sure what's going on."


"What's he doing?"


"A bunch of stuff is missing, nobody can find him, many of our men are dying of bizarre causes and the bacon's been burnt."


"Funny how you should mention bacon in that bunch..."


"He burnt our bacon, and WE KNOW IT! You gon' fix this or what?"


"I'll see what I can do to fix it. Just send me the security tapes!"


"You'd better, or I'll have your head. An' you know what happens to the heads of the people who anger me..."


"Let me guess..."




"Oh. Uh... How can you live with yourself?"


"I can, and I can live with your mom!"


"That's terrible."

Edited by Lieutenant Obvious

Morally unambiguous.

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