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To Those Who Consider Themselves Toa

Pahrak Model ZX

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Are they really so different? Need they really be destroyed?


Brothers and sisters, common heritage unknown or overlooked


You lashed out in spite, attacking one, waking all


And here you are, acting like the victim


Did you think they would not defend? Wouldn’t you?


Ah, but these are “Bohrok”, and you are “Toa”


Those names are unalike, so why think these beings the same?


It is the Toa we celebrate, the Toa who have control


There is no place for Bohrok, nor the change they seek to bring


Rigidity! Be strict! Defend your narrow ways!


Or else those bizarre Bohrok will assimilate you all!





Is this how Toa act? Are you as noble as you claim?


Surely the world is big enough for the Bohrok to exist


They aren’t alien, they were here all along


You never saw any? Of course you did


They were hiding, and for good reason


I’d hide too if all these Toa sought me out!


It’s prejudice, plain and simple, don’t think you can deny


Maybe you should take one of those Krana they offer you


“Ugh, those disgusting things? They make my skin crawl!”


So you’re not comfortable? Oh dear, how unfortunate


I’m sure the Bohrok have no idea what that feels like


An ugly truth, no matter how repulsive, is never any less true


You are wrong. You don’t want to face that. No one ever does


But would you believe that Bohrok and Toa can co-exist?




How strange—but I assure you it’s true!


As it turns out, you may not be so different after all


So scratch that gold paint off your mask and take a step back


Try holding a civil conversation with the Bahrag, if you can manage


I wonder how soon it will be before you realize…


All the reasons for your actions? They’re nothing more than hate


“Matoran become Toa, the way Mata Nui intended!”


Guess what? Bohrok were Matoran too


“It’s not natural!”


How strange, that Mata Nui would intend the “unnatural”…


Then again, if it were “natural” after all…


Oh, there I go—I should let you figure it out


If I tell you, you’ll just run and tattle to the Turaga


“Help! We’re being asked to see logic


To confront it, and be kind!


Since when was kindness one of our Three Virtues?”


Virtues? What about Unity, then?


Have you applied that doctrine lately?


Seems someone’s been slacking on their Duty


But fine, don’t listen to me, there’s still another Virtue


And without a doubt, things are Destined to change


Good luck fighting that!


Maybe you won’t see it, but others surely will


Bohrok will be allowed to exist with Toa in peace


Extremists like you may have sealed the Bahrag, but it’s not over


The Kal fought. They succeeded in at least waking the Bahrag


Now they are active, and everybody knows it


One day, after a long overdue revelation,


You “Toa” will realize your mistake


You’ll finally stop hating, and the Bohrok will be free


Argue all you’d like, but stranger things have happened


Well, I guess it’s time to wrap it up


So tell me, “Toa”: what am I really talking about?

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A fine enough poem, but there's one problem with it: whoever wrote this poem (Ahkmou, maybe?) evidently doesn't understand that the Bohrok wanted to annihilate Mata Nui and the Matoran at any cost, and what's more, they're the ones who started the fight, not the Toa. The Toa are merely defending their people against forced annihilation and assimilation. Frankly, I believe that the thesis of this poem is quite silly in that context.


Stop me if I'm reading too much into this, but I have a feeling that there was meant, within this poem, to be a sort of allegory to certain real life issues. I won't name them, but if what I feel about this poem means anything, then I probably disagree with the allegory you may be present, Mr. #0579. A pretty poem, but I'm afraid that I don't think much of the message.


Sincerely, :akaku: X-Ray :akaku:

"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken."
- Ecclesiastes 4:12

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