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Preoccupation with Procrastination

Pahrak Model ZX

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I grabbed my 3DS and leaned back, letting out a sigh of relief before I unfolded the device.


Oi, that was a long day…


My mind started to drift as the system turned on. Noticing my backpack over on the table, I suddenly remembered all the homework I still had to do.


…Meh, it won’t take that long once I put my mind to it. I’ll just play for a little while and unwind first.


So, I started playing. When I next looked up, the clock read 10 PM. This was how the past several days had gone: I would remember my schoolwork, talk myself into playing a game instead, and then forget all about it until the last possible minute. With a curse, I leapt to my feet and scrambled to my pack, pulling out the first assignment I found and swiftly completing it.


It was sometime around 2 that I finished everything. I sluggishly stuffed the papers back into my bag, but one slipped out and fell to the floor. I picked it up—it was a quiz I had just recently gotten back, though more than a few points were missing. Usually I did better than this, but for some reason I just hadn’t been able to focus. I was more preoccupied with…


Oh, come on. Video games alone can’t make my grades fall like this.


True, my grades had fallen recently, but it seemed doubtful that the video games were the sole factor. I’ve been playing games when I should’ve been doing homework for years now, and results this negative were a recent occurrence. There was no causality there…right?


I flopped into bed and tried to sleep. Unfortunately, the problem nagged at me. What if the games were getting to me? It would be stubborn not to at least consider the possibility…still, what changed, then? I guess some of my more recent games were from a new series, but the one pulling me away at this point was one of the oldest of the old. Well…maybe it’s cumulative? Hm, that sounds kind of ridiculous…


Rolling over, I cast a glance at the clock. 3 AM, meaning I had maybe four hours to sleep.


Ugh, I really don’t want to go to that stupid physics class tomorrow…


It wasn’t that the subject was uninteresting, but I felt that the teacher didn’t do a very good job of presenting it. The early time certainly didn’t help. Still, it was the only time I could get, and it was required for my new major that I—




I sat up. Of course—I had just changed majors this semester! I always did well in my classes before this semester, but I had thought that switching to a science degree would be wiser. The problem was that I just could not muster up enough interest to legitimately care about most of what I was learning in these new classes.


So it’s the classes, not the games. Okay…


Finally feeling relaxed enough to sleep, I collapsed and muttered that I would switch back to my old major sometime soon. Something still nagged at me, though: even if my game-playing habits weren’t becoming any worse, that didn’t mean that they weren’t still detrimental.


…Fine, I’ll try to manage my time a little better.


I managed to get a little sleep before dragging myself out of bed for physics. As I headed for the door, my hand hovered over the 3DS.


I…guess I’m too tired to play anyway…maybe later.

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You summed up what Im doing right now, expect I'm listen to a Doctor Who audiobook. :P

Also, very good. Nice with the thought bits. :)


P̴̡͘r̛̕a̵͟i̷͞s͢͠é̴̢̛̕ ̛͡t̴̶̨͞h͢҉̶e̢͟ ̸̢͢͠R͢é̷͏̶d̸͘͞ ̴͟͡͏͞a͞n̶̛̕̕҉d̶͠͞͞ ̶̡̧B̷̛l̀҉a҉̢́͟c̕͠k̢͠ ̶̸̡͟͢Ģ͞͝͏͝ó̕d̛͢͢͡͠.̧҉.̷̧̛͟͞.̀҉̴

Minecraft username: furno5943

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