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History of LEGO TBRPGs


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From the original topic, before it was deleted in a hacking incident:

TakunuvaC01 said:

Text-based RPGs based on LEGO themes have been around BZPower for a long time. The Alpha Team: Mission Deep Freeze RPG, one of the oldest, dates to late 2004, back when this forum was still just a part of LEGO General Discussion. In fact, the existence of a separate forum for non-Bionicle roleplaying is very new- only with the new forums have we received a subforum of our own.

Having a database of these older RPGs is a good idea, for various reasons. For one, it's our history, and it's always good to see what RPGs have been done in the past, how successful they might have been, where they might have failed, what ideas they might have attempted, and so on. Modern RPGs in these parts have frequently been designed in response to the extremely successful Dino Attack RPG (in part because they were designed by its players), which itself was based on the Alpha Team RPG from 2004. So when trying to design new games, being able to take a look at other ideas that have been tried in the distant past might be useful.

Attempts (one of which was by me, in fact, on the old forum) have been made to chronicle our history before. Unfortunately, with the loss of the archives, much of that history has been rendered unavailable. Some fragments of some games can be found in the Wayback Machine, but not much. This makes the existence of a thread where links to archives of old RPGs can be shared extremely useful.

Inspired by the Dino Attack Archive Wiki and a conversation with PeabodySam, I resolved to do what I could before the archives were taken offline permanently, which resulted in this thread- a place to maintain a list of old RPGs and links to archives (and to encourage nostalgic discussions).

Want to discuss an old RPG? Found pieces of an older RPG and would like to share them with the world? This is the thread! If you wish to discuss a proposal for a new RPG, or want to plan a new take on an old one, please use the Construction and Design thread instead.

The list of old RPGs from the old forum is complete, as of 9/25/2013!

This is good, because as of 10/8/2013 the old forum archive has been taken down forever...

RPG List:

Active: Games that are currently running. Click the links below to get started on playing LEGO RPGs!

There are no current active RPGs.

New Forum Archive: Defunct games from the new forum; therefore their archives are open and fully available. Note that RPGs that predate a BZP forum update in late 2013 will most likely have broken formatting.

Old Forum Archive: Defunct games from the old forum; archives of these are extremely fragmented if they exist at all.  Note that, as of January 2016, the Wayback Machine server hosting many archived pages listed in this index (particularly those from 2007 and earlier, such as the lofiversions) is apparently down, and we have no confirmation if this issue will be resolved in the foreseeable future.


  • 10/14/22: Changed Dino Attack RPG downloadable archive link to its wiki page for future-proofing (so I won't have to keep updating this in the future), and added link to its Director's Cut. Changed HF RPG 2.5's status from ACtive to Defunct.
  • 10/3/17: Updated Dino Attack RPG downloadable archive to version 2.0.
  • 7/26/16: Added HF RPG 2.5 link.
  • 6/1/16: Updated Dino Attack RPG downloadable archive to version 1.3. Moved HF RPG 2.0 to New Forum Archive and added HF RPG 2.5 to Active list (currently, only the discussion topic is available).
  • 5/8/16: Moved Exo Force RPG to New Forum Archive.
  • 3/20/16: Moved LEGO Dimensions RPG to New Forum Archive.  Added additional archived pages to Space Police RPG and Hero Factory RPG.
  • 1/23/16: Thanks for pinning the topic, GSR!  Added additional archived pages to Exo-Force: Battle for Sentai Mountain RPG.
  • 1/22/16: Added LEGO Dimensions RPG to Active list.
  • 9/15/15: The Wayback Machine hosting archives from 2007, especially lofiversions, is currently down.  Added HF RPG 2.0 to Active list.  Added additional archived pages to Alpha Team RPG: Ogel's Last Stand.
  • 12/17/14: Added archived lofiversion links to Johnny Thunder RPG (2005), The LEGO Island RPG, Vikings RPG, Rock Raiders RPG, Knight's Kingdom RPG, Pirate RPG, Space RPG, Exo-Force: Battle for Sentai Mountain RPG, Official Vikings RPG, Johnny Thunder RPG (2006), Aquaraiders RPG, and Aquazone RPG.
  • 11/20/13: Added first page and page 15 to Atton Rand's Rock Raiders RPG.  Added complete first page and page 4 to LEGO Space RPG.  Changed Hero Factory's status from Active to Defunct.
  • 5/10/14: The BZP Staff has failed to fix the formatting issue, so I have had to take care of it manually myself.  In that time, this topic died, leaving it for reference and no longer discussion.
  • 6/9/14: Changed Ninjago RPG's status from Active to Defunct.
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I'm aware that the formatting for the first page has been messed up; however, Black Six says that the staff is currently working on a solution to fix this and the other formatting issues across the forum, so just for now, excuse the mess.


I hope this time they don't wait six months before telling us that it can't be fixed.


Also, one of the Wayback Machine servers is down for maintenance or something, and unfortunately it's the very server that hosts the late 2007 backups for most of the old RPG topics, which is why a number of archived links don't work at the moment. So, again, hopefully this is something that will be fixed in due time, so please be patient.

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I hope this time they don't wait six months before telling us that it can't be fixed.

Well, considering you can fix it yourself, if they wait six months, it'll be to tell us that they won't be fixing all of the formatting themselves.


Use the button in the upper left hand corner to turn off any BBCode. Then turn BBCode back on, and most of the formatting will fix itself.

I used to have a banner here.

But that RPG is dead.

What now?

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Just thought I'd swing by and give this topic a quick little bump; I don't know whether or not this index would be considered exempt from the revival rule. In the old LEGO General Discussion forum, there was a pinned topic that included a list of RPGs, and pinned topics are exempt from revival... but, seeing as this hasn't been "officialized" or pinned, I can't say for sure.


Good news, however. That Wayback Machine server from 2007 that includes many of the older RPGs is back online. Still waiting for an update on the situation regarding formatting of the first post (as well as older topics on the new forums, such as Dino Attack: At War's End); although I've seen at least two attempts from the BZP staff to fix it, it seemed that both times they still encountered problems.

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This is being pinned per request.  If anyone would like to update the data, I'll happily edit into the first post.

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Hey: I'm not very active around BZP right now.  However, you can always contact me through PM (I have email notifications set up) and I will reply as soon as I can.

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