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Shattering the Mask

Pahrak Model ZX

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Nuhrii paced up and down the sidewalk, glancing around for any sign of Vakama.


He should’ve been here by now.


With a sigh, Nuhrii stopped pacing. Vakama had definitely asked him to be here at this precise time to tour the Kanohi shops, as they had often done ever since Nuhrii had begun training him. Lately, however, Nuhrii was becoming hesitant to agree to these trips.


He advanced so quickly, the mask-maker recalled, as if he was born a veteran of the craft. Vakama was so soon able to put my work to shame…


Nuhrii kicked a rock down the road. It was easy for him to tell when someone was better than him at something, but he was never happy to see this occur. Not only that, but there were very few who could best him in his life’s work, and this was the first time his student—his own student—had risen to that level.


On one hand, Nuhrii wondered if this meant he was an excellent teacher. On the other, he was terribly, terribly jealous of Vakama.




Vakama came running down the street, pausing in front of his former mentor to catch his breath.


“I was getting worried,” Nuhrii said. “Was there a chute leak again?”


Vakama shook his head. Gasping for air, he stood up and looked at Nuhrii with a huge smile.


“Nuhrii…the Turaga…he said…”


Nuhrii held up his hands. “Don’t get ahead of yourself; I’ll be patient.”


It took Vakama about a minute more to stop panting. When he did, he excitedly said, “Turaga Dume came to my workshop. He’s asked me to forge the Mask of Time for him!”


Nuhrii went stiff.


…Turaga Dume…the Turaga personally went to his workshop…


Vakama cocked his head. “Nuhrii…?”


He wants Vakama to make a Legendary Kanohi? The Turaga wants Vakama to create the Great Mask of Time?!


“Um…well, I wanted to thank you, Nuhrii. If it hadn’t been for your teaching—“


“Shut up,” Nuhrii whispered.




“Don’t patronize me!” Nuhrii shouted. “I already know you’ve surpassed me. You don’t have to rub it in my face like this!”


Vakama recoiled at his outburst. “…But…Nuhrii…”


Nuhrii threw his hands up. “I give up, alright? Congratulations on your great honor, Vakama. Now I know I’ll never be able to beat you.”


He left, heading back for his forge. Vakama stood there, dumbfounded, wondering what he had done wrong.

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Nuhrii's my favorite of the Great Disk Matoran. I found his reason for being dislikable (since all six of them seemed to be) the most realistic and relatable. I liked this work of yours very much. Vakama was also in character and the writing was very nice. My only complaint is that I feel like one of them would have mentioned this specific incident during the quest for the Great Disks. Kind of like Anakin having a Padawan in The Clone Wars, if you watch that, but on a less noticeable scale.

"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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