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Ga-Metru School Musical

Lewa0111 Nuva

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As many of you may remember, back in 2007 I started this BIONICLE-style High School Musical parody series, written in prose format. It was one of my personal favorite comedies, along with its half-finished sequel, though most of it was lost as a result of the Dataclysms. Unlike most of my other reposted Archive comedies, however, I do intend to finish/remake the rest of this one once I run out of saved chapters to repost, based on as much of the original as I can remember. Also, if any of the readers of the original GMSM comedies have ANY part of the originals cached/saved on their computers, please let me know! I'll take any help I can get at attempting to restore this one in particular. So, let's begin again!


This is a BIONICLEized spoof of 'High School Musical,' just in case you couldn't tell from the title.

Krekka: I couldn't tell!

...Never mind. Anyway, to make things less confusing, these are the characters and their HSM counterparts:

Coach Bolton=Tahu
Gabriella's Mom (I don't know her name)=Gali
Piano Girl=Macku
Mrs. Darbus=Nokama


Jaller took his kohlii stick, faked to the left, took a shot at the goal--and missed completely. "Drat," he cursed.

Toa Tahu, Jaller's father, laughed. "What have you been doing in practice, singing? Imagine that."

This time, it was Jaller's turn to laugh. "
" he emoticonned. "Just kidding!" He then scored a goal on the surprised Toa.

"I see you've been practicing Sneakiness--the seventh ability, found in Makuta's lair in MNOG2," Tahu pointed out.

Just then, Jaller's mother came in. "Did we really travel through THREE METRUS just to play more Kohlii?" she asked.

Jaller and Tahu looked at each other. "Yes," they both replied.

"That was a rhetorical question," pointed out Jaller's mother.

"Oh. And by the way, you don't have to capitalize the 'k' in 'kohlii,' Jaller said.

"Fine," she corrected. "'kohlii.' Is that better?" Tahu nodded. "You two are getting us way too off topic. Jaller, there's a Matoran's party on the roof. Why don't you go?"

This made Tahu very upset. "Are you saying that you would deprive my son of kohlii for more than FIVE WHOLE SECONDS?!" he shouted. " :burnma--" he began emoticonning.

"Don't you use that emoticon indoors!" scolded Jaller's nameless mother. Jaller took advantage of their arguing over use of the 'burnmad' emoticon to slip away to the rooftop party.

* * *

In another part of the same Knowledge Tower, Hahli was sitting, reading the Bionicle Encyclopedia. Toa Gali, her mother, walked over and picked up the book. "You can't read encyclopedias all day," she said.

"But Mom," Hahli protested, "I'm reading about myself!"

"Very nice," Gali sighed. "You should get up to the rooftop. There's a Matoran's party up there.

Hahli stood up. "Can I at least bring my book?"

"Fine. Besides, you never know--you might end up meeting a guy named Jaller, sing together on karaoke, find out you go to the same school, both sign up for the school musical, make some people named Krekka and Roodaka mad at you, and then get the part," she said.

Hahli laughed. "Like that could ever happen." With that, she walked up to the roof.

Next: The party, the singing, and Naming Day Eve!

~Lewa# Studios

Lewa0111 Nuva

Edited by Lewa0111 Nuva

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Jaller had made his way to the roof of the Knowledge Tower, where the Matoran's party was taking place. Up there, Matoran were doing a lot of crazy things, such as bungee jumping off of the edge, swimming in the nonexistent pool, wrestling, dancing, doing karaoke, and just generally being loud. A Ko-Matoran was trying to restore order. "...!" he shouted, but no one heard him, since you can't really hear a person saying '...'. He tried again. "...!! " he screamed. No one heard him this time, either. "...," he sighed.

At the moment, Dalu and Tehutti were singing karaoke very, very badly. Toa Nuju picked them both up with his mask and tossed them off the roof--without bungee cords. "YOU STINK!" shouted the crowd.

Nuju sighed. His karaoke wasn't going very well. So he decided he'd try something new. "Okay, everyone," he announced, "I'm going to try something new. I'll pick two completely random people from the audience and have them sing! Maybe they'll wind up singing the lead roles for their school musical someday."

" everyone emoticonned.

Nuju strode over towards where Jaller was standing. He told his assistant, Whenua, to shine his mask on Jaller. "Here's our first singer," he announced.

Naturally, Jaller was shocked. "I can't sing," he began to protest. "No, seriously. I'm just a Kohlii player."

"You must be REALLY nervous if you're capitalizing the 'k' in 'kohlii,'" Nuju pointed out. Not wishing to get into that argument again, Jaller reluctantly stood on the karaoke stage (which happened to be in the same spot as the nonexistent pool).

On the other side of the rooftop, Hahli was sitting, reading about herself in the Bionicle Encyclopedia. Suddenly, a light shone on her, and she looked up to see Whenua's mask on, and Nuju pointing. "Here's our next singer," Nuju annouced.

Hahli looked around, and saw Random Fikou Spider #387 in the cushion next to her. "You mean Random Fikou Spider #387?" she asked Nuju.

" emoticonned Nuju. "You!"

" Hahli emoticonned back. "I don't sing--I'd much rather read about myself."

Nuju reluctantly used his mask to send her flying up to the karaoke stage. Unfortunately, he missed, and threw her off the roof. "Oops," he said embarassedly.

Luckily for Hahli, though, she happened to grab one of the Matorans' bungee cords on her way off. She bungeed back up and landed perfectly on the stage. Everyone clapped, and Hahli found herself staring at Jaller's mask. "Hi," she said.

"Hi," Jaller replied.









"CAN YOU JUST GET ON WITH THE SINGING ALREADY?!?!?!?!?!" shouted Nuju impatiently. "Here--take these microphones." He threw two microphones to them.

Jaller looked at the microphones in his hands. "What do I need two microphones for?" he asked.

"In case one gets broken
! " exclaimed Nuju.

Jaller and Hahli sighed at the same time. "Well," they both said, "here goes..."

They glanced up at the Plasma Screen (which, incedentally, had been taken from the Coliseum in a mass break-in, was later confiscated by the police, and had wound up in the Knowlege Tower due to an incident involving bananas, a UFO, and a stampede of Kane-Ra). Jaller began to sing:

It's hard to believe,
That I couldn't see,
That you were always there beside--

"Whoops, wrong song," interrupted Nuju. "That doesn't come in until three more scenes." He covered his mouth. "You didn't hear that," he said. Nuju then fiddled with the karaoke machine until another song came on. Jaller once again began singing:

We're soarin'...
There's not a star in--

" :blush:
" emoticonned Nuju. "Sorry." He once again fiddled with the machine until another song came on. Again, Jaller began to sing:

Coach said to:
Fake right, break left,
Watch out for the--

This time, Jaller broke off when he noticed that they were singing his kohlii team's theme song. "How'd you get THAT song?" he asked.

Nuju pulled out a CD, entitled 'Ga-Metru School Musical Soundtrack.' "This CD gives me trouble all the time. Let's try one more..." After a few moments, Jaller began singing what he hoped was the right one:

It's funny when you find yourself,
Lookin' from the outside--

" shouted Hahli, who was literally rolling on the floor laughing.

" replied Jaller.

"Sorry, guys, but we're having some technical difficulties," Nuju announced. "I should have them fixed by...oh, next chapter or so."

Next: They (finally) get to sing the right song! (I hope...)

~Lewa# Studios


Edited by Lewa0111 Nuva

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Anyway, here goes...


"Okay," Nuju finally announced, after giving the karaoke machine a good whack. "That should do it." With that, he pressed a few buttons and the words for the song appeared on the screen. After checking the words with his copy of Ga-Metru School Musical: The Novel, Jaller began singing the RIGHT words:

"Living in my own world,
Didn't understand,
That anything could happen
When you take a chance..."

Seeing that Jaller could sing amazingly well, Hahli decided to start singing too:

"I never believed in,
What I couldn't see,
I never opened my--
Hey! It's a book about myself! Cool!" Distracted by this, Hahli suddenly ran off stage and started reading Hahli: The Illustrated Matoran.

" Jaller emoticonned. "Aren't we supposed to be singing a DUET? Oh well."

Script-speaking Narrator from Spongebob: Two hours later...

Why are you speaking in script? That makes this comedy seem like very low quality! I talk in prose to get more replies here! "I do, too!" agreed Jaller.

Script-speaking Narrator from Spongebob: What's so bad about script? It's fun!

Oh, shut up already. I'm the author around here!

Script-speaking Narrator from Spongebob: Okay, fine. I'll shut up.

With that rather pointless conversation out of the way, Hahli finally came back from looking at the book about herself. "It says I'm a good singer," she told Jaller. "I never knew that! Now, I suddenly want to try!" Boosted by having read about herself, she stood on the stage and the two Matoran finished the song.

Everyone clapped. "Hey, why am I the only one clapping?" asked Everyone, a random Po-Matoran who had been busy swimming in the nonexistant pool. The rest of the assembled Matoran soon joined in.

" emoticonned Jaller and Hahli. As they happydanced off the stage, everyone else suddenly stopped clapping and started doing whatever it was that they had been doing before the singing had begun.

"Who's up for Round 2?" asked Nuju. The crowd backed away slowly.

* * *


Nothing was happening outside the Knowledge Tower I Think You Know Which One I Mean. Knowledge Tower I Think You Know Which One I Mean was a tower located a few bio to the south of Random Knowledge Tower In Ko-Metru. That was the Knowledge Tower we were supposed to be watching, but because the BOLD AND CAPS LOCK GUY messed up, nothing was happening.


"You were great, you know," Jaller told Hahli as they stood on the wintery Ko-Metruan night. "Even with the distraction. I could tell you've sang before."

Hahli shook her head embarassingedly. "I can only sing when riding a unicycle upside-down, juggling flaming torches, and playing the trumpet while eating bananas," she explained.

" emoticonned Jaller. "Why's that?"

"I get scared when I don't get enough potassium," HAhli replied. Just then, Jaller turned around and saw the Rahkshi of Letter Control running away after making his cameo appearance. "So anyway, have you ever done that before?"

Jaller shook his head. "I've never ridden a unicycle before; I don't know how," he answered.

I meant the singing, moron!" shouted Hahli.

"Oh," blushed Jaller, embarassed. "No, I don't really sing much. I just mostly like playing Kohlii." Hahli started laughing, because Jaller, an obviously experienced kohlii player, had capitalized the 'k' in 'kohlii.'

The two of them stood there, as an awkward pause went by. The awkward pause turned and, bored, ran over to go by someone else. "So, uh, er, erm, umm, uuhhhh, dddduuuuuuuhhhhh...
" Jaller finally said.

" Hahli emoticonned. "You're worse than Krekka!"

"Hold up!" I suddenly shouted. "Krekka isn't supposed to come in until the next chapter!"

Jaller and Hahli looked at each other. "Oh," they both said in unison.

"Well, it's time for me to go," I said, and went back to Author Land. Hahli suddenly jumped up. "Oh--that reminds me, I should go, too," she told Jaller.

The Ta-Matoran glanced down for a moment. "How about I call you?" he asked.

"I'd love to, but there are no phones in BIONICLE," explained Hahli.

"Drat," Jaller cursed. "Well, I guess we can hope that you'll wind up transferring to my school in a few days and we can meet each other there."

Hahli laughed. "Like that would ever happen..."

Next: Back to School! (And weird stuff, and more characters, and more cameo appearances of characters from my other comedies, and...yeah.)

~Lewa# Studios


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It's now time for the next chapter! Why am I using exclamation points after everything! I don't know! Okay, I'll shut up now!


It was the end of Winter Break, and all of the Matoran had to return to Ga-Metru to start school again. Normally, this made them depressed, because they have to go back to school, but for Jaller and his friends, it was a good thing, because it meant...

"We get to play more Kohlii!" exclaimed Jaller's best friend, Takua, as their team walked into school. "It's gonna be a great new year for the Muakas!" He was, of course, referring to their team mascot.

" :huh:
" emoticonned Jaller. "Weren't we the Kahu Birds the other day? And why'd you capitalize the 'k' in 'kohlii?'"

Takua slapped his forehead. "Whoops, my mistake. Anyway, you STILL don't remember? They changed our mascot due to a problem with using Maori words. Remember? The same day your name had to be changed?"

Jaller smiled. "Of course," he said. "How could I forget?"

As they and the rest of the kohlii team started walking, twenty-six Matoran carrying trumpets assembled in two rows leading up to the doors. They started to play a fanfare, and everyone turned around to see Roodaka, walking in on a red carpet which was being rolled out for her by two random Visorak. The Visorak left, and she pulled out a mirror. "
:OMG: " she emoticonned. "There's a molecule of dust on my shirt! EEK!"

Jaller, Takua, and the rest of the kohlii team laughed. "Looks like the Queen of the Visorak has returned," Takua joked. "I bet she spent the holidays doing what she always does..."

"What's that?" asked Jaller, although he already knew the punch line.

"Reading 101 Ways to Make a Big Deal out of Everything!" exclaimed Takua. They all burst out laughing again.

In another part of the hallway, Nixie and several other random nerdy Matoran, including Kopeke, That Random Onu-Matoran From The Sundial (yes, that is his real name), and Piehead, watched the kohlii team go past. Nixie shook her head. "There goes the sweaty Rahi posse," she remarked.

"Hey! That rhymes!" exclaimed That Random Onu-Matoran From The Sundial.

"..." Kopeke responded.

Piehead chucked a pie at Kopeke. "Don't you ever say anything else?"

"..." Kopeke responded.

"I bet I can get you to talk," teased Piehead.

"..." Kopeke responded.

In frustration, Piehead bopped Kopeke over the head with a large calculator.

"..." Kopeke responded.

"AAAAAARRRGGGGHHHH!!" screamed Piehead.

* * *

In the drama classroom, Jaller and Takua were busy talking. "So, how was your vacation?" Takua was asking.

"I don't know," replied Jaller. "All I can remember is just...turquoise peanut butter, I don't know."*

Just then, the bell rang for first period, and everyone sat in their seats as Nokama, the drama teacher, stood on the stage over a large pool of purified protodermis. "Ladies and gentlemen," she said dramateacherly, "Welcome back to this Temple of the arts, this grand Kini-Arti, this...."

As Nokama continued to use various big words (which even she didn't understand), Hahli took her seat in the back of the classroom. She was nervous because this was her first day in Ga-Metru (she had recently moved from Mahri Nui). Then she noticed something. That golden Hau which had an insane history that no one ever cared to hear about...that red body which was exactly the same as any other Ta-Matoran's...that kohlii stick...It couldn't be...could it? And why was she using so many...ellipses... She pulled out her cell phone to check.

Nokama walked by. She grabbed the phone out of Hahli's hands. "We have no tolerance for items which do not exist in BIONICLE," she reprimanded. "That's 2,000 years in detention for you!"

:bigeek: " exclaimed Hahli. "But...I just moved here!"

With a sigh, Nokama said, "All right, then, I'll take off an extra '0'."

"Not good enough," Hahli protested. "How about a decimal point?"

Nokama responded, "Decimal point it is, that'll be .000000000002 years."

:) " emoticonned Hahli.

Jaller also pulled out his cell phone. Nokama turned around. "AHEM, what did I just tell you? No nonexistent items!"

"Actually," Jaller replied with a smug look, "You didn't tell me. You told Hahli."

"Too bad. .000000000002 years for you, too."

Then, for some random reason, Roodaka and her stepbrother Krekka (don't ask) pulled out their nonexistent cell phones, and both got landed in detention as well. "That was random," muttered Nixie.

".00000000002 years for you, too!" shouted Nokama.

Using her random giant calculator, Nixie did a calculation. "Hey! You gave me one less '0' before the '2'!"

"Drat," Nokama said. ".000000000002 years."

Just then, Minifigure Kongu from AxXon appeared out of nowhere. "Can someone please tell me where the classroom for midgets is?" he asked.

Everyone stared at him. "
:blink: " they all emoticonned.

Next: Jaller and Hahli meet again! (Finally!) And more capitalization of 'Kohlii!'

~Lewa# Studios


*This is based on an actual line from the movie. If you pay attention, Troy really says "All I can remember is just...pink jelly" at this point.


:miru: Lewa0111 :miru:

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Please make more chapters!


Of course I will! As long as there is a Lewa0111, a BIONICLE, and HSM, this comedy will go on. (Oh, and Gabriella, I love the banner!)


[NOTE FROM 2013 LEWA#: Wow, that line was oddly prophetic. :blink: ]




Jaller leaned up against the wall, trying to count how many students were in his class. "26...27...28...29 and a half," he said as Roodaka walked by with her posse of random Matoran servants.


Suddenly, Hahli wakled out of the classroom. "I can't believe it!" she shrieked.


"Whoa!" gasped Jaller. "Hang on--what are you doing 'wakling'?"


" :lookaround: " Hahli emoticonned. "I meant to say 'walking'. Anyway, I just don't believe it! I mean, what are the odds that we'd both end up going to the same school?"


Just then, That Random Onu-Matoran From The Sundial walked by. "32,458 to 1, to be exact," he said, then left.


Both Jaller and Hahli stared at the nerdy Matoran. "Whatever," Jaller said. "Anyway, what are you doing here?"


Hahli was suddenly at a loss for words. She quickly pulled out her copy of Ga-Metru School Musical: The Novelization and ruffled through it until she got to that part. "Oh--my mother Gali got transferred from defending Ga-Koro to Ga-Metru," she explained. "But I can't believe this is happening...it's all just...so..."


"Amazing?" offered Jaller. "Cool? Exciting? Interpositionatationing?"


Hahli blinked at that last one. "No, I was going to say random," she explained.


"But that's probably because we're in a Comedy," offered Piehead, walking past them.


" >:( " emoticonned Jaller. "Stop butting into our conversation, random people!" He turned to Hahli. "Let's go and look at a random drama board, okay?"



* * *



Hahli and Jaller stood in front of A Random Drama Board. This was actually the title of the board. He pointed to a poster advertising for extras in the upcoming movie Ga-Metru School Musical 2. "If only there was some sort of sign for what will happen to us," he muttered, as he turned and saw a random Matoran carrying a DVD entitled 'Ga-Metru School Musical: Remix.'


"Yeah, that'd be nice," Hahli remarked. Then she noticed a sign advertising tryouts for the musical Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui. "Hey, look at that!"


Jaller chuckled. "I bet you can't wait to sign up for that, after how you sang a few chapters ago."


" :uhuh: " Hahli emoticonned. "I think I won't be signing up for anything just yet. But if you made it in as Matau, I'd consider coming to the show."


"What?" Jaller shouted. "I'm not even a Le-Matoran!"


"You could paint yourself green," Hahli reminded him.


Jaller sighed. "The point is--"


"--There is no point?" Roodaka, who had just walked up out of nowhere, finished for him. "I love that phrase! I also like ANYTHING you say, Jaller. When's the Kohlii game again?"


"For the last time," Jaller said exasperatedly, "the 'k' in 'kohlii' IS NOT CAPITALIZED!"


Roodaka playfully shoved him. "Who cares--anyway, did you see the board? They're totally having tryouts for Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui. I think I'd be PERFECT for Nokama." She then proceeded to sign her name on the audition board such that it filled up the entire poster...and the entire A Random Drama Board...and the entire wall...and the entire school.


" :blink: " Hahli and Jaller emoticonned.


"You know, somehow I think you might be better as Roodaka in Web of Shadows," Jaller remarked.


Roodaka was not sure how to react to THIS radical idea, so she turned her attention to Hahli, whom she had just noticed, instead. "Who are you? Oh--don't tell me, you're some random blue girl who no one cares about."


"No," Jaller pointed out, "she's over there." He pointed to Some Random Blue Girl Who No One Cares About, walking by.


"Why do people have such weird names around here?" asked Hahli.


Just then, Nixie walked by. "That's because the author of this comedy, Lewa0111, isn't creative enough to make up any better names."


"What did I tell you about butting into other people's conversations!?!?!?" shouted Jaller. "Don't make me use the 'burnmad' emoticon!"


Shocked by this threat, Nixie quickly ran off. Surprised by the idea of using the 'burnmad' emoticon, Roodaka emoticonned, " :o " With that, she, Hahli, and Jaller all walked away to wherever they respectively spent their time when not on stage.


Next: Get'cha Head into Kohlii! (And stop capitalizing that 'k'!)


~Lewa# Studios


:miru: Lewa0111 :miru:

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Guess what I found? Another chapter of this old thing! :D





Jaller and Takua were preparing their warm-up stretches before kohlii practice. "Hey Takua," Jaller said, "Do you know about that Legends of Metru Nui thing? Is it true you get a guest appearance in Lewa0111's comedy Quest for the Comedy Jokes of Power just for auditioning?"

"Who cares?" asked Takua. "I've never even read that comedy, and I don't plan to."

Jaller rolled his eyes. "You're not still mad about Tava beating you out to play yourself, are you?"

Any further argument was cut short when a kohlii ball came flying out of the air and bonked Jaller on the head. "Ow!" he exclaimed. "Who threw that?"

Laughing, a Le-Matoran named Cameo ran away, having made his cameo appearance. Jaller glared after him, then shrugged. "Okay, team," he shouted, "line up!"

"Who died and made you king?" another team member shot back.

The ghost of King Henry VI appeared out of nowhere behind him. "I diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddd..." the ghost said spookily, then disappeared. " :blink:
 " everyone emoticonned.

"Okay, let's start our warm-ups!" Jaller shouted.


"You remember the theme song, right?" asked Hewkii.

"Get'cha Head into Kohlii!" Jaller replied.

" :glare: 
" the rest of the team emoticonned. "Stop capitalizing the 'k'!"


"It doesn't count if it's in a song title," muttered Jaller. With that, he began singing:

"Coach said to,
Fake right, and
Break left!
Watch out for the pie
And keep your eye on the goalie!
You gotta run, hold on to your stick,
And don't be scared to
Do Takua's move!

As he did every time they got to this part, Takua glared at this reference to his not-perfected-yet move he was working on. The song continued.

"Just make sure that you get the ball now,
'Cause when you get it then the crowd'll go wild!
Second chance, get the ball in the goal,
And don't be afraid to hit the right noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooote!

The entire kohlii team stared at him. "You put an extra 'o' in the 'no'!" Sidorak gasped.

Jaller blushed. "Whoops," he commented. "Sorry." He continued:

"And don't be afraid to hit the right nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooote!

You gotta:
Get'cha get'cha get'cha head into Kohlii,

"Stop, stop, stop capitalizing the 'k'!" the rest of the team answered back.

"Gotta get'cha get'cha get'cha head into Kohlii,"

"Stop, stop, stop capitalizing the 'k'! Whoooo!"

Jaller sat down. He had just realized something strange:

"Why did I hear the song,
On the karaoke machine at the party before,
And that doesn't rhyme at all..."


"Should I go for it?" he muttered to himself. Then he shook his head. "I've really gotta stop going crazy. Yikes."

Everyone stared at him. "What are you talking to yourself for?" asked Takua.

Jaller looked up, realizing that the entire kohlii team was now staring at him. "Umm...nothing?"


"Oh, okay."


Takua would probably have said something more, but then Hewkii randomly shouted, "DANCE BREAK! WHOOO!!" and began to dance. Jaller and Takua just looked at each other, shrugged, and watched Hewkii dance for a few moments before noticing that they were still in the middle of their theme song warm-ups and should really get back to it. Jaller then started singing once more:


"You gotta:

Get'cha, get'cha head into Kohlii,"


Hewkii looked disappointed at being interrupted in his random dance break, but reluctantly joined in with the rest of the team to continue the song.


"Stop, stop, stop capitalizing the 'k'!"


"Get'cha, get'cha head into Kohlii,"


"Stop, stop, stop capitalizing the 'k'!"


"Come on! Get'cha head into Kohlii,"


"Stop, stop, stop capitalizing the 'k'!"


This...continued for a while. With the song finally over, the team grabbed their kohlii sticks and threw the kohlii balls somewhere remotely close to the goal, as usual when finishing their warmups.

The goal threw the kohlii balls back at them. "CAMEO!" shouted Jaller, as the practical joking Le-Matoran scampered out of the gym. "I swear, one of these days I'm going to throw him into the next storyline!" he said to Takua.

Next: Auditions, and people who can't sing!

~Lewa# Studios


:miru: Lewa0111 :miru:

My Script Comedies: | The Nuva Inn Remake | Ask Matau! Remake (ACCEPTING QUESTIONS!) |

My Prose Comedies: | The BZ-Nui Hack Wars | Mata Nova |


ANNOUNCEMENT: The Nuva Inn is BACK IN BUSINESS!! (See my blog for more info on my writing projects)

ANNOUNCEMENT 2: Looking for voice actors and artists/animators for an upcoming video project! PM me if interested!

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