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That Feel


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That feel


You’re hanging in the air

Free falling

And there’s like

Wind or air or something I don’t know

Hitting your face

And like there’s water beneath you or something

And it’s like rushing closer I guess?

Oh and by the way you’re Nick Cage

And you just jumped off a boat

Because you’re actually Ben Gates


You stole the Declaration of Independence but got caught

Why’d you use a credit card Nick



That feel


You strike the water with all the grace of a rhino in a classy antique store

That’s on a fancy street with a dumb French name

Because you’re Nick Cage

Nick Cage is always classy


That feel


You can’t see anything and you don’t know where you are

Because you’re in the freaking Hudson River that thing’s got more pollution than

Something with a lot of pollution

And you’re like


But Nick Cage never drowns because Nick Cage cannot die

Except if the bees get to him

But there’s no bees here because bees don’t like water

And you’re

You know



That feel


Some cool dude working for your enemy grabs you because he can see somehow

And swims twenty feet away and surfaces

And somehow the two dozen helicopters don’t see him

So that’s cool you guess


That feel


He’s like “Welcome to New Jersey Ben”

And you’re like “My name’s not Ben it’s Nick and I don’t want to be in New Jersey”

But you don’t really have a choice

But hey at least you got rid of those tools from the FBI

What’s their deal anyway


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