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Okay, just wondering.


Now I can have Stan reference the Cold War. :P

I occasionally return to BZP for a nostalgic trip back. Hit me up on discord if you need anything. 
BZPRPG Characters that I will possibly revive, Mons-Shajs-Tarotrix-Aryll Vudigg-Jorruk Yokin-Senavysh Angavur






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Submitting another profile:


Name: Jordan Phillips

Codename: Phorce (formerly)

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Loyalties/Faction: None to speak of

Power(S): Simply put, Jordan can control gravity. This control comes in the form of spherical fields that either push things towards/away from the nearest planetary body (i.e. Earth) or the field’s center to varying degrees of strength.

Appearance: Jordan looks very similar to his sister, though he is a tad bulkier and has a short-cut mop of dark brown hair. He also has heterochromia; one of his eyes is blue, the other red.

Weapons: None

Skills: Very basic hand-to-hand combat.

Personality: Jordan is loud and violent when he’s angry and dryly humorous when he’s not. He still believes that mutantkind is the superior race, but he’s not so sure anymore about fighting for this belief.

Weakness: He sometimes fails to realize that he is also subject to the laws of physics while using his powers and can thus end up hurting himself if he isn’t careful.

Bio: Jordan grew up on the run from Weapon-X and the Enforcers with his twin sister Julia and their mother Laura. The years of living in crumby townhouses and apartments and running at the slightest disturbance led him to resent humanity and their anti-mutant laws. Eventually, their luck ran out, and Laura was killed in a firefight with Weapon-X goons and Jordan fled with Julia to Westchester, where, for a time, they stayed together at Xavier’s School. The Institute’s policies of tolerance and equality conflicted too much with Jordan’s own biases, so he eventually left to join the Brotherhood, whom he loyally served for years. That is, until he found out his sister had been kidnapped by Weapon-X. He and his Brotherhood comrades attacked the Weapon-X facility in Canada, freeing Julia and her fellow students. He returned to the Institute shortly afterwards and befriended Zack Summers.

After Zack’s sister, Ash, was killed by Warren Worthington, the two friends went into hiding to avoid further casualties.


Bee-tee-dubs: Darkest Days.

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Looks fine, Zyke. +1


Name: Tali Relo

Codename: Shutdown

Age: Early twenties (Ultimate time is confusing)

Gender: Female

Faction: Ultimate X-Men

Powers: Shutdown shares her normal universe counterpart's power shut off and resistance, with the same limitations. However, she didn't develop telekinesis. Instead she can make her physical attacks pierce metal and other inorganic materials, though a human would feel it as a normal blow. The Phalanx weren't so lucky.

Appearance: Shutdown looks much like Negate. She has the same wavy black hair, striking green eyes, and beautiful face. The same ample curves are there too, the athletic legs. Her face, however, was not left untouched by her phalanx infection, now a white scar stretches from right above her left eye to the bottom of her face. Nothing more than a white line, but it's noticeable. The same white lines are written across her back and stomach, drawing themselves down to her elbows. She no longer looks as happy, either, and her eyes sometimes get a haunted look. The "costume" she wears is tight, form-fitting, tough leather, protecting against small knife wounds and the like. There are weak points at the joints, necessary for her to fight properly. Her civilian garb varies, but has one thing in common: it all covers her scars.


In recent history she's gotten four tattoos: One that reads "Property of Dallas Green" in the small of her back, one that's a cursive script of "Veni, Vidi, Vici" on her left forearm, "The Truth Shall Set You Free" wrapping in a corkscrew around her right bicep, and "These are the scars I picked" in white ink across her midriff.

Weapons: Tali is a traditionalist, but that doesn't keep her from carrying two knives at her hips.

Skills: Shutdown has lost none of her hand to hand abilities. If anything, she's better than her main universe self, particularly at fighting large, preferably metal targets. She's stronger than her appearance would suggest. Shutdown also has some of her late brother's musical skill, though she only plays the acoustic guitar.

Personality: Shutdown has lost too many people to be the same, relatively happy person Negate is. She's also been through sheer agony at the hands of the phalanx, nearly ripping her apart at the seams. Nope, she's still caring, but she clamps up quickly. Sometimes it seems like she's not the most secure in her sanity, but it's always a passing thing. She's just tired of being hurt.

Weaknesses: She can't affect a normal human with her powers, and the lack of a long range ability makes fighting more long distance foes hard.

Bio: Shutdown had history similar to Negate up until the Phalanx invasion, when her brother was killed in the first wave, trying to defend his family with barely understood powers. After that it was one heartbreak after another, leading her to volunteer for the mission to search for Showstopper's parents. She was listed as KIA during that trip, though the reality was different, and if possible, worse. See, Tali was one of the only people taken prisoner by the Phalanx. They tried to infect her, but her resistance kept throwing the virus back. The aliens started to torture her with a machine similar to Scalpel's powers, increasing the level of the artificial pain slowly, trying to break her. When that didn't work she was injected with a newer strain of the virus, one geared toward her, and thrown into a ditch, left to convert. She fought it off, yes. But it left its mark. Scars, no more than white lines, merely markers of the underlying pain, stretch across her body, and she keeps them covered. No reason to wake old memories.She's forgiven Dallas.Well, "forgiven" is an understatement.  They're kinda together, though the relationship is a little rocky. Also entering Tali's life is the Wild Card of her universe, Kristen, her now-roommate.


Life is interesting, in the Darkest of Days.

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No such thing as destiny.

BZPRPG Profiles

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Alright ladies and cats let's do this! Let the darkest days be behind us.   






Name: Abigail
Gender: Female
Age: Appearance wise she looks around 15, who’s to say how old she really is?
Loyalties/Faction: Hellfire Club
Power(S): As a vampire she has incredible strength and speed, impressive mental capacities, and the ability to affect the average person hypnotically. Her five senses are beyond a human’s as well. 
Appearance: She looks like a small, petite redhead teenager with distinct amber eyes, oddly pale skin. Typically dresses in colors of red, pink, and white. Prefers skirts and jackets. 
Weapons: Doesn’t really use them, at the same time she’s capable of turning anything into a weapon if push comes to shove.
Skills: Good at improvising, has more experience and knowledge than that average fifteen year old girl. Even though she hates using it she has decent combat skills. 
Personality: Wild and carefree, more concerned about having a fun time than being responsible. Despite this she’s very loyal to her friends and family. She gets easily bored. She tries to do what she’s told but sometimes it’s just too hard. :c
Weakness: She has the normal weaknesses of the vampire race. A wooded object ran through her will immobilize her, if her heart is pierced by a stake she will die instantly. A wooded bullet can injure her, as can a holy-water coated bullet or a solar paneled one. She needs a frequent intake of blood. She’s rather young for a vampire, not even 50 years old. She’s surprisingly easy to manipulate. 
Bio: Turned into a vampire at the tender age of 15, Abigail was taken in by the coven of certain Lynae Rosewood. The details of how she became a vampire are really only known to her and a few others, it’s not something she likes to talk about. Recently Lynae set off on business unrelated to the coven, some kind of ‘Hellfire club’. Abigail has decided to find out what all the fuss is about.



Name: Aella (A name she chose for herself, believing it suits her perfectly.)


Gender: Female


Age: Unknown, older teen to young adult appearance wise.


Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Faction: Hydra Experiment


Powers: Aerokinesis, her mutant powers allow her to control air molecules, from making small breezes to creating cyclones. Anything that air can do, she can do it too.


Cybernetic implants inside her enhance her body, which have increased her reflexes, agility, and strength to the extent that she could outdo most athletes. The implants also allow her to survive more serious injuries for a slightly longer periods of time, though they don’t speed her healing time, she’d still need medical attention, she’d simply last a bit longer than most without it.


Appearance: She appears to be in her late teens to early twenties. She has long, raven hair with strains of green mixed in, emerald eyes that glow when her mutant power is active. She’s tall and thinly built, slightly above average height, her skin lightly tanned. The look on her face makes you wonder if she wants to give you a hug or hit you with a rock to the head.


Primary hand: Right Handed


Voice: High-pitched, yet somewhat sexy voice. You can hear her attitude.


Weapons: Whatever she can get her hands on, the real question is what ISN’T a weapon to her?


Skills: She’s extremely resourceful, can come up with cleaver ideas out of the blue. Her fighting skills are rather impressive due to her training, seems to know her way around most weapons.


Personality: Highly independent and very assertive, Aella is easily described as impulsive and happy-go-lucky. She does whatever she wants and doesn’t worry about the consequences, they simply don’t concern her. She’ll do things she’s never done before just to say she’s tried it. She’s not too difficult to get along with, as long as you aren’t getting in her way, or telling her she can’t do something. She does NOT like being forced to do things she doesn’t want to do and will lash out accordingly.


Despite not having any real sense of responsibility she will protect those she deems worthy of being her friend with the outmost vigor.


Personal Motto: “Why? Because I felt like it!”


Weaknesses: Her carefree and reckless attitude can easily get herself and those around her in unnecessary danger. While she is quite powerful with her powers and fists she really can’t take much more damage than any normal person could.


Bio: One day she simply woke up to bright lights and masks looking at her from above. It wasn’t long before she realized she was laying on a table, surrounded by heartless scientists who saw her as nothing more than a project. It was then she discovered that she couldn’t remember anything about herself, not even her name.


They told her that they ‘created’ her in this lab, all in the name of Hydra, a name she quickly grew to hate. From the very start she resisted them, often ignoring the tests they insisted on putting her through and even more often purposefully doing them wrong. She didn’t know why she was there, or how she came to be there, but as long as she knew they wouldn’t allow her to freely leave she wasn’t going to help them.


The Hydra scientists, despite their frustrations, found ways to test her despite her resistance, often throwing her into scenarios where if she wanted to survive, she had to fight. Not that she could die if she wanted too, she tried it once, throwing herself at the mercy of an opponent, they simply fixed her back up and put her back into the testing area.


Soon enough she discovered she had abilities that could give her an edge, mutant powers that allowed her manipulate the very air around her. The scenarios got tougher and tougher, forcing her to learn how to think faster on feet, fight harder, do better…or feel the consequences.


What the scientists didn’t realize was she better she got, the more powerful she became…the more her thoughts of attempting an escape grew…


Little-known-facts: Picked the name Aella from a book of first names that was given to her in the lab because she was too lazy to get past the ‘A’ section. That and it sounded cool.


Ashley Landes

Name: Ashley Landes


Age: 17


Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good


Gender: Female


Loyalties: Nature, kittens, eclairs, Dallas <3<3<3, nice people.


Power(S): Control over plant-life. (Can manipulate all forms of plantlife, can control its growth, movement, etc.) Limited ability to heal minor wounds with plantlife; can also telepathically communicate with plant-life that is capable of thoughts. (If such a plant existed anyway. :3)


Appearance: The best way to describe her is cute. She has long dark green hair with all sorts of flowers sprouting from them, and the widest ruby eyes anyone has ever seen, looking ever so curious, they glow when she channels her powers. She has smooth olive skin, is around 5’8”, she’s thinly built, though not terribly so. More often than not she’ll have some sort of vine wrapped around her arms and legs.


Primary Hand: Left


Voice: She has the voice of someone who is forever young and cute.


Weapons: The power of love is her only weapon!


Skills: Hugging, tickling, making friends. An expert botanist, she’s studied plant life and gardening almost her whole life. There are very few who could match her knowledge outside a university.


Personality: Her cheerfulness is contagious, can turn any frown upside down! Her enthusiasm is very difficult to bring down, and only the most terrible of creatures would ever attempt to do so. She’s downright whimsical in everything she does, doing the silliest of things just because!


She’s a real cloudcuckoolander at times, will often do harmless but odd things, and she finds it completely normal, and often wonders why no one else does those things.


Personal Motto: “You can do anything with a little patience!”  


Weakness: Without her powers she's pretty much useless in combat. She’s vulnerable to fire and extreme cold. She needs larger amounts of water or other liquids to stay hydrated than most people.


Bio: Her powers developed at a young age, which her parents noticed when her hair started to change green. They heard of Xavier's School for the gifted and sent her there, where she has stayed for many years until she was captured by Weapon X along with most of the other students. Since that traumatic experience, along with countless other horrifying events, she decided to leave the institute with Dallas. Neither of them could stand the violence that seemed to plague the school.



She’s been with Dallas ever since, she’s started a little florist shop, The Floppy Flower, where she sells the most unique and one-of-a-kind flowers and plants that only her powers could create. She also has the help of her new kitten, Cinnabon.


Ashley Landes (Earth-1610)



Name: Ashley Landes (Earth-1610)
Age: 21
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 
Gender: Female
Loyalties: Vengeful Kittens; Old Friends?
Power(S): Control over plant-life. Limited ability to heal minor wounds with plant-life; can also telepathically communicate with plant-life that is capable of thought. Her body is 90% plant-life, allowing her to control and manipulate her own body the same way she'd control any plant-life. 
Appearance: Looks drastically different from the main universe Ashley, her skin is Turquoise in color, and has the texture of vines, being somewhat leathery. Her eyes are permanently glowing a ruby-red, instead of hair she has long strains of thick green vines, and there are flowers blooming all over her body. Her arms and legs are capable of growing outwards like vines when she wishes. Her feet are composed of roots, and she can plant herself into the ground when she needs to. Instead of actual clothing, she wears what seems to be thick bark, which covers only what is necessary, functioning like shorts and a tank-top. 
Voice: Her voice has a rather primal feel to it, free spirited and somewhat deadly.
Weapons: Herself
Skills: Innate knowledge of plantology and botany. She's not bad at poker either. 
Personality: Tenacious, strong willed, very mischievous. The Phalanx effectively robbed her of any naivety and innocence. She's far more practical and direct than her counterpart, and quite willing to kill her enemies. She does however, manage to still smile, even it if it's while forcing a vine down into someone's stomach. 
The Phalanx caused many changes to her, but they could not take the cloudcuckoolander out of the...cloudcuckoolander. She has a logic that no one else understands. 
Weakness: Extremely vulnerable to intense heat and cold. She also has to keep herself very hydrated, or she will began to wilt. She has to be exposed to sunlight and periodically needs to root herself into the ground to gather nutrients. She cannot eat 'normal' food. Being mostly a plant herself makes her vulnerable to the main universe Ashley's powers. 
Bio: The Phalanx robbed many things from Ashley, her friends, her home, (her sanity?), and even her humanity. When the Phalanx first attacked, she was caught in a blast that nearly killed her. In fact it surely would have, if it hadn't caused her powers to evolve further. She was encased into a massive seed by her own powers, where she was transformed into what she is now. 
Years later she and some of her comrades traveled to the main universe, took Alex, and had some fun adventures back in the ultimate universe. Ashley was however, infected with the phalanx virus. Instead of transforming her into a Phalanx however, her body went into a comatose state in order to better fight the virus. It took a very long time. 


When she awakened, she found that everyone had pretty much left her for dead in some rundown hospital. She took this surprisingly well. Figuring everyone else decided to abandon their ###### universe for a reason, she used the same way they did to travel back to the main universe...


Jeffery Pryde

Name: Jeffery Pryde


Codename: Phazer


Age: 16


Gender: Male


Moral Alignment: Neutral Good


Faction: None


Power(S): Phasing, the ability to pass through solid matter by passing his atomic particles through the spaces between the atoms of the object through which he is moving. With this ability he can phase through any solid object. The use of his abilities also interferes with any electrical systems as he passes through by disrupting the flow of electrons from atom to atom, including the bio-electric systems of living bodies if he concentrates in the right way. This typically causes machines to malfunction or be destroyed as he phases through them, and can induce shock and unconsciousness in living beings. He can extend his power to phase other people and objects, as long as he has physical contact, the amount people and objects he can phase through is about equal to the mass of a small truck or roughly a half a dozen people. Has to maintain physical contact with the people or objects or they will become tangible again. He has telepathic resistance while phased, as thoughts are highly erratic when phased as if there is no mind to telepathically affect.


Appearance: Blue eyes, brown hair, thinly built, somewhat short for a guy, looks very much like his mother, in fact if he was a girl he would probably look just like her. He is usually seen wearing a hoodie of some kind and jeans.


Weapons: Rapier


Skills: Highly skilled in fencing, has some hand-to-hand combat training, knows how to use these skills in conjunction with his powers. He learned these skills largely from his still living mother, Kitty Pride.


Personality: Cocky and overconfident in his abilities, also seems to really despise homework and anything he deems boring. He can be a little overbearing and rough on the edges, but he means well, usually.


Weakness: Even while phased he is vulnerable to mystic attacks. Certain types of energy blasts can also cause interference with his powers. Denser materials are more difficult for Jeff to phase through, sometimes causing him pain. Solidifying while in an object could cause serious injury if not death.


Bio: Kitty Pryde was in fact one of the few surviving members of the X-men, though she decided to go on her own path away from the mansion and the X-men and raise her child, Jeffery Pryde. She raised her son in the state of California, in a small town a few miles out from Vegas. At the age of eleven he showed signs of having mutant abilities, specifically his mother’s. From then on Kitty began to train him in everything she could about her powers, along with martial arts training and skills in sword fighting, Jeffery took a liking to fencing in particular. She has also tried to get him to do his homework and actually like science and math, however both those things make Jeff sleepy.


Now Jeff has been living in at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, where his mother now teaches a class. Still getting into trouble as always.


Katherine 'Kitty' Pryde

Name: Katherine “Kitty” Pryde


Codename: Shadowcat


Age: 38


Gender: Female


Moral Alignment: Neutral Good


Loyalties: Xavier Institute and its students (Teacher); She was a member of SHIELD in the past, and has some ties with them.


Power(S): Kitty is a mutant with the ability to pass through solid matter by passing her atomic particles through the spaces between the atoms of the object through which she is moving. In this way she and the object through which she is passing can temporarily merge without interacting, and each is unharmed when Shadowcat has finished passing through the object. This process is called "phasing" or quantum tunneling and it renders her almost completely intangible to physical touch Shadowcat passes through objects at the same speed at which she is moving before she enters them. Since she is unable to breathe while inside an object, she can only continuously phase through solid objects (as when she travels underground) as long as she can hold her breath. However, contrary depictions of the duration of her phasing ability have been presented, such as when she has phased miles within an object. The use of her abilities also interferes with any electrical systems as she passes through by disrupting the flow of electrons from atom to atom, including the bio-electric systems of living bodies if she concentrates in the right way. This typically causes machines to malfunction or be destroyed as she phases through them, and can induce shock and unconsciousness in living beings.


Kitty can also extend her powers to phase other people and objects. Currently, she is able to phase at least a half a dozen other people (or objects of similar mass) with her, so long as they establish and maintain physical contact with her. She can extend her phasing effect to her own clothing or any other object with mass up to that of a small truck, as long as she remains in contact with it. Kitty can also make objects intangible by maintaining contact with them.


Appearance: Brown hair, Hazel eyes, roughly 5’6” and about 110 lbs. She has aged rather well, looking roughly the same as she did two decades ago, only minor differences that only people who’ve know her long would notice.


Weapons: katana blade, throwing shuriken, and splintered bone claws as a hand-held dagger and wrist spike. Yeah, she likes to be prepared for just about anything.


Skills: Besides her mutant powers, Kitty is a genius in the field of applied technology and computer science. She is highly talented in the design and use of computer hardware. She also capable of flying most aircraft, and has advanced skills in martial arts and swordplay. A mother of one rather reckless teen.


Personality: Kitty Pryde is a caring and enthusiastic woman. Despite the tragedies she's experienced, she is still high spirited as ever. As a mother she is also a quite protective of her son.


Weakness: Even while phased she is vulnerable to mystic attacks. Certain types of energy blasts can also cause interference with her powers. Denser materials are more difficult for her to phase through, sometimes causing her pain. Solidifying while in an object could cause serious injury if not death.


Bio: Kitty Pryde is one of the few remaining members of the first X-men and survivor of the phoenix attack seventeen years ago. An event that changed her forever, most of her friends perished that day, and the few that survived, such as Beast, still do not know she yet lives.


She choose to move on to a normal life, got married, had a kid, and has been doing her best to raise her mutant child in very dark and dangerous times.


She has recently returned to the Institute, first time in over 18 years, as the new Computer Science teacher.


Krystal Starling

Name: Krystal Starling


Age: 26 Gender: Female


Loyalties/Faction: S.H.I.E.L.D; Friendly with Xavier’s Institute for Gifted Youngsters


Powers: Krystal’s mutant power gives her wolf-like abilities and senses, way beyond a normal human’s. Her five senses are increased dramatically, to be on par or even a bit beyond that of a wolf. Her stamina, strength, agility, and athletic abilities are at super human levels as well. She is able to transform herself to become more animal-like, from appearing like a bipedal werewolf to becoming an actual wolf. (Just a bit larger than a normal sized one.) She does this at the cost of her intelligence and ability to speak. (More wolf like she becomes the harder it becomes to think, or speak for that matter.) Her wounds will heal a bit faster when transformed, though only to a minor extent, extreme injuries obviously would still require medical treatment.


She used to carry the Lycan curse due to being bitten by one, but with the help of a witch she was able to lock it away deep inside her, she can no longer infect others with the curse. She now only has mutant powers.


Appearance: She’s a fairly tall woman, a bit over 6 ft, lean and very muscular. She has long jet black hair, and bright, violet eyes. Her skin color is rather pale. Krystal has fully mastered her wolf side, to the point that she is now able to look mostly human, the only thing about her that looks wolf is her big wolf-like ears and a big, bushy tail, unless of course she uses her powers to take on a more wolf like appearance.


Weapons: Standard S.H.I.E.L.D. equipment, assortment of firearms, whatever she needs for a mission. Favors twin side arms, typically two glock 9 mms or their equivalent.


Skills: Has had intense training in many forms of martial arts, as well as standard military training. She excels at recon and surveillance, as well as tracking via a scent. Her experiences and knowledge from once being an Enforcer give her an edge when dealing with mutants, especially because she is a mutant.


Personality: Rather eager to please, she works hard at her job, no matter what that entails. She has a fairly gentle demeanor, unless you really get on her bad side. If you manage to do so you probably deserve whatever is coming. She has come to terms with being a mutant and has a sense of peace about it, though she does not take kindly to discrimination. When aggravated, frustrated, or just simply under a lot of stress her feral side can lash out, and it will take her time to calm down.


Weakness: Downside to having super hearing is you’re extra sensitive to it. Telepathic and empathic abilities are very effective against her, as she has no real defense against it and while she has control over her feral side, a skilled telepath could easily unleash it, even try to ‘tame’ her so to speak.


Bio: Krystal has been through more than most people ever should have to go through. Originally a member of a team of the most elite Enforcers, she was captured by the Brotherhood and turned into a mutant by mutant called Demon, who’s abilities sometimes could turn normal humans into mutant-kind. After that her entire life turned upside down, afraid of what Enforcers would do to one of their own who’d suddenly became a mutant, she went into hiding. Unfortunately Weapon X found her, capturing her and forcing her to do work for them for a time before she was eventually freed. She ended up staying at Xavier’s School for Higher Learning, learning to deal with her powers and how to control them. Over the course of a year she honed and mastered her powers, so that instead of being controlled by them, she was the one in control. Eventually she caught the eyes of S.H.I.E.L.D. and was recruited into their ranks, who were interested in putting her experiences as an Enforcer and ties to Xavier’s School to good use.


Tasha Stark

Name: Tasha Stark


Age: 23


Gender: Female


Loyalties/Faction: Stark Industries


Power(S): She has inherited some of her mother’s Super-Soldier Serum, giving her increased athletic abilities, such as exception durability, strength, endurance, and stamina. She can perform better than Olympic gold medalists.  Unlike her mother she has no increased healing factor to speak of.  


Appearance: She resembles her mother a lot more than she does her father, has long scarlet hair and dark blue eyes. She has that pale Russian skin that seems almost white as snow. She has a sleek figure and is about 5’7”.


Weapons: Usually nothing, though if she is going through a dangerous area she may carry a concealed weapon.


Skills: She has had martial arts and other forms of hand to hand combat training since she was a child. She's no crack shot but she knows how to use firearms just fine. A shrewd business woman.  


Personality: She can be friendly and understanding one moment, and cold and ruthless the next. It all really depends on what she finds more beneficial in a given situation. She never outright trusts anyone, that’s something you have to earn, and she doesn't make it easy. Sometimes deals with moments of awkward shyness. 


Weakness: Despite her martial arts and combat training she has never been in actual combat. Other than her enhanced body she is a non-superpowered human.


Bio: The illegitimate child of Tony Stark and Natalia "Natasha" Alianovna Romanova, her mother did everything in her power to keep her daughter away from Stark and the media, tried to give her a normal life. Then the phoenix happened, killing both her father and mother and making her an orphan. Tasha ended up being raised by Pepper Potts alongside her half-brother, Howard Stark.


While Howard became the new poster boy of Stark Industries, Tasha stayed in the sidelines, helping her step mother keep the company profitable while her brother did whatever he fancied, inventing new tech and helping reestablish the Avengers. Tasha was more than content to stay in the background and do what –really- mattered.  The Battle of New York happened, Stark Tower crumbled, and Howard died in battle. Leaving Tasha as the sole heir to Stark Industries. Pepper was devastated at losing her only son, leaving Tasha to take on even more responsibility for the company.  For a year now plans have been on the way for the reconstruction of the Stark Tower, and Tasha is overseeing the project herself as it nears its completion.


Shiloh Lebeau

Name: Shiloh LeBeau


Gender: Female


Age: 19


Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Faction: Brotherhood of Mutants


Powers: Can bring non-organic inanimate objects to life. This can range from a playing card to an aircraft carrier, the larger said object the more energy and life must be used from Shiloh’s body. Something as large as an aircraft carrier would nearly kill her if she tried to give it life. Objects have life for either a set amount of time, or permanently. Permanently giving an object life takes much of her strength, and she can only do this sparingly, or she’ll die from the stress it causes her body. Extremely large objects cannot be given permanent life, as she would die well before she finished transferring life to the object.  Objects that are given life may or may not gain the ability to see, hear, and talk, possibly even become somewhat humanoid. This varies depending on said object. She also has a symbiotic mental link to her brother, able to communicate with him at all times, though at extreme distances this link is severally weakened. Can sense where her brother is.


Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes, thin built and average height. She wears midnight blue denim jeans, a white v-neck shirt, and a pink leather jacket. Has become fond of wearing a pink Rhinestone hat.


Primary Hand: Ambidextrous


Voice: She has a quiet, thoughtful voice, somewhat sweet sounding.


Weapons: Though she dislikes the idea of having to use it, she carries a colt .45 on her person, it is one of the few objects in her possession she has not given life.


Skills: She’s very good at improvisational acting when the situation calls for it. She often puts on her sweet and innocent act when on a mission to make her the most unlikely target. She has become quite skilled as using her surroundings against her enemies. She’s also a great pickpocket, something she learned when she was on the streets.


Personality: She appears aloof and distant to all but those she opens up to, which are very rare people indeed. The gears of her mind are always spinning; she’s always analyzing her surroundings, always planning her next move, always ready to humiliate you in a card game.


Personal Motto: “Life is precious, always use it wisely.”


Weakness: She temporarily loses a bit of her life force every time she uses her powers, how much really depends on the magnitude of what she’s using them for. Objects she gives life to have free will and may not necessarily help her, or may even become hostile. While she is skilled tactically, in combat she’s about as useful as an ordinary girl, and has to rely on others to do the fighting for her.


Bio: Once just a street rat living on the streets with her brother, thieving to survive. That all changed when she joined the Brotherhood. She’s been with them for well over a year now, and despite nearly being destroyed by the Enforcers and others out to destroy the once mighty Brotherhood, they persevered. She stuck with the Brotherhood despite the odds because she knew how to survive against the odds, she’s been doing it her whole life. Though the leadership of the Brotherhood has gone through multiple changes, she believes that Dominik could be the one to make the Brotherhood better than it’s ever been before, stronger than ever.


Of course, Shiloh isn’t one to merely watch. For a year now she’s been working on a little project of her own. She started to give life to practically anything she could get her hands on, favoring electronic devices like cell phones. She’d offer the newly life devices permanent life in exchange for service to the Brotherhood. Thanks to this she has eyes and ears everywhere, within the Brotherhood and out of it.



The Mysterious Priest



Name: Unknown, if you press him he might give you a name, no telling if it’s his real name or not. 

Codename: The Mysterious Priest
Age: Unknown, looks to be in his late twenties to early thirties. 

Gender: Male
Faction:  Hellfire Club
Power(S): He gains energy and strength through extremely negative emotions. However extremely positive emotions do the exact opposite. He has the ability to teleport, though this is limited by distance, roughly about as far as the naked eye can see. He doesn't necessarily have to see where he's teleporting but that does risk teleporting into an object, which would be bad for his health. His final power is telepathy, which he can use to communicate with others and resist other telepath's intrusions into his mind. 
Appearance: Wears some rather exotic and strange purple robes, his pants are baggy and black, and has a cloak that’s black on the outside and dark green on the inside. He has somewhat long, purple hair, which he will claim is his natural color. His eyes are also purple, seems to be his thing. He appears to be Caucasian in color, though he is very tanned. About average height for a male.
Weapons: Has a gnarled looking staff, seems to be oddly fond of it. Don't touch it, it's probably cursed. 
Skills: A skilled manipulator, he often fools his friends/enemies/distant cousins? into doing exactly what he wanted them to do, and without them even realising it half the time. Despite his witty and whimsical behavior he is an highly intelligent and educated person, knowing random facts about things most people wouldn't know or care to know. In combat he's surprising ruthless and calm, moves with a mysterious grace that is difficult to predict. 
Personality: He has a very calm and polite demeanor, even to his enemies/friends/distant cousins? Is constantly scheming and finding ways to achieve...whatever it is he's trying to achieve. Also has a rather mischievous sense of humor, often being rather whimsical and carefree, even during situations where most people would not be. 
Weakness: Incredibly optimistic and happy people make him physically ill if he gets too close, to the point where he's rendered helpless, he tends to avoid those types of people by default. They can bring him to his knees if the emotions are really strong or being expressed quite openly. If he has any other weakness they are a mystery! :DDD 
Bio: Not much is known about this “Mysterious Priest”, he joined the Hellfire Club for mysterious reasons, and disappeared just as mysteriously. But now he's back and he's as mysterious as he was last time. But he's returned with gifts and cake so all is well. 


Staff NPC:


Red Skull

Name: Johann Schmidt


Codename: Red Skull

Gender: Male


Age: Born in the early 1900s, he is easily over 100 years old. You couldn’t tell by looking at him however.


Loyalties/Faction: Leader of HYDRA


Power(S): He does not appear to age, seems to be in perfect physical condition for a man in his prime.


Appearance: About 6’1” and around 195 pounds, his most notable feature is his deformed head, which is colored a deep bloody red, and very much resembles a skull, hence his name. His eyes are blue, and yet to look in them is like looking into the soul of the devil himself, gives ya shivers.


Weapons: He typically arms himself with a trick cigarette that could fire fatal poison gas — his trademark "Dust of Death" — toward his victim. The "Dust of Death" is a red powder which kills a victim within seconds of skin contact. The powder causes the skin of the victim's head to shrivel, tighten, and take on a red discoloration, while causing the hair to fall out. Hence the victim's head resembles a "red skull". He also carries a large arsenal of conventional and advanced fire arms and explosives.


Skills: Although the Red Skull has no superhuman abilities, he possesses a high intellect and inventive genius, and is a highly gifted subversive strategist and political operative. Despite the scar tissue covering his face and head, his senses are still above-average. He has been shown as a superb martial artist, though he was never on par with Captain America himself; he was originally trained by German athletes appointed by Hitler, and is heavily trained as a skilled marksman with various forms of handguns, and well-versed in the use of fire arms and explosives.


Personality: Cold, cruel, ruthless. He trusts no one but himself. Ever the chess master, he is willing to sacrifice anything and anyone in order to further his goals and lust for power. More than anything he wishes to rules the entire world.


His endless skirmishes with Captain America and the like have often driven him into fits of madness and rage. Talking about the Captain in his presence is probably not the wisest thing one could do.


Weakness: While being one of the most ruthless, cunning, and tenacious beings in existence, he has no powers of his own, and despite his lack of aging can die like any other man.


Bio: Believed to be as dead as Captain America, until a year ago, where the Red Skull revealed just how very much alive he was when he ordered the attack on New York, revealing a revived and very much alive HYDRA. No doubt he wishes to conquer the world, even if he has to destroy most of it to do so.


And yessss my kittens they've all been preapproved. :3 Edit: Tali +1

Edited by Princess Anna of Arendelle

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Name: Rene LeBeau

Codename: BaristaAge: 18Gender: MaleFaction: Ultimate Dallas Green

Power(s): Kinetic manipulation. Rene inherited a limited version of his father’s power, and is able to convert potential energy to kinetic energy and vice versa in order to make objects move faster or slower, or to alter the direction of their energy. The larger the object, the longer it takes to make it move or come to a stop. Unlike his father, he cannot “charge” objects with energy; he can only control their speed. This power allows him to, for example, move faster than the eye can see, and survive a fall from any height.Twin telepathy. A symbiotic bond with his twin sister allows the two to communicate mentally. The connection grows weaker over distance, and disappears entirely when the twins get too far apart.

Appearance: Rene has long blonde hair, making it difficult to tell by his hairstyle whether he's male or female, with bangs that fall over startlingly blue eyes. He has a thin build, and stands at 5'9”. He wears midnight blue denim jeans, a white v-neck shirt, and a black leather jacket. Fingerless black gloves, a black toque, and black high-tops complete his outfit.

Weapons: The only item Rene carries that could be counted as a weapon would be a switchblade. He also carries a pack of playing cards that belonged to his father, and a set of lock picks, as well as various other odds and ends he keeps in pockets inside his jacket.

Skills: Rene is a pickpocket, thief, and barista of the finest calibre. His quiet, easy charm and smooth words can quickly win people over, but his honeyed voice can just as quickly frustrate those he dislikes with veiled insults and taunts. Makes a mean cappuccino.

Personality: Rene is always smooth, charming, and easygoing. This casual demeanour hides a mind that is razor-sharp and aware of everything going on around him. He tends to move and speak slowly, not with a drawl or a slur, but as though he has all the time in the world. Has a pacifist streak, but won't hesitate to fight for what he cares about.

Weakness: Rene’s powers are limited by the size and speed of any object he wants to affect. An object moving at incredible speeds (in other words, with a large amount of kinetic energy) cannot be stopped immediately, and a large, heavy object at rest takes a good deal of energy and time to get moving. Doesn't kill, which can complicate things.

Biography: Rene and his twin sister are the children of Gambit, the legendary X-Man. They were about a year old when the X-Men were killed, and their mother, an ordinary human, was forced to care for the children on her own. She died when the twins were still young, though not too young to fend for themselves. Rene and his sister grew up on the streets; they had to learn to steal in order to survive. When their powers manifested, they were taken in by the Brotherhood, who gave them the first real home they’d known since their mother died. As such, though they may not have agreed with everything Quicksilver did, they felt a good deal of loyalty towards him for giving them a home and a family.


Eventually, however, the Brotherhood's violent tendencies grew too much for Rene to handle, and he left for a minimum-wage position in a Kansas Starbucks. It was here that he was unexpectedly reunited with Ultimate Dallas and Angela Dean, two mutants he'd briefly met before. The three of them crossed half the country together to get to the Institute, where Rene and Dallas have been living ever since.

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Never really done this before.

oh and i guess i need to say "Darkest Days"


Name: Ethan Kigs

Codename: ‘Doc’

Gender: Male

Age: 40

Loyalties/Faction: The Institute

Power(S): Kigs has healing abilities. More specifically, he can heal others if he knows how to fix an injury. If a person came to him with a broken arm, he could heal it in a much shorter time than normal (‘Normal’ in this case being 8 weeks, time for Kigs to heal would be about 4 straight days of healing), though he needs to be in direct contact with the would the entire time. Curiously enough, he also has the ability to open up old wounds, or make new ones simply by touching someone and willing it to happen. Making wounds takes the same effort fixing them, and just like with fixing wounds he needs direct physical contact and knowledge/visibility of previous wounds to make them open again. This ability makes him an excellent interrogator, since he can open wound and put them through the pain they felt before, and then simply heal them, rinse and repeat. He heals at the rate of any normal being, and cannot accelerate this rate on himself.

Appearance: Kigs looks like a relatively rich, upstanding citizen of the USA, wearing an immaculate black suit pretty much whenever you see him in everyday life. One wouldn’t even think he’s a mutant. His eyes are a brown dark enough to pass as black, and his hair is the exact same way. His features are best described as ‘pointy and hard’. His skin is somewhat pale, even though he is outside a lot. He also carries around a briefcase like any good businessman should.

Weapons: Within the previously mentioned briefcase, there is a .45 revolver, ammo for the revolver, and a few papers. He can give people quite the nasty papercut with those papers.

Skills: Decent enough shot with his revolver, excellent business skills, and very good knowledge of medicine even without his powers. A doctor does have to know how to fix people, after all.

Personality: Ethan can be described as ‘aloof, unkind, and unfeeling’ to those that do not know him or have not talked to him. To people he is acquaintances with, they all say he is ‘friendly, sociable, and can almost never shut up’. Something that remains constant, though, is his sometimes razor-sharp wit which occasionally may also be duller than a smooth rock.

Weakness: He cannot handle himself in hand-to-hand combat at all; both of his powers require physical contact and are much more suited for helping others than actual fighting.

Bio: Ethan Kigs was lucky enough to have gone through his life without his mutant powers activating. He went through school like any person, went through college like any normal person, and eventually became a doctor. Though, oddly enough, his abilities began manifesting far later than… well, any mutant around. At the age of 30, the first signs of his healing abilities became apparent. While performing surgery on a young woman, the incision he made began to close. Not fast, but it began closing nonetheless, which wasn’t supposed to happen. He kept this power as secretive as possible for as long as possible. Then, he gained the ability to open up old wounds. On a very bad day, he examined a old man who previously had gotten an appendectomy. Upon contact, the man’s abdomen suddenly split open like Ethan had cut him. This brought lawsuits, imprisonment, malpractice suits from the man’s family, and finally discharge from the hospital. After a few years, he went to the Institute to better hone his skills as a healer, or possibly a simple killer.

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It might be just a wee bit late to mention this, but diamond, while very hard, is also incredibly brittle - a good, solid hit with a sledgehammer would do to diamond about the same thing it does to glass - the difference is that glass is incredibly hard to cut or scratch.


So, a diamond form would be a bit like stamping "Denied" on every sword attack, and then turning around and giving a bonus to everyone with a gun, hammer, or, say, pickup truck.


Aaaanyway, Darkest Days.


Name: Cynegild Picker

Codename: Holds those who limit themselves to one pseudonym in contempt. Pseudonyms he adopts will be used once, will not be easily traced back to him, and will generally be crafted to arouse as little suspicion as possible. John Smith would be discarded as too obvious, while Rupert Byerly would be deemed acceptable.

Gender: Male

Age: 37


Loyalties/Faction: Hellfire Club, disloyal by nature and utterly self-serving.


Power(S): A baseline human - if you prick him, he bleeds, if you put a bullet in his brain-pan, he dies.


Appearance: He has found it useful to cultivate the appearance of a dashing pirate. As such, Picker, 1.92 meters tall and a natural ectomorph, wears his black, naturally wavy hair at shoulder-length, and pairs a thick, curled moustache that would make Snidely Whiplash proud with an immaculately-trimmed, pointed goatee, with the result that he could be mistaken for Captain Hook with two hands and a tuxedo. He has high cheekbones, dark, sharply-angled eyebrows, deep-set, hooded green eyes, a strong, square chin, and a hooked nose that is large, straight, and quite narrow. He has a wide, expressive mouth, with large teeth, and he has practiced several dozen specific facial expressions in front of a mirror to ensure that they are convincing.


As noted above, he is quite thin, and, though he keeps himself in excellent shape, his muscles are not bulky, but rather compact and wiry, giving him a physique more suited to an acrobat or a runner than to a brawler or bodybuilder. His fingers are long and delicate, and bear a number of carefully-concealed scars on the knuckles, palms and wrists.


Picker has a distinct preference for Western formal-wear, and his suits tend to be quite expensively tailored to fit him comfortably, and to conceal the bulk of full kevlar body armour.


Weapons: A tactical knife with a 10 cm blade is concealed on the underside of his right wrist, and a 9mm Beretta is carried in a pocket holster within the left side of his suit. A "clinch pick" (small, easily-concealable knife for close-quarters stabbing) is concealed under each wrist. None of these weapons are carried for the purposes of self-defence - that is reserved for the can of mace concealed on the underside of his left wrist. This can, for the purpose of concealability and comfort, is shaped rather like a hip-flask.


Skills: To compensate for the lack of physical power behind unarmed attacks, he has studied and practiced jujitsu extensively, as the idea of turning a more powerful enemy's force to their detriment appeals greatly to him. For the use of a knife or gun, physical power does not matter quite as much as the lethal bits of the weapons - as a result, he has focused on attacking accurately, quickly, and quietly with these weapons. To aid general operations in physically intense situations, he has honed his reflexes and flexibility as a regular routine - in fact, sprinting, cross-country running, and gymnastics are his only physical hobbies that are not kept secret. Given his other pursuits, it goes without saying that he is not on the same level as those who compete in these sports professionally, but he is nonetheless competent.


While he has been careful to ensure that he can handle himself in a fight, his most powerful weapon is his brain - his ability to stand against and defeat an enemy is not as valuable to him as his ability to plan events to see to it that his enemy dies without ever seeing his face. He is observant, very good at quickly solving puzzles, and very resourceful. As an extension of this, he is a skilled orator, and has devoted no small amount of study to the art of rhetoric.


Personality: It would be only a slight exaggeration to say that Cynegild Picker cares only for himself - in fact, he cares for those whose continued or increased well-being suits his purposes or amuses him. He views altruism as an unfortunate defect in the human mind - the resources a well-off person uses to help those in worse circumstances could have been used to let the well-off individual make even more progress towards their goals. He is well aware that such views are not socially acceptable, and therefore does not make them publicly known.


Despite his selfish nature, he is not a misanthrope - he does believe that humanity should advance, but through individual cleverness, ambition, and hard work, not any effort to ensure that every living human survives. He firmly believes that he got to where he is through his own hard work, and that those who cannot do the same are not worthy of being thought of as people. He will not, generally speaking, cause someone harm if it does not suit his purposes - he is not a wanton murderer, striking without cause, but he sees no more harm in killing the average person than in shooting a dog.


He is well-mannered, and is not unnecessarily cruel. Torture is distasteful to him for personal reasons, and is therefore generally avoided, as is the taking by force of things he could manipulate people into giving to him - he believes that the former act is less amusing than the latter, and thus, while both may achieve his ends, he will opt, if possible, to talk instead of taking lives. In addition, he draws a clear distinction between fighting someone and attempting to kill them - in a fight, there are rules, which, as a matter of courtesy, are observed. Someone he fights is, if not necessarily his equal, at least someone he respects to some degree, and, further, neither an enemy nor an obstacle in urgent need of removal. If he is attempting to kill you, there are no rules. He will think no less of himself for pulling every dirty trick he can think of when disposing of an enemy.


His personal philosophy may seem alien to those who do not subscribe to his particular line of reasoning. He believes that the claim of some that mutants represent the next step in human evolution is false, and, perhaps to his credit, categorically denies any party's claim to genetics as a basis for superiority. Instead, his candidate for Homo superior is characterized by ambition - by a drive to set and reach lofty goals, and so put themselves ahead of the rest of the world. He believes that a particular self-image comes about as a natural result of this, and so the simplest way of stating his reason for viewing himself and others as Übermensch is thus: he thinks he's better than you because he thinks he's better than you.


Weakness: Several facets of his personality may be exploited by his enemies, if they are aware of them or can make a shrewd guess, but the most obvious is that he is human, and further a pragmatist - he will choose to live to poison you another day if you attempt to corner him, making him easy to get out of the way if you can surprise him, and he is just as killable as any other human.


Bio: The publicly-available story of Cynegild Picker's life is that he is the eccentric only child of unremarkable lower-middle class parents in Glasgow. As the story goes, he attended university, worked a high-paying but unremarkable job in business management, made some clever investments, and retired before he was thirty, living on the money earned from intelligent movement of currency. None of this is explicitly false - his mother worked in a factory, his father was a fry-cook, his rise in the business world can largely be attributed to luck, people skills, and competence, and his investments do indeed continue to provide for his lifestyle.


What the official story leaves out, however, is much more interesting. Quite apart from the years spent quietly honing combat-related skills, Cynegild Picker is fascinated with the idea of taking his Übermensch self-image to the logical extreme - ascending, personally, to a state comparable to godhood. This fascination has extended to the clandestine study of anything that could be useful in that pursuit, giving this wealthy, borderline-sociopathic genius a fittingly megalomaniacal goal in life.


While it could be said that he has made friends easily, it would have to be noted in the same breath that he views things differently from other people, in that he views other people as things. As a result, he gets little more attached to his friends than he might to a particularly well-made computer. A few of the connections he made over the years proved particularly useful, as they introduced him to the Hellfire Club - a collection of extremely wealthy individuals who, for the most part, acquired that wealth through their own work, and, while they may not all have shared his reasoning regarding his superiority, they did at least tend to view themselves as superior to the rest of the world, which was close enough to work.


With a keen interest in self-preservation, Cynegild Picker kept a low profile over the past few years, usually placing himself on the opposite side of the globe from whichever shagnasty was shaking things up that particular week. Now that much of the dust has settled and the extinction of the human race does not seem quite so imminent, he has begun to view the chaos as an opportunity to seize more power and, given the right circumstances, put more esoteric plans into action.




Every fairy tale (or non-fairy tale, look, just work with me here, okay?) needs a good old-fashioned villain. Or fifty.


Oh, and I forgot to mention the shape of the can of mace the first go-round.


And then I forgot the special password dealthing. Always read the rules.


EDIT (7/21/15) - some aspects of his biography are now known to be factually incorrect, as I have gotten to know the character. What is in there is still likely the version he tells people, but it may be of profit to you to know that he has siblings - three of them, in fact - and that his parents are, or potentially were, wealthy, and further that it would indeed please him to tell people that his father, who despised both grease and the poor, was a fry cook.


(Same edit): Further, it must be said, and against all my expectations, and, indeed, my best efforts, that membership in the Hellfire Club may slowly be... ugh... teaching him the, and I hate that I'm saying this, true meaning of friendship. Just remember that this guy was supposed to be a villain, and it's the Hellfire Club's fault that he isn't one.


EDIT (12/10/16) - Leaving the original profile intact for archival purposes, but there are some things I do feel must be noted.

-Name: Cynegild Cornelius Albert Percival Picker. He chose all but his surname himself, and would never have included his father's name (William) in the mix. Any suggestion otherwise can be blamed on me not knowing the character well enough.

-On the topic of the name, it is worth noting that the reason he chose his own name is because he is transgender. The name his parents chose isn't terrible important, save that it's every bit as pretentious as what he went with.

-Loyalties: Actually fond of multiple people in the Hellfire Club, also possessed of a blind, spitting hatred of HYDRA.

-Appearance: He's done away with the goatee, because it kept getting caught in things.

-Personality: The first paragraph is largely obsolete. In place of it, note that he is a pretentious dork with a severe drinking problem, who places great value on personal ambition despite his own lack of actual accomplishments.

-Weaknesses: Add in vanity, pretension, and a severe drinking problem. Also a tendency to be outsmarted by approximately everyone he encounters.


EDIT (5/29/17) - Since I'm going over this again, Tyler told me he prefers the idea of Cynegild with the goatee. So the goatee stays.

Edited by Rache

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And your light shines bright - yes so much brighter shine on

We will remember - Until the skies will fall we won't forget

We will remember

We all shall follow doom

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Darkest Days
Name: Zac Toddson
Codename: Firespirit
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Loyalties/Faction: Xavier Insititute for Higher Learning
-Pyrokenises: Zac can engulf any limb into fire, and now has the ability to create pillars of fire on his own thanks to his father.
Zac reaches a height of 6'01, now passing over most of his family. He still has that skinny and lanky build, if not a bit more muscular in some places, Zac has white skin, brown hair and hazel eyes. He dons a pair of goggles much like his father did, and even now wears his dad's jacket, but wears a black t-shirt that has a red flame on it, and also wears a pair of black, fignerless gloves. He also wears a pair of ripped, blue jeans and wears grey shoes wiht white laces and aglets.
Weapons: None
-Hot wiring
-Reverse Engineering
-Extensive knowledge in fires
-A fighting style which consists of many fire punches and kicks, using his control over fire. If anything, his best techniques in using his mutation is in melee/physical combat.
Personality: Zac has matured greatly since the events of Darkest Days, and it has shwon, from being a hotheaded kid, to a more mature and rational young man.Zac is a kind and caring young man, who is very sympathetic towards others. He can be laid back and reserved, but he will got off his rear to get the job done, and has shown a eccentric side to himself several times. He also appears to think of everything as a master piece, and is often descriptive in his way of going about things, not always being straightforward and doesn't always think practically. He does his best to be an optimist, and can be rather witty and somewhat cheeky, but this can lead to some absolutely absurd statements or suggestions, either because of his eccentric nature or by his need to keep things on a high note. However, even he has his limits, and when he sees his views of justice being villated, he will relentless end whatever injustice occurs, though, this is accompanied with a feeling of sorrow and regret, and even he has own moments of sadness, but tries his best to hide them.
-Water Being one of them
-He focuses more on physical combat, and not to mention, his stamina is not as superb as other mutans
-A bit accident-prone, especially with his flames when enraged.
Son of ex-Brotherhood member Zacchaeus Toddson, Zac Toddson is the second eldest of four children, and so far, the only Toddson to keep his powers. Zac and his siblings were orphaned due to the mistsakes their father had made, and so, the four lived most fo their lives not knowing their father. Zac and Caleb discovered their mutant powers and were taken to the Xavier Institute, where they met many new people, and eventually joined the ranks of the X-Men. Their other sisters came after they had mutant powers as well, with Abi being a late bloomer.
Zac was captured with many other mutants, just as they were at a party he had planned an suggested, but unlike most, Zac was not tested on, and was kept in a prison keep along with Hank, but had no access to his powers. His brother even turned agaisnt him, but Zac managed to get free, along wiht other mutants and met a girl named Dawn, aka, Paramore.
Zac soon met his real dad, and learned about the origins of his powers, as well as got a chance to bond with the old man. The two formed a close relationship, but the fact remained that his father was a part of the Brotherhood, but never told Zac then or now. His father would come in often whenever he could, and even gave Zac and his siblings gifts around christmas time. It was a secret relationship at the time, until his father eventually decided to stay at the institute, and the family was reunited. That was, until things took a turn for the worse. His family lost their powers, with only Zac keeping his, making him the only mutant in his family now.
Currently, Zac is now helping his dad work on cars and bikes at a garage nearby the Institute, where he and his dad work together as co-workers.
Edited by Mega Man: The Blue Bomber

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Darkest DaysA few more profilesName: Reyson Tsui (U! Vincent Zai)Codename: MelodiaAge: 32Gender: MaleFaction: HYDRAPower(S): Reysons primary ability is psychic emotion broadcasting via music. Through the power of song, he can broadcast raw emotion over large areas, affecting anybody within hearing range (A close parallel would be Heron Galdrar). As well, he retains enough telepathy to be able to understand any language. This works the other way around too as most people can understand anything he says (Limited Alltongue).In addition to his voice powers, Reason appears to possess a telepathic connection to the "Spirit of the Earth". Whether he's connected to the Demiurge, to Gaea, or to the Earth itself, he doesn't know. What he does know is that he is able to sense environmental destruction no matter where it occurs in the world. This power is more of a nuisance to him since it causes him to be constantly aggravated by what he sees as atrocities occurring around the world.Appearance: Reyson has an angelic appearance to him, with a surprisingly feminine but foreboding face, long silver hair, fair skin, and a slender build. He usually wears long, flowing robes with a high-collar opera cape. Underneath, he wears the Spacetime Traversal Unit. It appears to be a grey, armored vest. On his left arm he wears the Shirudo energy shield, which appears to be a dull grey version of the Infinity Gauntlet.Weapons: Reyson's primary weapon is the Spacetime traversal unit. This device allows its user to travel using portals. Due to having been damaged upon his arrival in this universe, it has lost the bulk of its abilities and now can only transport the wearer to an area within a 1 mile radius. Vincent was able to temporarily restore its dimension hopping and time traveling abilities shortly after the Battle of New York but it has since lost that function. Reyson's secondary weapon is the Shirudo energy shield. It is an arm gauntlet that allows Reyson to project a beehive barrier anywhere within his range of vision that can block anything short of a tank shell.Reason has also been known to use a heat saber of HYDRA design. The blade is constructed from a tungsten-carbon steel alloy, with trace amounts of adamantium. The blade is capable of heating up to 500 degrees Celsius.Reyson also possesses a notebook containing information on various alternate universes. He uses this to aid him in his journeys.Skills: This version of Vincent is very skilled in singing, as well as other forms of music. He is also very persuasive and diplomatic. In addition, Reyson possesses a lot of knowledge on weapon technology, a lot of it inherited from his father.Personality: Reyson is a fanatical eco-terrorist. He believes humanity to be a plague on the Earth and figures that population control (code for mass murder) is needed to control the negative impact that they have on the environment. He believes himself to be a prophet of the Mother Earth and will go to any length to exercising her will. This obsession is mainly caused by the time he spent in a universe where humanity never evolved.However, Vincent possesses a very strong loyalty to the Red Skull. He believes what the leader of HYDRA is doing is very compatible with his own goals and if it were not for him, he wouldn't have been able to further his own goals. He is often the first one to defend his leader's motives and despises traitors to the group. However, the Mother Earth comes first in his mind.Weakness: Reyson possesses no powers capable of causing physical damage. As well, those with stronger wills than Reyson can overcome the telepathic effects of his melodies. In addition, his obsession with environmentalism can sometimes put him in strategically disadvantageous situations ( refuse to use fossil fuel vehicles to outrun/chase down enemies). The STU, due to its weakened state, requires 1 minute of recharge time between portals. The Shirudo energy shield must be deployed manually, so it is possible to catch Reason with the shield down by attacking from behind.Bio: Unlike his prime universe counterpart, Ultimate Vincent enrolled at the Xavier Institute at an early age. Due to a head injury he sustained while playing sports, Vincent lost a large amount of his psychic abilities. To compensate, Vincent experimented with ways to indirectly use his telepathy, finally settling on music. When the Phalanx attacked, Vincent briefly helped with the defenses but eventually deserted, wanting to go home. However, he arrived home to find his family dead. Eventually, after hearing that some of the X-Men had travelled to another universe, Vincent, now going by Reyson, decided to leave his home dimension as well, using a device of his fathers design. However, due to not knowing where the others were headed as well as not being aware that the machine could travel through time as well as space, Reyson ended up traversing multiple universes over multiple time periods, frequently coming into conflict with ARMOR agents from Earth-616 during his travels. It took him 5 years to find his way to the prime universe, only to find that he was 5 years into the past. In addition, his device, due to the overuse of its abilities, lost most of its power, trapping Reyson in this realm. As a result, Reyson was forced to build a new life during the 5 years here. During these 5 years, he somehow got caught up with HYDRA. After the Battle of New York, Reyson was able to fix the STU, and as such, he left on a five year interdimensional journey on a mission to find more technology for HYDRA (though to HYDRA, he was only gone for two weeks). During this time period, he acquired the Shirudo energy shield gauntlet. Upon his arrival back in the prime universe, the STU broke again, but Reason was able to shorten the cool down time to 1 minute.Trivia:Vincent is a vegetarian.Vincent has visited many of the Marvel Universes (Earth-161, Earth-1610, Earth-928,etc) as well as the real world (Earth-1218)Name: Peter TyrellCodename: ForeshadowAge: Biologically, 21. Calendar wise, -65Gender: MaleFaction: Xavier InstitutePowers: Peter possesses the ability to manipulate gravity. He is capable of manipulating gravitons and anti-gravitons to fly and to use gravitons to affect the gravity around objects. He is also a very orderly individual, and some of the crazier antics of the students at the Xavier Kjnstifute seriously freak him out.Appearance: Looks extremely similar to the movie version of Iceman. In costume, he is pretty much a black version of Spiderman 2099 with purple highlights, except for the fact that instead of a spider symbol, he has the letter g on his chestWeapons: Future cell phone, holograph projector ring. He is currently trying to build a time machine to get back home.Skills: Undergraduate level knowledge of physics, some skill in engineering,Personality: Foreshadow is a very confused individual. He will often attempt to help only to find that he's helping the wrong side. he also isn't the perfect hero, failing to apprehend the villain constantly. As a result of these constant blunders, he suffers from low self esteem. Despite this, he still feels like that it's his duty to help out others.Weaknesses: He may often not take action because he's afraid that his actions may cause more destruction. Unless he has a clear idea of what's going on (like some guy holding people hostage on top of a tower), he may spend too much time thinking it over. He is also quite ignorant of current events as he did not study hard in history class. Also, he may have a bit of trouble using technology from 2012; he considers devices these days to be slow, blocky, and inconvenient.Bio: In the year 2099, Peter Tyrell, a university undergraduate, took an internship at Alchemax, a mega-corporation that practically controlled all of North America. Working as an intern, he was eventually assigned to an unusual project for Alchemax: a portal creation device. One day, while he and his mentors were testing the device, the device malfunctioned. It created a temporal explosiom, which sucked Peter in and hurled him into the year 2012, where he found himself lying in the middle of a cornfield. Not exactly sure what had happened, Peter tried to adapt to life in this primitive age while collecting parts for a makeshift replica of the machine used to hurl him back in time. After the Battle of New York, Peter, running out of options, took a job at the Xavier Institute working as a physics teacher. Name: Damian Minoru (Damian Tyrell)Codename: Identifier (uses the codename Shiro with the Brotherhood)Gender: MaleAge: 19Loyalties/Faction: Brotherhood of MutantsPower(S): If Damian is able to see a person's face, he will be able to see their birth name, age, and a one paragraph summary of their powers if they have any. This typically appears as red lettering above a person's head.Appearance: Damian looks like a typical Japanese teenager, with no major traits that would make him stand out in a crowd. He stands at about 5'8" with a slim build. He is fond of wearing sweaters and blue jeans. When using his powers, his eyes turn red. When with the Brotherhood, Damian wears a disguise to conceal his identity: a white wedding suit with a white and gold opera cape and a white and silver helmet resemblant of a Power Ranger helmet.Weapons: Damian is the current wielder of the Staff of One. Normally, the staff would - at the price of a blood offering - allow the wielder to basically do anything. However, the staff will only let Damian use the powers of flight (maximum duration 20 seconds) and basic air-based attacks for some reason. Whether this is because of his mutant DNA or whether the staff is actively rejecting him as a person, Damian doesnt know. He is capable of absorbing the staff into his body and retrieving it when needed. He keeps the staff anyway, as a memento of his mother and as a reminder of his familys dark past; however, he has given some thought of giving it to somebody who can actually use it.Skills: Damian is very good at acting. Being a first rate drama student, he is capable of impersonating other people with ease, and becoming the consummate liar when need be. Personality: Normally, Damian is a very shy, reserved boy. If not for his political activism, he would have easily become an archetypal hikikomori, as he absolutely hates dealing with people. Once he puts on a mask and becomes Shiro, however, his personality does a 180 degree flip; he will suddenly become incredibly charismatic, unnecessarily hammy, and inspirationally passionate. He feels very strongly not just for mutant rights, but for all manner of social justice issues. A shameless idealist, he believes that the world can be changed if enough people put their minds to it.Weakness: Damian won't be able to see a person's information if even a small part of their face is covered. Bio: Damian Minoru was born to Nico Minoru by an unknown father. When his mother died, he was adopted by a business man by the name of Darius Tyrell. Damian lived in the man's home for the rest of his childhood, receiving a good education and large amounts of financial backing. However, Damian was left without a family when his adoptive father was killed during a government crackdown on members of the Mutant Brotherhood, which Darius was a part of. Damian was spared as he was not involved with the group at all. He proceeded to move to a University dorm, where he began the next stage of his life. By day, he is Damian Minoru; a University student and a member of Free the Children, Amnesty International, and the Human Rights Campaign. By night, he is Shiro; an ally of the Brotherhood of Mutants and a known figure, symbolizing the suffering of the oppressed. Trivia: Damians Earth - 928 counterpart is Peter Tyrells (Foreshadow) grandfather.

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Darkest Days.Also, I'm back. :PMr. Black was approved by Tyler, Brianne has no approvals yet. :)Name: UnknownCodename: Mr. BlackGender: MaleAge: Unknown, likely late thirtiesLoyalties/Faction: Hellfire ClubPower(S): His body is able to mimic the properties and structure of any element or simple compound like water. In addition, he is able to control the density, shape, and temperature of his body in its many forms, though he cannot change his mass. Sight and hearing function in any form.Appearance: His preferred form is that of a large man, about 6'4", heavily built, and made entirely out of smooth, hard obsidian. His face is blank, his eyes two white slits.Weapons: None on him.Skills: A master hand to hand combatant with combat experience. Mr. Black can keep alive whoever needs to be kept alive, or kill whoever needs to be killed.Personality: Mr. Black is cold and unfeeling, like the obsidian his main form is chiseled out of. He feels no regret or hesitation, and his only purpose is to carry out Alaric's orders, for reasons known only to he and his employer.Weakness: The weakness of whatever he currently is can be exploited- in obsidian form, he's prone to shattering, which is difficult to repair from, though possibly unless he's completely broken(he can fix cracks). Also, if his form can be contained in any sort of force field or otherwise intangible object he's fairly stuck. Also, he cannot take on any sort of normal human form, merely the shape of one. This makes it hard to blend into a crowd.Bio: Mr. Black is one of Weapon X's final projects- a mutant whose body is in a constant state of flux, who can become anything. However, they were not able to maintain human form through their experiments- a fact which was seen as irrelevant. The Weapon's past life wouldn't matter, so why should his face? However, Weapon X was soon defeated and shut down, leaving Mr. Black in his tank. He awoke when the equipment failed weeks later, setting him free, and slowly learned to adjust to his ever-shifting form. He found obsidian to be his favorite substance, and took the name Mr. Black. Having no memories of his previous life, and lacking the ability to fit into human society, Black struggled to survive. However, then he was approached by Alaric, leader of the Hellfire Club, with an offer- work for him, and Alaric would provide information about his past. Not having many other options, Black accepted, becoming one of the Hellfire Club's most dangerous enforcers.Name: Brianne WatersCodename: None currentlyGender: FemaleAge: 18Loyalties/Faction: Has history with the X-menPower(S): Brianne's powers center on illusion. She can create completely convincing illusions, down to the smallest details. She can even cause real pain and possibly death if she tried hard enough. In addition to this, she is possessed of a form of tactile telepathy. She can enter a person's mind, including dreams, through touch, though this leaves her paralyzed.Appearance:Brianne's mutation also manifests itself in her appearance. While she would be stunningly attractive, she has charcoal grey skin, pointed, elvish ears, midnight black hair, yellow-gold eyes, and a prehensile tail. As this can turn people away, she disguises it through an illusion at all times.Weapons:noneSkills: Her physical mutations have resulted in increased agility, and she's very good at parkour. Brianne is a survivor and is very good at using her abilities to get what she wants.Personality:Brianne is shy, very insecure, and a bit of a loner. She has a history of people reacting to her appearance and having to hide herself to please them. Because of this, she's very reluctant to show her true self, or even talk much. She's devoted to her son however, and will do whatever it takes to keep him safe.Weakness:Besides her social issues and insecurity, Brianne isn't much of a fighter, and if you can see through the illusion(perhaps reading a book and finding it blank, or visiting a website), she can't physically do much against you.Bio: Brianne was born in Dallas to two normal human parents. As her mutation was obvious, they saw their daughter for what she was. They were quite strict and religious, and believed it to be a curse, so gave her for adoption. When she was eight, the teasing of the other kids became too much and she ran away. She found she could change her appearance and make others see what she wanted them too, and used her abilities to survive, eventually finding another orphanage and being adopted by a rich family in Houston. She revealed that she was a mutant to her adoptive mother two years ago, and though she tried to understand, she couldn't accept a mutant in her house. She found the Xavier institute, and contacted them, enrolling Brianne. It was there she met Dallas Green.The two were instantly drawn to each other, and began a relationship. Within a few weeks, Dallas discovered Brianne's true appearance. Instead of being turned away by it, he accepted it, and showed that it didn't change how he felt about her. He was the first person to ever see Brianne for who she really was and to really care about her, and she instantly fell for him.However, a few months later, Brianne discovered she was pregnant. Not wanting to give up the child, but also not wanting to mess up Dallas' life she left without telling him, simply leaving him a note which said "I'm sorry."Brianne gave birth to her son in Baltimore, and named him Triston. Where she has been since leaving the institute is something only she knows, but she has recently returned- but, unsurprisingly, no one is yet sure why.

Well, would you just look at that?




I'm a piece of toast.

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Name: Gabriel McKnight
Codename: Wolbachia
Age: 18
Gender: N/A
Loyalties/Faction: The Xavier Institute for Higher Learning.
Power(s): Ability to change his/her own gender permanently unless he/she wishes to change once more; ability to change the genders of anything else for an hour unless he/she changes the gender of the victim back to its usual state before the time limit ends; Enhanced physical abilities.
Appearance: As a gender-bending mutant, Gabriel's appearance varies depending on what gender he/she currently is. As a male, he stands at a metre and seventy-eight centimetres, with a medium build. His messy hair is a dark brown colour, and hangs down to his shoulders, with the fringe covering parts of the upper half of his forehead. He possesses somewhat pale skin and cloudy blue eyes. He usually wears a buttoned up white suit, with a grey tie and an oversized black shirt underneath. His trousers are also white, and he wears white-blue sneakers, which contrast greatly with his usual clothing.
When in female form, Gabriel looks rather similar to her male self, only being shorter and standing at one metre seventy instead. It is more clear that she is a mutant in this form, as her hair is a striking shade of blue. It is also much longer, falling halfway down her back. As expected of a girl, her face is more feminine than her male form, because if it wasn't, it'd be rather creepy. In her female form, she also prefers to ditch the suit for a simple pink jacket, but keeps everything else.
As of her "trip" to Hawaii, Gabriel's usually pale skin has taken on a slight tan.
Weapons: An incredibly unwieldy and long rusted chain that Gabriel does not have the heart to throw out.
Skills: He/she is rather charismatic, and is in possession of great agility and speed, along with the ability to change clothes very, very quickly.
Personality: Gabriel can best be described as being an incredibly cheerful person, sometimes to the point of eccentricity. He/she wants to believe the best in people, but knows that despite the fact that his/her ideals may be flawed, as long as he/she tries he/she will be able to make the world a better place. He/she is rather honest as well, with a strong sense of morals. Very rarely does he/she ever get sad, but even when suffering from negative emotions, he/she will try his/her best to keep up a positive facade, but sometimes does snark at others during such a state.
Biography: Ever since his/her youth, Gabriel was capable of changing his/her gender. This served as a source of confusion for everybody, especially as nobody really knew how they could refer to him/her. His/her childhood however, did manage to be rather peaceful, although it was not free of offensive remarks from his/her peers. In the end, he/she was shunted off to the Institute for Higher Learning after a certain fracas that shall not be mentioned. From then on, s/he ended up getting into some rather dangerous and strange events, even fighting against HYDRA in New York at one point.
Weaknesses: His/her abilities are not combat-orientated.
Name: Leon Wang
Codename: "FIREMAN"
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Loyalties/Faction: Loose affiliation with the Brotherhood of Mutants
Power(s): Control over fire and heat; Flight; Willpower-based stamina.
Appearance: Leon is of distinctly East Asian appearance, which is expected, seeing that he is Chinese. He stands at a height of around a metre seventy five, which is pretty short compared to modern standards in first world countries. His hair is somewhat spiky, and the back hangs down to the top of his neck. His fringe hovers slightly over half of his forehead. As usual with most people of East Asian descent, it is an incredibly dark brown, which can be easily mistaken for black, a trait his eyes share.
His usual choice of clothing consists of grey sneakers, long black trousers and a grey polo shirt, which sits underneath his crimson red jacket. He also wears a manly red scarf, as well as black gloves. These days he also regularly wears the uniform of a firefighter, as it has become his new occupation.


Weapons: A staff.

Skills: He is a highly skilled talker, and is capable of performing the martial arts style known as Nanquan.


Personality: It is obvious that Leon is a crazed madman, especially when one takes into account his tendency to run recklessly into danger and scream things about peace and love or statements that he considers to be "manly". However, when he isn't doing stupid things, the Chinese man is a rather sociable person who gets along well with his friends and colleagues, and will try his best to help them out.
Biography: Leon came from the city of Shenzhen, Guangdong, a city in southern China. In his youth, he learnt Nanquan from an old hobo who lived near his apartment block, but never fully mastered the art due to being forced to move to the United States of America, for his father worked for Hewlett-Packard, and was transferred over the Pacific. There, he learnt to speak rather flawless English, but his accent was ever-present. It was there when he learnt how to fly and throw fireballs people, and after an unlikely series of events, was shunted into the Brotherhood of Mutants.
Following his tenure in the organisation, he left to carve out his own niche in life, and joined a fire brigade in some small American town. It was around this time when he decided that he should copy the exploits of the heroes before him, and become a superhero affiliated with the very fire brigade he works for. Despite his attempts at hiding his identity, the upper echelons of the brigade clearly know who he is.
Weaknesses: Leon is rather reckless, and charges into battle without care for his own safety, and has the urge to save everyone.
Name: Mikhail Irena
Codename: Thunderbolt
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Loyalties/Faction: S.H.I.E.L.D.
Power(s): Electricity manipulation, increased reflexes and physical capabilities, but not to a ridiculous extent.
Appearance: A young and fit man in the prime of his life, the tanned Mikhail stands at a height of around a metre eighty, with a sleek and somewhat muscular build. His orange hair is wild and untamed, having never really seen a comb in its entire lifetime, and is usually covered by his navy blue bucket hat. Mikhail's usual clothing consists of a long-sleeved black shirt and dark brown trousers, along with grey gloves and boots, before topping it off with a blue and gold cloak that he discards from time to time. In this outfit, he also wears a belt across his shirt for some reason. Of course, he does not wear the outfit every single day, and regularly changes into more casual clothing at times.
Weapons: Semi-automatic pistol.
Skills: Mikhail is rather skilled at hand-to-hand combat, as well as the use of a gun, and possesses high endurance.
Personality: Compared to most people with supernatural powers, Mikhail is a rather composed and reserved person ... although that only applies outside of battle, where he can be rather exuberant. Despite his aloofness, he's actually a very kind person, and enjoys helping out others. He also has an annoying tendency to state the obvious.
Biography: Most of Mikhail's past is classified, and can only be found in his S.H.I.E.L.D files if one has enough permissions. However, what can be deduced is that the tan young man is rather uncomfortable with what he was before he became an agent, and usually clams up and hides away from mentions of his younger days. However, what only matters is that S.H.I.E.L.D. trusts him, and therefore he will do whatever it takes to serve them.
Weaknesses: Despite his increased physical abilities, Mikhail can is pretty much a normal human.



Name: Layla Kharalambos
Codename: N/A
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Loyalties/Faction: N/A
Power(s): Repulsion of objects.

Weapon(s): Palm Laser (Small circular object that shoots laser beams)
Skill(s): Master of disguise and clothing genius (can change clothes on a whim and find herself rather elaborate disguises); skilled amateur magician; crack shot.

Appearance: A tan young woman of unknown ethnicity (although possibly hailing from the eastern Mediterranean), Layla possesses dark brown hair tied up in a bun and striking green eyes. With a face that can be described as somewhat young, and a slim build that complements her height of a metre sixty, the woman would be considered to be a rather pretty girl, albeit one that looks younger than her actual age.


Clothing-wise, she is an avid fan of dressing up in many different fabrics, whether ridiculous or not, although she is well-known for her fantastical hat: an orange top hat with flowers dotted across its entire surface.

Personality: Upbeat and energetic, Layla is religiously devoted to enjoying her life to the greatest extent, preferring to do things she likes (television and trying on ridiculous clothing) rather than actually do what she has been ordered. Although considered by some to be flighty, she possesses a rather sharp mind, one that works quickly to find ways to benefit herself, a trait which she constantly hones in the service of her current organisation. Prone to spouting off at any given moment, she is a great socialiser, enjoying the company of others.

Biography: Layla is a magic-user, one whose talents fell into the field of pushing things away with her mighty powers. The presence of these powers would motivate her for much of her early life, the young woman having been rather disappointed by her inability to pull off anything else, such as summoning tigers to do her bidding or create food on a whim. Indeed, it was because of this that she took up the cause of a magician, an entertainer who would pull rabbits out of a hat to the awe of her audience. She was considered a prodigy in such arts, and was scouted out by an organisation to oversee one of their projects due to her skills and mastery of her repulsion magic.


Weaknesses: Layla is a fleshy human and is not exactly an epitome of physical ability.

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So, got a character that can best be described as "vampire Indiana Jones" coming up.


Anyone up for a trip to the arabian desert? Who knows what we might find...

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I believe you find life such a problem because you think there are the good people and the bad people. You are wrong, of course. There are, always and only, the bad people, but some of them are on opposite sides.

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Okay time to do my job!


Ethan Kigs - I'm very wary of healing powers, as the rest of the staff are. Now the healing power itself seems okay, though I'm warning you thoroughly that the healing process should never be instant, and would never be a complete healing, unless of course he's been using his power to heal the wound for days. Oh, and he has to be touching the wound to heal them as well, and he cannot heal himself, just others. Make those changes and that power is acceptable.


As for his power to make wounds worse, I don't like how you imply it's easier to do than healing. I think it should be just as slow of a process, instantly opening wounds just by touch is way too OP. It should work exactly like the healing power, just in reverse. 


That being said, he should of course have extensive knowledge of what he is trying to heal/wound if he wants to have any effect. That doesn't seem to be an issue though. Just make those changes and post the profile in here again. :3


Cynegild Picker - Plus one approval from me, just needs one more! +1


Zac Toddson - Seems alright. +1


Reyson Tsui (U! Vincent Zai) - Watch the teleporting, abuse it and you might find it stops working permanently, the one minute recharge time certainly helps though. +1


Peter Tyrell  - No problem with time travel, he can't know immediate future events however. (Time travel tends to have the effect of changing the past.) +1


Damian Minoru - Oh my god he's got shinigami eyes! *gasps* +1


Mr. Black - Slenderman's little bro? =P +1


Brianne Waters - Seems familiar somehow +1


Gabriel McKnight - Best power ever, just don't go crazy with it. =P +1


"FIREMAN" - Seems good, watch the will-power based stamina, it can only go so far. +1


Mikhail Irena - Very sparky. +1


My office is now closed. XD

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I second what has been said by Snelly, with a few additional statements;Hubert and Zacax, you lack the special password. Once you have read the rules and know what the phrase is, post it here, and your profiles will have their second approval from me.Toast, welcome back, but keep an eye on the upper limits of Brianne's illusory abilities. Anyway, aside from the profiles mentioned in the first paragraphs, all of those mentioned in Snell's post approved x2.



On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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Pre-Approved by Nathan and Nick. Will move to my first post when I have the chance.


Name: Trinity (More commonly known among the staff as “The Trinity Project”)

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Faction: Hydra Experiment

Power(S): Able to change the nature and shape of objects via touch. Must have an understanding of what she’s turning the object into (As in, it’s properties. For example, she can’t change a puddle of water into a piece of Uranium since she doesn’t know anything about Uranium).

Appearance: That of a supposed pre-teen/teen girl. Somewhere between the ages of eleven to fourteen. Her eye colour is green/brown. Has blond hair, although it’s been mostly shaved so that it can be difficult to determine the original hair colour. Trinity has a noticeable widow’s peak. Has freckles across her nose and cheeks in a mostly-straight line. Stands at about four feet, ten inches weighs weighs close to ninety pounds. Always wears a hydra-green jumpsuit.

Primary hand: Ambidextrous

Voice: Like the typical curious, sometimes overly-excited girl.

Weapons: None

Skills: Learns amazingly fast, not a power of any sort, but is the result of an augmented neural pathway arrangement (and that sort of jazz), and not any sort of special power. Only applies to skills (See: Awesome by Analysis.)

Personality: Curious, doesn’t care about anything that doesn’t interest her, naive. Trinity has gained an infamous track record among her researchers of being capable of being both amazingly intelligent and creative, and dumb as a rock.

At the same time. Possibly due to her upbringing as a test subject, Trinity learned everything she knew from either observation, or one of the multitude of problems that her researchers have thrown at her. Her lack of understanding of anything she hasn’t experienced can often be used against her, as she can be easily tricked into thinking a certain way, or doing certain things… Often for the reward of a piece of candy or something of the like. Her curious nature is a double-edged sword, as she’ll try to figure out what everything does. However, if it fails to captivate her interest she’ll often ignore whatever it is, no matter how important it is.

Weaknesses: Gullible, small, no combat experience (subject to change), physically weak.

Bio: Having lived her entire life in the Hydra labs, “Project Trinity” is the attempt at… Something. Trinity (as she refers to herself after hearing her title once), simply doesn’t care about the fact that she’s lived her whole life as a test subject. Her attention has easily been kept by having no interaction with anyone outside of her researchers. With her only interaction being with her researchers, she’s been tasked with an almost constant stream of ‘tests’ to occupy her time to prevent her from thinking of anything else. Like trying to escape.

Little-known-facts: Parents and age are completely unknown. Full extent of Hydra experimentation is also unknown. ‘Trinity’ isn’t a mutant.

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Added the phrase that pays

"Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become,"-C.S. Lewis




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Alright, fixed issues in original post and this one.


Never really done this before.

oh and i guess i need to say "Darkest Days"


Name: Ethan Kigs

Codename: ‘Doc’

Gender: Male

Age: 40

Loyalties/Faction: The Institute

Power(S): Kigs has healing abilities. More specifically, he can heal others if he knows how to fix an injury. If a person came to him with a broken arm, he could heal it in a much shorter time than normal (‘Normal’ in this case being 8 weeks, time for Kigs to heal would be about 4 straight days of healing), though he needs to be in direct contact with the would the entire time. Curiously enough, he also has the ability to open up old wounds, or make new ones simply by touching someone and willing it to happen. Making wounds takes the same effort fixing them, and just like with fixing wounds he needs direct physical contact and knowledge/visibility of previous wounds to make them open again. This ability makes him an excellent interrogator, since he can open wound and put them through the pain they felt before, and then simply heal them, rinse and repeat. He heals at the rate of any normal being, and cannot accelerate this rate on himself.

Appearance: Kigs looks like a relatively rich, upstanding citizen of the USA, wearing an immaculate black suit pretty much whenever you see him in everyday life. One wouldn’t even think he’s a mutant. His eyes are a brown dark enough to pass as black, and his hair is the exact same way. His features are best described as ‘pointy and hard’. His skin is somewhat pale, even though he is outside a lot. He also carries around a briefcase like any good businessman should.

Weapons: Within the previously mentioned briefcase, there is a .45 revolver, ammo for the revolver, and a few papers. He can give people quite the nasty papercut with those papers.

Skills: Decent enough shot with his revolver, excellent business skills, and very good knowledge of medicine even without his powers. A doctor does have to know how to fix people, after all.

Personality: Ethan can be described as ‘aloof, unkind, and unfeeling’ to those that do not know him or have not talked to him. To people he is acquaintances with, they all say he is ‘friendly, sociable, and can almost never shut up’. Something that remains constant, though, is his sometimes razor-sharp wit which occasionally may also be duller than a smooth rock.

Weakness: He cannot handle himself in hand-to-hand combat at all; both of his powers require physical contact and are much more suited for helping others than actual fighting.

Bio: Ethan Kigs was lucky enough to have gone through his life without his mutant powers activating. He went through school like any person, went through college like any normal person, and eventually became a doctor. Though, oddly enough, his abilities began manifesting far later than… well, any mutant around. At the age of 30, the first signs of his healing abilities became apparent. While performing surgery on a young woman, the incision he made began to close. Not fast, but it began closing nonetheless, which wasn’t supposed to happen. He kept this power as secretive as possible for as long as possible. Then, he gained the ability to open up old wounds. On a very bad day, he examined a old man who previously had gotten an appendectomy. Upon contact, the man’s abdomen suddenly split open like Ethan had cut him. This brought lawsuits, imprisonment, malpractice suits from the man’s family, and finally discharge from the hospital. After a few years, he went to the Institute to better hone his skills as a healer, or possibly a simple killer.


Steam name: Ehksidian

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Pre-approved by Tyler and Kaithas:


Name: Zackary Summers

Codename: None

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Loyalties/Faction: None

Power(S): Zackary’s primary power comes in the form of beams of pure kinetic energy constantly emitted by his eyes while they are receiving a certain amount of light. He usually wears sunglasses to prevent himself from, well, shooting beams of pure kinetic energy out of his eyes whenever he wants to see anything. He has very weak telepathy and telekinesis, and he’s quite out of practice thanks to anti-mutant law preventing him from using them. He possesses a portion of the phoenix force, but so far, it hasn’t had any effect on his powers.

Appearance: Zack’s hair may once have possibly been seen as blonde, but it has since faded to a flat brown. He is of average height and slightly-above-average musculature, and is never seen without a pair of red-tinted aviators over his eyes.

Weapons: None

Skills: Decent marksman, good at hand-to-hand combat.

Personality: Zack is quite serious most of the time, but doesn’t entirely lack a sense of humor. He has a strong emotional connection to his family and friends.

Weakness: The very notion that he is a child of Jean Grey is enough to paint a bright red target on his back for anyone who wants to avoid another massacre like the one that occurred 18 years ago, just after Zack’s birth. He is also reluctant to go into battle for fear of awakening the Phoenix.

Bio: Zackary Summers was separated from his siblings at birth and was sent from orphanage to orphanage as a child, until one day his vision power surfaced and led to an incident that resulted in quite a few injuries. He was cast out as a mutant and narrowly escaped the authorities, finding solace among the violent gangs of New York (the ones that weren’t anti-mutant, at least).

Eventually, the crude methods he used to contain his optic blasts failed, and once more he was exiled to prevent future injury. He shortly afterwards sought a living as a mercenary, but when Weapon-X tried to bring him in, his home was destroyed and he was found by one of his sisters, Tara. The two returned to the Institute in Westchester, where he befriended Jordan phillips and managed to dodge the Weapon-X raid. He assisted in the breakout shortly thereafter, and took part in the fateful battle of Las Vegas, during which he would have perished were it not for his older sister Ashlynn. When he learned of Ash’s death, he and Jordan exiled themselves to protect both themselves and the world from whatever portion of the Phoenix remains within him.


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