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BZPRPG - Po-Wahi

Nuju Metru

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IC: [ Rhea / Nero ] - Po-Koro

"Sound tactics, Zelvin. Let's go, everyone. And remember; two hours!"

Rhea nodded a brief farewell to her teammates and,
accompanied as usual by the Axe, faded briskly off down a sidestreet in the general direction of the marketplace.


Open for interaction.

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poof again



Goodness me.


did i



Well, no.




I mean, who's the one that clicked us here?





--Nevermind. Why here, Grokk? You were in Ta-Wahi last time.


well far as i know


ook place--




yeah like i said


this ook where you are aint no ta

and uh spoiler alert

im dead


wherever i actually am--


--Which is where?


oh mr clever dont think youre gettin that answer so easy

we have a deal dontcha forget


It was worth a try.


no it werent

anywho i was saying

location topic dont mean jack squiddly no more

so po is chillin as anywhere




look i figured hey

change o scene

dirty is my color



Guess I'm just glad you've decided to take it back to the location topics.



yknow i saw the little people

i really messed w their heads huh



Yeah, you did. I told you not to.


like i take direction well

thought you knew me


I do. Which is why I'm guessing your choice to bring us back to a location topic wasn't a generous one.



im here to force your hand

im back in the place you want answers about

im ready to spill my jumping jelly beans

in exchange for your boston baked ones


That was the ultimatum you posed, yep.


wow such memory



Right? I've even managed to recall your terms on top of everything else I've had to deal with lately.


youre lying

you dont deal with anything except me

scientifically certified

im a handful


That you are. But I have two hands.







So, you've brought us to a location topic again. Good start. Ready to share?


again nice not so nice try

you go first


Mmm, no, you go first.


yeah but i dont wanna

bcause i could go and then

you wouldnt keep your word

forgive me im used to dealing w dishonest people

ie myself


The deal only happens if you go first, and tell us all the things about this afterlife of yours.


why should i


Well, here's the thing: when I'm gone, you just sit here stewing in... well, in "wherever-you-are." Unarticulated Land, BZPRPG, zip code G-r-o-k-k--


--zip codes are numbers dummy

and did you really just say that

im embarrassed to be seen talking to you--


--In wherever-you-are, you twiddle your thumbs. You keep your silence - quite unusually, we're aware - because you're trying to win a war of attrition.


siegemaster grokkie


Meanwhile, I go out during your "siege" and get to do things.


what kind o things


Wouldn't you like to know. Things more important to me than you and your answers... I do just fine. But I know you, Grokk, and I know that you get bored easily.


sorry what

i was playing with a ball of yarn in my head

then i got bored

and started flicking boogers at the wall

and then i got bored again

youre boring


Maybe I am, but I'm the only person you've got to talk to.


thats actually false

i just havent told you about the others yet

oh shoooot

leaking info

tantalizing innit

dontcha wanna hear more


That won't work on me. Here's the point I've been driving at: I can win this war of attrition without even trying. It's been more than a week since your little foray into my sphere, and I've not felt compelled to engage you again. I'm here on a whim, really. Meanwhile, I can tell you're basically yanking out your teeth at this point with impatience.


i would never do that to my teeth


You're burning up inside because you know the Grokkettes miss you. You know they're thirsty for your singular narrative voice.


i mean it is pretty singular

lets hear it for me folks


You're bursting at the seams, Grokk. You need to talk.


do not


What've you been doing this whole time?



okay look

im like

seriously bored

but i will not admit defeat

da feet

oh no

im resorting to wordplay again

bad sign


Give in. Make it all easier. You can trust me; once I get satisfactory information out of you, I promise to tell you--


--and the fan club--


--and the fan club the things you want to know. About my place. About where you came from.


disinclined as i am to trust you

im about to


from all the repressed narrative


hate you


Doesn't faze me.



where do i start


A, B, and C? From a few installments ago?


oh yeah let me look that up







here goes



A) My location? Weird. Blank. Not really worth describing.

B) My state of being? This one's easy. Dead.

C) Play-by-play? Death sucks. Don't try it at home.



ok im back

that was easy

answers now


Oh ho ho, not so fast. That was totally shoddy. You'll have to do better.


but i wanna know things



I want better descriptions. What're things really like? Who are these others you mentioned earlier?


ugh youre killin me


But you're already dead.








here goes

for realsies



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OOC: To you, shadowhawk.


IC Daltrahk


Daltrahk stepped out of the bar again and paced down the street. He eventually came to the marketplace, which hadn't changed.




Someone, just a completely random person, was coming this way. He grabbed a spare sign and placed it on a building right in their line of sight, then darted away to watch what would happen.

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OOC: To you, shadowhawk.





IC: [ Rhea / Nero ] - Po-Koro / Marketplace


Rhea cast a quick courtesy glance over the sign, then pivoted slightly on her heel and snapped her fingers at the metallic-hued Skakdi skulking in a corner of the marketplace. A rather atypical individual, to be sure. Did he really think she hadn't noticed him slinking about?


"Hey, you there. Come and talk. I want to ask you something."


Her hulking bodyguard stood back and kept a careful, if somewhat bored, eye on the proceedings.

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IC: [ Rhea ] - Po-Koro / Marketplace

She looked him over, her cold green eyes betraying nothing.

"Your ad said you're looking for dangerous work. And I want to know... just how dangerous, and just what type of dangerous?"

She didn't intent to recruit another blade for the current temple-delving operation. Only Dorian really had that particular privilege of authority, and anyhow she figured the group was more than powerful enough already.

But, depending on his general level of stupidity, there were a few other little... tasks... he just might be a perfect fit for.

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IC Daltrahk


Daltrahk couldn't inwardly grin anymore. He outwardly grinned as well. "Well, here's an example: Let's say there's a large place full of opponents, with an item you need retrieved. Simple enough. I can get in and out of almost anywhere. I've got plenty of combat skill. That, and with this," he motioned to the Magma gear, "Iets me get just about any thing done."

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IC: [ Rhea ] - Po-Koro / Marketplace

Not a perfect fit by any means. But just maybe, good enough to get the job done.

He definitely had some spunk, anyhow.

"You've heard of the Outsiders? They're a fairly new-on-the-scene mercenary fighting unit, based out of somewhere in Ko-Wahi. They're said to have some significant strength, in numbers at least. And other than that, I don't know anything at all about them. Except that 'rumor has it', and we both know how accurate that can be."

She paused, frowning slightly.


You, as a player, have heard of the Outsiders, right? :P

But just in case, you can always check out their BZPRPG Wiki page here.


As per direct request from an Outsiders representative, this brief portion of IC continuity has been permanently deleted/retconned. Things with a line through 'em, never happened. ;)

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IC: [ Rhea ] - Po-Koro / Marketplace

"In a word, I want information on the Outsiders and I want you to get it for me because I'm too busy at present to do it myself. I'd like to know approximately how many members are in the group, how experienced and/or powerful they seem to be, and exactly where their headquarters is located. Bonus points for maps, schematics, skeletons in closets, and anything else you can dig up beyond the basics. I don't care how you do it. Reconnaissance, infiltration... whatever works for you."

She smiled faintly at him, tilting her head inquiringly.

"Think you can handle that?"


As per direct request from an Outsiders representative, this brief portion of IC continuity has been permanently deleted/retconned. See the OOC note, two posts up.

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IC: Skyra


As we wandered the koro I couldn't help but notice how things had changed since last time I'd visited. The train station had only been the start, it just felt different. I could have just been imagining things, though the loss of their Turaga may have effected Po-koro more than anywhere else. 



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IC: Banar


"I guess we could go and rest at my home.  It's just a small shack, if anything."


Banar forgot, however, that they still had a Skakdi they needed to dispose of.


"Oh, and the Skakdi.  Find someone to turn it in to.  I've no idea who, to be honest."


Banar began walking towards his home, leaving Johk with an unconscious Skakdi to turn in.

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IC: Avier


"That's what I like to hear."


Avier grinned and turned to watch where he was going as they wove their way through the bustling crowd. It didn't take them long to reach the stadium, though getting in was a little tricky since seats were sold out. Took a bit of bribing so they could just stand by the outer edges of the ring.


"Figured this would be a better way to kill time than browsing the market."


The crowd suddenly exploded into a mix of cheer and uproar when one of the teams scored a goal. The two teams seemed to be local.


"You like sports?"

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IC Daltrahk


"So," he said, too eager to work, "What service would you have me perform?"



Well, have wracked my brains for thirty-six or whatever hours and haven't been able to come with a realistically feasible alternative to the Outsiders spy run... so time to switch to plan B.


Which might be just as interesting. ;)


IC: [ Rhea ] - Po-Koro / Marketplace


Rhea frowned, thinking quickly, and decided simple honesty would be most appropriate.


"Well... I'm terribly sorry, but I don't think you're quite the sort of person I'm looking for. You sound like a solo hit-and-run specialist; I'm looking for something more akin to a freelancing espionage agent."


She paused, then smiled brightly.


"That being said... I would definitely appreciate the company of someone who could show me the sights of Po-Koro. Would you mind acting as my personal tour guide for the next hour or so?"

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OOC: Sigh...


IC Daltrahk


A sad frown crept over his face (it looked like this :() when he heard the words "tour guide".


"Um, I hate to tell you this, but I don't even know how I got here, much less know my way around."


He tried frantically to think of a job he could perform.


"Say," he glanced at the brute beside her "it seems you fancy a bodyguard."

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IC: [ Rhea ] - Po-Koro / Marketplace


Oh. Well. This was a... Rhea wasn't quite sure how to respond.

And then an instant later, inspiration struck.

"Bodyguards, you say? ...and I say, guess what? That gives me an idea. Listen, I want you to run along and hunt through the marketplace and the alleyways hereabouts until you find a cloaked and hooded Toa of Crystal. She's a bit on the aged side, but she carries a scythe and she knows how to use it. Her name's Zelvin."

"And when you find her, go right up and introduce yourself. Tell her you're her new bodyguard. And no matter what she says, I want you to be her new bodyguard, alright? Stick to her like glue, and the harder she tries to get rid of you, the tighter you stick."


Zelvin is roleplayed by Geardirector, who is currently (or at least last time I checked) going by the name of Rucks. Go ahead and use the search function in the profile pages for more info; I'm too lazy to direct link it right now. :P

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IC Onamazu


Haruru's tale was vaguely depressing. Perhaps more in the old toa's insistence it was a normal outcome. Did everything have to crumble, fade or decay? Was rust the only possible end for steel?


"My story isn't anything too interesting. I don't remember much of my early life. Just that when I was young, my village was burnt down. I don't know why or how, but I woke up in a burning field. There were a lot of dead people around, dozens or hundreds even. For a while, I just walked around, trying to see if anyone else was alive. No one was."


She took a drink from the coconut, it wasn't hard to talk about it, but still... Her throat was dry.


"After walking, for hours or minutes, I don't know.. I collapsed, I don't know if I was just then realizing I had died, or what happened. A man found me then. He looked so happy. Happy that he could save just one person, the only thing I could think then was, "I want to look that happy someday, I want to be like them."


It was late, she sat on the porch with her savior, he was old, so old. Tired and weary. He was relaxing, watching the stars when I came out to join him. I don't remember what led to it, but I soon asked him, what was his dream? He replied in his calm voice. I wanted to be a hero, an ally of justice.


"When he grew old and died, I was given his toa stone. Since then I have sought to save someone... Anyone, I would give my life just to look and feel the way he must've felt. Full of happiness."


Full of anything, really.


I turned to him, young eyes shining. I'll do it for you! I almost shouted, so happy and eager I was. He looked at me and replied simply. Yes, it would be nice. After that he became quiet and unmoving. Sitting there watching the stars. I cried for a time, but I moved on. Teaching myself to be a warrior, a hero.


She shook her head a little, she had been wondering off into the thought-space, right here was what mattered. "So, that's all I really want to do... Save someone, because it'll make me happy. I don't really care what else happens if I can just do that one thing. I know I'll find whatever he did."

Edited by Tiragath

...but close to it

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"Alrighty then. We want people who know Dorian... on our side. Any ideas where Dorian might keep his friends in Po-Koro or should we just waltz around, see if the Sentinels have a...hall of fame or something...?"


IC: "None," I responded helpfully, gesturing invitingly with a hand turned up and forward. "Lead the way and see what we find. Might as well do the second idea."

helo frens

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IC: Syvra


Syvra acknowledged Demos' response with a mere nod, turning to Seren instead

"What about you oh silent one? You ever been to Po-koro or heard of anyplace worth eating at here?"


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If you interact with one of my characters and I don't respond or acknowledge the interaction within a day, send me a PM. Odds are I missed or did not see the post.

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IC: [ Rhea ] - Po-Koro / Marketplace

"Like I said; a cloaked and hooded female Toa of Crystal, mask shaped like a Noble Ruru. Tall, lithe. Dignified manner of gait and speech. Getting on in years, but still dangerous, and she looks it. Carries a scythe."

"Just go find the person who could be my grandmother's evil twin, and I daresay you'll have found the one you seek."

Although technically, Zelvin wasn't quite that old, but whatevs.

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