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Onlive $1 Game Promo

Leg O'Brick

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I'm trying to offer you all a great deal and an amazing offer. I'm sacrificing the time I could be spending watching psych or speculating on the return of BIONICLE. But I instead take the time to graciously tell you about this amazing deal. Alright, so I want Deus Ex. OnLive is doing a promo: if they can get 10,000 new fans in the next 48 hours on you-know-where, every member can get a full game for $1. ONE DOLLAR! That's, well, whatever it is in Euros for those of you in the UK. So like their you-know-what page. ONE DOLLAR! Gosh that'd be awesome.

Nuparu's BoomBoxor is temporarily out of commission (been infected by some malware & whatnot, curse those anonymous russian bots). I guess I'll get around to putting it back up eventually. Maybe when Templar finally get around to re-doing the soundtrack to MNOG.

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