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In an alternate universe, Solek's unobtainable obsession with Toa slowly begins to drive him mad. In a desperate attempt to become a Toa, he begins to hide away during the night to perform experiments of questionable ethics on his friends, trying to discover a way to become a Toa without a Toa Stone, explaining their absence as Rahi attacks. Before these experiments come to fruition, however, one of his subjects named Photok manages to escape, and the fearful Av-Matoran have Solek banished from the stalactite villages to the mutagenic swamp below.

During his travels, he comes upon a massive sphere sunk deep into the swamp with the legendary Mask of Life engraved on its smooth surface. As he explores, he falls into an old, abandoned laboratory full of high-tech gadgets that could only come from the Great Beings. One such gadget was a hovering drone that, once it's master is chosen, it will protect them at all costs and obey every command. Solek used the equipment in the laboratory to finish his experiments and managed to build himself into a Toa-like form, while losing his natural light powers in the process. He also found a sword similar to that of his hero's, Toa Kopaka, and quickly became a master at it defending himself in the swamp.

As he continued to wander, Solek managed to find an escape from Karda Nui into the Matoran Universe, now as a cold and ruthless "Toa." He became a mercenary, but became so effective at his job that he became a Dark Hunter and took on many missions that included assassinating Turaga Dume, various espionage missions during the Toa-Dark Hunter War, and helping to spread the Dark Hunter's influence from Xia to Stelt.


Solek is no longer the excitable Matoran he once was. Now, he is



Front (Without Drone pack)

Back (Without Drone pack)

With Drone: 1 2

Drone Side View

Drone Gun Mode: 1 2

This MOC and the creepy back story are the product of a building contest I had with my seven-year-old brother. Seeing as he can build much faster than I can (because he knows how to keep his MOC simple), I had to rush it a bit. It all started out with me seeing that marvelous Ice Sword (which I bought a while back and never used) and Solek's mask right next to each other and deciding I wanted to build a white-and-black Toa. Later on, my brother added building something random to the contest, which turned into building a piece of equipment for my creation. I decided to go with an asymmetrical build with a tank arm on one side. It also kind of adds to that "psychologically unbalanced, I-will-kill-you" look.

The drone is an interesting piece of equipment. Solek usually hides it in a backpack form on his back, but when he finds something he can't deal with (which isn't often), it can detach and lend some cover fire. If he's really in trouble, he can reconfigure it into a hand-held plasma cannon to get out of those sticky situations. He generally keeps it secret, though, as if anyone knew about it, they may try to take it or counter it. There is not a single being that has seen it and lived so far. Really, the drone was a bit of an afterthought, but I liked it so much and it fit his color scheme so I had to include it. I really like the backpack mode as it gives him an easy way to store it.


As always, comment, critique, and especially enjoy!

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