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PR0T05T33L's Tiny Turbos


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All of these MOCs were made in LEGO Digital Designer. The first 38 are listed in alphabetical order, the rest are listed in the order I remember making them in.


001 - 4-T-2

4-T-2 is equipped with a powerful twin beam cannon.



002 - A-SymetriX

A-SymetriX has a large jet booster attached to one side.



003 - Beamer

The Beamer is a heavily modified sports car with two laser cannons attached to it.



004 - Booster Boss

The Booster Boss is a heavily modified truck with a giant jet engine attached to the back. Its owner uses it for street racing.



005 - Car Crusher

The Car Crusher is equipped with two double-ended fire-spewing thrusters and a large turret. Its wheels can operate individually. It has been known to run over or through many vehicles and even some buildings with little to no trouble. The Car Crusher is occasionally used in demolition derbies.



006 - Champion

This car is owned by the best street racer in the city. The Champion has undergone many modifications to improve its performance and appearance.



007 - Cloud Jumper

The Cloud Jumper is equipped with powerful jump boosters.



008 - Crash

This vehicle is owned by the best demolition derby driver in the city. Crash is the only vehicle to have been driven over by the Car Crusher and still been able to move.



009 - Deora

Deora is owned by one of the best surfers in the city.



010 - Engine Block

The owner of this truck has modified it for street racing. The Engine Block may be bad at acceleration, but, its top speed is surprisingly high.



011 - EVOlved

EVOlved was built to be a street race car. Its colour scheme is based on that of a particular buildable action figure.



012 - GT-45

The owner of this car has recently started street racing and even though this GT-45 is unmodified, it's already powerful enough to beat the easier opponents without too much trouble.



013 - Icebox

The thick-tyred Icebox has been modified for racing in snow, but, it is also a top contender in regular street races.



014 - Legend

This was my attempt at building the little car on the lid of the smaller containers. You know, like the one the Blue Bullet came in?



015 - Mean Green Machine

The Mean Green Machine is the heavier and tougher of the two Green Machines.



016 - Midnight Machine

This car has been modified by its owner for street racing. The Midnight Machine has everything from nitrous to coloured headlights. Its owner has a fierce rivalry with the Sunset Speeder's driver and the two cars can often be seen trying to push each other off the road.



017 - Mountain Climber

The Mountain Climber's power and handling make up for its weight.



018 - Police APC

When the Police Attack Vehicle isn't enough, they send in the Armoured Personnel Carrier. With space for a dozen officers and a humungous laser turret on the top, the Police APC sends most criminals running!



019 - Police Attack Vehicle

With its large EMP/laser turret, the Police Attack Vehicle can either stop a vehicle from functioning without directly harming the driver or destroy obstacles during a chase.



020 - Police Cruisers

Police Cruisers come in many shapes and sizes. Some have nitrous to give their drivers an advantage.



021 - Prototype Attack Vehicle

This Prototype Attack Vehicle is equipped with a small but powerful laser blaster.



022 - RD-10.1

This is a slightly modified Hot Wheels car. The RD-10.1 is equipped with a rocket launcher, just like the original, but, the wings on the back fenders have been removed.



023 - Red Gang Armoured Car

Red Gang Armoured Cars are used to transport high-ranking members of the Red Gang around the city. It has bulletproof glass and titanium tyres.



024 - Red Gang Attack Cars

When the Red Gang needs to do some damage, they bring in their Attack Cars. While most are used as battering rams, some are equipped with turrets.



025 - Red Gang Elite Travel Car

The Elite Travel Cars are used to carry members of the Red Gang around the city. Since they are the fastest vehicles used by the gang, they are also commonly used for street racing.



026 - Red Gang Travel Cars

Members of the Red Gang use these Travel Cars to get around the city. They're also occasionally used in street racing.



027 - Rocket Box

This custom-built truck has twin rocket boosters attached to its sides as well as a large tank of nitrous oxide to give it a boost of speed. The surprisingly fast Rocket Box is occasionally used for drag racing.



028 - Rocky Roadster

The Rocky Roadster has been modified by its owner for street racing. It has nitrous for speed boosts, thick tyres for traction and coloured headlights, neon and a tinted windscreen for style.



029 - Royal Racer

This luxury car was modified for street racing by its owner.



030 - Screwdriver

The Screwdriver is equipped with 6 laser blasters and a tank of nitrous oxide.



031 - SemiCircular

Most of the time, this truck is used by its driver for work, but, on the weekends, the SemiCircular can be seen competing in street races.



032 - Shock Absorber

The Shock Absorber was built by its owner for street racing and demolition derbies. It is one of the only vehicles to have ever beaten Crash.



033 - Smokebox

This vehicle is used by its driver for street racing. The Smokebox emits coloured smoke whenever it uses nitrous.



034 - Spoiler Alert

This car is owned by a drag racer. Spoiler Alert has adjustable wings and professional racing tyres.



035 - Sunset Speeder

This car has been modified by its owner for street racing. The Sunset Speeder has nitrous, an upgraded engine, turbo and more. Its owner has a fierce rivalry with the Midnight Machine's driver and the two cars can often be seen trying to push each other off the road.



036 - Technetium Terror

The Technetium Terror is covered in tough armour plating. It is equipped with twin laser blasters.



037 - VentL-8R

VentL-8R relies on its many air intakes to keep its large engine from overheating.



038 - Wave Rider

This car is owned by one of the best surfers in the city. The Wave Rider has nitrous oxide, professional racing tyres and more.



039 - Swamp Beast

The sand green Swamp Beast has thick tyres to help it drive through mud and bright lights to light up the area ahead. Its owner loves camping.



040 - Desert Destroyer

The sand yellow Desert Destroyer has large wheels to help it drive through sand and bright lights to light up the desert at night. Since it has no windscreen, the driver has to wear eye protection.



041 - Tundra Tracker

The sand blue Tundra Tracker has thick tyres to help it drive through snow, bright lights to help it avoid obstacles and two gun turrets to destroy enemies. Its exterior is cold, but, its interior is toasty warm.



042 - Volcano Colossus

The sand red Volcano Colossus has huge wheels to allow it to climb up mountains, bright lights to pierce through smoke clouds and a powerful cannon to shatter rock. Its powerful engine roars loudly and its underside is flame-, heat- and lava-proof. Its titanium tyres have turned black from constant exposure to heat.



043 - Scrapyard Supercar

Made completely out of scavenged materials, the Scrapyard Supercar looks almost brand new. Its owner now uses it in street racing.



044 - Desert Speedster

The Desert Speedster was modified by its camouflage-loving owner for street racing and desert racing.



045 - Shooting Star

The Shooting Star is owned by one of the best street racers in the city. This golden supercar is just a bit slower than the Champion, but, it makes up for it with better turning.



046 - Daylight Delinquent

This car has been modified by its owner for street racing. The Daylight Delinquent has occasionally been seen trying to push around the Sunset Speeder and the Midnight Machine during races.



047 - Myth

This was my attempt at building the little car on the lid of the fold-out containers.



048 - Lean Green Machine

The Lean Green Machine is the lightier and faster of the two Green Machines.



049 - Monstar Truck

This vehicle is owned by one of the best demolition derby drivers in the city. The Monstar Truck has recently been seen taking advantage of its new nitrous system in street races and even the occasional drag race.



050 - Rocket Racer

This experimental racecar has twin rocket boosters attached to its sides. The Rocket Racer is based loosely on a racecar from a video game that its designer played as a kid.



Complete album on Photobucket



Folder on MOCpages


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The 4-T-2 is totally Onslaught's alt mode.


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