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The Life of Pridak


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11.29.13. Something old, something new. And here it is: the long-awaited (or maybe not, well, anyway) expansion pack to The Afterwords!


Included in this DLC: the adventures of Pridak after DUD (Dark Unto Days), leading up to his appearance in The Afterwords Season 2. For more information, please read the Terms of Use...otherwise known as the comedy.


Let us begin!


The Life of Pridak


Part 1: Not-So-Friends


On the Front Lawn of the House…


As he left the house that he’d come to know for so long, Pridak couldn’t help but wonder what he was leaving behind. Was it his friends? Pridak had no friends, especially after Mantax died - Irnakk was gone already, Takadox barely even counted, and Kazi was always busy with those other Matoran. Was it the house itself? Well, while it was the newest one built, there really wasn’t any time to enjoy it, for the sets kept fighting, burning the house down, and rebuilding it. Was it the possible hope of defeating Lewa Mata and ALMIGHTY? Pridak chuckled…as if there could be any hope of that. Pridak hated his life, he decided, turning around to face the street and leaving the property.




Pridak was surrounded by a flurry of pink, purple, lime green and other disgusting girly colors. He didn’t remember exactly how it happened, but nonetheless he hated his life now more than he had with the war.


He was stuck in a jail cell made of girly DUPLO blocks and locked together with SUPERGLUE. The cell was even bolted to the floor, so that the prisoner couldn’t break out. Who would do such a thing? Pridak wondered. Then he saw a face peeking through the trans-pink bars of the cell, and he screamed.


The Friends minifigure giggled. “Hehe. You’re funny.”


Pridak reached for his Squid Launcher, but it wasn’t on him. His eyes darted around the cell, and then went back to the “friend”. “Excuse me…little girl, but where is my little squid friend?”


She giggled again, smiling. “My name is Olivia. And your friend? Oh…he’s getting a makeover.” Olivia pointed to a corner of the room she was in.


Pridak gasped, then screamed. The squid was being dunked into a paint can full of pink paint, then it was laid on a purple piece of paper. A blonde “Friend” dumped a box of glitter onto the squid and lifted the squid once more, this time laying some SUPERGLUE on the paper and laying the squid on the SUPERGLUE. Olivia looked back at Pridak, smiling. “You’re next.”


Pridak gulped. This is much worse than ALMIGHTY, right? Right? Pridak looked over at the squid, now being framed in a portrait. …I guess it’s comparable. Pridak cleared his throat. “Excuse me…can I have a cell phone?”


“What for?” Olivia asked.


“I need to call a friend…today’s his birthday.”


Olivia handed him a “Friends” phone that was about the size of Pridak’s eye and made entirely of plastic. Pridak sighed. “A real phone would be nice.”


Olivia hoisted a pink iPhone 5C over her shoulder (complete with a LEGO Friends case) and climbed to the top of the cell, dropping the phone in. At this point, Pridak realized that he could just climb to the top and escape, but he wasn’t done just yet.


Pridak grabbed the iPhone and activated it, swiping up from the lock screen to reveal the Control Center, then activated the flashlight and pointed it at Olivia, blinding her and causing her to fall into the cell. Pridak did a flip, somersaulting out of the cell and onto the floor. He ran to the pink paint, trampling any of the Friends on the way, grabbing the can of paint and hoisting it into the cell.


Pink paint leaked out from underneath as Olivia screamed, drowning in the pink paint. “NOOO! I JUST WANTED TO BE YOUR—“ She choked on the paint, and Pridak heard her burst into spare parts as her parts bounced off the cell’s walls.


“I guess I’ll never find out what she was going to say,” Pridak muttered. He looked over at the squid, pink and glittery, then looked at the iPhone and picked it up.


“Hello? Yes, I’d like to place an order for a replacement part…you want the number? How am I supposed to…appearance? Oh, it’s one of those squid things from the Barraki sets.” Pridak put the phone on speaker and set it down, pacing back and forth.


"Um, we kinda ran out of those,” the service man said. “Would you like a flick-fire missile instead?”


Pridak facepalmed. “Forget it.” He left the house, leaving the phone on and leaving the service man confused.


“I have Meteor Spheres too! And even a complementary brain slug! Please, buy something…I have no life here…hello? Hello? Screw it, I really do have no life.”


To Be Continued...


How was it?



Edited by Toa of Winds
The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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I'm liking it so far - although from what I've seen, the later chapters are the ones with the developments I'm really looking forward to seeing. :)


And to those who might ask questions: yes, this is going to be part of the "official" Tahu vs. Tahu canon. That said, I approached Meta about this knowing he's an active writer on the forum, and we've spent around two months planning it to make sure it'll fit in... but all of the actual writing and such is Meta.


(I'm just the mean guy that says "yes do this" and "no don't do that"):P

Edited by Tex
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The plot thickens...


Part 2: Lego My Squid!


In the Mall…


Pridak hadn’t been to the mall since he was a pile of parts. In addition, of course, he didn’t remember that, so it was his first time being here…alive. Yeah, it basically made no sense. However, he was here to do business, not to recall the past.


He slipped into an EMPLOYEES ONLY door and came face to face with a city of boxes. “Wow…that’s one tall stack of sets,” he whispered, looking up at the boxes containing boxes of LEGOs. “Any chance there could be a squid in there? Probably not…but I suppose it’s worth a shot.”


Pridak thrust his Shark Tooth Blades into a random box, slicing off the tape and opening the flaps. As he leaned over to see what was inside, the box tipped over and knocked Pridak to the floor. Pushing the box off him, Pridak groaned as he found pink elephant stuffed animals. “You’ve got to be joking. Well, at least I’m in the toy section…wait, what’s up there?”


A tiny box at the top of a pyramid of boxes caught Pridak’s eye. Could it be…well, there’s only one way to find out. Pridak climbed the first few boxes, soon running into a spot where the boxes were too high to climb. He groaned, slamming himself into the boxes with full force. Nothing.

Pridak jumped down, knocking a box to the ground. It opened immediately, and a plastic spoon fell out of the box and onto the floor. His eyes widened, and he immediately went to the spoon and threw it at the pyramid.


The pyramid collapsed upon impact, sending every box straight down to the ground. Pridak cringed as he heard glass shatter and bells clatter. Bottles of soda erupted, Chicken McNuggets dropped to the floor and the small box was nowhere in sight.


Pridak searched frantically, throwing aside more boxes and breaking more things. Finally, he found it and opened the box…


A white and silver iPhone 5S reflected Pridak’s disappointed face, which quickly became angry as he saw pink 5Cs around the 5S. Muttering gibberish and curses, he took the iPhone 5S out of the box and left the delivery room in a mess.




As Pridak watched the mall close for the night, he went over in his mind what had happened today. Well…I got a better iPhone…and that’s it. Huh, maybe I would be better off with ALMIGHTY.


“No, you wouldn’t.”


Pridak jumped. “WAGH! WHO IS THIS?”


“A friend…possibly.” Mantax wandered out of the shadows and met the shocked Pridak.




“There are ways. Let’s just say I got…artistic license?”


“…good enough for me. What’s happened these past few days will lead me to believe anything, I guess.”


“Good.” Mantax moved closer to the light, and Pridak saw the battle scarred armor. This couldn’t have been real…and yet…it was. Life was good.


To Be Continued…



The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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