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Chibi-Anime Style Bonkles


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...you have some nice handwriting there, wow. xD


As for the drawing itself, it's a bit undetailed. Of course, Chibi drawings usually do tend to be heavily abstracted, so I guess it's all fine. Something I would have added would be some motion lines, maybe indicating flailing arms or something, but that too is personal preference. ^_^ It would add a bit of liveliness to the drawing, some dynamics.


It is a cute drawing, in a sock-puppet kind of way, and I'd like to see more like it, perhaps with varied poses and facial expressions. Maybe try moving a bit away from standard abstractions and find your own ones (as always, if you want to, if you feel like it. Not a must. ^^)

But yeah, keep it up! :)


 My art collection topic - updated! (21/09/2021)

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