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TPTB: Long Lines, Teleporters, and that Switch of Doom...

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And in chapter 4: More red star, somebody hits the right switch and regrets it ... or is the wrong switch?, and there are some people who get very frustrated by long lines ... murderously frustrated, in fact. Oh, and what does all this have to do with the murders of Karzahni and Tren Krom? And will Kopaka and Pohatu get the chance to find out?


Chapter 4 was never published.


So what's with the long lines? And the switch? Did we ever get the answer? What do you think?

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Forgetting the part about Velika's plan, the answer would seem to be obvious. Mavrah would tell them the Sendback is broken, and since Gaardus is apparently no longer going to take them back, the only choice is to employ the Mask of Vision and logic (and sanity that the Kestora lack) and figure out how to get home... but do it in such a rush they don't really realize exactly what the nature of the RS is. Until they flip the switch.


Then, presumably Kestora or somebody else forces them out of the area, and sets up lines to go home.


And some of the more villainous people who have been revived decide to murder people to get ahead in line.


If it literally cannot send anyone back if the robot is as damaged as it is, though, this might not work. But seems to be what Greg had to be implying; I can't imagine what else it would be.


And it would be, depending on how you look at it, the "wrong" switch because it's wrong to just blow open the proverbial doorway to (in essense, after a bit more travel) Spherus Magna, considering the "zombies" (and bad guys) trapped up there too. K&P should have waited to understand the situation better before doing the Kestora's job for them, and made sure they had a solid hold on that position, etc. Presumably they would still be stuck up there due to being driven away from the spot, so they couldn't just teleport home first. Or being 'lured' away by Mavrah begging them to help other good guys get to the spot, etc.

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