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Caveat Scriptor Tiebreaker

Caveat Scriptor Tiebreaker  

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We've found ourselves in the unexpected position of a tie for Caveat Scriptor! So to serve as a tiebreaker, please vote for your favorite of the two below entries. Voting will close on January 24th at 11:59 PM EST.


1. The Lego Movie: Primetime Pitch

2. Scene 24: Johnny Thunder Blows This Taco Stand

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A tiebreaker? I admit, I certainly did not see this coming, given that "Primetime Pitch" was well in the lead mere hours prior to the deadline last night. This makes for a pleasant surprise in the eleventh hour.


Though, for a tiebreaker like this, I felt that the only appropriate thing for me to do was to nullify my vote. I couldn't vote for myself, nor could I muster up the will to vote against myself in a tiebreaker... so at the end of the day, "null" was my only fair option.


Good luck to both "Primetime Pitch" and "Scene 24", and may the best script win! Or actually, if that's the case, then it sounds like we both lose because both our scripts got rejected in favor of that one written by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, but you probably already know that, and, in fact, I know you do, which begs the question of why I am telling you? The answer? Insert shameless advertisement for The LEGO Movie coming this February. And if that doesn't work, insert more shameless advertisements for The LEGO Movie coming this February.

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I voted Primetime Pitch. I decided early on that, aside from my own, that one was the best. Its simplicity was a strong point, and the Uni-Kitty song was wonderful.

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