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Poll for GAC#20: YouTube Banner!

See list of entries in post below.  

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I really want to vote Entry #6; it best represents the three themes that BZPower is currently focused on the "most" (Hero Factory, Ninjago and Bionicle) in a very simple fashion - however, the rest of the logo is so unforgivingly blurry; I don't really understand why it is that way, since it'd be a really easy fix.


The blurriness feels unprofessional and turns me off - as such, I voted for Entry #2 instead.

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I voted for myself :) Entry #2.

Of course I would like my entry to win. Having a YouTube channel of my own, what I tried to do is really focus the content of BIONICLE on the center of the image since thats what the viewers will see the most. Having a YouTube channel of my own, I also didnt put much on the top and bottom of the image mainly because I know it would eventually get cut off on the website and mobile versions of YouTube. Also I didnt include a picture of Hapori Tohu because the main profile picture on the BZPower Youtube Channel was already that and I believe that we dont really need two of the same pictures, since it would look pretty ridiculous in my opinion. I also made sure the proportions of the image are correct to be visible on the Website, TV, and mobile versions of YouTube.

However good luck to all the entries!

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