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Do what you feel like doing, but I got my Makuta misb as well, but decided to open him, knowing that I never would sell mine anyway.



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Depends on if you're a collector or a... player? I guess. If you don't want anything bad happening to it you can just put it in a shelf and observe it, I personally don't play too much with my sets anymore BUT since you have finally got a 2003 Makuta Teridax I'll say go for it and just have fun with it like you would have liked when it first came out.

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I think in general, toys are meant to be played with. Even if you just like to have them displayed, you cannot have Teridax strike an epic pose, or show off his scale in that he towers over the rest of the early sets, if he is still in the box.

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Steam Name: Toa Hahli Mahri. Xbox Live Gamertag: Makuta. Minecraft Username: ThePoohster.

Wants: 2003 Jaller (from Jaller and Gukko), Exo-Toa, Turaga Nuju, Turaga Vakama, Shadow Kraata, Axonn, Brutaka, Vezon & Fenrakk, Nocturn, ORANGE FIKOU.

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