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Poll: Lego Themes Discussion


Out of curiosity...  

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For some reason, I only want more discussion about BIONICLE and the Tolkien Lines. I always assumed, that if I wanted to discuss any LEGO line that I would just walk into one of those LEGO Discussion sub-forums and be good.

Finally, I would like some more activity, no matter what LEGO line it is.


Just my few cents.

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I'd really like to see more discussion based on (and I'm completely biased because I really love these things beyond LEGO and before they were (with the exception of Star Wars) made by LEGO at all) LoTR, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones (because Indiana Jones).


I guess the problem with discussing these is that...well... they are already things outside of the LEGO realm.

My Writing Blog (more writing coming soon!)

My Bionicle/LEGO Blog (defunct)

Hyfudiar on Spotify (noise/drone/experimental music)

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Personally, I voted for every theme except Bionicle. Bionicle is gone, it's over. We need to start drawing in new members, and I think that more LEGO-oriented discussion could be very helpful in doing so. Themes such as Ninjago, Hero Factory and Chima are some of the most popular ongoing LEGO themes, and as such, I would like to see more discussion about those themes.


Honestly, I don't really have a favorite theme. I never really got into another theme after Bionicle. It's not because I was trying to veto LEGO ( :P ), but because I moved overseas and buying LEGOs is so expensive here. But BZPower certainly meets my LEGO needs, so I voted yes.


I would like to see LOTS of new activity in the forums. :)


(Great poll, fishers. Congrats on Premier Membership and OBZPCship! What a great accomplishment.)



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These are difficult questions to answer, since I'm a member of a number of LEGO communities. Most of my absolute favorite LEGO themes are discussed in a reasonable amount of detail here, but I don't rely on this site for all my LEGO discussion. And there aren't any LEGO themes where discussion is actively discouraged — there are just some that fewer people here really have a lot to say about, and there's not a whole lot that can be done to control that other than changing things like news coverage or the frontpage layout to attract new members.


For the first question, I answered BIONICLE, Hero Factory, Ninjago, and the LEGO Movie, since these are the themes I'm most emotionally invested in. However, more discussion of other themes wouldn't hurt, and it is not that rare that I have something to contribute to discussions of other themes on sites where there is a lively, ongoing discussion of those themes. I honestly don't think BZPower is totally lacking in Hero Factory, BIONICLE, and Ninjago discussion. I just wish it were more consistent and didn't just flare up when breaking news showed up only to die down later. And I definitely wish there would be not just discussion of these themes but also creative contributions to the community, such as art, music, and stories inspired by these and other themes.


For the second question, I said all of my favorite themes are discussed here, because technically they are. BIONICLE, Hero Factory, Ninjago, and the LEGO Movie are currently the themes I discuss most actively, and they are also themes that are actively discussed here on BZPower. With that said, I wish the community would generate more content related to these themes for discussion, and I would also love if discussion of themes BESIDES my favorites could be more lively. I love a good LEGO Friends or LEGO City discussion, even though I don't really collect either of those themes. Chima discussions help me keep up with the theme even though I don't passionately follow the official sets and media the way I do with some other themes.


The last question is by far the hardest. I don't necessarily think BZPower needs to stay small, nor does it need to return to the levels of activity it had prior to BIONICLE's cancellation. Having more consistent activity in certain subforums would be great. I chose the third response (more activity, regardless of theme) just because I want to see the site remain successful, but I wouldn't phrase it with nearly as much exuberance. A small, active community is still a perfectly good community. I don't want BZPower to go back to a point where it takes up many hours of my time on a daily basis just to keep up with all the goings-on here, or where I can fall multiple pages behind in a discussion after being away from the site for just a day or two.

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