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GD Contest 2.22: Tohu is (Not) Pleased


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GD Contest 2.22: Tohu Is (Not) Pleased


Contrary to popular belief, our site's figurehead and supreme overlord has been long suffering from a sort of ennui. Why is Tohu's mood so gray? Look how boring that profile is. Might as well be some generic IPB Admin. This is where you come in.


The Goal:

Your job is to come up with an avatar and a signature for Hapori Tohu - text, images, banners, anything. The only restrictions are those imposed by BZPower's Signature & Avatar Guidelines. For a summary, see below.


The When:

The entry period will last from Friday, March 7th, until the 28th of the month. That should give you a good three weeks to enter.


Voting will be held through polls. Voting schedule to be determined!


The Why:

Because your signature and avatar will become a part of Tohu's identity, of course. Additional polybag prizes will be provided by Black Six:


1391 Jala
40084 Accessory Pack
30300 The Batman Tumbler
30302 Spider-Man


1st place can pick two out of the four.

2nd place can pick one out of the remaining two.

3rd place gets the final one.


The How:

Entries will be accepted in this separate, pinned topic. To enter, post in there using the following format:


Member name:

Avatar entry:

Signature entry:


1. One entry per member.

2. Entries must follow BZPower's Signature and Avatar Guidelines:

  • The combined file size of the signature and avatar images cannot exceed 100 kB.
  • Signatures must fit within a box of 800x300 pixels.
  • Signatures must have no more than 10 images.
  • All other BZPower Rules must be followed.

3. Entries must be made as complete pair; you cannot enter a signature and avatar separately.


Additional Rules:

1. You may make changes to your entry until the entry period ends.

2. We'll say no entry topics for this contest. Feel free to offer feedback in this topic, though.

3. Mass advertising on BZPower is not allowed.

4. Please keep discussion to this topic and keep the other topic for entries only. If you have a question, you can post here or send me a PM.

5. No flaming or spamming. If you have a concern about misconduct, please PM me.


And with that, begin Third Impact.

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I should say two things: first, that nearly anything can be made into a suitable avatar or banner - photos of MOCs, drawings, sprite work, embroidery?

So, don't feel like you have to be some stellar graphic artist to enter.


Second, there's a bit of a gray area surrounding the usual "cannot have been previously published on BZPower" rule. I'll look into it if a case comes up.


I am quite tempted to just grab a picture of Tohu and say "YOU ARE NOT WORTHY" over it.


I might just do that, actually.



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Q: Would we be able to use an MOC that someone else posted as a part of the entry, if we were to give credit to them? I have an idea in mind, and I can PM if you need me to elaborate a little more.


I'm hesitant to say yes, but go ahead and send me a PM; let's work this out.

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A signature is any set of text and/or images that appears below your posts. Your signature settings can be accessed here.

All signatures, including ones entered in this contest, must follow BZPower's guidelines for them. I would look through the entry topic to get some ideas about what a signature entry might look like.


Also, check out the Pictures Topic for help with images. You can ask any specific questions you have in there, or you can PM me directly.

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Preliminary voting has finished! I'll try to get the final poll up within the next two days, but seeing as I will be quite busy, I can't say for sure when exactly it will be posted.


Also, I wanted to say that I am very happy with the voter turnout for the two polls. I want to see just as many members vote in the finals!

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Well, my entry almost made it to the final polls, but it was nonetheless fun to participate! I enjoyed the variety of all the entries, and I'm glad the community gets to pick the persona of the mysterious diety that stalks us on every page. guards us all.


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