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Name: MalvoxGender: MaleSpecies: SkakdiAlignment: Basically good, but with a bit of malicious intentDescription: A skakdi who's tall and lean (but it's all muscle, like Tobduk.) He has a silver spine, metalic-blue upper limbs, and pearly-white lower limbs. His weapon was crafted to shoot gravity beams, which can weaken or increase the gravity on an object, but nothing beyond that.Mask: None (obviously.)Weapon: A katana, which is a long, thin sword, with a curved blade.Powers: Psychic Vision, which allows him to see a vision of something shortly before it happens, and react (sort of like increased reflexes, but because they're visions, he can see them with his eyes closed as well.) Usually not activated unless in battle, or something important is about to happen. Doesn't have full control over using it, but is improving with practice.Weakness: Weaker than the average skakdi, and not as vicious, from spending time with the Le-matoran.Element: GravityPersonality: One of the less evil skakdi, who cares somewhat for others. Prefers to use speed and strategies, as opposed to most skakdi who win (or try to,) using brute force.Biography: After awakening on Mata Nui, Malvox has no idea what he's doing there. However, there are certainly less skakdi to yell at him for being "soft," and the island's rather nice-looking. He decides to try and meet the villagers, and only uses defensive moves (such as his Psychic Vision,) to dodge or block the oncoming fruit and bamboo disks. After convincing them he's a friend, they take him to the turaga, where Onewa goes into his mind and realizes he's safe for the island. He prefers walking over swimming, but he can swim if he needs to, (probably because of an accident with his canister once, that caused a delay in his trip, and he loves speed,) but enjoys riding on the gukko birds with Le-matoran (and often deactivates his vision power, so they have a better chance of hitting him, and he has more of a challenge.) With the coming darkness, he is prepared to rally against makuta and even other skakdi if required (he is a skakdi after all, and wants some revenge for them calling him "soft" [which will make their demise more ironic.]) Name: FractatiaGender: FemaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: Currently working with the toa, but has become somewhat power-crazy, and is secretly follows makuta to a small extent.Description: A toa with a mint green torso, trans-light blue upper limbs, white lower limbs/hands/feet, trans-orange chest/shoulder/thigh armor, with a silver kanohi. Her arsenal consists of a homemade blowdart gun, constructed from bamboo, and two curved swords, similar to the one wielded by Nektann.Mask: PehkuiWeapon: A curved, bladed weapon similar to Nektann’s.Powers: Elemental control over crystal, shrinking (mask power.)Weakness: Somewhat insane, and therefore isn’t as clever. Also somewhat slow, due to her element.Element: Minerals (specifically crystal)Personality: While somewhat power-crazy, Fractatia is working for the turaga. However, she secretly is in awe of makuta. During battle, she prefers to use sheer power to overcome her foes (much like Icarax,) and isn’t the best tactician. The turaga have had to reprimand her on numerous occasions, and it’s starting to get harder for her to secretly follow makuta. Name: ThrustoxGender: MaleSpecies: VortixxAlignment: Works mainly for himself, and will ally with whoever can/will help him more.Description: Having a leaner build, with long, red legs, a black body, brown arms, and speckled with orange. His mask is black on the left, dark red on the right, and shaped like an Olmak.Mask: The Kanohi Kadin (mask of flight)Weapon: A spiked mace, and a few hunting knives usually stored on his back or shoulders.Powers: NoneWeakness: Like most fire types, Thrustox tends to be hot-headed. In addition, Thrustox is weaker, and also has little experience with his clubs, meaning he usually has to use his daggers or fists.Personality: Thrustox tends to be hot-headed, and rushes into situations without thinking. He has quick reflexes, which have saved him many a time, but often takes on enemies much stronger than himself, and is forced to flee, much to his regret. He also loves going on adventures, which has gotten him into trouble as well. His fighting style usually consists of sending a barrage of throwing knives at his enemies, or ambushing them from above with his club.

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  • [*]Name: Twiak[*]Species: Toa (infected)[*]Gender: Male[*]Description:[*]Toa Metru body with armor and mask rusted and pitted with all it's original color gone, muscles sickly green and infected, swollen, and covered din large scabs, boils, sores and open wounds clearly infected from exposure to the outside air. His mouth, chest and other parts of his body is covered in dry blood, both his own and from his victims. He is hunched over constantly, walks with a limp and is constantly surrounded by fly's, maggots and other insects. He almost always has a wicked, twisted grin on his face and always drags his large sword across the ground when not using it. A horrible, gagging stench always accompanies him.[*]Weakness(es):[*]Insanity can get the best of him, along with his sword being to large at time. Also, Twiak's ravenous hunger and inability to form complex strategies can be dangerous.[*]Powers and/or weapons: Hast the element of fire and wears a Kanohi Hau, he channels his powers through a large, cumbersome sword which looks like a giant piece of metal with a hilt welded onto it.[*]Alignment: Evil[*]Personality and history:[*]The sick and twisted Twiak was once a noble Toa of fire. While on a mission one day, He accidentally fell into a pit filled with Kraata which infected not only his mask but his entire body. Both his mind and body soon became consumed by infection, turning Twiak into a ravenous, cannibalistic lunatic, with his body soon becoming a cesspool of disease and filth.[*]His personality is just as twisted and distorted as body. Twiak takes great pleasure in killing, maiming, and even eating his foes, with dried blood always on his mouth. When not killing or eating, he is constantly babbling and raving about nothing in particular, along with constantly breaking into fits of uncontrollable laughter.

  • [*]Name: Chimera[*]Species: Mutated Toa[*]Gender: Male[*]Description:[*]Torso covered in a muddy brown carapace, right arm dark green Toa Metru arm, left arm looks like a bird leg with a three-fingered claw, right leg completely mechanical, left leg several insect legs fused together, a bony jaw, upper left part of the face rounded with a sharp horn, and upper left half is part of a pearl white Huna.[*]Weakness(es):[*]Twisted appearance can cause problems, and he is not very accurate with his harpoon gun.[*]Powers and/or weapons: Carries a harpoon gun, always loaded, his elemental has been taken away from his, and can still use his Huna power, although it does not work very well.[*]Alignment: Good/Neutral[*]Personality and history:[*]Chimera is the product of a Brotherhood experiment gone wrong, or at least it went wrong for him. Once a Toa Hagah charged with guarding Antroz, after the rebellion by Norik and Iruni, the Toa that would later become Chimera was tortured and mutated by his former Masters, until he became the twisted monster that he is now. Eventually breaking free from his prison, Chimera now wanders through the world, seeking to help those also affected by the brotherhood.[*]Chimera's personality is strange, while he is still noble and holds the Toa values to heart, he also has a dark mean streak in him, that causes him to take "liberties" with the code. He is not kind, yet at the same time not cruel, with his mind always filled with guilt and believing that he failed as a Toa once, and hopes to someday redeem himself for his failure.

  • [*]Name: Sizin[*]Species: Matoran[*]Gender: Male[*]Description:[*]2001 Matoran body with black feet, grey arms, white torso and light blue Pakari.[*]Weakness(es):[*]General Matoran weakness, very brash and overconfident[*]Powers and/or weapons: Forked spear, large sheild, short sword, and lots of disks[*]Alignment: Good[*]Personality and history:[*]A Ko-Matoran in the sanctum guard, Sizin stands out among the others with his odd color scheme and strange personality. Living in Ko-Wahi, he knows the dangers of the Makuta, and wishes to defend his home from all threats.[*]While not reclusive and cold like other Ko-Matoran, Sizin is still not quite normal, he is brash, cocky and somewhat overconfident in his abilities, as well as being quick to judge somebody has a tendency to talk extremely fast, usually when giving long explanations. His reasoning for this is to save time and not allow the Makuta to plan any further.[*][*]Name: Kirhika[*]Species: Turaga[*]Gender: Female[*]Description:[*]Turaga body with dark blue torso and hands, white arms, legs, and mask with a white/blue helmet covering her mask(like turaga Lhikan has in LoMN). The visible part of her mask also has rust on it.[*]Weakness(es):[*]Being a Turaga she is a bit frail and not very useful in combat[*]Powers and/or weapons: Element of electricity with a noble Kadin, Staff pointed at the top like a diamond.[*]Alignment: Neutral[*]Personality and history:[*]This Turaga of electricity seemed to have come from nowhere. She arrives, somehow being able to understand and control Twiak, while also claiming to have once been part of his Toa group. Outside of this, little is known about the Turaga and she seems unusually interested in the Chroniclers company....

  • [*]Name: Despair[*]Species: Toa of the Green[*]Gender: Female[*]Description:[*]Light blue armor and a Kanohi Calix[*]Weakness(es):[*]Overcome with emotion and has trouble accessing her powers out of combat.[*]Powers and/or weapons: Toa of green that carries a mace[*]Alignment: Neutral[*]Personality and history:[*]History unknown to almost anybody, including herself. She is easily overcome with sadness and depression, for this reason she has trouble fighting and is also bad at social interaction due to being easily made to cry.[*]In combat she is not so much a direct damage dealer, but more of a support fighter. She can sue her power over the green to slow enemies down by tangling them in roots, and can create "bark armor" for her allies when needed.

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<p>Name: PhauxxSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: Neutral-GoodAppearance: http://www.brickshel...x_lightning.jpg (Credit to Nuju Metru, Although he no longer has the cape)Mask: Kanohi Matatu, the Great Mask of Telekinesis. (Shaped like the Mask in my Appearance) It allows its user to move targets within their range of view by utilizing the power of thought, and lets them project psionic force; giving the user the power to perform such feats like generating a telekinetic punch.Weapons: A sizable staff of a strong metal.Powers/Abilities: Phauxx is a Toa of Electricity, Giving him control over the element Electricity. He is only able to conjures lightning bolts, via his hands, as he rarely uses his powers at all. He is still quite strong in what he can do with them.Phauxx relies heavily on hand-to-hand combat, wielding his staff like a club. He is extremely adept with that type of combat, considerably skilled with it. He is also able with his Kanohi, and also rarely uses it as well.Weakness: <span style="color: #800080">Phauxx is often alone, so it would be quite easy to outnumber/overpower him. He is not one to use his powers that much, using hand-to-hand combat practically all of the

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Name and Title: Hasil s'Nelan Karos-Jareel, Kel'anth and Daithon of the Ka'saron tribe. Species: Mri Toa Gender: Male Alignment: Generally good, though his tribe comes before all things.Appearance: He looks like one of the Mri in this picture. He never removes his zaidhe(headcloth), and only removes his mez(the veil) to close friends or tribe members. He is also, like the Mri, very tall and graceful, and his skin (underneath the armour) is bronze colored. Mask: He wears a hidden Hau.Weapons: The as'ei, his two palm blades, the av'tlen, his shortsword, the ka'islai, a set of weighted cords, and his av'ein-kel, his great-sword. That, and he has one small disk-launcher. Powers/Abilities: He has extremely quick reflexes and is a master at the yin'ein, which are the ancient weapons from where his tribe comes, and he is also very proficient with the zahen'ein, which are more modern weapons, like his disk launcher. He is also a Toa of Air, with his armour more of a bronze-ish hue, strange for a Toa of air.Weakness: He dislikes using zahen-ein, so using distance weapons is a great way to fight him off. He also prefers single, honorable combat, what he calls a'ani, or challenge, over mass combat, so you can overrun him easily also.Personality: Hasil is a very honorable individual, following a strict code of behaviors for his caste in his society. He calls himself and his people Mri, which, in the hal'ari high language of his society means simply "people," and dislikes dealing with any he would call Tsi'mri, or not-people. He also never lies, in complying with the honesty and honorableness of his people. He might not tell you everything, though. Biography: Hasil came from a rather large land in the middle of the Matoran Universe, however he and most of his people's tribes were moved from there to Mata-Nui, and he doesn't know how he came there. He became Kel'anth of this tribe after he and his She'pan, or mother, came across another tribe, and were challenged to A'ani. He killed the enemy daithon, and so that tribe became absorbed. Due to him then being the eldest and most proficient kel, or warrior, of the tribe, he became Kel'anth, which means senior warrior.

Name: Xilecki

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Appearance: Xilecki is a tall, noble man; his armour is always well polished, gleaming bronze and forest green, with his also green cloak always wrapped about his shoulders.

Kanohi: Kakama

Powers: Toa of Ice

Abilities: Xilecki is a master swordsman, and ale brewer. He's also fairly skilled at organizing large groups, such as that that first showed up at the Crucible.

Personality: See "Noble." See also friendly and fun-loving.

Weapons: An old backsword, similar to a schiavona, and a protosteel sabre, with a bronzen coloured guard and blade.

Biography: Uh...yeah. I'll write it.


Name: SkeldanSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Taller than the average, but not by much, with well-polished silvery armour over a white body. Light armour, not heavy-he doesn't battle much, and so has just enough to provide him enough defense that he can move quickly if he needs to get away.Kanohi: IdenPowers: Toa of IceAbilities: Master bard, weak swordsman, strong elementalist.Personality: Charismatic when attempting to make others do something, though he is rather quiet otherwise, thinking more than speaking. Introspective. Although he is a generally cheerful fellow.Weapon: Viking-age style SwordEquipment/Possessions: An Ussal to ride about on, as well as a satchel with his widgets and his mead. After that, he has a few instruments: A lyre, a lute, a classical guitar, and a tenor ukulele.Biography: Trained as a bard, he shall always be a bard: A master with his instruments and at composing poetry, Skeldan has traveled about for many years, always composing poetry and songs to praise those he is serving at the time. He recently came unto Mata-Nui, with nothing but his trusted Ussal, Drótt, his sword, and his various instruments with him.Name: NegulSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Tall, with black armour over a red body. He is relatively muscular, in a lean sort of way, though at the same time he seems to have an almost half-starved look.Mask: Black Hau-shaped Mask of Healing.Weapons: An Ironwood Quarterstaff, that he has treated to have good resistance against his powers.Possessions: A sword that he keeps at his belt, almost more of a status symbol than anything else-however, he is proficient enough with it that he can use it as a back-up weapon in case he loses his quarterstaff.Powers/abilities: Negul is a Toa of Fire, but he is sorely unexperienced with his powers-all of his sword and quarterstaff training came from his life as a Matoran.Weakness: His inexperience, as well as his fighting style-he fights with wide, sweeping movements generally, with little in the way of quick jabs or small, close to the body swings, meaning that if you get inside his guard, he's likely to have problems.Personality: Negul is rather shy in his inexperience, as well as afraid that somebody may just learn about his past. However, he's a steadfast and loyal soul, once you gain his support. As well, while he is shy, he still feels a fundamental need to be around other Toa.Biography: Negul is a Toa with a somewhat troubled past-he'd never held still to one Koro over his earlier life, always drifting across the island, nearly always on the run from the law. He'd been one of the poorer beings on the island, after all, having to resort to petty crime just to get by, day by day-he would end up leaving one Koro and heading to another, not daring to come back until after the hunt for him had died down. Eventually he'd managed to take something important, that not many had recognized for what it was, at first-a Toa Stone-leading to his becoming a Toa, something he'd hoped would help him turn his life around, working for the Matoran. However, this hadn't helped as much-in fact, due to his inexperience, he ended up causing more problems than he solved, leading to his having to resort to his earlier life. Now he continues to move around the Koros, attempting to get some practice in with his powers while he works to keep himself alive.Name: LashevSpecies: MatoranGender: MaleAlignment: Lawfully Neutral.Appearance: A rather typical matoran of ice, except he has cyan as a secondary color, as opposed to gray. Mask: A noble Kanohi Mahiki, found after his original mask (A Matatu) broke.Weapons: A cane. With a sword inside of it.Powers/Abilities: Rather extreme resistance to cold (more so than most Ko-Matoran), very good skill with his blade.Weakness: He isn't as strong as other matoran. Oh, one other thing. He's a matoran. He's tiny. ...Do I need to spell this out for you?Personality: Surprisingly friendly for a Ko-Matoran. He actually likes to talk to others.Biography: He was one of the matoran from Metru-Nui, transported to the island by the various turaga. He was rather adventurous, following the Toa Mata around, hiding so they didn't see him. He is rather knowledgeable about what they did, except for how they disappeared. He wasn't able to follow them into Kini-Nui.Name: GrochiSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: NeutralAppearance: Slightly hunched over, thin and bone like, very ragged; Now he has regained his original appearance thanks to an improptu medical treatment by a Toa of Magnetism, tall, with broad shoulders and rather average musculature, with white and green armour.Mask: A dark green Kualsi.Weapons: A small protosteel wakizashi, that he uses for basically everything;lost, now he has a Rapier. Besides that, he uses only his element.Powers/Abilities: He's a Toa of Plasma, with extreme control over his element granted after years of practice, and he is rather quick with his sword.Weakness: His lack of trust, for most beings. As well, his lack of physical strength compared to most. Personality: He is a rather cynical being, who never believes the best in people, and is apathetic towards anything that doesn't concern him at all. Biography: Originally a proud, noble toa of Plasma, one day Grochi had been hunting Kraata when one latched onto his mask and infected it. Later, after it was removed, he tried going back to the life he had led before, only to find that he couldn't. He liked the feeling of power granted by the actions he committed whilst wearing the infected mask, causing his heart to turn completely to evil. The years of Evil have been hard on him, robbing him of his stature and physical strength, though his mind and element are as strong, if not stronger, than ever.Name: KalSpecies: Toa of StoneGender: MaleAlignment: Noble GoodMask: HunaWeapons: His fists, whatever he improvises/creates using the environment/his element, and a TeleRahk's staff, picked up in the hive battle.Appearance: Slightly taller than most Toa, heavily muscled, with dark brown armour and light brown under-armour/skin.Powers/Abilities: He's a very good fighter, able to improvise rather well, and he has powerful control over his element.Weakness: He's not the brightest lightstone in the cave, let's face it. And he's very trusting of others. Personality: He's very friendly and very trusting of others, to the point that it really isn't the best thing for him. He's also rather lacking in the mental capacity.Biography: Kal is the son of a Toa of the same name, who he hasn't seen in multiple years....yeah. You'll learn later.Name: MussikiSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: He tries to remain neutral, though generally falls on the side of good.Mask: Silver PehkuiAppearance: Tall and lean, with silver and dark grey lamellar armour, interlocking to look something like this.Powers/Abilities: He's a Toa of Sonics, with relatively good control over his element, though he isn't used to using it in battle. He's generally used it in his music, or to tear down buildings marked for destruction with a subsonic frequency. Can also do sonic welds.Weapons: Classical Guitar, Scottish Dirk, highly ornate, yet functional, hand-and-a-half sword, and a TeleRahk's staff, picked up in the hive battle.Weakness: Not used to fighting in battle, and is more likely to protect his instruments than himself. Personality: Rather smart, smarter than his brothers and his nephew, and he can be somewhat cold and aloof like some Ko-Matoran, although he's normally rather friendly.Biography: He grew up on the same island as Kal, Grochi, Dendron, and Sidiros, living there happily with them until Visorak attacked. He had to leave, and he ended up coming to Mata Nui with them. After they all played in a band for a while, they split up, Mussiki becoming a traveling musician, Dendron owning a shop in Po-Koro, Sidiros being a smith and Kal and Grochi going off on their own adventures. He's the only one that knows the whole truth about Kal Sr.'s 'death,' and how it was caused, a secret that plagues his conscience still.Name: Naria

Species: Matoran

Gender: Female

Alignment: Good

Mask: Powerless half-transparent Navy-Blue Kaukau

Appearance: Navy blue armour and mask with light blue under armour/skin, rather shapely for a matoran.

Weapons: A small walking staff she carries with her.

Weakness: She's a matoran, and friendly to nearly everybody. Also loves to try and pet dangerous Rahi.

Personality: She's smart and adventurous, and loves to make new friends wherever she can. Especially good friends. Always tries to make good friends.

Biography: Naria was a Matoran from Metru-Nui, who worked originally as a dancer there. When she came to Mata-Nui she helped build Ga-Koro, and worked as a fisherwoman/Kolhii player. And, of course, a dancer. Eventually, though, she became bored and decided to run off along the island in search of adventure, running with various Toa teams, taming (or at least trying to tame) many Rahi, including a Gukko, and generally having fun. One day she met an insane Toa of Stone, a cannibalistic maniac who tried to kill her, leaving her with a mental and emotional scar. She seeks out others now, more so than before, feeling the need to keep others around her for protection, though she also wants to hunt down the insane Toa.Name: 'Raxa'Species: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: NEXMask: PakariAppearance: A slate-colored Toa, tall and noble looking. Lean and muscular, with a deep, commanding voice.Powers/Abilities: 'Raxa' is a Toa of Crystal, with an average level of control for his element. He is a very cunning being, however, and very good with his long knives and crossbow.Weapons: Two long knives with an inscription along the blade, and a strong, yet light recurve crossbow, with a maximum accurate range of 300 yards, but still lethal up to 1,000 feet.Weakness: Prefers stealth to all out fighting, not the best with his element. Personality: He is wise, for somebody his age, and the voice of reason at a lot of NEX meetings. He is also noble, despite his affiliation. Prefers capture to killing, but isn't afraid to kill at all.Biography: Unknown. Only recently surfaced, working for the NEX organization.Name: Dendron

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Alignment: Good

Mask: Bronze-colored Kakama

Appearance: Tall and lithe, with gold armour and mask. Almost like Iruini with a Kakama. But not quite the same.

Powers/Abilities: Dendron is a Toa of Plantlife, able to control and create various plants. He's also very proficient with his little staff, that looks like a baton...at first.

Weapons: A small, extremely-dense baton, some might call it iron wood it's so dense. He can also extend it into a complete quarterstaff using his element. As well, a TeleRahk's staff, picked up during the hive battle.

Weakness: Uses no weapons besides his baton/staff, is very weak to fire attacks.

Personality: Happy, fun loving, and trusting, despite his apparent like of physical contests (A.K.A. Battles). Like an at-times more violent Lewa.

Biography: -I really need to write some of these up sometime. I'm having trouble coming up with all of them though, it's really annoying.- -By the way, that means I'm going to explain it later.- And so, now we come to the all-important -To Be Explained.-Name: Marfoir

Species: Vortixx

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall, lithe. Lean and muscled, but not heavily. Missing a couple fingers on his left hand.

Abilities: Quick and Stealthy, very patient.

Weapons: 2 knives, along with special weapons:


Magnetic Accelerator Rifle: A relatively long barreled rifle, like a Designated Marksman's Rifle. Has a high-powered scope on top. It fires 7.62x45 millimeter wide metallic projectiles, almost like streamlined crossbow bolts. It can hold 5 rounds at a time in an internal magazine, and takes a while to reload. Bolt action.


L.H.D. : A powerful listening device. It straps onto his ear like a small reading light. It has three main parts-the speaker, the laser and the receptor. It works like this: The device fires a small laser at a thin, flat substance, like a window or a shield. If somebody is speaking, the vibrations from their voice that are transferred into the window/shield shall cause the laser to vibrate slightly on it's reflection. This slight difference is picked up by the receptor, which recognizes the light vibrations and converts them to sound, played out of the speaker into the wearer's ear.

Weakness: Dislikes hand-to-hand melee fighting, preferring to kill somebody from rather far away. Not very good at melee fighting either.

Personality: No-nonsense, do-your-job-and-do-it-right sort of person. He has no feelings relating to his job and any beings he may kill or interact with.

Alignment: Himself. He's always up for hire, for the right price.

Biography: -To be written-Name: Verak

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Mask: Huna-shaped Tryna

Appearance: Tall and lithe, with years of muscle built up from working on ships and working on ships, if you catch the difference.

Powers/Abilities: He's a Toa of Plantlife, and has good control over his mask, though he only ever uses it for help in his work.

Weapons: A sword, any tools he uses when he's fixing up ships.

Weakness: Not normally a fighter, easy to take by surprise. High ego.

Biography: -To be written-Name: Aclaraung

Species: Mystix

Gender: Male

Appearance: Slightly different from other mystix-his head is shaped like a Tahtorahk's, though with less blade-horns, and he has clawed feet instead of webbed. His armour is in lamellar form, more like scales than plates. He has golden-orange armour with dark red skin. A good bit taller and thicker than other mystix. Something like this.

Powers/Abilites: Mystix of Fire, very fast flyer, sonar.

Weapons: Nothing besides that which is natural to him.

Alignment: Neutral-he cares little for the Mystix, Matoran, Irroit, or Akrainid.

Weakness: Doesn't use weapons very often, weak for gold or other precious metals, generally a loner.

Biography: He's a Mystix recluse, always living apart from the others-that's how he managed to escape being sealed up. Other than that, not much is known of him.The DrokanGiven name: Vitiate.True Name: Unknown.Species: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: A tall being, though his actual form is hidden. He wears dark robes, overlayed with maroon-coloured protosteel lamellar armour in some spots, though the robes themselves were forged by a Toa of Iron, protosteel reduced to threads that could be woven into near-impenetrable clothing, though the small size of the threads lessens the strength somewhat from normal protosteel.Powers: Toa of Plasma, master swordsman, very cunning.Weapon: A basket-hilted sword, much heavier than it appears, made of protosteel.Weakness: Jack of all trades, master of none except for his swordsmanship, arrogant.Kanohi: A custom shaped Tryna, looks like this.Personality: Arrogant and cunning.Biography: Unknown.Name: Kalen

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall and imposing, but rather thin beneath his armoured black robes. Steely grey and white.

Kanohi: Steely-coloured Matatu.

Powers/Abilities: Toa of Lightning, master with his element, average with his blade.

Weapons/Possessions: A long protosteel saber, armoured robes similar in make to Vitiate's, though with more steely plates on them, one temple/academy hidden in the Ko-Wahi drifts, quite a bit of lore in scrolls and books.

Weakness: Heat, anybody who can get inside his guard.

Biography:Name: PraggosSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Tall, with relatively standard armour. Breastplate, greaves, etc.Kanohi: Hau-shaped Mask of Healing.Weapons: Two long-knives.Powers: Toa of IceWeakness: Prefers not to fight.Biography: Praggos was just a simple Ko-Koro scholar, until he got his mark. Then he began searching for whatever information he could find on the thing, along with trying to find other mark-bearers.Name: IuliusSpecies: ToaGender: Male

Kanohi: Huna

Appearance: Tall, and possibly a bit larger than your normal Toa when it comes to his paunch. He has a grey body with teal armour, and a large, easy going grin to match his happy eyes.Powers: Iulius is a Toa of Sonics, though his teal colouration might serve to confuse others on that score-he's well versed in using his element as a weapon, as well, though he hasn't had need to do so in years, instead using it more as a device to help when he's trying to calm others down-be it with his music or his voice.Abilities: Iulius, in his younger days, was a gifted soldier in Onu-Wahi, a part of the 5th Squadron there. That was where he learned everything he did regarding battle-his use of his element in such situations, sword play, and, more importantly, the fighting method he uses with his quarterstaff.Aside from that, he has the well-practiced ability to calm others with his voice, using his softspoken nature in conjuction with his element to help keep everybody in a happy mood.And, finally, he is an avid musician-that has been his main source of income over the years, after he left the military in Onu-Wahi.Weapons/Possessions: One quarterstaff made of iron wood, one short sword, and a descant lute.Personality: Iulius is a soft-spoken individual-he doesn't say much, and he doesn't really have to get his way all the time. He much prefers to sit back and play his lute, or, at times, practice with his weapons to keep in shape. As well, he's very easy going and friendly.Weakness: Over the years of his own peace, he's become rather out of practice with his weapons, though he can still hold his own against most opponents. As well, he's slower than most Toa and tires easier.Biography: Originally a small De-Matoran living in Onu-Wahi, he was, in darker times, called upon to serve in the Ussalry, something he did gladly. He spent quite a while in that military force, all the way up until the time the Toa Mata vanished-being one of the soldiers in the lead near Kini-Nui, he took more blame upon himself than most had for their failure to get out, thinking that there were any number of things he could have done to go in and rescue them...though, eventually, he managed to realize that wasn't the case. So, he set himself into a short exile, off to think...that was when, eventually, he found a Toa Stone.Realizing the gift that had been bestowed upon him, he and few other newly-minted Toa quickly went back to Onu-Wahi where they had originated, taking on the role of the village's protectors as more and more beings showed up upon the island. Eventually, due to his many years spent serving the village, he was forced by Turaga Whenua to retire from the normal squads...something which, eventually, he managed to accept as a good thing. From that point he'd spent time alternately helping to repair damages to the villages obtained in various minor conflicts, serving brief stints as a bartender, and, mainly, being a travelling musician, keeping up good will and cheer for the Matoran.Name: Nokth Sar'lokkaSpecies: AkrainidGender: MaleAppearance: Golden-red scales, a much larger crest than most Akrainids, with short spines growing from it on both sides and down his back.Powers/Abilities: Fire Akrainid-resistance to heat, breathe fire. Average swordsman, average instrumentalist.Weapons/Possessions: A couple knives, anything else he finds.Weakness: Cold, better swordsmen.Biography:Name: Cabur MandaSpecies: Toa of PlasmaGender: MaleKanohi: HauAppearance: Cabur, at first glance, appears to be a pitiful figure. He's gaunt and bent, generally wearing a thick cloak to keep out the cold, even if he's in a relatively warm place. He's frail, with a lack of muscle, but he has intelligent eyes and a near-permanent smile to him. His armour is generally dark green, but with white at parts as well, denoting his position as a Toa of Plasma, even with the odd colouration. It's rather light armour, as well, because he isn't big enough to wear anything more.Powers: Cabur is a Toa of Plasma, who has had extensive training in his element. Not only can he use the simple blasts of high-heated plasma that many Toa of his element use, but he has trained in using other forms of it, such as a simple beam of charged particles, or extreme precision over his element.Skills: His great ability with his element, his cooking skill, and his general knowledge.Weapons/Possessions: A long, thick cloak, which offers some degree of protection to supplement his armour, a satchel that always has a few books and widgets in it, a knife, and a simple, unadorned metal staff, coming up to about his chin, with a clearly marked portion for where his hand can go, and the top seems to cave in, forming a sort of cup at the top of it, such that he can channel his element through it to make a blade of plasma that is about a half-metre long.Weakness: Cabur is frail, and lacking in armour. While he has fighting ability, he's normally going to be on the defensive, and is overpowered rather easily. After that, he's slow, as well.Bio: Cabur was, a long time ago, a proud warrior, a Toa of Plasma defending the Matoran in any possible way. He barely used his mask, always going out, shooting plasma at his enemies, hacking and slashing with his sword as much as possible. Soon, he managed to bring the place to a semblance of peace, and with no fighting to do, he took to a different path: research. Science. Specifically, that of his element.His practice with his element, working daily to discover new possible uses, lead to him neglecting himself, such that he slowly grew weaker. As well, that practice itself lead to his body being assaulted daily, sapping his physical strength while he increased his elemental and mental power. He became gaunt, frail, seeming much older than he should truly be. He developed a near-permanent cough, his weak bones easily broken. He became sickly, yet always happy, always moving about to learn more.


Name: Mila (Pronounced: MEE-lah)

Species: Toa

Gender: Male

Kanohi: Arthron-shaped Rau

Appearance: Mila isn't much of a stand-out-in-the-crowd appearing sort of Toa. He's actually rather average-sure, he has nice eyes, a strong looking chin, good cheekbones, nice musculature...but he's really not all perfect-looking like some others are. He's not beautiful, he's only slightly handsome. His armour is of a somewhat light type, commonly favoured by Toa of his element (who could strengthen it if they wished), with a bronze and maroon colouration.

Powers: Mila is a Toa of Iron, able to create, control, and manipulate metals with an amount of finesse, able to remove rust at a glance if he so chooses. After that, his Kanohi Rau allows him to be able to translate and understand any written or spoken language, making him rather valuable as a translator or interpreter.

Skills: Mila was trained as a smith since he was a Matoran, and his element as a Toa only serves to aid that. As well, over the years he has become rather proficient in translating various languages even without his mask. And, finally, he is well trained with his custom built weapons-a bronzen-coloured protosteel staff and two smaller batons of the same appearance and material, which he can use his element on to transform it into various tools he may need.

Weapons: Mila has two weapons that he built himself-one is a bronzen protosteel staff, about seven feet in length-just shorter than he is. The other two are batons-one is about a meter and a half long, and the other is about one and a half feet long. These he can transform into various weapons and tools as needed, keeping them as a ready supply for his element, instead of having to expend greater amounts of elemental energy to create everything from scratch. After that, if in a bad position, he could also use his sledgehammer that he uses for smithing large items.

Possessions: Aside from his weapons, Mila has a few other possessions. His home in Ga-Koro is a fully functioning smithy, from which he and many others supply the Koro with what it needs by way of metallic goods, along with a die for punching out widgets. He also has multiple scrolls on various languages he and others have written, mainly focusing on how the Rahi speak, though there are others on the indigenous languages of Skakdi and Vortixx, for example, a few of which he makes sure to take with him everywhere. He has about 9,000 widgets saved in a safe, only taking about 500 with him at all times. He also keep some utility clothing, such as a heavy cloak weaved with metallic thread that Mila designed so that it would remain strong and protective, as well as a scarf and a pair of gauntlets of the same material-all of which have a dark, burnished bronze colour, though they don't shine. The cloak and scarf he will normally wear if he expects to go travelling for a long time, though he'll also keep them in his satchel quite a bit of the time as well. Finally, his large satchel, with various pockets for the various small things he feels the need to carry, with a maroon colouration, crafted out of a stronger, thicker metal thread than his utility clothing, and with a watertight seal.

Weakness: Mila prefers diplomacy to fighting, and when fighting, he refuses to ever strike a lethal blow-as well, he will always protect others before himself.

Biography: Mila was, as a Matoran, a prominent smith in Onu-Wahi, making some of the best material that they had-some had even said that he had been trained by the fabled craftsmen who were the Nynrah Ghosts, or by Artakha himself. None of this could be ascertained for certain, of course. Well, his transition to Toa was similar to how it was with many-the Toa Mata disappear, he finds a Toa Stone, boom. He's a Toa. Not much remarkable there. Eventually, deciding that Onu-Koro was getting a little crowded for a Toa like him, he decided to move to Ga-Wahi, where both his smithing expertise and his new interest, linguistics and translation, could be put to use, becomeing well established as a strong interpreter and translator of many the text and spoken word.Gifted Characters:Name: DestianAppearance: Destian stands at a impressive 8'2', with a incredibly musculed, but not bulky, body, making a intimidating, predatory figure. Skin is a dark red, and eyes are the palest blue. Wears a basic set of non-restrictive armor, composed of greek-like leg armor, A arm bracer on his left arm, a simple chestplate, and very large (Ever seen World of Warcraft?) shoulder armor. All his armor is steel, but appears to be copper or bronze. A single scar runs from his forehead, down his eye, and to his cheek. The scar is a sickly green.Species: SkakdiGender: MalePowers:-Elemental control over Plasma. (When in conjunction with another willing Skakdi)-Laser Vision.Equipment:-Destian wears a dark red and gold gauntlet/bracer that fits over his hand and lower arm, ending right before his elbow. The gauntlet allows him to create Plasma balls, which get bigger the longer he holds them (Destian is vulnerable during this time, and the bigger the ball gets, the risker it is to shoot it, thanks to it being hard to accurately fire). Weapon O.K.'d by Nuju Metru.-Two wristblades (Predator Style) attached slightly behind his knuckles, attached to his gauntlet. A single one-handed long-sword, completely black.Abilites:-Destian is a utter master of hand-to-hand combat, and posses a impressive knowledge of how to use leverage and the such against a opponent (His fighting style resembles Jujutsu and Southern Praying Mantis mixed with stick-fighting).-Skilled in the use of his sword, which he fights with in a strange way, pommel-up, allowing him to block easier. (Like Anakin's padawan)Alignment: Good / Self (Dislikes Makuta, but isn't very "nice")Weakness: Destian hates being restrained, and it often drives him into a berserker like state.Personality: Untrusting, Skilled, Harsh, and PowerfulBio: Destian is a deadly Solider-for-hire, famous for his nack for switching sides whenever a higher offer is given.

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Name: Nichou (Nih-Chow)Appearance: Nichou wears a Purple Kakama, and his feet are purple as well. The rest of his body is Black, and His heartlight and eyes are Light Green. He wears a Backpack, and his Sword is sheathed at his side.

Weakness: Low strength Compared to toa and other species, No powers, Low Combat skill.Mask: Purple kakamaSpecies: Onu-MatoranGender: MalePowers: NoneWeapons/Tools: Bamboo disk, Axe,knife, Protodermis Shortsword, Chisel, Mallet, Sandpaper block, Rasp.Alignment: GoodPersonality and History: Nichou is an Onu-Matoran who is skilled in the practice of Carpentry. He owns a small shop in Onu-Koro where he Creates and sells Wooden Relief Carvings, Miniature Statuelike figurines, Custom Chess pieces, and other Small Trinkets. He always has a generic small table or cabinet ready for sale, though, but usually takes custom orders for larger projects instead. He is very Skilled at his trade, and can make almost anything out of wood with ease and Proficiency. Although, he never really has had the chance to attempt any major shipbuilding projects. His large focus on the skill and Dexterity thathe practices his profession is a major factor in is lack of combat skill. He took a course in basic fighting, due to the increasing power of Makuta. But even then he slacked off and missed classes. The shortsword he wields is more for decoration than actual combat, For he is clumsy with almost every weapon. Nichou is usually relaxed and passive, but he can have a thirst for adventure at times. He was a member of Stannis's Companions, and had joined it when it first formed. He followed the Wanderer until the Companions Dissolved. He often wishes he could have such a chance again, for when he was in the companions, he really felt like he made an impact on the world, however small it might have been.

Name: Dalgo (Dah-ul-go)Appearance: Black Miru on a tohunga-stylebuild with DARK RED chest and arms and BLACKfeet.Species: Ta-MatoranWeakness: No powers, Low strength compared to toa or other speciesMask: Black MiruGender: Male•Powers: None•Weapons:Bamboo disk, small knife, Protodermis Shortsword, pickaxe.•Alignment: goodPersonality and history: Dalgo is like your average Ta-Matoran, with a hatred of makuta, a natural fire resistance, although he is a bit stronger than average matoran, but not by very much. He has had some combat training, but not enough to make him an "Expert" at it. His preferred long-range weapon is his bamboo disk, his prefered melee weapon is his protodermis shortsword, which, by the way, Is the stabbing kind, not the swinging kind.The Loveable Rogue,•Name: Quoribay•Appearance: Black Voltiak on a tohunga-stylebuild with Metalic Grey and silver arms. He has a metalic grey and bronze chest. His feet andshoulders are gunmetal with some silver on the knees and upper legs.•Species: Fe-Matoran•Weakness: No powers, Low strength compared to toa or other species, long or medium ranged attacks•Mask: Black Voltiak•Gender: Male•Powers: None•Weapons: Dual Dirks (Stolen from Po-koro Guard's storehouse)•Alignment: Neutral•Personality and history: Quoribay Is a Handsome, adventurous Fe-matoran. He has a jocular sense of humor andsarcasm. He is also a trickster who has learned how to get out of trouble by training in agility, speed,stamina, and acrobatics. He has a habit of stealing and lying, which has given him a bad reputation in Po-Koroand a less bad one in Ta-Koro. He can ride a mount decently, if needed. Quoribay Has been living in Po-Koromost of his life, so he prefers that Wahi, although Ta-Koro is like a second home to him because he visits itoften. He recently has had a bounty on his head by the Po-Koro Guard, so he has been drifting along,trying not to be noticed.Name: Kreigero (Kree-jee-row)Appearance: A Tohunga-style build with White chest and arms and Black feet. Sometimes wears a thin white cloak, the brooch of which is emblazoned with the symbol of ice, and /or might wear a white hood which can covers all her mask other than the visor part. She carries a quiver of red flags when hunting in the drifts.•Species: Ko-MatoranWeakness: No powers, Low strength compared to toa or other speciesMask: Black Kaukau•Gender: Female•Powers: None•Pet(s): Reyal, a hapaka•Weapons: Ice pick, Spear, various hunting traps, her pet hapaka, and a bamboo disk•Alignment: Good•Personality and history: A trapper who abodes near ko-koro with her pet hapaka and traps rahi for a living, Kreigero traps mostly in the north march and the area near the three brother's bridge, sometimes in the drifts. Sometimes she will go ice fishing when bored, or just hang out around town. She uses an ice pick when hunting to get around the tough terrain. When fighting, she uses her spear and a bamboo disk when in combat, and if Reyal, her hapaka, is near, he can be ordered to assist with tasks.Name: Senemor (Sin-E-More) (in progress. name subject to change)•Appearance: on a tohunga-stylebuild with chest and arms andfeet.•Species: Po-MatoranWeakness: No powers, Low strength compared to toa or other species, considered insaneMask: Akaku•Gender: male•Powers: none•Weapons: A welding tool•Alignment: good•Personality and history: Senemor Is an Engineer and inventor, who's hut is stocked up with provisions, for sometimes he locks himself in his hut, designing new designs, making prototypes, etc. only going out so he can get supplies. He is Considered eccentric and insane by most. (note to self: aircraft carrier, crossbow, harpoon, fusion)Name: Glanway (G-lawn-weigh)•Appearance: Teal Pakari on a tohunga-stylebuild with Mint green chest and arms andTeal feet.•Species: Le-MatoranWeakness: No powers, Low strength compared to toa or other species, only fights when necessary defenceMask: Pakari•Gender: male•Powers: None•weapons: Volo Lutu Launcher, if considered a weapon•Alignment: good•Personality and history: Glanway is a traveling musician who wants to help out weary travelers, preferably by playing on his flute and/or his set-up stand with hollow madu shells with nuts in some fo them, that make a maraca like sound, and the completely hollow one without nuts make a sorta bell-ish sound. He prefers not to use tree speak that much; for he does not want to confuse foreigners.Name: Tohgno•Appearance: Light Green kakama on a tohunga-stylebuild with teal chest and arms andlight green feet.•Species: Le-MatoranWeakness: No powers, Low strength compared to toa or other speciesMask: Light Green Kakama•Gender: Male•Powers: None•weapons: Disk•Alignment: GoodMount: Klumy, a Blue Goko-kahu•Personality and history: Loyal member of the Gukko Force, Tohgno is a serious le-matoran who somewhat knows how to have fun sometimes. An good aim with a disk, Tohgno is a brave warrior with his best friend and mount, Klumy.


•Name: Gheirmuh (geeh-air-moo)•Appearance: Light brown (with dark brown near the bottom) sanok on a tohunga-style build with tan arms and chest as well as black feet. His hands are black and his wrists are light brown. He also usually chews on a long piece of grass (like Midak in MNOLG)•Species: Po-Matoran•Weakness: No powers, Low strength compared to toa or other species•Mask: Light brown Sanok with dark brown near the bottom.•Gender: Male•Powers: None•Weapons: pinchfork, bamboo disk•Alignment: Good•Personality and history: Gheirmuh Is a simple farmer who "lives off the land," earning his pay by growing crops on his field between po- and ga-koro. Recent raids on po-koro (and his farm) have made him want to relocate his practice. When Fekahlia came by with her plan, he decided that now was the best chance he would get at moving his farm. He is brave, strong, and has a high endurance. He doesn't practice combat much, but he can defend himself if necesarry. He has a female hapaka named Eikon and has a cart pulled by two ussals. He talks with a strong accent.•Name: Fehkalia (fuh-call-lee-uh)•Appearance: Metru green (with Mata green vine shapes decorating the edges on a tohunga-style build with metru green arms and chest and feet. Her shoulders, however are mata green, and mata green vine decorations are on her chest, lower arms, and hands. She usually wears a flower necklace and a flower on the side of her mask (like in the Bohrok online animations). Sometimes wearsvnes, leaves, etc. over her armor.•Species: Matoran of Plantlife•Weakness: No powers, Low strength compared to toa or other species, prefers nature not to be harmed•Mask: Metru green Calix with Mata green vine shapes decorating the edges•Gender: Female•Powers: None•Weapons: Shears, "Blade of Grass" (A dark green multi-purpose sword with leaf decorations below of the handle (which look like a twisted coil of vines) and two light green "vines" crisscrossing the blade itself fromthe top ofthe handle to the sharp edge of the sword)•Alignment: Good•Personality and history: Fehkalia is a nature-loving matoran of plantlife. She prefers not to harm nature too much, but yet understands that some things must be destroyed for civilization to progress. She usually live in Ga-Koro, but likes Le-koro as well. She is usually lighthearted, but can get serious when things need to get serious. She is smart (but not super-smart) and has recently come up with a plan to expand Pala-koro. To do this, she asked around and found Gheirmuh and Kecand to accompany her on her quest. She feels connected to nature.•Name: Kecand (key-sun-d)•Appearance: Mata Blue (With Metru Blue near top) calix on a tohunga-style build with dark blue arms, chest, and feet. his chest and lower arms have mata blue "wave" decorations, and his shoulders are mata-blue.•Species: Ga-Matoran•Weakness: No powers, Low strength compared to toa or other species•Mask: Mata Blue Calix with Metru Blue near top.•Gender: Male•Powers: None•Weapons: Trident, Bamboo Disk, Net, Rope•Alignment: GoodPersonality and history: Kecand is a Ga-Matoran fisherman who usually resides in Ga-koro. Sometimes he travels to sell fish in other areas of the island (like onu-koro bazaar in MNOLG). He is skilled in fishing and combat (on both land and in water). He was persuaded by Fehkalia to accompany her on her trip to Pala-Koro.•Name: Frii'Glokk•Appearance: Dark grey skin and dark blue eyes, with three large scars on his face and multiple other scars elsewhere. Has a light leather clothing with thicker leather armor below his usual armor. His upper arms have no spikes. Head. Back Armor. Helmet. Chestplate. Shoulder armor•Species: Skakdi of Iron•Weakness: Certain objects that might trigger harsh reactions from subconsious memories of the past.•Mask: None, but wears his Helmet to hide his face.•Gender: Male•Powers: Heat Vision, Iron (When used with other skakdi),•Weapons: Prosthetic Arm Gun, Knife, removable bayonet for prosthetic, shortsword, other tools for prosthetic.•Alignment: Good•Personality and history: Frii'Glokk was once a messenger 1 for one of the many warlords of Zakaz. Sometimes the other warlords didn't like the news he gave, and they tortured and maimed him on many occasions. One time, a warlord got so mad he butchered Frii'glokk's lower right arm off. When a battered Frii'glokk returned, he was labeled unfit for battle and did manual labor to repair his warlord's fortress. Eventually, they sold him for a batch of weapons and equipment to some slave drivers. He did intense labor to construct buildings, chisel away in quarrys and dig mines, during which he slowly became very strong (both with his element and physical strength) and increased his stamina over the years of work and pain. While he was being transported to another quarry by boat, A vortixx engineer stowaway who was stowing illegal weapons and supplies had enough mercy to equip him with his custom prosthetic arm gun and taught him how to use it. they planned to capture the ship and go as pirates, but a storm wrecked the ship and Frii'glokk drifted into the sea, unconscious, until he washed up near the beaches of Le-wahi....He doesn't remember much, but only vaguely some of this. The rest he will remember soon enough.The Candlemaker's Apprentice,•Name: Tliimuh•Appearance: Burnt Orange Noble Matatu on a tohunga-style build with Black arms and chest and burnt orange feet.•Species: Matoran of Plasma•Weakness: No powers, Low strength compared to toa or other species•Mask: Burnt Orange•Gender: Female•Powers: none•Weapons: Iron Dagger•Alignment: Good•Personality and history: Is a good-natured matoran of plasma being trained by in the practice of chandlery By Drugarn.The Chandler,•Name: Drugarn•Appearance: Black Noble huna on a tohunga-style build with red arms and chest and black feet.•Species: Ta-Matoran•Weakness: No powers, Low strength compared to toa or other species•Mask: Black Noble Huna•Gender: Male•Powers:none•Weapons: Welding tool, sword.•Alignment: Neutral•Personality and history: A Chandler who invents in his spare time, Is always looking for a way to beat his competitors and get more cash. Recently He has secretly been experimenting with the potentially lethal capabilities of wax coated explosives.•Name: Mundryx•Appearance: on a tohunga-style build with Dark Red arms and chest and Orange feet.•Species: Ta-Matoran•Weakness: No powers, Low strength compared to toa or other species•Mask: Orange great matatu (without telescopic lens) with one side being scorched black.•Gender: Male•Powers:none•Weapons: Dagger, Bamboo disks, shield, Claymore•Alignment: Good•Personality and history: Captain of the 3rd Ta-Koro Guard Heavy Infantry Squadron. He had only been in the guard for a few years when the battle of Tren Krom Break happened. He was on the front lines and suffered many wounds, Including a very close encounter with a lava stream that permanently made half his mask scorched black. Luckily, he was one of the few survivors of that battle and made it back to ta-koro. In the century since then, he has mastered most weapons and has learned the art of military strategy. He now commands a squadron of 8 other matoran.•Name: Ghui•Appearance: Orange mask of sensory aptitude on a tohunga-style build with white arms and chest and Orange feet.•Species: Matoran of Plasma•Weakness: No powers, Low strength compared to toa or other species•Mask: Orange mask of sensory aptitude•Gender: Male•Powers:none•Weapons: Slingshot, shortsword, disk, shield, ammunition packs.•Alignment: Good•Personality and history: This demolitionist and medic serves in the ta-koro guard's 3rd heavy infantry squadron. He has a keen eye for structual weaknesses and is trained in battlefield medical assistance. He als as a bugle to play when the squadron is doing their anthem.•Name: Kladdul•Appearance: Silver Noble Ruru on a tohunga-style build with Grey arms and chest and Silver feet.•Species: Fe-Matoran•Weakness: No powers, Low strength compared to toa or other species•Mask: Silver Noble Rau•Gender: Male•Powers: None•Weapons: Spear, dagger, shield, swortsword, disk•Alignment: Good•Personality and history: A dedicated Soldier serving the the Ta-Koro Guard's 3rd Heavy Infantry Squadron. He's been in the force for a while and is skilled with his weapons.•Name: Vrill•Appearance: A Scorch Black Vortixx with two orange stripes on each shoulder and a bright blue bandolier with a backpack on which he holds his tools.•Species: Vortixx•Weakness: No powers. Doesn't like fighting.•Mask: He wears a face protection mask sometimes when welding.•Gender: Male•Powers: None•Equipment: Computerized task pad, Mata Nuian welding tool, pneumatic Nail gun, Hover propulsion backpack.•Alignment: Good•Personality and history: Vrill is a lighthearted vortixx workman who has a decent education and understands the fundamentals of math, science, and physics. He uses these skills to build things with various tools. He is a pacifist, but has no problem with building defense structures. He was employed on Xia to build structures, until a work accident gave him amnesia and he washed on the shores of Mata Nui. He has spent his time there putting his skills to use by making stuff. His nail gun can shoot relatively accurately from up to 10 yards away, but has less stopping power the farther away you shoot it from. That makes it a very impractical weapon, but it doesn't matter to Vrill, for he almost never uses it as such. His hoverpack's power can be adjusted to lift him different heights.Above profile's Jetpack is unapproved.•Name: Smofius•Appearance: A Ta-Matoran with a Black Hau and maroon arms and chest. His feet are dark grey. He wears a belt which holds his main gladius in a sheath and his extra wedged horizontally on his back. He carries his shield on his back when not in combat.•Species: Ta-Matoran•Weakness: No powers.•Mask: Orange Noble Ruru•Gender: Male•Powers: None•Equipment: Gladius, other Gladius, Small round Iron shield, Javelin.•Alignment: Neutral•Personality and history: Smofius is a Mercenary who prefers Fighting in gladiatorial style duels, but can do other forms of combat. He has powerful strength, which he puts to good use in the two gladii he wields. One he generally carries, while the other is drawn when necessary. He also uses his round shield to defend himself, and bash things unconcious when needed. •Name: Crysult•Appearance: Dark red Kakama on a Toa Metru build. His chest, shoulders, feet, and knees are dark red while the rest of his body is dark green. He wears a backpack and a leather bandolier, and on his belt is a sheath for his sword. His round shield is usually carried on his back in normal situations.•Species: Toa of Air•Weakness: Prefers not to kill.•Mask: Dark red Great Kakama•Gender: Male•Powers: Control over air, incredible speed of Kakama.•Weapons: Round shield, swortsword, disk•Alignment: Good•Personality and history: Toa Crysult Is a Good minded Toa of air who wield his weapons with pride. He is a lightheart, jocular fellow with a strong hatred for makuta. He is extremely skilled and accurate in the control over his element. Toa Crysult follows the Toa Code and fights honorably. A favorite trick of his is to manipulate Dice with his elemental power. His weapons are more just to add to his appearance, due to him not prefering to fight and all that. Although, he does know how to somewhat use his weapons in battle. Although, usually he just controls his element in those situations.•Name: Brountil•Appearance: Great Rode on a Metru build. All his armor has the color and texture of granite.•Species: Toa of iron•Weakness: Prefers not to kill•Mask: Silver Noble Rau•Gender: Male•Powers: Control over metals, Truth sensing of Rode•Weapons: Spear, dagger, shield, swortsword, disk•Alignment: Good•Personality and history:•Name: Kamuthra•Appearance: Kamuthra bears the Kanohi Arthron, shaped like a cube around his head, covered in ancient unreadable inscriptions and having a single, large, rock hard, Light blue crytalline lens. His armor and mask have the appearance and texture of natural stone, but is covered in carvings and markings of a lost civilization, unreadable to all, save those with a Rau or who are ancient and scholarly enough to understand this language. His Theme song is "An Old Idea Made New" From the Supreme Commander soundtrack.•Species: Toa of Stone•Weakness: Lack of offensive weapons. •Mask: Kanohi Arthron, shaped like a cube around his head, covered in ancient unreadable inscriptions and having a single, large, rock hard, Light blue crytalline lens.•Gender: Male.•Powers: Control over Stone and Sonar of Arthron.•Weapons: Two round Steel shields, One wielded in each hand. This are also embroidered with the craftmanship of a civilization that died eons ago.•Alignment: Neutral•Personality and history: Kamuthra is a relic from a civilization lost to time, His Knowledge is vast But his ancient memory is shattered. During the occasions on which he speaks, his voice is disembodied and each syllable is spoken in a different person's voice. He is skilled with his elemental powers and has superiorly dexterity and acrobatics. His stature and stride is hard as rock. He sits on his throne atop a crumbling temple shrouded by the foilage of Le-Wahi. His lack of conventional weapons used for offense can be said to somewhat limit his attacking power. His mask's single, unblinking eye foreshadows doom upon his opponents.•Name: •Appearance: •Species: •Weakness: •Mask: •Gender: •Powers: •Weapons: •Alignment: •Personality and history:•Name: Dhurin•Parakuka Name: (Has not been named yet)•Appearance: Dhurin Wears a Black kakama and his eyes and heartlight are dark green. His entire body is Black, save his shoulders, knees, and feet, which are dark grey. He wears a bandolier and a backpack. Since his attachment, he has been wearing an orange cape to hide the parakuka.•Parakuka Appearance: A Black Parakuka that bears some thin, dark red stripes and a few patches of orange and grey on it's armor.•Species: Onu-Matoran with Parakuka.•Weakness: Parakuka 10-minute time limit, lack of powers.•Mask: Black Kakama.•Gender: Male.•Parakuka Gender: Male.•Powers: None.•Weapons: Kohli stick•Alignment: Neutral.•Parakuka Alignment: Neutral, leaning towards Evil.•Personality and history: Dhurin is your average Onu-Matoran. He works in the mines (Driving ussals that haul ore around, to be precise) and has a fairly nice apartment (which is filled with the messes he makes). Recently, A young Parakuka crawled inside his backpack in the tunnels of the great mine, and latched itself to him during his sleep (Which was interrupted by the terrible pain nduced by the latching process). He is trying to keep his new parasite a secret, and is fearful of what will happen if it is discovered. The parakuka has not made it's first activation yet.•Name: Anulhi (Ah-Null-He)•Appearance: Other than his black mask, gauntlets, and boots, Anulhi's body is Dark grey. When standing, leaning on his cane is almost mandatory, and is somewhat an instinct now. His armor has countless dents and scrapes from his time in thee Ussalry. His right leg is particularly damaged from war, and he now needs a cane to support himself.•Species: Onu-Matoran.•Weakness: He has no powers and is slowed by his crippled right leg.•Mask: Black Zatth.•Gender: Male.•Powers: None.•Weapons: Cane, Disk.•Alignment: Good.•Personality and history: Anulhi was a Member of the Ussalry. His disk throw was skilled, and his riding was decent. But years (If not decades) ago, he sustained some serious wounds to his right leg while in battle. It never was able to fully recover, and the wounds were too great to allow him any more service in the ussalry. He now requires a cane to stand correctly. During his time recovering, he learned how to play a Piano. That is now the Onu-Matoran's Hobby, and he is somewhat decent at it. He still retains some skills from his time in the military, so he can throw a disk quite well. Anulhi also follows the news and politics constantly. His home is nothing elegant, and he has no official occupation; he just does various jobs and chores around the village of earth. He has a strong grudge against foreigners.


•Name: Toppat•Appearance: •Species: •Weakness: •Mask: •Gender: •Powers: •Weapons: •Alignment: •Personality and history:V for my referenceYet to be made...HeadArmsFeetpo-matoranmalename for a matoran, hetryae

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  • [*]Never mind. Im going to recreate him, but following the current rules. ;)[*][*]A detailed description of her or her appearance snapshot_20111014.jpg[*]Weakness(es) The mention of the words Gold, Silver, or Mata Nui, brings him crumbling to his knees. He also has a weakness to the element of Light, and the Element of Darkness.[*]Name: Unknown(his name will be revealed further in his story, until then, he is called Lost.[*]Species: Toa(true species will be revealed further in his story)[*]Gender: Male[*]Powers and/or weapons: His mask does nothing more than Teleport him short distances, due to a malfunction, while the spikes provide the ability to hack into cameras, phone networks, etc. His elemental power is Nothingness, the absence of anything. He is not able to destroy anything, but rather do more practical, and tactical things, like feel his surroundings, and find the shape and location of something that is there. His yellow energy sword provides him with a blade of pure golden energy, and when unsheathed, it is no more then a slab of black iron attached to his belt.[*]Alignment: Bounty Hunter(none, but as Makuta is his enemy, more good then evil)[*]Personality and history: It beh Secret until deh latur[*]Anything else deemed necessary: If he needs to be edited, feel free to tell me. I understand why.

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Name: Lasc.Gender: Male.Species: Le-Matoran.Alignment: Good, although he has no patience for idealistic people.Appearance: Lasc is slightly taller than the average matoran, of the Metru Nui style build. He is forest green and wears gunmetal armor over that. He is slender and moves fast and gracefully. His sword armor is armored more heavily, and his entire arm and shoulder is covered with wide plates of armor - enough to cover his entire side when held there - which surprisingly do not inhibit his movement too much. A sword hangs at his side.Kanohi: Great Kakama, powerless..Powers: None..Abilities: Lasc is fast and agile - unlike most Le-Matoran in the fact that his agility on the ground is much more than even a non Le Matoran, andd that his agility in the air is hardly existent. He is an excellent swordsmatoran, able to carve up any person twice his size in seconds. On top of this, he is an able knife thrower..Weapons and Equipment: Lasc wields a protosteel longsword, surprisingly light and well balanced. Personality: Lasc is rather hardspoken, usually out of anger at injustice, for which he has a low tolerence. He has a habit awkwardly jerking in movement, which matches his oftewn heitation and discormfort while around people.History: Lasc hails from The southern continent, where he lived in a small village, with a tight knit caste like system. Although a member of one of its higher levels, he was driven out after openly verbally rebelling against the system. He barely escaped with his life, boarding a ship with a small group of followers. After a long sea voyage, in which he lost every one of his companions, he found himself in the silver sea surrounding Metru Nui. Afraid to land on the island, he tried to find a way out of the dome, and ended up stumbling upon the passage to Mata Nui. He arrived on Mata Nui with his sword, armor the last of his now spoiling foodstuffs, and a fairly decent amount of widgets; around five hundred in total.Weakness: Lasc Is a Matoran, and thus has the strength and size limitations of his species. He also has no powers whatsoever.Name: Caith.Gender: Male.Species: ToaAlignment: Mercenary.Appearance: CaithKanohi: The Mask of Sensory Aptitude.Powers: Megnetism.Abilities: Caith is an expert when it comes to his power. He is also fairly skilled with the short spear he carries.Weapons and equipment: Caith wields a short spear; its shaft about four feet, with a head like a sword blade, around two and a half feet long, with a cross hilt at its base. The shaft is hardwood, with a layer of steel surrounding it, making the shaft as good a weapon as the blade.Personality: Cool and collected for the most part, there is practically only one thing that makes a difference to Caith. Money. He does however had a cruel streak in him, as many of his victims can attest to.History: Caith is a mercenary, working for the highest bidder... And sometimes for himself, when there is no highest bidder. Exiled from Onu Koro after murdering one of the more wealthy miners, he travelled around the island as a hired blade, doing various jobs, whether honorable or not.Weakness: Caith has no other powers except his element and mask. His skills are normally about average without his mask.Name: DorchaGender: Male.Species: Matoran.Alignment: Good.Appearance: A tall, but of average broadness, Matoran. His armor is well covering and strong, padded so that it makes as little noice as possible, and is a mottle of shades of dull ash grey. He wears a helmetlike noble Ruru. He wears two backmounted sheaths.Kanohi: Powerless noble Ruru.Powers: None.Abilities: Excellent stealth skills, able to move pretty much invisibly in bad lighting or good cover, along the lines of a ranger from Ranger's Apprentice. Agile, fast, tough, with good stamina and strength. He is also an expert hand with the two swords he carries.Weapons and equipment: Twin short swords, made of black metal, and almost as strong as protosteel, as well as being extremely sharp. He carries them on back mounted sheaths. His armor is upgraded from the classic, being more flexible, although in order for this to happen, many parts of his armor have been changed from plate to chain mail. His mask is worn over a closefitting chainmail coif. All the chain mail is made of extremely fine mesh, is of the same color as the rest of his armor, is lightwieght, and both it and all the plate armor is made of the same metal as his swords. He had a pack of war darts on his back, and often uses polearms for tasks that require them. Aside from the dart and the crossbow, he has no skill with ranged projectiles.Personality: Dorcha is silent as well as a bit secretive, but his outstanding trait is his loyalty to his friends: it is not easy to gain his trust, but if you do, you can bet that he will never desert you, no matter what your position is. This trait ius one that will almost certainly split him apart in the turbulent conflicts of Mata Nui.History: Dorcha is many things, but dishonerable is the one title he has never born. A Ta Matoran by creation, he served in the guard for several hundred years, until retiring on the rank of a captain. he redid his entire armor, making it pitch black, and far more mobile than ever. he was always skilled at stealth, and the men he commanded had nicknamed him 'the scout'. He stayed mainly in Ta Wahi, serving as a scout for the guard, or any other firm that demanded his service. Soon however, he began to travel about from Wahi to Wahi, as he does today. Surprisingly, he has never formed any close friendships, perhaps because he knows what he'll be bound to do if he does.Weakness: Dorcha has no powers or ranged weapons. Elements such as telekinesis, magnetism, lightning, and iron are things he is helpless against, and telepathy can also effect him, although he rather resistant to it.Name: Amorian. (Ah-more-ee-An)Gender: Male.Race: Matoran.Alignment: Neutral good.Element/Power: Iron (Inactive).Abilities: Amorian is very quick on his feet, and agile. He combines those factors with the skill of being able to wriggle his way out of almost any grasp to be a deadly fighter against a slow moving, Toa sized being. He is skilled with using knives both for throwing, and for melee, and is also fairly good with a spear or a sword. He also possesses the incredible endurance that comes with the element of iron.Weapons/Equipment: A dozen throwing knives, four in sheaths near his shoulders, one at his belt, another below his right armpit, and the rest in a small pack he designed to hold them. He also uses a spear, hardly five feet, with a broad long blade. Lastly, he wears a shortsword on his back. Lastly he wields a small, compact repeating crossbow, which he stores in a back mounted holder. He wears an ammo belt usually to hold any additional bolts.Appearance: A Metruan build, dark red underlaid with brown armored Matoran. Wears a powerless Kakama. his armor is designed to give protection and mobility at the same time and is designed in a ridged pattern, which gives spot to many hidden sheaths and pockets.Personality: Impulsive, curious, totally tactless, reckless, to the point where he would openly insult a dozen mostly drunk Toa. All of these describe Amorian. His extreme dislike of any Toa, bordering on hatred at times even, has caused him a lot of harm. However, despite these negative traits, Amorian displays some positive ones, although they are hidden for the most part. He is loyal, has practically an unending store of guts, which have also led him into many scrapes, due to his inability to back down from most fights.Biography: Amorian is/was a villager of Ta Koro, and lived there as a smith for years. Over the time, his personality inevitably clashed with those of his customers - many of whom were Toa. After getting into a shouting match with the famed Toa Lewa, only kept from becoming a full fledged brawl by several other nearby Toa, he decided that there were too many stuck up, condescending Toa with an ego the size of the island in his life, and sold his smithy, taking to the life of traveling, wandering the Wahis at his will. He was always a good fighter with knife, sword, and spear, and soon equipped himself with such weapons.Weakness: Amorian is fast and agile, but small, which gives him a lack of strength compared to most larger races. He also has no powers to speak of, meaning that a great deal of elemental powers are deadly against him, psionics, iron or gravity for example.Name: Zarayna.Gender: Male.Species: Toa.Alignment: Unlawfully good.Appearance: Standard height, slim and wiry, Zarayna is covered from head to toe in plate armor of tempered protosteel, skillfully and ornately made. It offers excellent protection, and good range of movement while being quite light. He wears a helmet of protosteel, the faceplate of which is his Matatu.Kanohi: Matatu, shaped like a noble although it is in fact a great Matatu.Powers: Control over sonics, the level of a veteren toa. He has developed a way, both from training his ears and via a sound dampening field, to make his hearing about the same as a normal person's. If he loses all elemental power, however, his hearing becomes very sensitive. He can however manipulate the dampening field at will in order to hear a whispered conversation.Abilities: An expert warrior, Zarayna is skilled with the longsword, mace, dirk, sword, axe, crossbow and many other weapons, Aside from that, he has strong, agile, fast, and has good endurance.Weapons and equipment: Protosteel longsword, heavy and razor sharp, able to cut into, and often through even plate armor. It is sheathed at his side in a well set sheath that refrains from flopping about when Zarayna runs, and is relatively out of the way. He carries a compact repeating crossbow that can hold a clip of 20 bolts, slung onto his back when not needed. He wears an ammo belt accross his body with spare clips. He has a teardrop shield, roughly four feet high and two wide, also slung on his back. He has a flenged mace, made of protosteel. It has a two and a half foot long haft, ending at the base with a sharp spike. It hangs at his right side. Lastly, a dirk hangs at his left side, next to a buckler, spike-bossed.Personality: Zarayna has a tenancy for being quiet, especially when not relaxed. When relaxed, he talks much like a normal person. However, when not at ease, he talks and acts analytically, often using his power over sound to detect emotions in words. He is a skilled warrior, in fact enjoying his trade greatly. Honerable and fierce, he regards his loyalty to any person he calls a friend greater than any authority.History:Once, long ago, Zarayna, as a matoran, began his long history of migration when he was banished from his village on the southern continent. Never popular in the first place, being gifted with a toa stone was his demise. A newly made toa, Zarayna found himself unarmed and homeless. With only a staff for a weapon, Zarayna was forced to develop his control over sound and telekinesis fast. Eventually he settled down in another village, hoping for once in his life for peace, weary of the grating fight for survival. As the years passed, his longing for fighting came back, and became his undoing. Too often he was absent form the village, hunting rahi incessantly. When he returned one day, he found the village under attack... By rahkshi. He had thrwn himself into the thick of the fray, but although he slew many, he was forced to flee, unarmed and wounded. The rahkshi left, but the village was destroyed, and the inhabitents dead or vanished. Once again without a purpose, Zarayna took to wandering. He served as a bodyguard once, but his employer had the bad luck to let Zarayna know just what he did. The next minute, there was one less warlord living on Stelt. Rather agast, Zarayna had the brains to loot as much as he could before escaping. The money was swiftly funneled into a full suite of protosteel armor and a longsword of the same metal. After that, he left Stelt, again wandering. He settled down as a toa protector several times, but inevitably he would be banished after one disregard of the law too many. At last he left the Matoran Universe entirely, arriving on Mata Nui.Weakness: Due to his amount of armor and werapons, and also his dependance on them, Zarayna is vulnerable to iron and magnetism. He also has no mental defense, therefore making him vulnerable to telepaths.Name: AenariusGender: Male.Species: Toa.Alignment: Good.Appearance: An average height, rather wiry toa clad in crimson and black armor. Most of his armor is detachable, and although he retains the ration of machine parts to biologic parts, he does have skin. When not wearing his armor, which is not that often, he usually wears a pair of knee high black boots, black leggings and a black jacket, all with red embroidery. Over this he often wears a cloak, off black. He has two of them, one heavy for colder climates, and a lighter one for warmer places. His face under his kanohi is set in a keen frownlike expression, one that is rarely seen due to his kanohi.Kanohi: Mahiki, shaped like a cross between a Hau and a Kakama.Powers: Elemental control of fire, shapeshifting, illusions.Abilities: Aenarius is agile and fast and a skilled fighter with mace and shield, weapons he used even before becoming a toa.Weapons and equipment: A round shield, reinforced with a protosteel front and spiked boss. Razor-edged. He carried a flanged mace, with a head of tempered steel covered with a thin layer of protosteel. The shaft is of an extremely hard wood, covered in grooved protosteel, making it strong and gripable at once. The butt of the mace is spiked, and a broadhead-style point extends out of the head, making it a stabbing and smashing weapon. His armor is made also of tempered steel, and the cuirass and headpiece is coated in protosteel.Personality: Quiet and a little nervous about strangers, Aenarius is an idealistic warrior, who since his first day as a toa has thrown himself fullheartedly into the jobs of a protector. His protecting, however, often verges from the spheres of law to purely moral areas. He has somewhat of a fiery temper, and has a tendency to, literally, run from extremely awkward situations.History: Aenarius served for many years as a member of the Ta Koro guard, until being transformed into a toa. Upon his transformation, he left the guard on honorable discharge, and became a solo hero. His work, however, was not in line with the law, and after he killed two adulterers, one of whom happened to be a lieutenant of the guard. He was banished, almost getting executed. This only served to drive him harder, and he continued his work undercover in other Wahis, not getting caught this time.Weakness: Aenarius is not an expert in his element, although he is able in it. He is weak somewhat against cold, and against telepathy and metal control.Name: VilliarusGender: Male.Species: Skakdi.Alignment: Evil.Appearance: A burly black armored skakdi clad in a long black robe.Kanohi: None.Powers: Earth. Impact vision.Weapons and equipment: A long metal staff and two throwing knives.Personality: sinister and creepy, with hints of sarcasm.History: A Skakdi with a obsessive worship of makuta who kidnaps matoran to sacrifice them to him. No one really knows much about him, and he likes it like that.Weakness: He has little power besides his eyebeams, and prefers to rely on other people for defense.Name: GorlienGender: Male.Species: Toa.Alignment: Evil.Appearance: A regular sized toa with brown and black armor. His armor is styandard, and the only outstanding thing on him is the spiked whip coiled at his waist and a massive pack on his back.Kanohi: Tryna.Powers: Stone (weak due to little practice).Abilities: Reasonable physical abilities and fighting skills.Weapons and equipment: A spkied whip. He also carries the corpses of a half dozen brakas on his back to animate whenever he needs them.Personality: Blunt and arrogant.History: A native of mata nui transformed into a toa, he was converted to Villiarus's cult, and became his loyal follower.Weakness: He likes to fight with corpses, and as such is vulnerable when there aren't any nearby to animate.-A black profile for future use-Name:Gender:Species:Alignment:Appearance:Kanohi:Powers:Abilities:Weapons and equipment:Personality:History:Weakness:

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Name: AkiniiGender: MaleAlignment: GoodMask: Kanohi Calix (looks very aerodynamic, with a bulbous front and modern bike helmet top)Species: Toa of IceAppearance: Akinii is a lanky, taller than average Toa who is agile and quick (though not particularly strong.) He carries a pair of well worn short swords for speedy attacks. He has not mastered his control over ice just yet, generally relying on his speed and Kanohi Calix to confuse attackers.Personality/History: Akinii is quite awkward when talking to anyone who he isn't attacking, which comes as a surprise to many considering his deftness of hand in battle. He also doesn't smile much. Despite his lack of charisma, Akinii cares for his friends and will go to any length to protect them. As far as history goes, there isn't much: Akinii has no memory of anything except his name and how to beat the ###### out of anything. Look below for more details.Weaknesses: Akinii usually doesn't do too well against beings that can control fire. He also isn't all that strong and doesn't have much armor or muscle.EDIT: Adding another character like a boss...Name: DivinexSpecies: Toa of FireGender: MaleAlignment: Makuta-hating Lawful Good (A bit like Venom from the Spiderman movies)Kanohi: Volitak. Shaped like a Mask of Shielding.Weapons: Divinex carries a powerful mace. He also always has a couple of daggers on him, for throwing.Appearance: Divinex has mostly black armor, with red and orange accents. He is not very tall, at least for a Toa.Personality: Divinex was, at one time, a good Toa of Fire who was friends with Akinii (before he lost his memory.) Divinex also was good friends with a female Toa of Magnetism named Laihna. In a tragic accident, (which I haven't figured out yet,) Laihna was killed and Akinii was blamed (although he didn't actually do it.) In a rage, Divinex found his one-time friend and fought him ferociously. After a long, painful battle, Divinex eventually smashed Akinii far into the waters of Ga-Koro. When Akinii never came back up, Divinex left him for dead.Recently, Divinex found out that Akinii was still alive (by means I haven't come up with yet.) Now, Divinex has set out to kill Akinii once and for all.Weaknesses: Divinex does not do well in cold places. He can also be outsmarted when he is in a blind rage over Akinii, and he is not too proficient with his fire abilities.EDIT: Divinex is no longer totally evil! He still doesn't like Akinii though... Hmm... I think his alignment is "It's Complicated" now. We'll see.EDIT: I feel like adding another character. So I am.Name: ViseSpecies: ToaMask: Kanohi Sanok (looks a lot like a gray Kanohi Huna)Alignment: GoodElement: MagnetismAppearance: Vise is a somewhat short Toa, with yellow eyes. His armor is a dark matte gray, with bright yellow highlights here and there.Weapons: Vise's preferred weapon is a powerful energy longbow. Thanks to his Mask of Accuracy and power over Magnetism, he rarely (if ever) misses.Personality: Vise is a cocky, confident Toa, and something of a braggart. He is very proficient with his magnetism abilities, and likes ambushing foes. He is also a joker, and enjoys annoying his enemies (and allies) with a seemingly never-ending string of jokes even as he shoots them in the face.History: Vise has a painful history; he was part of a very small group of Matoran of Magnetism, who lived in the Le-Koro jungle and more or less kept to themselves. Some time ago, a band of thieves found their outpost, killing all of the Matoran except Vise, who was out when the attack happened. He wandered about Mata Nui for a while, trying to come to terms with what had happened. He later found a Toa Stone, and transformed into a Toa. He has more or less come to terms with his past, and rarely mentions the event to anyone.Weakness: Vise isn't the fastest Toa in the world, nor is he particularly good at hand-to-hand combat, which can be a problem sometimes, unsurprisingly.


EDIT: I've been gone for like a year, and I've decided to come back to the BZPRPG and start anew. All of my previous characters no longer exist. Why? Because I have nothing better to do.


Name: Rhinal

Species: Toa

Alignment: Good

Gender: Male

Appearance: Tall and thin, with yellow eyes. He is very streamlined. He has cadet blue armor with matte silver accents. The cadet blue is basically the color of this text.

Personality: Rhinal is a bit on the shy side. Unless he knows and trusts a being, he won’t say very much and will try to avoid that being. Once he does come to trust someone, however, he becomes more friendly. However, even among close friends he is still very careful with what he says, and he takes a fair amount of prodding before he’ll do anything more than make small talk. Although most beings like him, they are usually confused by his hesitancy. He never brags about his abilities, and he tends to be very self deprecating.

History: Rhinal was a Matoran on another island other than Mata Nui and Voya Nui. This island was entirely populated by Ga-Matoran. He was one of the only males, so he was always a bit awkward with a lot of the others, although he did have a reasonable amount of friends. After a while, he found a Toa Stone and transformed into his current form. The next day, the island was attacked by Visorak, and although Rhinal did his best with his new abilities, he was unable to save all but one of the Matoran and ended up in a boat with that Matoran, a female Matoran named Mihal who was his best friend. They sailed in the boat for months trying to find land, and eventually Mihal died from exhaustion, despite Rhinal’s best efforts to save her. Rhinal finally landed on another island, all alone. He stayed there for a couple years, and ended up perfecting his water abilities since he had nothing else to do. He then decided to leave his deserted island and find an inhabited place, and after a long journey he landed on Mata Nui, in Naho Bay.

Mask: Kanohi Calix (looks like a sleeker than usual Kakama)

Powers: Rhinal is a Toa of Water, and he is very talented with his abilities. He prefers to use strategic tactics with water, rather than just throwing massive waves at everyone. He is also naturally agile, with an uncannily good sense of balance. Even without his Calix, he can do parkour, and with his mask, he is basically the Bionicle version of the guy from Assassin’s Creed on Mountain Dew or some other addictive substance. He carries no tools, as he didn’t have time to grab any before his island was destroyed and there was nothing on the desert island he found that was suitable for swordsmithing.

Weakness: Rhinal is vulnerable to beings with control over sonics and electricity. He is also not very strong, so although he is quick, he doesn’t pack the greatest punch with his fists or feet.

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Name: Stannis, the “Granite Guardian”Sex/Species: Male Toa of StoneAppearance: Stannis looks every inch the leader he is. Warm brown and sandy tan armor plated his heroic frame, which was borne with equal parts sagacity and nobility. Set in his handsome, statuesque face was a pair of grey eyes that seemed to see more than was visible and could slice through stone and flesh like lasers; above a set of defined cheekbones, they roved over the rest of the team, soaking in their new forms. Stannis had strong hands and a powerful jawline, as though he had been given physical features to reflect the character of his will by some considerate sculptor. He wears a burned orange mask with sloped sides; it crowns his brown chest, tan arms and legs and black skin. His feet and wrists are orange like his mask.Powers: Stannis has an immense degree of control of his elemental power of stone, allowing him to manipulate, conjure and absorb stone as per his whims.Abilities: He is extremely keen at sensing danger and his senses rarely fail him. He is a natural leader and a skilled organizer, having taken after and learned under Lord Antrim. His weapons skill is also formidable and he can wield almost any polearm with great deftness, his own tool being so agile in his fingers that it is almost an extension of his body. As a trait of his new element, Stannis has immense natural physical strength; though not exceeding a boosted Parakuka or Pakari user, it is still is at Sulov’s trained level.

Mask: Kanohi Hiripaki, The Mask of Stories

The Kanohi Hiripaki allows the user to bring to life anything spoken in story form, literally taking out of the Legend and into our world. If the user begins with the phrase, "Gather and hear the tale of the Great Spirit and his creation..." and ends with, "So transpired the legend," that which they have told in story form will come into being. The user may summon both animate and inanimate things from their stories. The user can also do the reverse, that is, will a thing or person into the Legend in exchange for something random and equivalent from the Legend. There is no limit to what a user may call forth from the Legend.


However, since something comes out of the story, something must go in to keep the balance; this "tribute" is random and of equivalent value to that which has been summoned. For instance, if a new Toa is called into life from the Legend, a random and nearby Toa will be subsequently sucked into it. The user may not transport his or herself into the Legend. Objects and beings summoned from the Legend will not return there unless specifically re-exchanged by the user in another spoken story. Beings or creatures summoned from the Legend retain free will, and are not under the control of the user in the event of their summoning.

Tools: He carries a single halberd that can stand and touch his shoulder. Its blade is a deadly trapezoid with slatted patterns. The tool can be used as a lethal weapon with its shaft or blade as well as a way to fine tune his power and turn stone to sand and vice versa. He also has a Telerahk staff of power given to him as a token of friendship by Sulov, and he wears this tool perpendicular to his halberd on his back. It can be used to channel his power just as well as his true toa tool.Weakness: Despite his skill in melee and distance combat, his usual defense is to evade and distance himself, which can allow a quick swordsman to enter his defense and strike him. His jack-of-all-strategies skill with his weapon also means he has no solid fighting style and improvises on the spot, usually using pragmatic blows and power strikes. Though he is strong and powerful, he is slower than average and not prone to quick action.Bio: Stannis once was a Matoran of Plasma who lived in the small settlement in the shadow of the Massif until he left to be a Matoran hero. Having formed a band of Matoran named Stannis' Companions, a term coined by his followers, he devoted his time to finding the answers to the riddles on the island of Mata Nui, hoping to help defeat the Makuta by stepping in the shoes of the Chronicler's Company. When he was visited by incognito!Takua, he was told he was more than called for service, he was Chosen by Mata Nui. His Companions were disbanded and he was anointed to lead a new team of heroes, nicknamed the Wanderer's Company after the title given him by Turaga Nuju, and he serves as a prophet with belief that the prophesy passed to him will lead his team to defeating the Makuta, a goal he sought for from the very start of his travels. Eventually, he led the quest to find six “Essence Stones” and used Pohatu’s stone to become a Toa, and he realized this destiny. But his journey was far from over.


He is usually serious, but he has a quick wit that he can call upon for jests with his dry sense of humor. He has a very strong resolve and will to see things through and always finishes what he starts. Being Takua’s spiritual succssor, Stannis has a very beautiful insight towards the Great Spirit and the island. His view became one based on faith and a belief that everything is foretold and destined, which can pit him against the more factual people he has to work with; nevertheless, his insightful view of life gives him an acute affinity towards prophesy and destiny, making him a powerful spiritual warrior. He also learned how to lead better and understood compromise before he became a toa and his team finally respected him as their chief.




Name: Huron, the detectiveKind: Toa of GravityAppearance: Contrary to the concept of a hero, Huron is neither dashing nor tall and is in fact plain and short, even ugly by some standards The addition of his unaltered Kanohi’s appearance seals the case for many onlookers. Somewhere between the height of a Matoran and a Toa, Huron is scrawny and almost fragile in appearance. Unfitting of a public light, Huron prefers to hide his face from the public, scared of being judged by what he looks like: A skeletal man with a bony fingers and a deathly sad grin and large, vacant eyes, like he had spent too many nights without sleep. He has custom ebony armor overlaying a grey body. Despite his slightness and face, there is nothing truly impressive about his appearance and this is not by chance. He wears a dark leather belt with ammunition for his crossbow and the carving tool. He frequently sports a shoulder cape with hood to at least spare him the shame of having his face seen in public. His eyes seem distant and look like little diamonds in a black basin.Abilities: Using his Mask of Biomechanics he can control mechanical interfaces and basic technology, as well as augment his own joints.


By use of his element, he can alter the effects of gravity around him. One of his best applications of his power is to deny the effect of gravity on himself or an opponent and then kick the opponent, sending one or both of them flying away, or by creating gravity wells around him to draw mass to. Because of his non-violent traits, he uses his powers to stop fights before they start or evade conflict. But his best ability is simply his intellect, making him one of the best kept secrets of justice on Mata Nui.Tools: He wields a crossbow with an open wire-built stock. Because of his lack of physical power, manually reloading and using the mechanism unaided would be almost impossible, but he can use his Kanohi to wind cogs and wheels in the bow and then plant the bolt in the chamber. The bow fires simple bolts made of different materials, including bone, iron, wood and stone, which Huron crafts himself from what he can find. The bolts all have ‘teeth’ at their point and the bolts spin when fired, making them nasty little things. He also has a small carving tool on his belt.Weakness: Huron is not a melee fighter and does his best to avoid direct conflict. If cornered, he will attempt to deflect attacks or find a way to leave the scene, and if that fails will quickly fall for punches. As such, despite his cunning, the best way to defeat him is to ambush and strike fast.Bio: Often looked upon with fright and disdain, Huron is not the best example of a hero if you look at the outside, but within he is a noble man who wants to find justice as he feels the island needs. Neither a caped vigilante nor a pretty posterboy, he resorts to viewing things objectively and surveys the crowd while not a part of it. Quite aware that the forces of the Makuta are physical and his darkness is everywhere, Huron wages a personal war against the foes of Mata Nui, one that is sparked by a zealous lust for justice. Acutely aware that he cannot live in the world he wants to create for others, he prefers to work alone, but often he enlists the assistance of similar-minded people to help him.

Name: VisenyaKind: Toa of PlasmaAppearance: Visenya wears the trapping of a former noblewoman with tattered robes and broken armor that hints at a life of slightly better fates, though still of distinctly higher quality. Her armor is golden with a few smaller parts missing, sold for money at smithies. Her mask is sleek with the tips softened making her appear more noble, and a tiara still decorates her head.Powers: Control of Plasma and flight via a Kahohi Kadin.Abilities: Since she lived a pampered life, she developed little in the way of personal abilities. She was very inept at fighting, especially since she didn’t have to combat by herself, but in her time alone she learned a few basic moves. She is rather good at critical thinking, though, which has proven to be a bigger blessing than anything.Tools: Her only weapon is a prized but rarely used protosteel katara that she keeps strapped between her thighs to safeguard it.Weakness: A lack of fighting practice means she can’t fight well, and her hopelessness breeds a sort of paranoia about those around her, making her seem distant to most people.Bio: Formerly a princess in Ta-Koro, after the Makuta destroyed her home and family she remained in exile, destitute without the purpose she had before. Heartbroken that she couldn’t make the difference she wanted by reigning, she believed all was hopeless. But, unbeknownst to her, her brother yet lived, and with him the opportunity to be the heroine she wanted to be.Name: Anthyn, the AngelKind: Female Valkyr (Tuck approved)Appearance: After undergoing the magical transformation, Dany turned into Anthyn. She retained the colors, armor and body build; alabaster armor with flaring red lines under her it and bright orange eyes. He heartlight vanished, though, and her extremities were altered since her fingers end in clawlike points and her feet resemble heeled boots instead of normal feet. She has a pair of wings, tight tan and white, with densely woven feathers that are almost metallic to the touch. These wings stretch out almost twice as wide as she is tall and can be folded neatly at her back. She usually takes care to hide them using her mask, thus making her look more normal in a toa-dominant society.Mask: The Mask of Illusion. Anthyn uses it to accomplish many goals, including shroud her wings and claws, disguise herself, make herself more alluring, conjure items, duplicate herself and even camouflage herself. With her, it became a nearly do-it-all mask.Abilities: Flight. She also possesses immense natural strength, but not surpassing that of a Pakari user, in part because of her sucking in the combined might of seven people's souls at her creation, thereby granting her their raw power. Since she has no powers of elements, the only way for her to spend that energy is through physical means, thus granting her the power she has in spades. Due to her dexterity and wings, she has great agility and can perform feats few others can manage, though not as great as a Calix user.Tools: Her wings are strong and stiff, and her feathers are so dense that she can deflect some energy-based elemental attacks, such as fire, electricity and air. She has strong hands that end in claw-like fingers. She carries no weapon.Weakness: No elemental powers, which means she can be defeated by elemental attacks and is unable to field any such attacks herself. Note that that doesn't mean she's weak to any of them, she's just unable to use any in turn and has no immunities. Additionally, despite the realism of her illusions, if they are discovered, can backfire on her, although this doesn't happen often.Bio: Anthyn wasn't always known as Anthyn, the Valkyr of Lust. Before, she was Danerys, Toa of Fire, an archeologist who became infatuated with finding more about the Valkyr species. Her eagerness to know more eventually caused her to undergo a transformation; with the aid of Cersei the Vortixx and Anavel the Toa, she went through a magical ritual wherein her powers were transferred to Anavel and Dany was possessed by a Valkyr spirit. Since then, Danerys ceased to exist in body. Now she lives as a dark angel who spells uncertain fates to those who she deems worthy of her snuffing them.Name: Brykon [aka Senegal], the sellswordKind: Male Toa of IronAppearance: Burly, husky and chunky, in that order. Every muscle is bulging, and his armor fits more snugly than anyone else's. He has dark grey leg armor consisting of greaves and plates with gold fringes, and this ends at an abdominal plate that wraps around his upper waist in several bands. He has no armor on his upper body except for a single shoulder pauldron on his left and a pair of leather straps stretching from it to fasteners on his abdominal armor, and he wears a black and gold tunic tucked under his pauldron and abdominal armor. On his chest, back and arms he has dozens of tattoos, each representing a different person's life he has taken, each having a story to tell of its own. His mask is modified to accept a helm, and he wears a horned helm just as black as his armor, accented with silver. From within this adornment his deep blue eyes gaze.Powers: As a Toa of Iron, Brykon can create and control iron as he wants, and he usually uses it to create blunt objects or shoot a ball of it at someone from a distance. His Mask of Fate, on the other hand, allows him to dodge and attack from angles most would never be able to even with their best luck.Abilities: He's strong and patient, traits that lend to his hobbies well. He can think and stay level-headed even in the thickest commotion, and he uses that ability in the midst of battles and quarrels alike, making him a good leader. However, when the going gets, he is a force to be reckoned with and has a violent temper when enraged properly.Tools: He carries an assortment of tools with him, most commonly one-piece hatchets that he can throw with great skill. Almost every place except the grip is a blade, making them dangerous no matter how they are used.Weakness: He is a very difficult swimmer and is weak to attacks of electricity, and his element is pretty useless against toa of gravity and magnetism.Bio: Some say he was formed from the stars by the gods themselves, others claim he was born from a pool of blood bled by the fabled heroes of old. Either way, he is perfect and powerful, a force in every way, an energy of nature unhindered by his own reality. Previously known as Senegal, the king of fighting rings, he is now reborn as Brykon, leader of the Bad Company, and is the best mercenary money can buy, currently in the employ of the Four Peers, though he has only met three and is more directly responsible to Aurelia, who ordered him to murder one.Full of a rich rich life of violence, art and violent art, Brykon uses his abilities as a leader and fighter to maintain his loose sense of order. He currently reigns as the Sheriff of Xa-Koro with the rest of Bad Company as his deputies. Despite his status, he is a cautious individual and a paranoid spymaster, and despite his position in the trenches of warfare he still proves a capable mental fighter, bred in large part to his literary genius, though his art if often one of blood these days. Although he doesn't seem to give much concern for it, he has an intense relationship as mentor and father-figure to one of his subordinates, Dorian Shaddix, and while giving a gruff and often distrusting aura to the young man he often teaches him lessons at every opportunity.Name: Ambages, the architectKind: Matoran of Sonics, maleAppearance: Able bodied, he appears as active as he is. He looks like virtually every other matoran in size and height, though. He is primarily grey, with neutral armor, hands and feet, black arms and legs, and a gunmetal grey mask. He has pink eyes. He wears a set of special earmuffs at all times and has a scratchy black overcoat. He travels a lot and prefers going on foot, so his feet and coat hems are usually muddied.Personality: Friendly and intelligent, he speaks with scholarly wisdom and reserve. He seems welcoming and has moments of boisterous enthusiasm. He mostly keeps to himself, enjoying his fame among peers instead of flaunting it with the commoners.Tools and Mask: He wears a powerless Kanohi Akaku with an eyepiece. His only weapon is a silver tantō which he keeps hidden in a crevice under his armor. To carry his money and things he picks up, he wears a simple leather satchel.Powers: He has very strong hearing as a De-Matoran, even without his earmuffs, though they serve to filter most of the din out.Abilities: He can use this to gather intelligence from a distance of over a kio. His mask has an eyepiece that functions as a telescupe. He also has excellent memory and resourcefulness and an intricate mind, making him a very proficient schemer.Weakness: If you remove his ear protectors, he suddenly becomes aware of virtually every sound around him, which can be both distracting and even debilitating. Bio: Ambages is an architect, specializing in large structures. He shuns fame to the point that his name isn't known much, though he is a member of the Cultured Gentry (approved by Emzee) which gives an idea of his wealth and resources, all of which are from his work. His home is a large ice apartment in Ko-Koro, where he lives in relative solitude from the noise and bustle of other less important people. He seems kind and respectful, friendly even, but in truth Ambages is a body that contains a soul more black than and a mind as malicious as the Makuta himself. Ambages and his fellows are atheists who reject the notion of a Great Spirit and work to destroy Mata Nui's presence on his island, threatening to shatter Matoran culture and kill the Great Spirit while doing so.



Name: Aurelia, the electressKind: Female Matoran of EarthAppearance: Slender and shapely, Aurelia is a quite feminine and attractive matoran. Despite being an Onu-Matoran, she is not dirty or soiled like many of her working class brethren, and instead is always clean. She has purple and maroon armor over black skin, and also wears a black cloak with furs that curl around her neck and black leather gloves and jewelry of gold, diamond and pearls.Powers: Limited night vision, courtesy of being an Onu-Matoran.Abilities: Her main skills are in negotiation, manipulation and control. Her money also affords her the ability to employ many people and accomplish her ends.Tools: A cruciform dagger which she hides in her armor.Weakness: She herself does not fight. Once you fight your way through her guards, she is like the heart of a fruit ready for conquest. Of course, she’s not defenseless, and she does have a tendency to become dangerous when cornered.Bio: Aurelia is not from Mata Nui. On her home island, she was an electress, a noblewoman of prominent power, but for reasons she does not disclose she left her home and came to the island paradise. As a result of her loss, she has her own affliction: She wants the power and control she once commanded back. She is fantastically wealthy, built off of an empire of commerce and trade, and uses her money to buy her happiness back. She hoards money just as quickly as she spends it, however, a symptom of her increasing recklessness of using her resources. Hedonistic, she also throws lavish parties and flaunts her wealth, feeding off of the debts her guests owe her as a result of her “philanthropy.”


She is the sole female member of the Four Peers, led by Ambages, and as such works with him and her fellow Peers towards an end of Matoran civilization by slaying its god.

Name: Hiemalis, the stealerKind: Male Toa of IceAppearance: Hiemalis is tall and thin, with eyes that glow brilliant blue from under a mask that is similar to a Hau Nuva. His armor is a combination of white and pale pieces, and his shoulder armor is raised, making him seem bigger. He wears a short tunic made of sewn pelts and leather that reaches just above his knee.Personality: Dark and covert, Hiemalis wishes uncertain fates to those who stand in his way. He is unsociable and speaks Matoran in short sentences, right to the point. He also speaks a second language of unknown origin, possibly Rahi, which consists of rumbling and crackling sounds, like ice cracking.Tools and Mask: He carries a longsword with a thin blade of near translucent blue material, like a blade of ice. If it hits a metal or crystal structure for long enough, it can shatter it (time relative to the size of the item), making it an especially dangerous weapon in duels. Despite being thin, the weapon is very strong. Hiemalis wears a Kanohi Tryna, the Great Mask of Reanimation.Powers: He has the power to control Ice, and he can 'resurrect' the dead with his mask.Abilities: Hiemalis is quite strong despite his appearance, able to throw things with great force. Given his gauntness, he is also faster than most toa. He is a powerful swordsman, able to defeat most opponents with his speed and power, and his special weapon helps, too.Weakness: Fire can damage him severely, and both protosteel and obsidian blades can easily penetrate his armor and wound him gravely.Bio: Little is known about him. He arrived on the island of Mata Nui a hundred years ago with no recollection of previous events, like many others, but he was aware of who he was and what he wanted to do. But what did he want to do?

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MiraulMale Toa of MagnetismKakamaHistory: Miraul awoke one day beneath the Island of Mata Nui, with no memory other than his name was Miraul, and knew that his job called him to defend all and defeat evildoers. That, and instinct on how to use almost any kind of weapon and his elemental powers. After meeting Bijackal and Tirax , he found his way to Onu-Koro. He there teamed with Divan and Ziraul in an effort to hunt a mysterious order of Toa who murdered Bijackal's sister.Appearance: Mirual is grey and silver. The silver is extremely shiny in sunlight. A belt with knives and axes is visible on him, and it also has a quiver of arrows and a Volo Lutu, a recent purchase. A bag of javelins is visible on his back. A bow is slung over one shoulder, indicating his status as an archer.Personality: Miraul thinks a little more than some warriors out there and has a variety of tricks up his sleeve. He will use his Kakama to fight and boost projectile speed and rate of fire. He may target Kanohi, since they are attached to their users via magnetism, and will often hurl foes back magnetically, or lock up joints and bind limbs together. Miraul tends to use throwing weapons and other ranged projectiles, but he does have a high degree of meelee skill if he needs it. He knows how to use most weapons at least a basic level, and only the most unusual will eclipse his skill.Miraul has no memory of his past and is completely at a loss as to where to begin hunting for it. His only clues are a set of names that he remembers, some of whom he has met, others who he has yet to find, who he persumably knew before his mysterious appearance. Somehow, anyone on that list of names has mysterously awakened in odd spots on the island, like Miraul himself, but there is no set pattern for the appearances, though the more recent ones have often happened underground.Miraul has strong morals and thus does not kill, strongly believing in the Toa Code. His only difference from other such Toa is that he does not always place "Matoran first" quite so strongly. He has a deep and instinctive rage within him against Makuta and his servants, and this can often provide him with incredibly strong willpower and boost his aggression.Weapons: Mirual has many weapons.Javelins: These metal or wood projectiles are one of many in Mirual's arsenal of ranged weapons. He carries them in a bag over his shoulder. The bag has a removable metallic plate at the bottom, which he uses to fire out all the javelins at once, like a spear gun. When doing this, he holds it over the shoulder like bazooka.Throwing Knives: Sharp as razors, these weapons are designed for throwing, and Miraul is very accurate with them. They do work in hand to hand situations if need be.Bow and Arrow: Mirual has a quiver of arrows on his belt and a bow slung over the shoulder. Once again, Miraul is a very good shot, and as his longest range weapon without elemental manipulation, that makes it more deadly.Throwing Axes: Mirual carries several of these. He may use them for hand to hand as well.Split Shield: Much like what Gresh carries.They serve as blades, shield, and flight board, the last function enabled by Mirual's element.Weakness: Can't fight in confined spaces with hand-to-hand. Think broom closets.Possessions:-a Volo Lutu launcher.-A supply of widgets for the team he leads, currently running low.DivanMale Toa of IronKanohi KakamaWeapons: Divan can fight with just about anything made of metal, but his preference seems to be sharp things, pincers, or blunt instruments. He makes his own weapons with his power as the situation calls, though he generally has at least one sword somewhere on his person. His preference is blade called Axcleaver, which has a massive axe in place of handguard, and a five foot blade.Personality: Divan follows the Toa Code like all of his freinds. He is calm, and though he can be angered, it is not an easy task. He is also somewhat medatative in combat style, fighting with a simple sword style that he can easily beat his opponents with. His calm demeanor in combat can unnerve some of his foes Divan is like a walking tank in terms of toughness-hurl him through a stone wall and he comes straight back at you like you nothing happened.His amazing strength does not come at the cost of intelligence, however-Divan is a perfectly capable planner and a master of bladework. His skill in combat is supplemented with a knowledge of metal that allows him to easily make weapons, faster and at higher quality then some of what Axana can do. He enjoys metalwork greatly, and will do it in his spare time, using his earnings to support the team. A recent encounter with the substance allowed Divan to learn how to make protodermic mercury.Appearance-Silver in color, Divan is a balance between clear-cut muscle and sleek agility and speed. Shoulder spikes are visible on his armor, and his elbows have sharpened metal points that can be used to strike.History-Divan appeared on the island about the same time as Zirual.Though he did not approve of how his friend dealt with servants of Makuta, he has, never-the-less, helped capture them a time or two on the rare occasions he could be persuaded to let them live. Thank's to Ziraul's recent dispute with Miraul, Divan and Ziraul no longer work together. Divan now functions as deputy leader for Miraul's team.Weakness: Keeping Divan down and out cold is incredibly difficult, but a very thick block of ice or some other technique of movement restraint might do the trick for a little while. Be mindful-even while restrained, he can fight back with his metal control abilities.Possessions:-Volo Lutu launcher.AxanaFemale Toa of LightningKanohi Pehkui:The Mask of DiminishmentAxana is both warrior and blacksmith. Her primary weapon is a Firestaff paired with a set of blue katanas and daggers, both with the compactly to channel elemental power. She uses strength in a fight, as she is bulkier than most Toa, but is far more agile than she appears.Appearance: Axana is large and bulky, and mostly blue. A katana and a set of throwing daggers are visible on her. She carries a Firestaff best sized for a Toa, that she also uses as a walking stick.Personality: Axana is a quiet Toa with a firey streak, suitible for both her element and career of choice. This firey streak can be triggered by various things, but injustice is likely among the triggers. When her firey streak is active, she talks much more and is much more bold.Past: Although Axana knew the names of Miraul, Ziraul, Divan, Vilak, Takamaz and Hikari on sight, an indicator that she knew them before, she has no memory. She was defininately trained in combat by someone before, though. She, like Vilak, Hikari and Takamaz, awakened in a chamber deep beneath Ta-koro. They found their way to Le-Wahi, where they met Miraul and began working with him.Weakness: Hates water. Not excessively likely to want to go for a swim anytime soon.Possessions:-Volo Lutu launcher.VilakKakamaMale Toa of PlasmaPast: A Toa who awoke with no memory deep beneath Ta-koro, Vilak at some point saved Mirual's life. He recognized Axana, Hikari and Mirual on site, an indicator that they have all worked together in the past.Weapons:Vilak mostly uses a a set of twin boadswords, which he coats with plasma to fight. He has a small round shield on his back, and two additional short swords on his belt. He carries a sling and a small pouch of river stones for ranged engagements, his Mask of Speed increasing range and rate of fire.In battle, Vilak uses his mask paired with his swords to gain the edge over foes. His sword skills are virtually unmatched on the island, so beating him in a swords-only duel would be next to impossible. His skills with his fists are on only a slightly lower par, and his aim with the sling is dead on.Personality: Vilak generally is very bold, not afraid to surprise foes who out number him ten to one or more. Though notable for his efforts as a hero, Vilak's recklessness can make him a difficult person to like.Weakness: Sometimes Vilak's boldness can be used against him. He also can be vulnerable to surprise attacks. Complete restraint of movement and magnetism are also effective against him.Possessions:-Volo Lutu launcher.TakamazMale Toa of FireMask of BiomechanicsAppearance: In shades of red and with a gold chestplate, Takamaz stands out like a sore thumb in some places. He is somewhat of an engineer. He tinkers with his own parts to improve them, sometimes offering improvements to others as well. He is know to kill Rahi for sources of parts to add to herself or others.Personality: The logical puzzle solver and mathematician of the group, Takamaz enjoys challenging things. He spends much time focused on these things.Weapons: Takamaz is a master of heat and fire, but he does have several melee weapons: A spear, twin flame claws, and a broadsword.History: Takamaz is a very experienced in terms of engineering and fighting, having tackled planning various massive engineering projects for his homeland that had to be built during a time of war. Though he still has the organizational and combat skills he acquired during those years, he has since forgotten the events themselves, as he appeared on the island like several other Toa who he recognized, with no memory, just like them.Weakness: Takamaz is vunerable to surprise ice and water blasts.Possessions:-Volo Lutu launcher.BijackalBlack Male SkakdiElement: EarthVision: Tracker Vision-Much like the energy hound’s power, but it allows the user to see rather than scent the energy traces left behind by others.(Custom power was approved by Friar Tuck, likely prior to second reboot.)Weapon: Bijackal is extremely skilled with a double edged battle axe, and also skilled with spears and javelins. Though he can handle knives pretty well, swords are not his thing.Though he currently carries none, Bijackal longs for a higher tech weapon.Apperance: Bijackal has a face that reminds one of a canine. Mostly black and grey colored. His eyes are red, but one turns blue and the other green when his Tracker Vision is on.Personality: Bijackal sees Makuta as evil, so he works alongside good Toa and Vortixx as a result, seeking opportunities to disinfect Rahi, kill Rahkshi, and defeat servants of Makuta. Bijackal is somewhat more hunter-tracker than warrior- capable in terms of fighting, but bestable. He relies his commrades for protection from tougher enemies. He is very good at fighting in wilderness, and is probably the best planner of traps and ambushes avalible on short notice. Escaping his tracking skills cam be next to immpossible.Weakness: Bijackal has little in terms of combat-oriented powers and is thus more vunerable to them. Not his best against tough foes on his own.Possessions:-Volo Lutu launcher.TiraxBlack Male SkakdiVision: Impact VisionElement: EarthWeapons: Battle AxePersonalitly: Tirax is a bit of bezerker who relies on instincts. He has an extremely powerful hatred of Makuta and his minions. Prone to anger and not inclined to spare Makuta minions, even those not confirmed to work for him.However, even if he doesn't use his brain as much as he should in a fight, Tirax has a bit of brain behind his brawn. Tirax is a long-time member of the Black Inferno, and recently worked in an attempt to recruit his brother to their number, a secret attempt which failed. This ultimately placed a feud between him and Bijackal, who chose loyalty to the moral Miraul rather than the twisted Ziraul.At some point in the past, Tirax killed his sister when she refused to join the Inferno, and placed the blame on Matatu, the event that ultimately led Divan and Bijackal to chase the Inferno elites across the island. His brother has yet to find the truth.Appearance: Black with silver chest. Eyes glow green when using vision power.Weakness: Tirax is somewhat hampered when fighting by an old injury to the left knee.ZirualMale Toa of SonicsMask of Illusion-Zirual has been know to take Rahi like forms or features for a combat edge using his mask. He may use it to hide or appear to have extra powers.Weapons: Zirual has been seen to use throwing knives, an odd six blade slicer, and a Katana.Six Blade Slicer- At first these appear to be a simple set of twin swords. But a push of small button the handle will reveal an extra two blades hidden within the first (Which creates an appearance like the blades used as fins on the Halhi Mahri set.), release triggered by a spring mechanism. Then the two can be put handle to handle to create a double blade, where the six blade term applies. The blade's design has two functions-as it passes, the blades can hook their curved tips into foes, tearing, or catch weapons between them, which allows Ziraul to twist them from his opponents hands. The blades can cut, but the style required by the weapon means it delivers shallow, elongated cuts instead of deep ones. However, full stroke of the weapon can worsen this wound by tearing with the hooked blades.Personality: Ziraul is almost merciless to those who serve Makuta unless they turn to light, (Or, more recently, anyone who happens to be on the side of the Inferno.) He is merciless, and those who get in his way generally wind up feeling like it would be wise to move-or, more often than not, cease to move at all. He is dark and grim, not highly friendly and not a being one generally choose to talk to by choice.Appearance: Zirual uses his Mask so often that it is not really known what he is. He is generally considered a shapeshifting Rahi that hates Makuta, or a wearer of a Great Mask of Illusion. If you ever were to actually see him, you would see a Toa sized being who wears an oversized cloak. The cloak’s hood covers his face, and internal burlap clothing covers the rest of him.Reputation: Zirual is considered a brutally efficient killer of Makuta servants, Rahkshi and infected Rahi, though he goes out of his way to try and remove the Kanohi of infected Rahi and others wearing infected masks rather than kill them, sometimes considered evidence for the shapeshifting Rahi theory. This is perhaps the only mercy Ziraul has shown to anyone for many years. (In truth, this was very much thanks to Divan's insistance-without it, he is just as likely to kill these creatures if he cannot remove the Kanohi.)The very mention of his presence is enough to send an average Makuta servant scurrying for cover and prompts the consideration that it may be wise to get out of town.Actuality: Ziraul was a long time servant of Vilor, whom he annoys due to his tendancy to deliver reports infrequently. He does have some connection to Divan, Miraul etcs. past, and would also have recognized them just as they do him. He saw potential in Divan and others of Miraul's team, and hoped to corrupt their morals from within. He failed miserably. The part he played on the team forced him to act interested in his own sense of justice. In truth, Ziraul really cares mostly for himself and will do whatever is in his best interest. Currently, he believes this to be working for the Inferno.In the past, Ziraul once worked closely with a fellow assassin who was named Dovorachk. This Toa of Gravity defected from the Inferno, and has since hidden. Partly for his own reasons and partly for those of Vilor, he plans to kill Dovorachk.Weakness: Zirual, as a Toa of Sonics, is vulnerable to his own element, but can protect his hearing with silence feilds. Someone who wore a Pakari might be able to overpower Zirual in a wrestling match.Note:If there are any errors left over from prereboot, please point me to them so I can fix themHikari Female Toa of CrystalFaxonWeapons: Hikari fights with a staff made of heatstone, sharpened at both ends. It has a protective casing so Hikari is not burned by it.Personality: Hikari is gentle in nature, not prone to violence. She fights only to stop Makuta and protect others. Known for her skill with her element, Hikari can be difficult to stop with many powers.History:Hikari recently appeared on the island with no memory, much like a small and growing number of Toa on the island. She is somewhat strong for a Toa of her element and has unnatural amounts of skill with navigating the underground, a hint to her past.Apperance: Hikari is white with translucent blue armor. The blue is crystal, so Hikari can grow crystal from her armor as an additional way to fight. Her Faxon is in a standard shape and simaler to the armor in color.Weakness:Hikari's crystal can be overcome with Plasma.Possessions:-Volo Lutu launcher.and now featuringthe Green TornadoToa of AirKanohi KadinWeapons: The Green Tornado, called Cy by those close to him, primarily fights with his fists and element. He has a bag of ground green dust that he uses to color some of his cyclones, which are where he gets his unusal name. He may direct the dust into his foe's eyes as to blind them. He also carries a sling and a bag of sling stones as an alternative to regular air attacks, and two axes shaped like the aqua axes used by Gali Nuva.Appearance:Shades of green with some silver, and a mask shape similar to Nuparu Inika's. Has two bags with shoulder straps connected to his belt at the waist. The bags have green dust and sling stones-his sling is fixed to the left bag. The bags have a magnetic seal to prevent loss of materials in flight. His axes are connected to the straps that hold the bags when they are not in use.Personality: Cy is the clever, witty, joker with no shortage of bad puns. His primary focus in life seems to be fighting Makuta and others like him. He has a paticularly bitter rivallry with a Toa of Stone named Makkan. He has a habit of maintaining vaccums near his feet to keep his element charged.Combat Style: Obviously, cyclones are a fave of Green when it comes to battle. But his melee tactics are worthy of note. He uses his Kadin as an agility booster in ground fights, flying back from punches and other attacks, and coming at foes from rapidly shifting angles. He may use literal "flying" side kicks. Generally he makes wide circles around foes while he attacks. He does incorporate some martial arts into this fighting style and is more than capable of direct blocks if he needs them. He uses his fists a little more than his axes, employing them only when he faces someone with a weapon.History: Cy has served as a guardian of Le-Koro for many years and has quite a bit of experience. Long practice has helped him develop his combat style. His past before this is otherwise unknown.Weakness:Worst off in a fight with other Air Toa, or Sonics Toa, as they require vaccums and more melee based tactics to beat.Possessions:-A Cloak to protect from Ko-Wahi cold. KivarMale Toa of SonicsKanohi Zatth, Mask of SummoningWeapons-Kivar uses a simple broadsword, which has a second blade that can be attached to make it a double-ended sword. He also bears a round shield with a mirror-like surface, capable of reflecting Skakdi eyebeams and light into his foe's eyes.Skills: Kivar is a decently skilled swordsman and an able combatant. He has a high degree of skill with his element, capable of knocking out foes and shattering metal. He is familiar with what sonic frequencies annoy most common Mata Nui species, and can also scan an area with low frequency sounds.Perhaps the most important of Kivar's skills is that he is multi-lingual. Kivar spent a great deal of time familiarizing himself with the languages of most Rahi, and is able to speak with birds, insects, arachnids, and mammals, though his element may be required to assist in vocalization. This inspired his choice of mask, since he is able to minumize the risk that his allies will be attacked through effective communication. Kivar also has some interest in learning Skakdi, since it is one of the few languages that he does not know.Because of his multilingualism, Kivar is more closely connected to nature, something that greatly shows through in his personality. He has chosen Le-Wahi as his home, as there is no shortage of wildlife there.Kivar often spends time alone in the wilderness, simply wandering, admiring the beauty of nature and talking with it.History: Kivar has lived near Le-Koro for many years and assisted it with taming Rahi when needed. Although he does not fight alongside Le-Koro often, he despises the way Makuta treats Rahi, like simple servants waiting to be used, rather than as companions to be valued and treasured. This means that he can be motivated to fight against Makuta, and occasionally other evildoers.Mount: Echo Echo is a wild Gukko whom Kivar trained. He repeats anything Kivar says in bird speech, thus his name. He is a skilled flyer and allowed to roam free in Le-wahi when Kivar needs him not. However, he is vulnerable to air attacks.Weakness: Kivar has a by far more placid nature than some other Toa, and can be more easily defeated due to his lack of aggression.Possessions:-A cloak to protect against the Ko-Wahi cold.Dovorachk (Vorok)Male Toa of GravityKanohi Calix (With magnifying visor, affecting both eyes.)Weapons: For ranged exchanges, Dovorachk uses a harpoon gun/crossbow, though firing the cable is optional. For close range, he has a large square sheild, much like Nuparu Mahri's, with gaps that he can fire his weapon through in the same spots. The edges are sharp and can be used as a weapon, or to plant the sheild in the ground for portable cover. A large blade with spikes on the back side also serves as one if his weapons.. In a pinch, retractable wrist blades, as well as elbow blades, knee blades, foot blades and shoulder spikes can also serve as weapons.(They also make hitting him rather painful.)Skills: Dovorachk is a skilled marksmen, and can likely hit an apple of your head at two hundred yards. He is able with his blade and sheild, and powerful with his element. He can crush most objects with ease, so long as they are of moderate size, and sent objects floating high into the sky with just as much ease. He often does this to himself, using his sheild as a glider and parachute, to obtain limited flight. He is also physically in top shape thanks to his Calix, and excells at acrobatic tricks.Personality: Dovorachk is gruff in nature, not afraid to say what he thinks or vent his frustration verbally. He won't back down from a fight unless he is certain that his challenger is of much higher skill than he. His moral code does make him highly unlikely to kill, but he sometimes will permanently cripple foes with his element if he finds them to dangerous or difficult or dangerous, though he does often feel guility. He has a habit of going by the name Vorok, as it is shorter and clearer in pronounciation.History: Dovorachk found himself on Mata Nui about a year ago, and attempted to settle down in Le-Wahi, finding it similar to the jungle in which he once lived. He teamed with Cy as one of Le-Koro's protectors, since he could crash Rama to the ground quite fast.Appearance: Very spikey bladed armor makes touching him risky. He has a sheild with a purplish glint in a square shape, with upper and lower firing slits for his crossbow.His armor is mostly black, and his sword is also black metal. His Kanohi is standard in shape, spare the visor, which is somewhat like a single-lensed Akaku style scope in function. The visor is transparent green in color, and his blue eyes can be seen through it.Weaknesses: Since he must sometimes wait for his element to recharge, he can be somewhat reliant on his Kanohi in battle.Possessions:-A cloak to protect against the Ko-Wahi cold.TakariMale Toa of LightningKanohi MatatuWeapons:Thunder Chain: One of Takari’s weapons of choice, he utilizes a fourteen foot chain as a weapon. He is less prone to use this weapon around Toa of Iron or Magnetism.NunchucksKnuckle Blades-Short two-pronged retractable blades. Found on the back of Takari’s hands. Two inches long, electricity arcs between the prongs when Takari chooses, allowing him to fight better at close range. Takari prefers fists to swords and some other weapons, so it’s no surprise that he uses these to enhance his punches and make them more damaging.Staff of Thunder-Staff of twisted blackish metal that is extremely conductive. Has an aqua-colored lightstone on one end. Material actually feels like wood.Blades-Takari has two blades, one about a foot long and the other about three feet, that he may use in battle.Appearance-Takari’s mask is shaped as a Faxon. He is almost completely blue with small traces of silver here and there. His body is well balanced, containing some decent muscle but not too much.Personality-Takari walks with an air of bold confidence. As he himself jokes, he’s “electrifying”. He is not as cruel as his Black Infurno counterparts. Takari’s confident style makes him somewhat popular among the group, but within Takari has some moral hesitations about how they act.Takari’s confident style carries over into the fight, and he is never without a quip. He tends to fight with his element, electrifying his weapons to gain a decent hit. His elemental skill is moderate, and he can shoot lightning at voltages that are enough to stun but not injure. More destructive blasts are possible for him, but he prefers to avoid heavy-hitting. When need be, he will employ his skill with his Matatu, showing a darker style with the flexible Kanohi’s powers. He often manipulates the limbs of his foes, using the mask to dislocate shoulders and restrain enemies. He may pull off a Kanohi from time to time as well. If need be, he can dismember a foe at range with his mask, usually with a stranglehold. Though he is able to do this, Takari regrets the kills he has made, and avoids doing so.History-Takari found himself on Mata Nui with no memory, and with nothing but a few weapons and a mask to his name. Hearing of the evils of Makuta and seeking a way to fight him, Takari joined the criminal Black Inferno, not knowing of any other organizations that opposed Makuta at that time. He has since come to regret his desicision, seeing that everyone here is almost exclusively after their own power, that no one in the Inferno cares who lives or dies, so long as no one gets in there way. Takari wishes for a way out, but has none. All who leave the Infurno are enemies of the Inferno, and all enemies of the Inferno will be killed without mercy.Weaknesses:Takari is not the strongest, and someone with enough brute force could overpower him, but that requires some ability to resist telekinesis and electricity. His chain can also be wrapped around him, which is why he refuses to use it against some elements.MakkanMale Toa of StoneKanohi MatatuWeapons:Chains-Makkan keeps two chains that he uses as weapons. They have clips on the end that allow various attachments to be used. Weights-Spiked mace-like weights that can be manipulated by Makkan, since they have a heavy stone in the middle of the metal casing. His ability to control the flight path of the stones makes these valuable weapons. When entering battle, he often makes them float in an unnatural way. Blade-Sword-like chain attachment with stone set in the guard for control purposes. Axesycthe-Chain attachment with scythe on one side and axe on the other. Has a stone set in for control purposes.Nunchucks-Need I say more?Sling-It shoots rocks. What did you expect?Appearance:Makkan is rather strong and well muscled. His Matatu is in the shape of Kadin, which is not a surprise, since he uses it as a means of flight. Makkan is a mix of brown and white, so he stands out a little compared to others of his element.Personality: Makkan is more on the arrogant and negative side than anything else in terms of how he acts. He isn’t afraid to beat others down even if they have done nothing to deserve it-or so it seems. Makkan isn’t without guilt over his choice of jobs-he wanted personal profit, but happens to feel some of the pain he inflicts on others. Makkan is clearly blocking this out to continue with what he does, but something in him wants more than what his job in the Black Inferno can truly offer.Makkan’s skill with stone is moderate-he can create rocks, encase things in them and smash foes with rock fists. Stone walls are not challenging, and breaking them is not either.History:Makkan arrived on Mata Nui near Xa-Koro, and began a career as a slaver for the Black Inferno, capturing innocent Matoran and those who opposed them, selling them into slavery for other villains in Xa-Koro. He is also a thief and has committed many other crimes.Weakness: Makkan is less powerful without his mask.VilorMale Toa of PlasmaKanohi PakariWeapons:Torch Clubs-Two large, torch-like metal weapons that weigh enough to be clubs, and have spikes on the outside edge.. Though they serve this purpose, they also can channel the elemental powers of Vilor. At the top of the clubs is an indent with a protruding magnetic rod in the center. Plasma can fill this indent and carry up the rod, creating a torch-like effect. The metals that compose the club are extremely heat-resistant.Appearance: Orange, black and massive. His intimidating build stands a full head above average, and he is extremely strong even without a Pakari, rivaling a Toa of Stone. Long muscular arms are used to tear apart foes and his powerful legs can help him in a pinch. His thick armor can take most melee hits without difficulty, but other attacks can be problematic. He keeps the torch clubs on his back.Personality:Vilor is the dark leader of the Black Inferno. He is interested mostly in his own power, but sees Makuta as in the way of true power, and thus pitted his order against him. He is brutal and his heart is devoted to darkness. He has no qualms about infliction of pain or other moral matters. Anger runs in his blood and from him there is no such thing as forgiveness. Don’t get on his bad side.Vilor is a bit of a schemer, striving to turn enemies against one another. However, his schemes do have the potential to backfire. He is more prone to target Makuta followers, but those who disapprove of his criminal activity will also earn his wrath.Vilor’s fighting style happens to be rather brutal. He uses brute strength to tear his foes apart and plasma to make them fall before him. He is not above torture and anything he does in combat is likely to be extremely painful. He will kill without hesitation.History: Vilor constructed the Black Inferno to do his will, and has dealt mercilessly in countless affairs. He seems to bear a grudge against Vorok and Cy of some kind. Miraul is also known to him, and considered an enemy because he disrupted the recruiting process by taking over Ziraul’s growing team. Ziraul is in his employ, along with Tirax.Vilor’s Black Inferno praticpates in theft, extortion, blackmail, murder and anything else they can earn a profit from.Weaknesses: Vilor’s mass can work against him if he is assaulted by Gravity. He is not strong against Magnetism, and actively avoids Toa of that power, as they can remove his Kanohi more easily and contain his element. He spends much time in dark chambers directing business, so his eyes sometimes need time to adjust and he can be vulnerable to sudden flashes. His large size can make it difficult to squeeze in small spaces. He is also not the most agile warrior on the planet, and relies more on resilience to overcome his foes, rather than dodging. Fast, magnetic foes could cause him some serious trouble.MatatuMale Toa of LightningKanohi MatatuWeapons:A short spear suitable for hand-to-hand fights. Hands are clawed.Appearance:Purple, unlike most Toa of Lightning. Hands are white, and some other areas are as well. Slightly larger than a normal Toa. Matatu’s mask is of the Noble shape and silver in color (Though the power level is great.)History :Other than being one of the first members of the Matatu and one of the longest living, next to nothing is known about him. He has not been known to speak, and if something draws his personal attention enough so to actually be seen, then it is probably very important indeed. Vilor’s personal guard and perhaps the most trusted of Vilor’s minions.Combat: Brutal style that pairs Kanohi, element, and spear. Will telekinetically manipulate foes to take hits from his weapon, or restrain them with his mask, often even strangling them. Electrifies his spear for almost every hit, making it all the more painful.Weaknesses: Without his Kanohi, much less powerful. He relies on it a bit too much.ThykiusMale Anzaros of Magnetism (The Keeper of Legends)Second Power: Vertigo-User can fire green energy blasts that induce vertigo in targets when struck. Power requires physical energy. Target can recover faster by focusing on their sense of balance.Weapons:Four Talons: Like the blades Halhi Mahri uses. Thykius carries four of them and can fight with one in each hand. They can also channel his magnetic powers. The outer two blades of each have joints that allow them to be compressed to the size of an ordinary sword for easy storage.Spear:Thykius can use a spear to fend off foes, which he carries on his back. It is magnetically charged and sticks to his back. It is double-ended and something like a bar magnent.Shuriken:Thykius carries shuriken that he uses as ranged weapons. May be magnetically guided.Sheild: Thykius carries a small round shield.In addition, Thykius is skilled with a martial arts style that makes the fullest use of his four arms and element. He may fight with bare hands and claws rather than weapons.Appearance:Thykius has a silver-grey body, and his powerless Mask is shaped like a Kanohi Kadin. Thykius is well muscled and fairly strong, with enough martial arts experience that many of his blows may break bone or otherwise injure.He has green eyes, and his upper arms are mounted in standard shoulder position. The second are slightly beneath, and just a little weaker. A belt holds his talons in collapsed form, and shuriken, while his spear’s metal shaft is magnetically charged and sticks to his back. He also carries the Staff of Memory, his Badge of Office.Personality: As a Keeper of Legends, eldest among those who keep legends, and part of the legends themselves, Thykius commends a great deal of respect among Anzaros. Thunderflash in particular look up to him very much and happen to be quite loyal, willing to do as he asks, and after this the Black Inferno shows the greatest degree of respect for Thykius. The Darkcloud don’t like him but never-the-less will hear him out even if they openly show some dislike. Thykius belives the only way to go about restoring peace to the tribes is to bring them the Silver Hawk, so the Thuderflash spend a great deal of time seeking him, in addition to fighting Makuta.Long years of leading the Anzaros alongside Akami has made Thykius somewhat weary of the role of leadership, but as a former Toa he belives it to be his Duty and thus continues to serve. Hope for the completion of his Destiny and goal of bringing Unity to the three tribes also leads him onward. He is wise, and this comes from serving as a leader both among Toa and Anzaros.Thykius is somewhat passive, becoming assertive and assuming power only when needed. This is perhaps in part to due to his weariness. Thykius knows the identity of Silver Hawk, since they have met by name, but has concealed this from the Anzaros, because he does not want them to fight while seeking out their creator.History:The history of Thykius is well detailed in the Legend of the Anzaros. See that.Weaknesses:Thykius is very old, anichent, perhaps. Though he is still an able fighter, he travels with others for his own safety, as he is beginning to show some signs of age. Most notable, his endurance is beginning to decrease. Get him alone, and then exaust him to win. Wooden weapons are also better against Thykius.DekaiMale Anzaros of FireSecondary Power:Magma Control: This power allows the user to control existing supplies of magma or lava. Bringing up lava from beneath the ground is difficult in environments beyond Ta-Wahi. This makes users of this power somewhat helpless away from Ta-Wahi. The best technique to over-come this is to carry a special backpack with tanks made of lava rock that can safely contain a small amount of Magma. Lava can also be kept hot by adding heatstone to these tanks. Typically best to use by firing over the shoulder like a bazooka after removing the lid. Note that Magma Control applies to molten rock that is in a liquid state, nothing else like fire or stone.Dekai carries two canister-tanks on his back to carry magma. These canisters are about the size of scuba tank and made of magma rock, which withstands lava well. The interior of the tank has a heatstone lining that helps keep the magma from cooling. Dekai’s Fire can also be used to do this. The tank lids are screwed on, but have a hole in the center about the size of a tennis ball, which allows Dekai to fire off small magma projectiles. He may do this in a mortar like fashion, firing straight up and letting the magma balls fall back to earth, or he may employ them over the shoulder, like a bazooka. Dekai is incredibly skilled with Magma Control, able to make magma fly or hover, and even hold it in place. He can bring Magma up from below easily in Ta-Wahi.Weapons: Spear: Dekai carries a double-ended spear that can channel his element and is very resistant to heat. Slips into the gap between his tanks for travel.Split Sheild: Dekai has a split shield that can change into two or four blades. The design is simaler to the one carried by Nuparu Mahri, and serves as a set of twin double-bladed swords when split in two, or a set of four blades when split in four. The shield is held together magnetically. Fits onto the back of his tanks for storage.Javlins: Dekai carries a bag of javelins in between his twin tanks, allowingDekai’s weapons can be stored on his back. The spear can slide between the tanks on his back, and the shield affixs to the tanks.Appearance:Dekai is red and black, with two arms on his shoulders and another set just below. Straps are visible on his chest that help him carry his lava tanks. His mask is shaped as a Kanohi Kiril, but it’s powerless, and his eyes are orange on the right and green on the left.Personality:Dekai is quiet, but strong and bold. As one of the Anzaros who arrived on the island first, Dekai has become something of a friend to Thykius.Dekai is a warrior, first and foremost, skilled in both phalanx fighting and single combat.He is also skilled with his powers, being a master of fire and magma manipulation. Thykius has dubbed him the “Warrior of Fire.”, feeling that his service to the Anzaros justifies a title for him, and privately not wanting him to feel overshadowed by the Queen of the Waves and the Keeper of Legends.Appearance: Dekai has four arms, two of which are underneath the shoulders. He carries a wide variety of weapons on his back, and is red and silver in color. His mask is shaped like a Kiril. He has one green eye and one orange.History:Dekai joined the Thunderflash as a solidier, and in this he has remained. Dekai relies on the rest of Anzaros as friends, companions and a community. His past is mostly unremarkable, but he does have other Anzaros he calls “brother” out there.Weaknesses: Dekai doesn’t like cold, and is less powerful outside Ta-Wahi, since he needs magma for one of his powers to function. Kanohi removal can be a problem, since he then has two functional arms and a limited or nonexistent supply of lava.AkamiFemale Anzaros of Water, the “Queen of the Waves”Secondary Power:Thykium Dream/Forcefield ControlWeapons:Tidal Trident: Akami’s trident, at least as long as a spear. This serves as her Badge of Office. The trident has three nozzles(see below) built in.Sheild of the Sea: A round shield with a decorative blue Lightstone fitted in the center. Ornate carvings of several sailing expeditions surround the Lightstone. The Llightsone appears to be part of a Lighthouse that plays a role in a legend about how the Silver Hawk acquired his strength of will and righteous fury. Made for form as well as function, it has a disk launcher underneath that fires razor-sharp metal disks. Next to the disk launcher, two water nozzles are built into the shield (see below). Akami also carries nine ornate disks that go with the round shield, each disk bearing an image of an Anzaros ship of legend on which Akami rode.Nozzle: A weapon which serves to focus her powers of water. She has a handheld nozzle, in addition to the ones on her trident and shield. The nozzles have ornate lettering and inscriptions in the Anzaros language, each of which details the legend of a sea beast that Akami has captured. They focus water blasts so they have higher pressure and thus more power, but take less energy.Akami also carries a metal cable.Appearance: Akami is white and navy blue, with as mask shaped as a Faxon. The mask has a silver Crest attached to it. The Crest has a rune that glows blue, which depicts a Anzaros riding a wave and holding a lighting bolt. This Crest is the seal of the Thunderflash Monarch, and the Crest acts like a stamp that Akami can use to sign a decree if something is pressed against it, infusing the object with glowing blue ink. This can also be used for other things, such as to mark an object or place as of royal signifigance. Akami has blue eyes and her arms are on her shoulders and slightly beneath.Akami has a bag of medical supplies on her back, and a bag on her waist holds her disks. These items are leather, with a silk cover at the insistence of her people.Personality: Akami is gentle and caring in terms of leadership, and she loves her people-this trait is not surprising for her, as she is a former battle medic. She sometimes still uses her talents on occasion, and keeps medical supplies in her backpack.Because Akami cares for her people and insists they care for one another, her tribe is one of the stronger ones. She is not above her people and so will care for the least among them, and will be among the first to fight alongside them. Akami has come to depend upon Thykius as her advisor.In terms of combat, Akami is skilled with her element. She can create tidal waves by the sea and bend the fastest of rivers to her will, though her abilities are restricted by her limited elemental power. Her extra arms are something she makes less use of, but she keeps a hand free for water jets and to reload her disk launcher.History: Akami’s history has a fair degree of detailing in the Legends of the Anzaros. She came to found the Thunderflash as she saw the cruelty of the other two tribes, and they elected her as their queen, as she had a reputation for her fierce fighting and role as a compassionate leader.Weaknesses: Unless Dekai is around, her body is vulnerable to heat, and others may be stronger than her, though her four arms can help make up for this if used right.KelMale Anzaros of EarthSecondary Power: Kinetic ImmunityWeapons:Mace-Kell carries a mace, with smooth surface that impresses even master craftsmen. Eight spikes jut out from the spherical surface of the weapon, whose weighted metal portion is nearly the size of Kel’s head. A small secondary weight can be found on the metal staff, which is no bigger (but much heavier than) a tennis ball. His mace is his preferred weapon.Sheild: Kel carries a small rectangular shield that he may use when fighting. It has razor sharp edges.Spear:Kel carries a double-ended spear.Appearance:With black armor, Kel blends into the night. His green eyes are filled with determination, for he has one mission-protect the Queen of Waves. His body features four arms, two slightly beneath the shoulders, all of which are incredibly muscular. Kel’s natural elemental strength combined with intensive training have allowed him to develop strength that rivals the strongest Toa. Considering this and his kinetic immunity power, he can take on even the strongest Pakari users. His armor is also thick, heavy and tough. His mask is shaped as a Faxon, a tribute to the Queen he guards.Personality:Kel is rough, tough and serious about his job, though he can enjoy a good joke from time to time. Messing with him is probably not a good idea, since he can take any melee hit and dish out far worse. In combat, he uses brute force and a little elemental power if he needs it. He is one of the more aggressive Thunderflash.History: Kel was appointed to the position of guard for Akami after saving her life on the battlefield. He has served the Thunderflash well for many years.Weaknesses:Kel is more vulnerable to elemental attacks if they can pierce his armor. Kanohi Matatu are also effective against him.His right knee is a little weaker from an old injury.

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Glad to see this back. Fun times for all!Name: YasurekSpecies: Ko-matoranMask: powerless kakamaGender: MaleAppearance: Yasurek looks like most other matoran. He is white, with grey hands and light blue feet. He wears a leather belt with scabbards for his weapons. He often wears a blue cloak.Alignment: GoodPowers and weapons: 2 long spears, a small knife, and a cutlass. Has recently acquired 2 blue-shafted black-tipped spears from his travels, along with a sheathe on his back that is full of various spears of all shapes and sizes.Yasurek is skilled in the use of spears and is practicing with a cutlass.He uses his knife as a back-up weapon in case he loses his spears.Personality and history: Yasurek used to be a Ko-koro guard. He was your average matoran, nothing exciting, nothing special except a strong sense of following the law. All that changed when he realized that his life wasn't going anywhere. He had no friends, he was alienated from his fellow ko-matoran due to his sense of justice. Fed up with the situation, he decided to reinvent himself, becoming an agent against the law. He has been seeking an outlet for his unlawful desires so that he may be a force of good. Not necessarily lawful good, but good nonetheless. He follows his code of morality as well as he can and he has a strong attachment to his spears.Weaknesses: He's a matoran, so he is not very strong compared to most individuals on the island. Also, he can't really handle ranged combat unless he is able to hide behind cover and sneak closer. Without his spears he can't fight as well.Name: ThamaSpecies: ToaMask: KualsiGender: FemaleAppearance: Thama is a slate blue gray colored toa. She is about average height for a toa, with a metru type build. Her armor was a deep green, but now parts of it are charred and there are a number of gashes in it that have been repaired somewhat but purposefully kept, either as a means of intimidation or as a reminder of past events. She travels around in a black cloak, wearing a quiver and her bow on her back. She has two knives in sheathes on her belt.Alignment: Good, but primarily the toa codePowers and weapons: Thama is a toa of air and is therefore able to manipulate it to her will. She is skilled at using here bow and arrows in conjunction with her mask to fire stealthy arrows from many directions at once. She carries two knifes as back up weapons, and has many arrows in her quiver.Personality and History: Thama was once a member of a six-person toa team. She and her team were the best of friends, working together to be virtuous and helpful, lending aid to those who needed it. As time passed, the team grew rambunctious, engaging in mischief and some relatively minor acts not befitting toa. This maliciousness grew more and more until finally, the team realized that something was going wrong. They were being tempted by Makuta. They made their way to the area near kini-nui only to find themselves in contact with the master of shadows himself. He offered them power and glory, and the rest of the team was all too eager to get their hands on these gifts. Thama was disgusted by the change which had come over her friends and tried to leave, only to be attacked by her old team. They were ordered to kill her, but she was able to escape with effort, her armor becoming badly damaged in the process. She made her escape and retreated into seclusion, needing to think about what had happened. She was crushed by the knowledge that her team had turned evil so easily, and she hated herself for coming so close. In the time she spent away from the populace, she decided that the only way to make up for what had happened was to re-declare her loyalty to the toa code. She decided that she was going to do what toa were meant to do: be a good example to the matoran and protect them at all costs.Thama is a troubled person. She is trying to make up for what happened, and tends to blame herself for things. While not timid, she doesn't enjoy talking much and generally prefers to stay back while others take the credit. She is dedicated to the toa code and refuses to kill or set a bad example. She and her bow are dedicated to this cause.Weaknesses: Thama is much better at ranged combat than in melee, and her insistence on not having any death happen can lead to her protecting both allies and enemies. She restrains herself to prevent death in her fights.Name: Nen YabayandSpecies: Toa of earthGender: MaleMask: Kanohi Volitak, mask of stealthAlignment: Good and niceness.Appearance: Nen is your average black toa of earth. He wears very shiny silver armor, to the point where he can sometimes blind people with the glare if he is not wearing his cloak. He always has a smile on his face.Weapons: One handed shortsword, two throwing knives.Powers and Abilities: He’s a skilled hand to hand fighter with good practice with throwing his knives. Has somewhat increased strength from being a toa of earth. Has control over earth. He has become skilled at sneaking around with his mask when he can shut up and focus.Personality and history: Nen is an easy-going toa full of kindness. He loves being as nice as he can be to those around him, to the point where he can come across as somewhat dumb or even mildly insane, but make no mistake, he will fight you and beat you if you cross him, all while apologizing for the pain he is giving you. He is polite and open, but can sometimes be distracted by pretty clouds in the sky before responding to your questions. Nen is your average toa of earth. He doesn’t like Makuta, appreciates Mata-Nui’s work and likes to help people. Early on he made a team with his good friends Jev and Sashina and together they went off to be nice and good and fight evil and stuff, because it would be fun and useful. They weren’t quite sure how to go about doing that, so they decided that to keep some income coming in they would do their good-doing work for some widgets, amount depending on the mission of course. And with that, the SemDysFunc do gooders brigade was formed. And the island was instantly a better place because of it.Weaknesses: Nen is not very good at ranged combat. It’s not his thing. Also, he can be a bit of a doof, especially when it comes to trusting people, so trickery can be quite useful.Name: Sashinalabafocasanowa “Sashina”Species: Toa of waterGender: FemaleMask: KakamaAlignment: GoodAppearance: Sashina is a medium blue toa of water. It's obvious from first glance that she's athletic and quick. She is somewhat thin, but still has weight to her, with simple blue armor featuring some somewhat elaborate spiked shoulderpads. On her back is a holster for her greataxe while she has two sheathes on either side of her waist for her one-handed axes.Weapons: A two-handed greataxe and two one-handed axes.Powers and Abilities: As a toa of water she can manipulate water directly or create more using the moisture in the air. In combat she fights with a mix of elemental powers and quick blows with her axes. She is well practiced in the use of her mask in combat and focuses on speed and agility to defeat foes.Personality and History: Sashina previously worked as a courier for Ga-Koro and the other villages. She carried packages, important documents, regular mail, farm animals, everything. She loved running and figured having a job that required her to run all over was the best job for her. Through her time as a matoran she learned shortcuts and tricks for moving through the Wahi's as fast and painless as possible. While she was quite the speedy go-getter, she always carried an axe with her in case of danger despite it not exactly fitting her personality. The first person to tell her that promptly had their hut chopped down by the enraged Ga-matoran, after which nobody bothered her about it.When she became a toa, she wasn't quite sure what to do, though she became an even better courier now that her mask was a great kakama. She continued her work, in addition to taking some jobs as an escort or ferry for matoran since she could carry them while running. After a while she was beginning to get a bit bored. The work was now ridiculously easy and she felt that she should be doing something else since she was a toa. After a bit of thought, she decided to become an adventurer. Traveling to the different villages, she took more odd jobs, taking out rahi lairs, searching ruins for items, running down crooks. After a while she encountered an earth toa named Nen and a toa of fire named Jev. They were planning to start a company where they would do nice things for people in return for payment, if the customers remembered to give them anything. Sashina, now very well-traveled decided that this was something new that could be quite fun and she happily joined the group. They have since been a group as the SemDysFunc Do-Gooders Brigade,helping out the helpless and stuff like that. Her speed proved to be quite useful for getting small jobs done and helping out clients outside the main HQ.Sashina is a somewhat hyper toa at first glance. She enjoys running and more running, along with a sometimes unhealthy desire to chop things with an axe. This dark side sometimes gets her into trouble when she ends up getting angry at things that bug her, such as anyone that asks why she carries an axe if it's just going to slow her down, and anyone who hates the color blue. She doesn't like people who don't like blue. To those that she's friends with she is a loyal and caring companion. However, out of Nen, Jev, and her she is probably the initially meanest of the group, not that any of them are particularly mean.Weakness: She's somewhat fragile and generally relies on her speed in combat.Name: Kadaka Fo - 'Pisces'Species: Toa of PlasmaGender: MaleMask: KaukauAlignment: Neutral GoodAppearance: Kadaka is a Plasma toa with an orange body and mask and white limbs. He wears sea green armor on most of his body so it can be hard at first to tell what element he is. He often wears a coat over that which has large pockets to hold whatever he needs to hold. The coat is water resistant.Weapons: He carries a fishing harpoon attached to a rope, along with a large rectangular shield. The shield has a fish icon printed on the front and can either be strapped to one's arm or held by a handle on the back. The edges of the shield are sharpened and plasma energy can be channeled into it to make the edges even sharped and able to burn through most things. He also has a knife as backup.Powers and Abilities: Along with his elemental power of plasma, Kadaka is a skilled fisher, often jumping into the water to chase after fish and prevent them from fleeing. He also has a knack for acting though that rarely comes up. He is good at visualizing things in his head. In combat he fights more defensively. Though he has his harpoon he more often uses his shield to block and bash foes. He can channel his plasma powers into his weapons to make their edges burn through objects.Personality and History: Kadaka is a sensitive guy who cares about everyone. The way he sees it, if he can make the people who interact with him happier than that's good enough. He is aware of the terror of Makuta over the island but he doesn't let it bother him. The things that do bother him when it comes to people are those that explain the obvious or act like know-it-alls. He isn't good at taking criticism but can get over it after a bit of time has passed.When he was a matoran he enjoyed fishing, despite that not always being his job. He often proclaimed 'Tomorrow I'll go fishing and that's it!" to his superiors which led to him moving from career to career. His ability to learn new skills quickly made him good at adjusting to new jobs, but his spacy attitude kept him from fitting in. He would like to try acting at some point but the opportunity has not presented itself so he makes due fishing in Ga-Koro and running a fish stall in the market. Besides fishing he uses his plasma abilities to help out when they are needed and is very friendly towards customers. He also cooks.Weakness: Kadaka is more of a defensive fighter and is more caring than most, meaning that while he can hold his own he usually doesn't go all out in fights.

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Name: Avina (pronounced like it's spelled)Species: ToaElement: LightningGender: FemaleMask: Great Kadin, Mask of FlightWeapon(s): Dual Swords, KnifeAppearance:avina.png Abilities: has very quick reflexes. She also is strong for a female. In addition, she is agile which is boosted by her Kanohi, Mask of Flight.Personality: One word to describe her: "odd ball." She prefers to work alone, although she does realize the importance of teamwork, but only in some situations. She is cold, bold, quick, sharp, clever, and never strikes in the same place twice. Her most dangerous trait is that she is unpredictable. Moral: Anti-heroHistory: She was once a typical Toa of Lightning: energetic, optimistic, and happy. She was the kind of person who strongly believed in the sayings "the glass ain't half empty, it's half full." and "there's no I in team." That all changed when she was promoted to the leader of her Toa Team. The previous leader died in combat, and she was chosen by the local Turaga as the new leader. On their first mission afterwards, everything that could go wrong, went beyond that. She made a poor choice due to her optimism, and her whole team was killed in a flash, right before her eyes. She then fled in shame and changed. Since then, she has been trying to redeem herself by randomly helping the weak. WEAKNESS: She almost always works alone. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Phonox (fon-ox)Species: ToaElement: FireGender: MaleMask: Great Pakari, Mask of StrengthWeapons(s): Lava ChainsAppearance: phonox.pngAbilities: Even without the Pakari, Phonox is impressingly strong. He also has a lot of durability. Personality: Hot-tempered, impatient, stubborn, violent. He does not think before doing.Moral: Do whatever it takes to avenge Kyona by killing Makuta and anyone loyal to him, even if it means breaking the Toa Code.History: He had a little thing going with a fellow Toa of Water named Kyona. It all went south when Ga-Koro was attacked by infected Rahi, and they both defended the village. During the fight, Phonox was knocked unconscious, and Kyona was left alone. Although she managed to drive back the remaining Rahi, her injuries was fatal and soon died afterwards. Phonox not only blames himself, but as well as the Makuta for Kyona's death. As a result, Phonox has a strong hatred for Makuta and his followers and will do anything to make sure they get the same fate as Kyona, only much more painful. WEAKNESS: Phonox is very stubborn and has a "ask questions later" mentality. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Macto a.k.a. "Mac"Species: MatoranElement: Air Gender: Male Mask: Noble Rau Weapon(s): Bamboo Disk, Throwing KnifeAppearance: macto.pngAbilities: Mac is a very athletic Matoran, having more agility, speed, and strength than the average Matoran. He also mastered the Le-Matoran Kohlii Skill of Accuracy. Mac also is extremely well at vine swinging and riding Gukko.Personality: Mac is very talkative, typical of a Le-Matoran. Moral: Pure goodHistory: Mac was a fomer member of the Gukko Force. After the dissappearance of the Toa, fear and panic rose like a rocket. As a result, crime began taking place as well. Mac's best friend, Julo (also in the Gukko Force), was killed by a common criminal. The criminal was eventually brought to justice, but Macto realized the truth of it all: Le-Koro needed to be saved from being engulfed in crime. So he went away for a certain time to train in combat, Gukko flying, and other skills that would help him in his quest to save Le-Koro, and hopefully, just maybe, all of Mata Nui.Animal Allies: Tutu, a Gukko. Tutu is an average Gukko that Mac tamed during his time training. Tutu is trained to be rush to Mac's side by a simple, rhythmic whistle. Like all other Gukko used by the Force, Tutu has a mechanical Disk Launcher, as well as a saddle that can hold extra weapons and supplies strapped to him. WEAKNESS: Despite Mac's above average combat skills and physical abilities, he is just a Matoran and can be easily overpowered by a Toa or any other similar being.

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Name: TirasSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Tall, Muscled Toa with medium arms and legs, cold grey eyes and a mask that looks like a Calix/Iden, large chestplate and armorPowers:Element: SonicsWeapons: a elemental katana blade. Mask: MahikiAlignment: Lawful EvilBio: Tiras was once a peaceful and irrational De-Matoran. He was alot like a Vultraz to his village, which expelled him. He wandered his way around, eventually finding a Toa whos life was about to end. Quickly, the Toa made use to his last remaining power, and made a Toa Stone. Tiras was empowered by this and immediatly brought revenge to his old village. He slaughtered everyone- even destroyed their most sacred temple. Weakness: Sequences of grief of the attack on his village still spar with him, and distrupts his thoughts.DECEASEDName: EamerzonSpecies: Jovak: a Toa-like species that is more agile and water-likeGender: FemaleAppearance: Slim, dark blue, silver, and gold colored with silver forearm plates sticking out a foot, silver armor and changeable flipper feet.Powers: Elemental ElectricityWeapons: Electric Whip and 5 daggers, Mask: Kualsi looking like a Kaukau NuvaAlignment: NeutralBio: Eamerzon started her life as a stranger on Mata-Nui. Being the only kind of her species left her out on many things the islanders were doing. She wasn't vengeful, but a little bit confused. She took an interest in Ko-Matorans, with their eccentric isolationist attitudes, lived with them, hoping to find a relation. She often helped the Matoran there in creating the Wall of Propheces. Weakness: Eamerzon is very weak to earth, stone, and fire elements.(hiatus)Name: JagorikSpecies: VortixxGender: MaleAppearance: An average male vortixx, scarred with crafting devices, silver and black, with a major slash across his back, cracked armor, dreary blue eyes, torn up cloakPowers: noneWeapons: Cybernetic implants( Increase stamina, agility, etc.) Electro Chute BladeAlignment: Neutral(more evil than good)Bio: Jagorik was a master crafter on Xia, although he was in slaver labor. He was beaten many times by his master, whi eventually died in a manafacturing accident. Jagorik escaped his poor life as a worker and lived on Mata-Nui. He spends most of his times in the Xa-Koro bars, getting drunk and telling stories.Weakness: Jagorik is slow and frail, only his implants help him.(hiatus)Name: DitrukSpecies: ToaGender: MaleApearance: Black Komau, strong body, tan and brown limbs, crimson eyes, grey scars around bodyPowers: Elemental StoneWeapons: Spiked Battle Hammer, Mask: VolitakAlignment: NeutralBio: Ditruk's Toa team vanished in Xa-Koro, trying to find the ancient ruins. Ditruk wasn't allowed to go, since he was not experienced enough. When he heard of his teams death, he rushed all the way there with his Kakama. He fell into a depression, and only the scholars of Ko-Koro could hep him. He recovered, but not without some anger management. He stays around Ko-Koro, just to keep others around him safe.Weakness: Ditruk can sadasticly charge at people sometimes(technical hiatus)Name: SenatosSpecies: ToaGender: MaleApearance: Lean, good-looking, scarred all over, metallic pearl mask, gray and white limbs and torso, war armorPowers: Elemental power of EarthWeapons: gladius, shield, a mask that looks like this. Mask of sensory aptitude. Alignment: NeutralBio: Senatos was a natural born tactician, fighting minor skrimishes in the Le-Koro forest, succeding in all. He was battle driven, nothing could stop him. He wants to be a grand warrior in the eyes of his peers and elders.Weakness: Fire and Ica elementsName: GaeaSpecies: ToaGender: FemaleAppearance: A toa that looks like a merged between the earth itself and plantlife.Element: PlantlifeWeapons: Thronstick: a baseball bat like thing with poison spines.Mask: Kanohi CalixAlignment: True EvilBio: Gaea was a malicious Toa who craves power and loves Senatos. She will stop at nothing, even if it means killing allies.Weakness: Insanity and fireName: KirbatiSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: A strong and lean build with blue highlights on body.Element: EarthWeapons: Kopaka-style bladeMask: MiruAlignment: GoodBio: Kirbati lived all his life in Onu-Wahi. He loved the vast underground, seemingly endless. He waged a war against Makuta, at the expense of voice. He is very quiet but not shy and will fight is he has to. Makuta agents routinely follow and attack him. He has stopped the curse from continuing and fixed his throat. Weakness: Kirbati isn't much of a fighter, and is not fast at all(hiatus)Name: AyraSpecies: ToaGender: FemaleAppearance: A bloodied, smashed, body but slim and strong. Her mask appears to be a mask of Undeath, but no one knows what it is. Her wrist is chained to Revan.Powers: IceWeapons: NoneMask: MatatuAlignment: GoodBio: Ayra qas one of the Toa who fought against Revan when he tried to conquer the island. She enslaved by him during the final moments. She has kept sane, but she isn't alright.Weakness: Fire, Revan, spiders(hiatus)Name: RevanSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: This.Powers: Element: FireWeapons: A longsword with a protosteel edgeMask: SanokAlignment: EvilBio: Revan was a very evil Toa, buring evryone he deemed enemies. He gathered an army larger than a Koro, and rampaged across the island. Many people died, but the Toa prevailed. Revan was pushed back into Xa-Koro, where he tends to his slave, Ayra.Weakness: Water elementals(hiatus)Name: FyriinGender: FemaleSpecies: Krish: A tall and menacing being with clawed finger tips and a wolf-like face. Appearance: A dark colored Krish with red smears of an unknown substance. Wears a cloak and a mask like this at all times.Alignment: NeutralPowers: Elemental Power of IronWeapons: None Mask: Kanohi Fyriin: Gives the user the ablility to teleport through shadows.Biography: Fyriin was a corrupted soul with a thirst for blood. She hates everything around her, and is willing to make sacrifices to accomplish her goal. Life is precious and horrible to her, and is conflicted very much, although her stance on things remain the same: death.Weakness: Fire, Gravity, Magnetism, nice people(hiatus)Name: DhaejunGender: MaleSpecies: SkakdiAppearance: A Navy blue colored Skakdi with sliver forearms and thighs. Both eyes are black.Alignment: NeutralPowers: Elemental Power of Sonics, Impact VisionMask: NoneWeapons: Zamor Sphere Launcher; Zamors are Thermal Explosions. Also has a broadspear.Bio: Dhaejun was a warrior bent on destruction. He could not stop fighting. The Matoran declared unanimous war against him after stealing fruit from a Vuata Maca tree. He went in hiding in Le-Koro. He has tried to find a Skakdi multiple times to use his sonic powers to shatter beings.Weakness: Magnetism, Air, Stone, Water.Name: YsimarSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: A dark Toa with lashes on his back, a disfigured face, lean and strong, mask is a half of another.Powers: AirMask: TrynaWeapons: Sword GauntletsAlignment: MakutaBio: Ysimar was a good Toa soul who was tortured by Makuta to gain a pawn. Ysimar used to be Ramisy, a much liked Toa in Le-Koro. A Manas attack commenced, and Ramisy was a victim. His life is a shell of what it formerly was. Makuta let him loose to eliminate the Chronicler's Company.Weakness: Stone, Earth, MagnetismName: KhaedSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: A broad shouldered Toa with a trenchcoat padded with metal plates, collar reaching up to his pearly white eyes, wears a wide brimmed hat with a transcucent feather. Waist belted with magazines and weapons.Powers: MagnetismMask: HunaWeapons: A crossbow, two knives and a blowgun concealed in coat, smoke grenades on belt, extenable swords from wrists, and a one-shot cannon pistolAlignment: Neutral EvilBio: Khaed was once a Nynrah Ghost, although he was a Magnetism Matoran. No one knew of course. When Mata-Nui was discovered, Khaed traveled via Toa canister. Similar to the Toa Mata only more severe. Khaed lost all his past memory permanently. He fough against Revan, and was a lover of Ayra. He began to kill for the riches after the war.Weakness: Water, Stone, Earth, and Plantlife.Name: NirkeSpecies: ToaGender: FemaleAppearance: A slim Toa of Water with decorations of teeth and fins over her shoulders and chest.Powers: Element of WaterWeapons: Nirke wields her Tarakava Battlehammer, which can channel her elemental energy through it.Mask: Kanohi KaukauAlignment: NeutralPersonality: Nirke is generally quiet, only speaking when neccesary, leaving her in a cloud of mystery.Bio: Nirke began as a small fisher in the village of Ga-Koro. She stayed in a small hut off of the village, where she resided peacefully. As she dove into the water underneath her house, a shine alarmed her at the bottom of the ocean. A Toa Stone was left on the ground, with rocks moved away, showing someone intended it to be there. That was when she transformed into the Toa she is today, saving the lost beings out in sea while hunting for the people of Ga-Koro.Weakness: Fire elementals and stronger and more robust beings

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*cracks knuckles*Name: PerkahnGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: IronAlignment: Neutral GoodAppearance: He's a brown and dark red armored Toa, with a brown mask. There are some scars jutting from one edge of his mask to the other, and severe burns covering his right arm.Mask: KakamaWeapon: A battleaxePersonality: Perkahn doesn't give a Karz about the Makuta, the war, good and evil or any similar concepts. And he doesn't give a Karz that he's a Toa and supposed to fight the great Shadow. He doesn't give a Karz if everyone dies or if everyone joins hands and sings Kumbaya. He knows he won't be there. He'll be in his shelter in Le-Wahi, and won't give a Karz about anyone who walks into one of his Ash Bear traps. They can get out by themselves.Despite his tendency toward loneliness and his lack of a concern for what's going on in the war, Perkahn is a pretty lighthearted, extroverted character when he's actually in a group of people and not out alone in the wilds. He's not one to be the life of the party, but he's certainly its soul, and has no qualms about a good time with his few friends by a glass of mead. He may seem quiet, even dour, but once you get to know him, he's pretty quick about opening up.Biography: Perkahn is an exile, banished from Ta-Koro long ago. For as long as he can remember, ever since that, he's been spending time alone in the wilderness. Poor's the guy who tries touching whatever Perkahn's shelter is at the time. A tent made out of leaves. A small wooden fortress. It doesn't matter. There's always a point at which a wrong touch can make the whole structure collapse. That's Perkahn for you, never can make it right completely. But he'll be willing to axe a head or two off anyone who tries touching that structure. And he'll do it quite cleanly.Weakness: The battleaxe is heavy, meaning he needs strength to lift it. Meaning, if he's desperately weak and injured he'll probably drop it before struck down. Meaning, he'll fall sooner than most people would - if one'd damage him enough.Theme song: Ready for the Storm - Dougie Maclean

Name: Arkei

Gender: Male

Species: Toa

Element: Stone

Alignment: Chaotic/Lawful/True Neutral (?)

Appearance: Of average weight and height for a Toa, Arkei is hardly a man of distinctive appearance. Or at least, that's the typical impression others have of him, before they notice his gaze. Unlike many, Arkei's gaze is piercing, analytical, and sharp, like a cold iron arrow right up your spine was wrenching its way, slowly, inside right toward your heart.

Mask: Pakari

Weapon: two wristblades

Personality: Arkei is not cold, as one might be deluded to think upon first meeting him. Quite the contrary - Arkei's heart burns with a flame of rage, will, defiance, and courage. He is patient and entirely dedicated to his goals, at the expense of everything else. Building any sort of friendship with Arkei is difficult, but has its rewards - though his group of friends is extremely narrow, he feels a true and honest obligation to each of them.

Biography: Extremely little is known about Arkei's past. The information that is still possible to dig up currently stands at, "He lived in a small village in the middle of nowhere." That village was itself burned down long ago by a group of infected Nui-Jaga. How Arkei himself survived it is unknown.

Weakness: You'll find he's traded agility for brute force. He's not a bulky nigh unmoving block like the Hulk, he's just less endowed with agility than the average Toa.

Theme song: Night of the Hunter - 30 Seconds to Mars


Name: CaerinnGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: MagnetismAlignment: Neutral EvilAppearance: The funny thing is, the rules of how Toa usually have a color scheme where one color applies to a certain number of limbs don't seem to apply to Caerinn. By some strange unfortunality, the colors of slate gray and dark black twist and turn 'round each other in the most chaotic way imaginable on the surface of this Toa's armor. The only part of his body that seems to follow the rules is his mask - it's plain black.Mask: HunaWeapon: a long, yet light falchion that he usually carries on his back.Personality: Though this particular Toa does not have any strong tendency towards wit or intelligence, he's not one prone to stupid decisions either. He's usually calm, sometimes to the level that it actually may frighten people, and doesn't seem to care at all what others think or feel - he doesn't seem to think or feel himself, actually. The only feeling that may be left in him is that of subordination - if he feels that another is hierarchically above him, he'll most likely obey. Unless that another happens to be an enemy.Biography: Caerinn's past is rather shrouded in mystery, but one thing is clear, plain and simple; he's not one of the good guys. If it is not Makuta who commands Caerinn, it is definitely something on par. Why? Because every decision he makes, everything he does, seems to serve no one but someone who with all of their might desires a complete and utter end to the Matoran and their civilization. He may burn down a watchtower, or he may slaughter a detachment of a village's guardsmen. Whatever the case, everyone can be sure that when Caerinn arrives, nothing good is bound to happen.Weakness: Caerinn is a soldier, not a general. Therefore, he's not really good at making complex decisions; not skilled at tactics, diplomacy or overall strategy. Anything that requires wit rather than skill is pretty much out of his league.Theme song: End of all Hope - NightwishName: CylundGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: PlasmaAlignment: Neutral GoodAppearance: His armor is colored in various shades of lighter or darker orange. He's pretty tall, but not particularly thin, and has a comparably average build.Mask: HauWeapon: Two long, narrow blades that he dual-wields and carries strapped to his back.Personality: Some have, in their time, said that it is almost impossible to shut Cylund up. It wasn't a particularly true depiction. While Cylund may be loud and rather active, it's rather rare that he goes to the level of being annoying. It happens. But not often.Biography: Cylund is a mercenary. No ifs, whys, ands, or buts. Cylund is a mercenary for the simple reason that it just so happened he needed money, and fighting was a thing he did rather well. Sure, when the Makuta attacks, he'll do his part for free. But on his own... he needs to take care of himself a bit too.What does Cylund dream of? Having his own mercenary company. A big one, a trustworthy one, that would have both fame and fortune, for those two things aren't that easy to achieve on your own. Plus, slaughtering people's more fun when you have friends.Weaknesses: Due to his general focus on his weapon skills, his elemental powers have slightly atrophied. He's not quite as good with them as other Toa. He exhausts his elemental energy quicker and he's got less control on it.Theme song: F-F-F-Falling - The RasmusName: AcissiaGender: FemaleSpecies: VortixxElement: N/AAlignment: Chaotic NeutralAppearance: Tall, lean, slender, considered attractive by most terms in the Matoran Universe and a particular beauty amongst the Vortixx.Mask: N/AWeapon: Acissia carries spears. Multiple of them. She usually carries about three lightweight throwing spears, and one heavier and longer to use in close-range combat. They're all tipped with poison.Personality: Acissia is remarkably good-natured for a female Vortixx - or so she seems, anyway. She can be manipulative and deceitful when she so desires, and she desires quite often to be so - but she prefers coercing and persuading people into furthering her goals rather than stabbing them. She also has quite a fondness for gold, diamonds, and other shiny things.Biography: Acissia's past is rather unknown, but one thing she does not lack for is money. She's not exactly rich - but she's certainly not poor, and she aims to, hopefully, get a lot richer soon. Because one thing that Acissia loves is a good life.At some point in the past, Acissia met Xilecki, and the two formed the concept and the fulfillment of the concept of the Crucible.Weaknesses: you might guess that bribing Acissia is a pretty easy thing. She's also not that strong, preferring her agility in combat.Theme song: I Want It All - QueenName: ElianneGender: FemaleSpecies: ToaElement: LightningAlignment: Neutral GoodAppearance: Elianne is widely acknowledged, by everyone who knows her, as a great beauty. Tall, slender, and with a figure more than enough to drive any mortal Toa mad. Elianne's armor has a blue-and-gold color scheme, and her mask is painted with swathes of blue woad paint.Mask: RauWeapon: an electrified lance and a shield.Personality: Elianne is not the typical quiet girl you'd come to expect - well, when you ignore her face paintings, that threaten anyone from a distance. While generally nice and civilized, you just try to get on her nerves and you'll get a sword up the throat. That's not a figure of speech.Biography: Elianne is an orphan, and one that doesn't even know where her parents went. All she knows is what the sisters at the Mount Ihu hermit monastery she grew up at told her: they found her, still a child, in the Drifts of Ko-Wahi. At said monastery, she was taught the arts of war, and when she came of age, she set out with two goals in mind. Firstly, finding her parents, somehow; secondly, and for her more importantly, assisting with the war effort against Makuta.Weaknesses: Elianne's temper is not long at all.Theme song: Sirius - Alan Parson ProjectLegal disclaimer: the following profile is not an expy of EW. It's a (partial) expy of the A Song Of Ice and Fire character he's currently named himself after on BZPower.Name: TyrionGender: MaleSpecies: MatoranElement: FireAlignment: Lawful NeutralAppearance: Tyrion is not a particularly attractive Matoran by most standards; more than enough a reason for his father to disown him at birth, which, coupled with the fact that his mother died giving birth to him, left him in a situation as the hated child of the family. He hasn't got many scars or anything, and his build is rather short and weak; as you might guess, he's not much of a soldier.Mask: ArthronWeapon: Tyrion carries a dagger, and whatever he can get his hands on at the moment. His most powerful weapon, however, is gold.Personality: Tyrion is shrewd, educated, and calculating, but receives little respect for this from his father, because of his deformity, and the death of his mother during his birth. He is capable of much, much cruelty to his enemies, delivered in the most manipulative and creative manner, but also has great sympathy for fellow outcasts and the mistreated.Biography: Tyrion was born two hundred years ago, to one of the wealthiest noble families on Mata Nui; however, unfortunately, during his birth, his mother died, not to mention Tyrion was born a deformed "abomination", as the local priest called him. This earned him no great love from his father. As the second son of his father, he was entitled to little to no worthwhile inheritance, so, upon reaching adulthood, he chose to leave his family manor for the vastnesses of Mata Nui, hoping to discover a meaning of life for himself, somewhere out there beyond the seven horizons.Weaknesses: if you see him fighting, it's probably played for laughs.Theme song: Going Down In Flames - 3 Doors Down

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  • [*]Appearance: Tall and lean with light black armor made to facilitate free movement.[*]Name: Vingza[*]Species: Vortixx[*]Gender: Female[*]Powers and/or weapons: Battleaxe(axe when not in combat can have it's weight adjusted, very sharp_. Elemental Gauntlet(extracts elemental blasts that can be slightly controlled from user, power depends on users: morals, mood, species and about a dozen other things), Long Knife[*]Alignment: Mercenary.[*]Personality and history: Calm even in danger, opportunistic and persuasive. Vingza was on a cargo ship carrying weapons from Xia to some virtually unknown island when a storm wrecked the ship and killed the crew leaving only her alive. Salvaging some weapons from the wreckage she decided to make a new life for herself. This businesswoman turned mercenary is ready for almost anything.[*]Anything else deemed necessary: Vingza is a skilled thief and locksmith[*]Weakness(es): Physically weak and untrained in combat. The Elemental Gauntlet is very unreliable.

  • [*]Appearance: Tall if he would stand up straight but is constantly hunched over. Has purple armor with many long sharp spikes on it. [*]Name: Voidan[*]Species: Skakdi[*]Gender: Male[*]Powers and/or weapons: Laser Vision. Long halberd with the head made of weaken kanoka and the spiked end made of freeze kanoka, can split halberd into two pieces for close combat. Wide variety of knifes and daggers.[*]Alignment: Mercenary[*]Personality and history: Cannot remember his past life due to many head wounds, works with Vingza as the teams brawn. Skilled with weapons[*]Anything else deemed necessary: very strong[*]Weakness(es): not intelligent and will sometimes briefly forget what he was doing.

And for anybody who needs this:

  • [*]Appearance:[*]Name:[*]Species:[*]Gender:[*]Powers and/or weapons:[*]Alignment:[*]Personality and history:[*]Anything else deemed necessary:[*]Weakness(es):

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-The Broken-


Name: Known as Nika Draen

Gender: Male

Species: Vortixx

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Himself)

Appearance: Nika is, while a specimen of above-average physical prowess, still lankier and skinnier than most Vortixx, which combined with a pronounced slouch, makes most beings to consider him rather weak and unimpressive at first glance.


His left hand is purely mechanical from the elbow down, with his “hand” including a retractable taloned tip for each finger (one of the foreign tech items). Nika’s thin, light-weight armour is coloured jet black over his chest, shoulders and thighs, with his shins, stomach and arms coloured slate grey.


His face is savage, to say the least, with a hard, wolfish smile and leaf-green eyes which have long-since clouded over with insanity. He also has high, sharp cheekbones, giving him a gaunt, hungry appearance.

Equipment: Nika carries an ancient, modified lightstone sniper rifle, older than even he is, which is still as lethal as it was when it was first created (as well as capable of being disassembled into four different parts). Firing silently, it unfortunately takes longer to cool down and reload in-between shots, due to its increased range. (Another of the foreign tech items) He wields two daggers which he holds in his belt, as well as his mechanical hand.

Dominant Hand: Right

Home: A small hut on the outskirts of Ga-Wahi.

Widgets: 317

Personality: Amoral, cold, psychotic...these are some of the milder things that Nika has been called throughout his adult life. Few beings have ever seen the assassin show any emotion beyond disdain, with fewer living to tell the tale.


It should be noted, though, that with his cold exterior, he hides an incredibly broken and confused mind and spirit, filled with conflicting emotions which he hides from the world.


However, on those rare moments when he has ever reached the cusp of sanity, or the rock-bottom depths of madness, he’s prone to bouts of depression and/or uncontrolled rage, which often include sadistic or masochistic actions to be brought on.

Biography: Nika’s parents arrived on Mata-Nui shortly after the defeat of the Toa Mata, with no idea how they arrived there, or how to get back to Xia. However, intent on building a future for themselves, they worked hard to make a living, having two children during that time: Nika and his sister, Kapi.


The Vortixx family journeyed across the island, selling their services as engineers and inventors. For years, this worked well, with the Draen’s managing a good living, and the two children growing up in a warm, nurturing (for Xian standards) environment.


But it was on one of these voyages where disaster struck. A caravan of bandits attacked the family, robbing them and setting fire to their campsite. Caught unawares, only Nika was believed to have escaped the blaze.


Fleeing from the scene, the deeply disturbed adolescent Vortixx had to fend for himself in the world. With only his father’s lightstone rifle, Nika took whatever work he could, including mercenary jobs. At first, such things sickened him, but the inescapable need for widgets and the deepening psychological scars from his family’s death quickly broke him, turning Nika into the killing machine he is today.


Recently, though, things have changed. Letters have started arriving from his family, claiming that they managed to survive the fire and are looking for him. However, Nika, refusing to believe that his parents and sister could have lived and let him suffer in the world, remains steadfast in his belief that these beings are nothing more than frauds trying to trick him and he has yet to look deeper into the matter.

Weaknesses: Nika’s growing lack of sanity, combined with his problems with drink have serious effects on his skills in killing and in everyday life, causing hallucinations, bouts of depression/sub-psychotic rage and lack of emotional depth.


Also, due to his build, Nika has a lacking in physical strength, relying mainly on secrecy and speed in his fights.

Skills: Nika is an excellent sniper with a remarkable track records (when he’s not too inebriated or insane), as well as a certain amount of skill in close-range combat, though he tries to avoid that whenever possible.


-The Idealist-


"I'm no hero. Not yet, anyway."


Name: Lux Saran

Gender: Male

Species: Matoran

Equipment: Any sane being would probably assume that, as a former blacksmith, Lux would generally carry a hammer with him as a weapon. However, they would fail to realize just how idealistic this Matoran is. Having heard many a story about heroes, Lux fashioned himself a claymore, perfectly balanced, fitting his hand like a glove.


After his rescue of Delta, and her subsequent departure, Lux had been carrying around one of her old short swords, with a black, leaf-shaped blade. While not the best fit for the budding nomad, he keeps it more as a memento of their time together.


Plus, he's got half a dozen bamboo disks. Just thought I'd mention that.

Kanohi: Powerless Kakama

Element: StoneAlignment: Neutral Good (Delta Stratos; Hakilve; Mata-Nuian Government)

Personality: If there was a prize for who could act as an entire island's "little brother", there would be absolutely no competition for Lux to beat. The guy's idealistic to a fault, hopelessly out of touch with civilization in general (which may have something to do with being raised in a cavern for most of his life), and incredibly generous and forgiving (even to those who really don't deserve it). However, while it may take a lot to get on his bad side, if you do, yo should start writing up your will immediately. Lux will stop at nothing to, well...stop you.

Appearance: Approximately a head taller than most Matoran here, years of forging have caused Lux to became reasonably muscular, though he's certainly no body-builder. He's cute in an awkward-in-his-own-skin sort of way, with a slight slouch stemming from years of trying to duck people's attention.


This particular Po-Matoran wears a set of light-weight, yellow armour, with a dozen odd symbols carved into his chest-plate, for which he gives no explanation. Behind his similarly-coloured Kanohi, you'll find sea-green eyes which sparkle like the ocean at sunset, with a scar crossing over his right eye from a battle with Delta.

Widgets: 257

Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous, though he favours his right.

Biography: Lux was born and raised in a secret cavern (known as the Great Refuge, after the legends of Artakha) deep within the tunnels of Onu-Wahi, by a community of Matoran who had migrated there after the First Toa failed in their mission. Once he was of age, he became an apprentice blacksmith, where he showed incredible skill, as well as studying music in his free time.


However, three years ago, everything changed. The elders of their village, based on the news brought by merchants and adventurers, sensed a subtle change on the island, one that could be used to bring about the end of the century-long darkness. The village chose a number of strong, compassionate Matoran, including Lux, to go out into the world, and work to make it a better place.


Upon his arrival into the outside world, Lux met an aspiring Onu-Matoran engineer, Delta Stratos. The two became fast friends, and journeyed together for at least a year. Unfortunately, both realized they had different duties in life, and were forced to go their separate ways.


For years, Lux wandered the island, doing good were he could. Eventually, he met a Toa of Water, named Solia, and the two decided to travel to Le-Koro together. Along the way, they met the Ko-Toa Zaveno in Onu-Koro, where Lux learned that Delta had been captured by infected Nui-Rama.


Upon reaching the village of air, the trio met the beginnings of the Island Liberation Squad, and participated in the battle for Lake Pala, where Lux, with the aid of his friends, defeated an infected Stratos. The three split up at that point, with Solia deciding to work with the ILS, and Lux leaving to nurse Delta back to health. Shortly after that, he met the Toa of Stone; Hakilve, and the Vortixx; Readra, who offered to teach him in combat. Discovering that Delta had left upon her recovery, the Po-Matoran took they up on the offer.


Eventually, the new trio found themselves at Casa Juturna, attending the wedding of Tillian and Emotia, where Lux was knocked unconscious during the Mark Bearers' attack. He and Hakilve continued travelling after that, winding up in Po-Koro, where they too parted ways, leading Lux to travel back to Onu-Koro.Weakness: Lux did not actually complete his combat training, so his fighting skill is only half-decent (at best). But even with the additional training he received from Readra and Hakilve, his kind and idealistic nature can be easily exploited by those cunning enough to trick him.

Theme Song: "Hero" by Skillet.

-The Bruiser-Name: Plagia SimulGender: FemaleSpecies: ToaEquipment: Twin Katana, which she keeps strapped to her back.Kanohi: HauElement: LightningAlignment: Neutral GoodPersonality: Fierce, tough, but extremely loyal, Plagia is not one you want to mess with. Generally sarcastic and cocky, she has a tendency of using humour as a defence mechanism.Physical Description: A lithe, slightly short Toa with blue and yellow armour.Biography: Once, she and her brother Rynekk were the Toa of a small island. Then, during a diplomatic mission to a nearby island colony, she, Rynekk and the two Turaga they were escorting were caught in a freak storm. When she awoke, she had washed up on the shores of Mata Nui, with nothing but herself, and with no knowledge of the whereabouts of Rynekk or the others. She eventually met up with the amnesiac Toa, Akinii, and the two travelled the island, trying to solve their respective mysteries. Upon discovering that her brother had joined Makuta, however, she seems to have given up trying to get back home, at least until Rynekk has turned back.She and Akinii made it to the newly-formed, Pala-Koro (along with Mussiki and JiMing), where they joined the ILS, and fought in the Rama Hive battle.Weakness: Plagia is extremely stubborn, sticking to an idea despite anything anyone else might say. She can also miss the obvious solution when it presents itself. She's also something of a loose cannon in combat.-The Pirate-


Name: GunnerGender: MaleSpecies: ToaEquipment: Given his extensive training in sword-fighting, Gunner carries a protodermic broadsword, which he keeps sheathed in a leather sheath on his back.Kanohi: Kanohi Miru, Mask of LevitationElement: AirPower: Gunner has incredibly detailed control over both his elemental abilities over air and his mask powers of levitation, often using the two in conjunction to "fly".Alignment: (Chaotic Neutral) Infernavika, Grochi, PerkahnPersonality: Arrogant, obnoxious and sadistic can be used to describe Gunner, but that's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his personality. He is all of those things, but once you look beyond his outward persona of an icy, harsh and condescending loner, you'd find a few shreds of goodness within him, parts of his identity that he only shows towards those who have earned his respect. He's not a nice guy, by any definition of the word, but neither is he a complete waste of space. On the battlefield, Gunner shows a remarkable quick-wittedness, ruthlessness, as well as an incredible determination to finish any job he's begun. Off the battlefield, however, all of these traits create a sharp-tongued and thoroughly unlikable individual.Physical Description: Tall and lanky, Gunner manages to make up for his rather unimpressive physique through his confident and regal bearing, an image capped off by his chiselled jaw, sharp cheekbones and glimmering black eyes. He wears fairly average armour, useful in battle or over casual conversation, whose pure greyish-green hue has been worn away by time, leaving it a ghost of what it once was, rusted, scratched and otherwise marred. Gunner has attempted to hide this by wearing his (now signature) black, ratty overcoat and matching fedora (the latter of which he gave to Mimira upon her arrival on the 'Vika).Biography: All of Gunner's early life is a mystery, as he says nothing about it. All that has been found is that he was once the successful (and no less smarmy) proprietor of the Rama Hive, one of the most successful inns in all of Po-Koro until a group of Toa shut it down upon discovering that he was operating a secret arms dealership out of it. Gunner managed to escape before they could arrest him, but has been on the run for the last six months. Recently, though, he's joined the crew of the Infernavika, becoming the Quartermaster, and later First Mate of the ship.Fighting Style: Gunner prefers softening his opponents up from a distance with his abilities over air and wind, before closing in and fighting them face-to-face. He's also a true pragmatist, with few scruples when it comes to battle.Weaknesses: His arrogance causes him to underestimate his opponents, as well as refusing aid when it's offered if he feels he can handle the situation (and his judgement is generally skewed when it comes to this). He often fails to realize when he's genuinely offended someone (or he does and he just doesn't care) which hasn't gotten him many friends. Also, Gunner's determination and stubbornness in life and battle tend to cause him more harm than is required, since he just doesn't know when to call it quits on something.-The Atoner-Name: Rynekk SimulGender: MaleSpecies: ToaEquipment: A solid, weathered spear.Kanohi: KakamaElement: StoneAlignment: Chaotic GoodPersonality: More noble than he was previously, but still maintains a certain mean streak. Harbours immense guilt over his involvement with Makuta, and has set himself on a journey to redeem himself for that.Physical Description: A stout Toa, wearing armour designed to resemble the colour of an infected Kanohi, as well as a cloak. He recently traded that cloak for a black, weathered duster.Biography: Once, he and his sister Plagia were the Toa of a small island. Then, during a diplomatic mission to a nearby island colony, he, Plagia and the two Turaga they were escorting were caught in a freak storm. When he awoke, he had washed up on the shores of Mata Nui, separated from his sister, and with no knowledge of the island. He wandered for a week, until he collapsed from fatigue, dehydration and starvation. When he awoke, he found an infected Nui-Rama dead in front of him. Thankful for the unexpected gift, he donned it's infected mask (to this day, it is unknown how he resisted the powers of the Kanohi, however it most likely aided his descent into darkness). He soon discovered a village, where he learned of the legend of Makuta. Realizing who his savior was, he pledged his allegiance to the dark one, resolving to find Plagia and (if she's alive) show her 'the light'.Weakness: His severe guilt and regret about joining Makuta can be a hinder on him, either by emotionally crippling him or causing him to lash out violently for undisclosed reasons.-The Tinkerer-Name: Delta StratosGender: FemaleSpecies: MatoranEquipment: Two short swords (one for each hand). However, she left one of these to her friend Lux.Kanohi: Powerless Kanohi AkakuElement: EarthAlignment: Neutral GoodPersonality: Brave and loyal, slightly jaded, but still a fairly happy person. She's slightly reckless, tending to take a lot of not needed risks. She also has a habit of trying to hide any fear or insecurity she may have with a shield of sarcasm.Physical Description: A standard Onu-Matoran, with a black-grey body.Biography: Originally a simple miner, Delta was later employed as an engineer, showing prowess for fixing things. During one of his travels, she and Lux would meet, where a strong friendship started. They journeyed together for a number of years, attempting to do good on the island. They worked well together, but it soon became apparent that they both had very different plans for life. Lux was a true nomad, not able to stay in one place, and too kind for his own good. Delta was certain that she was born to be an engineer. The choice to go their separate ways was mutual, and they still kept in touch after that.However, during an expedition into the swamps of Le-Koro, prospecting a new mine entrance, she was captured by a swarm of Rama, and donned an Infected Mask. Currently, she's hunting Lux, as the strong memories she has of him are...confusing for her, and she feels that if he's dead, she'll be free of such distractions. She found Lux, but with the held of his friends, Solia and Zaveno, he managed to stop her, destroying her Infected Mask, and nursing her back to health. Shortly afterwards, Delta left their company, heading back to Onu-Koro to restart her life.

Weakness: Delta is a born risk-taker, often looking for the hardest way to do something, just to prove she can do it.-The Hero-Name: LumiraGender: FemaleSpecies: MatoranEquipment: Two tantos (one of which she lost in a fight against Bartan)Kanohi: Powerless Great-Style MiruElement: AirAlignment: (Neutral Good) Loosely affiliated with the ILF.Personality: Generally light-hearted and casual, Lumira believes in heroism with every fibre of her being. She’s totally committed to doing good deeds, and stopping evil, although she tends to have little success with it. Off the battlefield, she gives off the impression of being rather clumsy. In battle though, she reveals herself to be a very quick thinking and resourceful warrior.Physical Description: Slightly taller than your average Matoran, Lumira wears light-weight and easily maneuverable armour. Her torso, mask, hands and feet are teal, while the rest of her body is light green. She also wears a slightly battered, jet-black blazer and a white belt/sash around her waist, where she holds her daggers.


Or, at least, she did before those particular articles of clothing were hacked to bits and abandoned during the Battle of Pala-Koro.Biography: Lumira has spent her entire life on Mata Nui, living on her own for the majority of it. Her parents died when she was very young, and she has virtually no memory of them. She managed to survive on her own very well, working as a navigator aboard numerous ships due to her extensive knowledge of the workings of the island. After the Toa Mata were defeated by Makuta, Lumira watched as the residents of her home were oppressed by the Dark One, and took it upon herself to be the hero that the island needed (albeit, with limited success so far).Weakness: Lumira is extremely headstrong, generally relying on her gut instincts to decide her actions, rather than thinking things through and formulating a plan.-The Amnesiac-Name: Peho EnibladGender: MaleSpecies: ToaEquipment: A claymore, made of polished bronze, with the words “Phoenix Blade” engraved into the blade.Kanohi: Kanohi Kadin, Mask of FlightElement: FireAlignment: (Chaotic Neutral/Chaotic Good) Island Liberation FrontPhysical Description: An exceptionally tall and broad Toa, easily a head taller than your average, with ornate (but damaged) dark red and light orange armour. He has a “collar” of armour that obscures the bottom of his face, as well as a bright yellow heart light and eyes.Biography: No one knows a thing about this Toa, least of all, himself. He woke up on the shores of Le-Wahi, with absolutely no memories, to the point of behaving like a (heavily-armoured) newborn child. Accidentally activating his Kadin, he wound up captured by the Hordika, Skaarn, who attempted to sell him into slavery. However, the mysterious Toa managed to escape, letting Lantz's personality to resurface in Skaarn's body.


Following the Xa-Koronan assault on Le-Koro, the Toa stumbled upon Aronis Ril in a hospital, convincing him to teach the amnesiac about the world around him.Personality: He’s is generally quite a kind soul, and is very loyal to his friends. However, his amnesia means he’s next-to-useless in a social setting. It also means he’s very nervous around new people or places, and puts an absurd amount of faith in his friends. That said, if you hurt anyone he likes, he has no qualms against ripping you apart with his bare hands.Fighting Style: He generally tries not to fight, but when he does, he’s right up in your face, using anything available to defeat you. This includes (but is not limited to) fire, his sword, his fists, and any furniture that may be laying around. Weakness: Due to his amnesia, he has little to no knowledge of social norms, technology or... well, anything. This makes him easily confused and disoriented, and also makes him very gullible and easily manipulated by those who are skilled enough.Theme Song: “Forbidden Friendship” - How to Train Your Dragon OST


-The Confidence Man-


Name: Shrakk Denestrum

Gender: Male
Species: Skakdi
Alignment: (Chaotic Neutral) Himself
Element: Lightning
Powers: Elemental control over electricity and lightning (in conjunction with another Skakdi), as well as laser vision.
Appearance: Call his species what you will, no one can deny that Shrakk looks dang handsome. With a strong, lean frame, squared, rugged face, and dodger blue eyes, even his characteristically ugly grin can’t diminish his attractiveness. A thin scar runs through his left eye, though it doesn’t harm his vision.
In keeping in the belief that “if one has to die, do it looking good”, Shrakk will rarely be seen in public without a clean set of silver armour, with a crisp, black three-piece suit over top.
Something important thing to note is that underneath his shirt and blazer, one will find that a set of never-quite-healed wounds where his Skakdi spines were removed years ago.
Equipment: While not a warrior by trade, Shrakk’s dealings and upbringing have required the ability to defend himself. For those reasons, he always carries a pair of sickles inside tailored sheathes found in the lining of his blazer.
Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous
Home: n/a
Widgets: 2500 on his person, another 15,000 in various deposits across Mata Nui.
Personality: Shrakk carries an aura of general amiability and jolliness, always ready and willing to crack a joke or share a drink with an interesting enough person. Add to that a surprising cunning and intellectualism often manifested in daring plots, philosophical non-sequiturs and manipulative gambits, and it’ll reveal the eccentric psyche of a confidence man.
Biography: If you were to ask Shrakk his life story a thousand times, you’d most certainly get a thousand different tales of gritty and endearing adventures made by the sort of rugged hero you’d find on the cover of a cheesy romance novel.
In truth, no one really knows all that much about the history of his strange and boisterous confidence man, and given his reputation as a consummate liar, it’s not likely anyone ever will.
Weaknesses: The wounds from the removal of his spines still hurt like the mother of all Karz for Shrakk, and the only mediums he’s found to abate the problem is a combination of heavy drinking, deep meditation and the occasional visit to an actual medical professional. However, should he neglect these practices, the pain from his injuries can be crippling at worst, and at best, can seriously impede his fighting.
In addition, his high intelligence means that his plots are often overly-complicated, and it’s difficult for him to see the obvious/simple solution to a problem.
Skills: A brilliant plotter, consummate liar and connoisseur of alcohol... these are all things that Shrakk is, in spades. Of course, given his heritage, he also has the capacity to be a skilled warrior, but he tends to avoid fighting for the most part, preferring more creative ways of problem-solving.


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Name: TwiliteGender: MaleSpecies: Toa of ElectricityAlignment: Neutral GoodAppearance: Basic Tahu Mata build, body, feet, and hands are black with white limbs. Mask is a polished silver. He keeps small things in a satchel fixed over his shoulder.Mask: Kanohi Calix, The Mask of FateWeapon: Silver sword similar to Kopaka Mata's.Powers: ElectricityPersonality: Twilite has an exciting, highly volatile, rather impulsive personality; he's a natural leader, who's quick to make decisions, though not always the right ones. He is bold and adventurous, someone who will try anything once; someone who takes chances and enjoys an adventure. Others enjoy being in his company because of the excitement he radiates. Biography: Twilite has always been alone, at least ever since he can remember. As a Matoran he liked to explore the jungles of Le-Wahi, even as dangerous as it may be. When he became a Toa, he started exploring more of the island. He has made many friends during his travels over the island. He currently resides in Ko-Koro.Weakness: FireName: TerraloGender: MaleSpecies: VortixxAlignment: NeutralAppearance: All white limbs and armor is gold.Mask: NONEWeapon: Various Knives, a long sword, and a hatchetPowers: NonePersonality: Strong and peaceful, helps whenever he sees danger. But doesn't stick around for long after the fact. He is sort of the silent type, he rathers he have his actions speak for him. Biography: Terralo is a wanderer, and we've all seen those before. He wants to join a group in the future, but he's always too nervous.Weakness: Water, EarthName: Hawke TennyrGender: MaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: GoodAppearance: Hawke is about 6'7 and is built pretty well. He isn't ripped, but is muscular. He has tan limbs and his mask is black. The armor he wears is gunmetal and covers his lower legs, chest and all of his right arm. The armor on his right arm is spiked on the shoulder and elbow. His leg armor is also spiked, at the knee and down his feet. A red cloth rests around his waist and hangs down to just above his knees. It is ripped and has holes in it. It's held by a belt with an emblem shaped as a Hau.Mask: Kanohi Kakama, Mask of SpeedWeapon: Hawke has a large sword that is worn from many years of battling, but still appears to be brand new. It is his prized possession that he made himself and keeps it in pristine condition. It has a long handle with a leather grip. The guard is gold and not that big. The blade is about 4 1/2 feet long, and is spiked on the end closest to the guard. He also has a gauntlet on his right arm, with a claw.Powers: Hawke has Fire powers that he uses, but only to an extent because he has relied on other things like physical strength and brute force for so long. He relies on his sword and gauntlet very much to attack with.Personality: Practical, traditional and organized. Hawke isn't that interested in theory or abstraction unless he sees the practical application. He has clear visions of the way things should be. Loyal and hard-working, he likes to be in charge when he's in a group. Exceptionally capable in organizing and maintaining his ideas. He values others security and the well-being of others.Biography: Hawke. It's a name whispered in dimly lit taverns all across the island of Mata Nui. Each retelling of his story brings new embellishments. In one, Hawke is a headstrong, power-hungry female Skakdi warlord, decimating whole villages in a single night. In another, Hawke is a mysterious male Matoran rouge with questionable intentions. Each inhabitant of the island that knows of Hawke seems to have a different version of his tale. The real story? Well, in the time before the Toa Mata disappeared, he was a simple Matoran that was interested in traveling, and wanted to leave the island. After the Toa disappeared into the depths of Xa-Koro, Hawke became a Toa and changed his mind about leaving the island. His intentions are now to find a way into Xa-Koro, and rescue the Toa. He has yet to accomplish this, because one man is not an army. He's looking for recruits.Weakness: Water. But he can still do water-related activities.

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Name: KethryeSpecies: ToaElement: IceGender: MaleAlignment: Neutral GoodAffiliation: Island Liberation SquadPower(s): Elemental Ice, Mask Power.Mask: Kanohi Tryna, Mask of Reanimation.Weapon(s): Basic steel longsword. Fighting-Style: Kethrye’s mode of combat is not particularly elegant, mostly consisting of hitting enemies as hard as possible with his longsword and blocking or avoiding of attacks. It's not particularly elegant, but it works.Appearance:Standard size for a Toa. Basic design beings a more streamlined version of the armor worn by the Toa Mata with three ice spikes mounted on each shoulder. His armor is primarily colored white with areas of crystal blue scattered throughout. (Image)

Personality: Kethrye is friendlier and more open then is stereotypical of Ice-associated beings, but that isn't saying much, and he still has tendencies towards introversion and general grumpiness. He is doggedly loyal to his friends and allies, but distrustful towards those who he considers dangerous. He is zealously dedicated to his goal of bringing peace to Mata Nui and bringing those that have wronged it's people to justice, especially those attacked or otherwise harmed him or his friends.Biography: Kethrye has lived most of his existence as a Matoran villager on the island of Mata Nui. Working as a hired laborer he led a mostly uninteresting live.That is, until one night shortly after the Toa Mata’s disappearance. Kethrye was walking back to Ko-Koro after a long day spent repairing one of the ice bridges that allowed travel through the snow covered mountains.In a flash, a burst of energy burst out of the night sky and collided with Kethrye, transforming the Matoran worker into a Toa.Since then he has traveled the island, protecting Matoran from Rahi and other enemies. Most recently he has joined the Island Liberation Squad, later being promoted to one of the group’s deputy leaders, helped build the village of Pala-Koro and taken part in the destruction of the Nui-Rama hive.


After Madrihk's flight from Pala-Koro during an attack by Makuta's servant he has been field promoted to the ILF's leader, something he certainly didn't sign on for.Weakness(s): Kethrye, as a Toa of Ice, is not fond of overly warm climates. A being with Fire-related powers would counteract easily his Ice power, forcing him to rely on other abilities in battle. Generally uncreative about the use of his elemental abilities,


BZPRPG Wiki Page.


- - - -Name: FeondulfSpecies: MatoranElement: IronGender: FemaleAlignment: Neutral EvilAffiliation: NonePower(s): The Parakuka Latched to her spine grants her the ability to make use of its’ energy reserves, granting her brief periods of increased speed, strength and agility. When active the Parakuka transforms he appearance into a hunched and more threatening-looking version of herself.Mask: Matoran Kanohi Kakama, Mask of Speed.Weapon(s): a cheap, basic protometal dagger; A smaller back-up knife that she hides in a pouch in her belt.Fighting-Style: Feongulf’s fighting style revolves around the use of her Parakuka, using it to increase her strength to end the fight as soon as possible. If a fight lasts longer then the time her Parakuka is active she will adapt a dodging, more cautious mode of battle (especially against more powerful opponents such as Toa or Skakdi.), in an attempt to whittle down her enemy’s strength.Appearance: She is taller and stronger than most Matoran on Mata Nui, her body is similar to those of the Metru Nui Matoran, albeit skinnier. Her skin is burn orange and her armor is primary metallic grey with some areas of bronze, including her mask. (Image)Personality: Feongulf prefers to avoid combat if possible, and will attempt to run or sneak way from most situations that involve combat. She’s a bit paranoid around others, a trait that has only grown since being latched by a Parakuka, she is still able to trust others (up to a point) enough to function in her line of work. Even with her paranoia she isn’t one to betray allies, better to keep the few you can get.She isn’t a very humorous person, and large amounts joking tend to gain her distrust, although she isn't above the occasional sarcastic comment. On Mata Nui the kind of people who keep a constant smile on their face are the same ones that will stab you in the back as soon as looks at you.She wears a cloak to hide the Parakuka attached to her spine, drawing it around her when she activates it. Life in Xa-Koro has taught her that it’s best to keep any advantage hidden, keeping your enemy unaware.Biography: Feongulf is the daughter of Fe-Matoran refugees who fled from darkness in their homeland to eventually find an uncharted island paradise.Of course, the paradise part was not completely true. The refugees soon found that the idyllic island had troubles of its’ own, the Matoran inhabitants were threatened by hordes of Rahi beasts and the island’s six Toa, heroes with a millennium of expectations behind them, had went forth to challenge the darkness gripped their home and then. . .disappeared.The family of Fe-Matoran joined some of the other newcomers in the frontier settlement of Xa-Koro, hoping to help build a place of peace. As their young daughter grew up corruption began to plague Xa-Koro, criminals and Makuta worshippers made the small city their own. Feongulf’s parents spoke out against them and hence were murdered in their sleep.Alone and without anyone to take care of her Feongulf made a living as a petty thief before eventually clawing her way up to a position of minor power within the gang run by Ferrin, an mayor Xa-Koroin crime-lord. Recently the Island Liberation Squad killed Ferrin and his gang collapsed Feongulf left the shambles of her former occupation and struck out on her own. She eventually encountered a strange, spiny creature that latched onto her back and knocked her unconscious. Feongulf awoke days later to find that the creature had bonded with her, granting her fascinating new abilities.Weakness(s): Feongulf, without her Parakuka active, is less powerful than a Toa or similar level beings, making her vulnerable after her Parakuka's burst of energy runs out during a fight.


BZPRPG Wiki Page.- - - -


Name: Kotaran


Species: Matoran


Element: Water


Gender: Male.


Alignment: Chaotic Good.


Affiliation: Ga-Koro Marines.


Power(s): None.


Mask: Powerless mask shaped like a Kanohi Suletu.


Weapon(s): A broadsword with a wave shaped edge, his fists.


Fighting-Style: Stick them with the pointy end, and switch to bare hands if needed.


Appearance: Light green-blue armor in the style most common on Mata Nui, albeit stronger and taller. Red-orange eyes.


Personality: Kotaran is usually a jovial fellow, the kind that’ll buy you a drink in a pub or laugh heartily at the slightest bit of wit, after which he’ll also probably buy you a drink. He is, as you might have inferred, fond of alcoholic beverages, although he prides himself on his ability to hold it, and so seeing him actually drunk is an uncommon occurrence.


He takes extreme pride in his job as one of his village’s defenders, even if willing to excuse or at least let off light minor offenders of things like brawling, small scale smuggling, and anything else he finds understandable, although his justice is merciless when things to cross the line and become major problems.


Biography: Kotaran lived a fairly run of the mill life in his long years as one of fighting off Rahi and keeping order in Ga-Koro, and he hasn't let the many recent tumults trouble him too much; outwardly, at any rate. Inside he’s filled with anger and sadness at things like Turaga Nokama’s death, and a faint distrust of the sudden rise to power of the Toa Arete, Kotu and the Marines should be able to handle the village themselves, aye?


Weakness: Kotaran is strong, not fast, as years of serving more or less entirely within one village leaves little chance for much running practice.


- - - -

DEADName: DAlias: VorikiSpecies: ToaElement: LighteningGender: MaleAlignment: Chaotic NeutralAffiliation: Island Liberation SquadPower(s): Element Lightning, Mask Power.Mask: Kanohi Kualsi, Mask of Quick-travel.Weapon(s): TridentFighting-Style: Kill it, with fire optional.Appearancehttp://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111213002155/bzprpg/images/5/54/D.png"](Image): Dark Purple body and mask with black limbs. Wears a cloak purely because he believes it makes him look “cooler”. After a his run in with Chronos he wears a eye patch over where his left eye used to be.Personality: He’s insane, that about sums it up. Despite his ah, checkered past he has shifted from being a murderous, wise-cracking psycho in a murderous, wisecracking psycho who works for the good guys. Because they always win, in the end.Biography: Once upon a time, Voriki worked for Ferrin, a notorious Xa-Koro crime lord, before quitting and beginning to wonder the island on a psychopathic rampage. During this time, he killed a Turaga named Sura, an action reported to Dark C Investigations, and another Turaga, which got him caught, and his eye gouged out by the detective called Chronn. He managed to escape from the detectives with use of his Kualsi and fled to Le-Wahi in an attempt to avoid pursuit.In Le-Wahi he joined up with the Island Liberation Squad, and engaged in a series of adventures that are all recounted elsewhere.Weakness(s): Due to his insane nature, D is bad at plotting any sort of comprehensible strategy beyond “Kill it with fire”. His elemental power is also week against Toa with the element Iron, as they are able to easily divert his lightning attacks to the ground using metal rods. - - - -

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Name: Krayzikk, known to most as the Avenger 'Gender: Male Species: Toa, specifically a Titan.Alignement: Unaligned Appearance: A tall titan, Krayzikk is clad in spiked Gray and Black battle-scarred armor. Weapons: His prmary weapon is a morning star, though he carries a short sword along with two hidden daggers.Powers: He has enormous strength, as befits most titans. He is also somewhat more difficult to injure than your average being. He is skilled with both his weapons and hand-to-hand combat as he did not have any elemental powers to master. As a result, all of his training went into other skills. He wears a kanohi Kualsi.Bio: Krayzikk, born without powers, was sent to train under a Toa named Song, who taught those with or without powers. While there, he befriended another student by the name of Hikarui. One day, however, a thief came to call. It is not known whether he intended to kill, but regardless he killed Hikarui when he was discovered. Soon after, Krayzikk left his teacher and began to search for revenge. The young, cheerful, being was gone, replaced by a warrior who only sought revenge. He has little contact with anyone, preferring to keep away, lest history repeat itself.Personality: Where once he was cheerful and optimistic, he has become a bitter and cold warrior. While he fights by his own moral code, to others it appears as if he has no qualms. He has grown largel out of touch with those he once knew, preferring his own comany.Weaknesses: Krayzikk has no elemental powers, and as a result relies completely on his actual combat skill. This means that when he faces an opponent with powers, elemental or otherwise, he is at a slight disadvantage. His armor is also less thick near his joints.

Name: Tarnok

Species: Onu-Matoran

Gender: Male

Appearance: Like most of those with his element, Tarnok is larger than the average Matoran. Taller, bulkier, and more muscular. His naturally black armor is largely covered by an external set of gunmetal gray armor, one carefully crafted and issued to all of Ussalry Seventh. It’s closer to plate armor, designed for maximum protection and maximum mobility. While most Matoran would be weighed down by it, he has trained with it for so long that he can act at full speed despite it. A large knife belt encircles his waist, and a crossbow is almost eternally slung across his back. His powerless Kualsi is usually set in an impassive mask.

Dominant Hand: Right

Powers: None

Abilities: Tarnok’s combat abilities are considerable, even for a Ussalmatoran. Prior to his recruitment, he trained extensively with his chosen weapons. Namely, a wide variety of knives. He knows each one, and is quite capable with them. On several occasions he has fought beings far stronger and far larger than he to a standstill at melee range. On several other occasions, he’s even won. Upon joining the Ussalry, he took up several new pieces of equipment, and strove to learn how to use each one. Though he still prefers his knives, he is adept at using his saperka, lance and even a sword if the situation calls for it. Practice with the repeating crossbow has helped him become an adept shot, even when firing from Ussal-back.


Fighting Style:

Weaknesses: Tarnok, despite all of his strengths, is still just a Matoran. In a world populated by beings far more powerful, he is at a disadvantage in almost every fight he participates in.

Widgets: Medium income

Other Possessions: In Helios’ saddlebags, he carries a well worn book, with notes scrawled in the margins.

Home: Onu-Koro

Affiliation: Ussalry


Alignment: Lawful Good

Bio: Tarnok started life as a simple miner, and were it not for a series of unfortunate events, he would have remained one.


Theme Music:

Name: RavageGender: MaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: SoundwaveAppearance: Wile other members of the Casseticons may appear strange or odd, Ravage truly takes the lying cake. His Volitak is forged in such a way that it does not appear to be a mask, but the face of a savage jaguar. The fangs that one might first assume to be part of the mask are instead Ravage's actual teeth. His teeth are incredibly long, and pointed, more weapons then for chewing food. Like most of his team, his eyes are red and his mask's eyeholes are scarily feline in appearance. But his head is not all. His entire body ,aside from his eyes, is the darkest black anyone has ever seen. It blends in perfectly with the streets of Ta-Koro at night, or the beaches of Ga-Wahi and the canyons of Po-Koro at the same time. In Onu-Koro, he is nigh on impossible to see unlesss he wants to be seen. He most commonly walks on all fours, his hands have savage metal claws welded on their back. His armor is lean, and fairly tin, but that is only because he needs it to be so.Weapons: Ravage mostly uses his teeth or claws in battle, but he does carry and assortment of small daggers in case he ever needs them.Powers: Being a Toa of Crystal, he controls that element. Volitak. Ravage is a master of both stealth and agility, being nearly impossible to see at night and only slightly more visible in day. His agility makes up for his thin armor and one might wonder whether or not he was a feline at times.Bio: No one knows much about Ravage. Soundwave found him early on and he recruited him to their cause. Ravage, unbelievably, is actually more comfortable on all fours like a cat thaan walking on two legs, though he is capable. Though capable of speech, it is unknown what he would sound like for only Soundwave has ever heard him speak. Most noises he makes are growls or hisses, sounding indistinguishable from the felines he appears to be. Unlike the rest of the Casseticons, Rabages on e true loyalty is not to the team but to Soundwave alone................Weaknesses: Thin armor.Casseticon Function: AssasinName: Laserbeak(Alias), LiaraGender: FemaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: Casseticons, Lawful GoodAppearance: Laserbeak has an incredibly avian styling. Her armor was created to resemble that of a hawk. Her boots have talons, her glove's fingers are slightly pointed and her mask, a Kadin, was forged to resemble a bird's head complete with beak, though the beak is really where her nose is. Despite all of this, she remains a very pretty toa and uses this to her advantage in her line of work. Following her change in lifestyle, Liara discarded her previous appearance, replacing her old Kadin with a new one shaped like a Miru. Her armor is more or less ordinary, and a white coat is typically worn unbuttoned over her usual attire.Weapons: Small daggers, short sword, katana, and a wooden hand-held device that fires blowdarts using compressed air behind the dart in the barrel. However, she has given up her previous style of life, and hung up her weapons. The only ones she retains are a dagger, and a few tranquilizer darts.Powers: Air, Flight. Very observant, expert in mind games. Some medical skills, just enough to be useful.Bio: Laserbeak used to perform petty crimes like theft using her abilities to excel. She quickly gained the notice of the newly formed Casseticons, and joined them without hesitation. While evil, she is not cruel. She does what needs to be done and no more and no less. She doesn't enjoy the thrill of the fight, merely the satisfaction of a job well done.


Or rather, that's who she used to be. Following a failed mission, she quit her mercenary lifestyle, and fell in with a group of Guards. When the group disbanded, she went her own way, establishing a medical clinic in her hom in Ga-Koro. With her change in appearance, she has become all but unrecognizable to anyone who had met her before.Weaknesses: Lack of conviction when confronted with murder.Casseticon Function: Spy/Interrogation/Field MedicName: Jikal/????Gender: MaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: ChaoticAppearance: Jikal is a very tall and armored toa. He frequently seems to be more immense than he is, as his armor makes himseem very imposing. His armor is of standard color. The arnor is incredibly thick, making him appear much bulkier than he really is. He wears a gold Hau. He has a poison green mark on his right shoulder.Weapons: Jikal wields a heavy broadsword, the sword being almost as tall as he is and three of his hands wide. He also wields a variety of small daggers, which he wields with great skill.Powers: Bears a Mark of Cruelty, which means that his strength increases when the emotion cruelty is present, and the increase is directly proportional to the level of the emotion.(Credit to MicroSnipe) Being a toa of Lightning, he has control over lightning.Bio: For a long time, Jikal was an ordinary toa, ordinary life and ordianry childhood. He had no enemies, but no close friends either. Then one day he woke up in Le-Koro with no idea how he had gotten there and a mark on his right shoulder. When this mark activates, another personality takes over as well. This isn't the only tim ethis personality does that, but it is the most consistent. Jikal has no idea where the mark or the personality came from, and if the persoanlity knows, he ain't talking.Weakness: Compassion, the opposite of his mark. It counteracts the power increase. He is also less well armored near his joints, and when he uses the mark he becomes rather insane due to his other personality.Name: SongGender: FemaleSpecies: Toa of LightningAppearance: Song is a tall toa, easily up to Krayzikk's chest(In contrast to most Toa, who reach his stomach.). She wears sleek and stylized armor, that shines a bright silver color. Underneath her battle armor, she is the colors of a standard lightning toa. Her armor is stylized to evoke the image of speed, long angular lines and curved armor. She wears a kakama, though in battle she wears a helmet over it.Weapons: Song's weapons are all designed for close to midrange combat. She wields a katana with great skill, and carries a selection of knives. She is also quite adept at hand to hand combat.Powers: Kakama, elemental powers.Bio: Song teaches beings of all races and all abilities, not only in combat but in the mind. She is clever and quick-witted, and could defeat you in combat six ways from Tuesday. She forgets little, and is quite adept at seeing through deception.Weakness: No long range combat capabilities.Name: KraynGender: MaleSpecies: Toa of SonicsAppearance: Krayn is relatively tall and is colored like most De-Toa. He is most often seen wearing what is essentially a more formal version of the trench coat, with his badge pinned proudly to the lapel. Said badge is always shiny, as he polishes it daily. He wears a black Sanok, frequently with a black fedora. He is often seen with a cane, though he does not need it for support.Weapons: Krayzn carries a good deal of weaponry, even considering his career. He carries a wakizashi in a sheath sewn into the lining of his coat, a sword hidden in his cane, several daggers in hidden pockets, basic first aid supplies in his coat, and a few pieces of dried rations. Hidden in the lining of the right hand side of his coat is a cleverly concealed, small crossbow. And of course, the book of regulations.Powers: Control over his element, Sanok, and skill with his chosen weapons.Bio: Karzyn, to put it lightly, is a brakas. Everyone thinks so, even his superiors. No one, however, could fault him on his dedication to his job. He has memorized every article on Le-Koro law, and every part of the book of regulations. He is, however, strictly by the book. If anyone so much as strays a whisker outside the law, he will pounce on them. He has no personal life to speak of, and no friends. He lives in a small hut near his place of work, when he isn't out badgering people.Weakness: By the book methods, lack of friends.Name: SkrihenGender: FemaleSpecies: Toa of Plant-LifeAppearance: Skrihen is a Toa of average height, with very pale armor. She wears a Calix, faintly blue in color, and is most commonly seen with her zweihander strapped to her back, and wearing a black, waist-legnth coat over a shirt and pants. Her appearance is fairly average, nothing memorable about her. She is incredibly easy to forget seeing. Aside from her pink Mark, which is hidden by her coat.Weapons: Skrihen wields a large zweihander with great skill. Said zweihander is of the later variety, having a second, smaller, handle and crossguard above the normal ones. She can use it with great skill. She also carries a small crossbow, and a small knife.Powers:Control over plant-life, Mark of Joy. (See Microsnipe's profile for more information.)Bio: Skrihen is a cruel person. But she won't harm you physically, just mentally and emotionally. She will act nice, and shy, and kind, she will be your friend. She will make you happy, after all her Mark feeds on happiness. And then, when you least expect it, she'll turn on you. Or she might just up and leave, but she will always leave you unhappy. Even as a child, she unnerved people with her attitude, but now, she has perfected it. She had no family left, and no true friends. After gaining her Mark, little has changed about her lifestyle.Weaknesses: No mask power, grief as it is the counter to her Mark.Name: BrukinGender: MaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: Lawful GoodAppearance: Brukin is massive. Naturally, he is very tall, but his armor makes him extremely bulky. In addition to his natural armor, Brukin wears incredibly thick metal armor. While it is not invulnerable, it is incredibly difficult to cause him harm using a melee assault. On the occasion that he sheds this armor, he is a well-muscled, gray-and-black armored Toa. His exterior armor bears the same coloration.Weapons: Brukin carries a large zweihander, nearly as tall as he is.(And when you consider how tall he is, that’s saying something. Other than that, any weapons he forms out of metal. As a measure of last resort, he will form his armor into a variety of weapons.Powers: Pakari. Even without the Pakari, he is very strong, due to walking and moving around with his armor. Skilled control over iron. Brukin practiced for years to gain the level of control he possesses. He can manipulate iron with precision, and he has memorized the exact positioning and makeup of his armor so he can manipulate it, and return it to it’s original form. As a last resort, he will change his armor into a variety of weapons as a trade-off for more speed.Bio: When Brukin speaks, entire rooms fall silent. He has such a formidable present that he has won battles without ever having to lift a finger. As cliche as it sounds, Brukin fights for justice. He despises those who torment the weak, and will fight to his last breath to protect the defenseless. He has no love for meaningless talk, preferring to let his actions speak for him. He grew up in Po-Koro, the son of a successful merchant. He lived near the Guard HQ, and was influenced by the attitude of those who served in the Guard.Weakness: With his armor, he is quite slow. He also has weaker points in his armor at his joints. Without his armor, he is less accustomed to thinner armor, and will sometimes misjudge the effect of attacks on his body.Name: The Final Flame (More commonly known as Flame)Species: Ta-ToaGender: FemaleAppearance: Flame’s armor is stylized to look like she is on fire, and with her brilliant coloring, the illusion is nearly perfect. In the sunlight at a distance, one could easily believe she was actually on fire. Her armor shines brilliantly, colored various shades and hues of red, orange, yellow, and gold. Her Calix is fashioned so that it flares back from the face, as if wind was blowing a fire. She has knuckle spikes built into her armor. She wears her assortment of blades on her back.Dominant Hand: LeftPowers: Elemental control of fire, Calix.Abilities: Flame trained hard to develop a great resistance to pain, able to stay standing long past when others would have fallen. This coupled with her strength makes her a force to be reckoned with.Weapons/Equipment: (1) Flamberge, with the second handle like a zeihander.

  • [*]Katana

(3) Long daggers, sheathed at her waist.Fighting Style: Where Blade’s style emphasizes speed, Flame can best be called a berserker. She prefers close-combat, where her tolerance for pain renders her almost unstoppable. Though her skill with blades wards off most injuries. When combined with her Calix, she becomes almost invulnerable when she gets going.Weaknesses: Due to her tolerance, Flame will keep fighting long past when she should have stopped, and will often underestimate the severity of her wounds.Widgets: About 4,000Other Possessions: Home: NoneAffiliation: Herself, loyalty to Blade.Alignment: Makuta, Chaotic EvilBio: Flame was Blade’s childhood friend, and grew up in Ta-Koro. She lived a relatively opulent life, as her father was a very successful merchant, and a staunch adversary of Makuta. Shortly after a group of Makuta-Followers opened her eyes, she killed her father, believing it to be the will of Makuta. Since then, she has worked with Blade and done what she believes to be Makuta’s will. She is by far the most hot-headed of the two, leaping blindly into action without fully considering the consequences. That said, she is not mean, but does what she believes to be right. But if you insult Makuta, be prepared to die.Other: NoneTheme Music: To Be DeterminedName: The Blade That Rends Flesh (More commonly known as Blade)Species: ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Unlike most of his element, Blade’s armor is as black as night. He appears more of an Earth Toa than Iron. Also in contrast to most, his armor is fairly slim. Where most of his element are rather heavily armored, Blade’s armor is light-weight, to fit in with his tactics. In fact, his natural armor is even thinner, the rest being added on. Most notable however, is his armor’s overall appearance. His metal boots narrow to a fine point, and his knee-guards do the same vertically. A vertical point protrudes from each shoulder, as well as two point son each elbow along the natural bone. His fingers narrow to talons. He wears a black kakama, stylized to be slimmer and the angle of the fins is sharper, leading the mask to hug his face. He wears a belt around his waist, loaded with his equipment.Dominant Hand: LeftPowers: Control over Iron, Kakama.Abilities: Blade has incredible reflexes, and the ability to make decisions rapidly. After all, his fighting style depends on it. In the instant he has seen a knife moving toward him, he has already figured out several ways to deal with it. he is quite capable as a fighter, and as an element user.Weapons/Equipment: (1) Wakizashi, sheathed at his waist.

  • [*]Throwing knives, one at his waist, the other two hidden on his person.[*]Decent-sized blocks of metal, kept in pouches on his belt.

(1) Crossbow, small, with a decent supply of arrows.Fighting Style: Blade’s fighting style revolves almost entirely around speed. He attacks swiftly, using the points in his armor or other weapons, and dodges blows with relative ease. On the off-chance someone gets the chance to strike back, he will redistribute his armor to better receive the blow. Any weapons he requires, he creates from the metal he carries.Weaknesses: Thin armor. If one catches him by surprise, he might not have time to redistribute his armor.Widgets: 4,000Other Possessions: A map of the island, lockpicking set.Home: None, travels constantly. Affiliation: Himself, though he has a degree of loyalty to Flame. MakutaAlignment: Makuta, Chaotic EvilBio: Blade started out fairly normal. He had a good childhood, he had plenty of friends, parents who cared. One might wonder where he went so horribly wrong. It happened when he was 150, he and his friend ran into a group of Makuta-Followers who, in their words, “Opened their eyes.” Blade realized that the island was far better off now, and could be even better with Makuta in charge. Ever since then, he and his friend trained. They learned the skills necessary to help lead the island into glory. Eventually, he changed his name. Blade himself will do anything to further Makuta’s cause, absolutely anything. He is not overly cruel, but he does enjoys a challenge and revels in his accomplishments in Makuta’s name.Other:Theme Music: To Be Determined

Name: MaikSpecies: Ga-ToaGender: MaleAppearance: Maik is usually seen wearing the guise of a Ta-Toa, with scarlet and silver armor. In this form, his Mahiki is shaped much like a Hau. He is almost never seen without a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun out of his eyes. In truth, however, his armor is a deep cerulean blue with silver highlights. He always wears his hat, and usually has either a harpoon or a fishing rod over his shoulder. His boots are bleached by days spent in the sun.Dominant Hand: RightPowers: Control over water, MahikiAbilities: Maik is a skilled fisherman, both with a harpoon and a standard fishing rod. He is quite at home on the coast or at sea, where he can put his myriad of skills to use.Weapons/Equipment: (1) Harpoon

  • [*]Fishing Rod and related equipment.

(1) Fishing netSmall wrapped package of smoked fishVariety of knives, mostly for cleaning fish or working, but a few for combatFighting Style: Maik prefers not to fight, he doesn’t see the point, but if he has to then he will. When he does like to fight, he’ll make use of his mask and his element, striking with his harpoon or knives.Weaknesses: Little combat experience.Widgets: 300, relatively poorOther Possessions:Home: The coastAffiliation: HimselfAlignment: Lawful NeutralBio: Maik is a male Toa of Water, an incredibly rare occurrence. And he hates it. He ha been ridiculed his entire life for it, to the point where he disguises his true appearance. If someone finds out, and insults him for it, it’s a good way to lose a limb or two.Maik is most comfortable on the coast or at sea, where his element is in abundance. He has spent a fair amount of time on ships, usually as a fisherman, and on one occasion, the ship’s doctor. Granted, that lasted about a month and his primary job was to keep them alive long enough to get to a real hospital, but still. Recently, he has been unemployed, and his money has slowly dwindled. His diet is primarily composed of seafood, and he is unused to anything else.Other:Theme Music: Name: RalinSpecies: Ga-ToaGender: FemaleAppearance: Ralin is fairly tall, even for a Toa. Not extremely so, but when she is in a group, it is definitely noticeable. She is well-muscled, though she wouldn't look it at first glance. Her armor is a deep cerulean blue with gold highlights. She wears a light weight, water resistant overcoat that is a dark navy. In addition, she wears brown boots. Her Tryna is shaped like a hau.Dominant Hand: LeftPowers: Water, TrynaAbilities: Ralin is quite fast and agile, to the extent that some suspect her mask might be a Calix.Weapons/Equipment: (1) Standard issue Marin knife, kept in a sheath on her thigh.(1) Rapier, sheathed at her side.(2) Knives, kept in sheathes hidden on the inside of the top of her boots.(1) Crossbow with a callapsible handle, hidden on her back.Fighting Style: Ralin's fighting style relies almost entirely on her speed. She's strong, but not strong enough to win her fights with overwheleming power. Instead, she darts, ducks, and weaves around her opponent, performing lightning quick attacks. She uses her element to great effect, both as an offensive tool, and a defensive onee.She is also quite adept at keading her squad. Her mask, she reserves for the most desperate of occassions. In fact, no one on her squad even knows what it is.Weaknesses: Lack of brute strength, loyalty to both Ga-Koro, and her Marines.Widgets: 1000 carried on her.Other Possessions: MapBinocularsHome: Ga-KoroAffiliation: Ga-Koro Marines, Keras DefendersAlignment: Lawful Good, with Chaotic tendencies.Bio: Ralin grew up in Ga-Koro, and spent almost all her free time near the Marines. No one knows how she did it, but she even managed to get into the training seminars and classes at times.As a result, a large portion of her training was accomplished before she even applied for the military. She quickly showed herself to be quite capable, and moved quickly through the ranks. Eventually, she was given command of the Keras Defenders.Despite all of this, to this day, only a handful of people know what her mask power is. In fact, even her squad doesn't know. And no one would ever guess it either, since it clashes too much with her personality. Ralin is an extremely cheerful, and apparently lazy, person. She doesn't hold many grudges, save for those against people who insult Ga-Koro. Even in combat, she maintains a cheerful demeanor. However, it is at times little more than a well-constructed mask. And if you threaten the soldiers under her command, or the village she serves, that mask will slip.Other:Theme Music:Gifted:liisprite.png Name: LiiSpecies: Toa of Heat (Former Toa of Fire)Gender: FemalePowers: Lii controles heat. Allowing her to absorb and create heat. She can shoot beams of heat, as well as heat objects to spontainously combust. Although, she has no control over these flames.Kanohi: An Anthron shaped Iden, the Mask of Spirit.Weapons: Two long, thin swords. Each has a blade that curves slightly inward.Description: Lii is slightly smaller then average for a Toa. Her armor is bright red with turquoise portions.Alignment: None besides her brother, Gykehl. She really could care less what happens.Personality and Traits: Lii is a young Toa of Fire, that can only control heat. As such, she is resistant to extreme heat, but not flames. Despite this disability, she has gotten very good at manipulating heat. She can still create flame by heating an object to the point where it combusts, but she doesn't have any control over fire itself. She is extremely care-free and overly hyperactive. Excited by even the smallest things. She would take on a group of battle hardened Skakdi just for the sheer thrill of it.Weaknesses: Because of her conection to heat, cold bothers her a lot more then a normal Toa of Fire. As such, a Toa of Ice stronger then her would have a huge advantage.Name: Kiarani JosenSpecies: Onu-ToaGender: FemaleAppearance: Kiarani is almost eternally clad in her armor, and seldom without her weapons.She cares for the armor at every peaceful moment, buffing out every scratch, polishing it and repairing every bit of damage. It is eternally shining like it was just made.While some wear bulky suits of armor that protect every part of their body (but inhibits motion), her's is light weight. Strong enough to protect her, but designed so she maintains a full range of motion. The colors of her outfit show through the gaps.The torso is in two parts, the top edge of one sliding under the bottom edge of the other with just enough room to allow her to lean and bend properly. The neck of the top piece extends a good ways, as a protective collar. Her small shoulder pauldrons are set a small distance away from the torso, again to allow for free movement. The upper arm armor ends underneath the shoulder pieces, and stops just above the elbow joint. The forearm pieces end in a similar location, but continue in a triangular point up past the elbow, both to protect and to enhance the effectiveness of elbow strikes. Her gloves are unusual, in that they are simple leather gloves plated on the back with metal pieces for protection.Her legs are armored much as you would expect, with the shin armor ending in a rounded kneepad. Her boots are fashioned in a fashion identical to the process used on her gloves. The shoulders of the armor is marked with her family insignia. She wears no helmet, as it would impair her vision. Her silver Calix, and thus her piercing blue eyes, are clearly visible. She wears a white scarf, and two of her swords are crossed on her back under her shield.On the rare occasion she isn't wearing her armor, she wears the same thing she wears under it. Simple black pants, a white shirt, and the boots from her armor.Dominant Hand: LeftPowers: Elemental control of earth, CalixAbilities: Kiarani is incredibly skilled with her swords, and her element. She excels at using all of her abilities in conjunction.Weapons/Equipment: 2 rapiers2 straight swords1 round shieldFighting Style: Kiarani's fighting style revolves around using her mask, element, and physical abilities in perfect tandem, making her a deadly enemy. She speeds around the battlefield with great agility, attacking and defending with weapons and her element.Weaknesses: Her lack of emotions can be used against her.Widgets: Unknown. But certainly more than she needs.Other Possessions: The only other possession she carries is a metalbound journal, locked with the most advanced lock money can buy. She has countless other like it, full, back at her home.Home: A large home back in Ta-KoroAffiliation: NoneAlignment: Lawful GoodBio: Kiarani is a paradox, an impossibility.She is descended from a line of warriors renowned for their cold efficiency, their relentless drive in battle. For their cold rage against their enemies. Her father was the current head of the family, an incredibly skilled swordsman, his preferred weapon. He fought Makuta's minions, rahi, thieves, murderers and all kinds of unsavory types. He had long been considered an ally of the Ta-Koro Guard, though he was never a member himself.Kiarani adored him, thought him the very best man in the world. He was her hero, her idol. One day, when Kiarani was just 100, they went into the village to get her her first sword. Along the way, a Vortixx accidentally bumped into her father and knocked him over. She will never forget the look on his face, the look of his cold rage, the rage that served him so well inbattle, coming over him. He stood, drew his sword and decapitated the Vortixx mid-apology.She can't remember much after that. She was told he killed ten people that day before he ws stopped. She was silent for two days, this normally cheerful girl as silent as a ghost. She had seen the true nature of her family's "gift", the true curse, the rage living in them waiting to consume them. And she believes the same capacity exists in her. After that day, she threw herself into her training, learning to suppress her emotions and avoid the situations that might lead to the unleashing of her rage.That was 140 years ago. Now, she is a skilled warrior. She seems cold and heartless to those who meet her, since she suppresses almost all emotions. But she helps those she can, while she protects the Matoran from threats. Despite all that she has seen, she still has the heart of an idealist (Though it is tempered by the things she has seen), one who believes people can change. She will do whatever she can to give them their chance to change. But at the same time, she knows some are threats to the safety of innocents. If she has identified a threat to innocent lives, she will stop it by any means necessary.Other: Theme Music: UnknownName: VianSpecies: VortixxGender: MaleAppearance: Vian’s armor is a deep black, with gunmetal gray highlights. The armor on his right hand is slightly thicker than that of his right, as that is where he wears his gauntlet. He wears a gray coat over his armor to protect him from any chemical splashes or sparks that might occur during his duties, and his notebook is kept in an inside pocket.Dominant Hand: RightPowers: N/AAbilities: Skilled engineer, performs maintenance on most of the ship’s systems. Also an arms manufacturer, most of his designs are kept in a black notebook. Unfortunately, due to his lack of materials, most of them cannot be produced. Good hand to hand combatant, and decently skilled with his dagger.Weapons/Equipment: Toa-Bane Gauntlet: This glove, worn on one hand, is Vian's ace in the hole. It is capable of absorbing any elemental energy based attack, such as a fireball or lightning bolt, and storing the energy from them. Said energy can be recycled, and used to fuel blasts that can be fired from the palm. Said blasts are primarily concussive force, but they do have a heat component to them. The power of the blasts depends on how much energy is stored, and can shatter a head sized boulder at full charge.Vertical Propulsion Pods: Pods fitted to the underside of the ship, built using levitation disks. Said pods keep the ship in the air, while the engines provide propulsion. There are a series of them mounted in strategic locations on the ship, with a control panel inside the ship to control how much power is in effect, and raise/lower the ship.1 Dagger, sheathed on his left thigh.Fighting Style: Vian prefers not to fight, if he can help it.Weaknesses: Little long range combat ability, and lack of actual powers.Widgets: Low amountOther Possessions: Vian keeps a small black notebook on his person, with a single word emblazoned on the front. “Unmentionables”.Home: Affiliation: Alignment: Neutral[color=#2828






Name: Atrin (AT-rin)

Species: Valkyr

Gender: Male

Appearance: This body has undergone many changes. Where once it was a deep blue, its color was forcibly drained, forcing it to a gray devoid of life. And that is the state in which it has existed for many weeks. But the ceremony through which Atrin arrived on this plane of existence has brought life back to the once weak form. His primary color is a pure white, as beautiful as the new fallen snow. It is covered with lightweight extra armor of shining silver, the covers his shoulders in elegant, stylized pauldrons. A breastplate of the same covers his chest, as well as guarding his forearms and shins. His mask’s sides sweep back and angle up, hugging his head closely, and ending just barely past the back of his head. But the most striking feature are the wings on his back. A paler silver, somewhere between the two tones of his armor, they evoke images of angels, gentle, but unyielding. When extended, they stretch out to his sides each easily as long as he is tall, though they fold easily against his back.

Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous

Powers: As his host lacked one upon his transformation, a mask was fashioned upon Atrin’s entry to this realm. Namely, a Kanohi Hau. He has no inherent other powers.

Abilities: Unlike the opposing group of his species, Etrin does not possess enhanced speed and strength. Though he is by no means weak, his kind has other purposes in mind. He retains the skills his host formerly possessed, and as such, is a highly skilled fighter despite his lack of physical power. His abilities lay in his senses. Where the others are made stronger, Etrin’s senses are boosted to much higher levels. He can see more clearly, hear more acutely and smell far easier than the average being. As such, his remaining two senses are similarly enhanced, though they are rarely as useful.

Weapons/Equipment: Atrin has done away with much of his host’s old weaponry. It was cumbersome, and overall inefficient. In its place, he has two straight swords, sheathed on either side of his waist. A cross bow is slung over his neck, and hangs at his side, while a long dagger is sheathed on either thigh. He also has a disk launcher on his back, with a few weakness disks. They were taken by Krian from a dead Lesterin.

Fighting Style: Though Atrin will never instigate a fight, his duty often leads him into conflict. He seeks to end fighting as swiftly and efficiently as possible, which means he has few qualms about taking the “cheap shot” if he must. He prefers to fight at a reasonable range with hi




Name: Texin

Species: Ve-Toa

Gender: Male

Appearance: Texin is a tall Toa, with most other members of his species coming up to around his shoulder. He can easily stare down a Vortixx on even footing, though they remain the taller species. Despite his increased height, he is far from bulky. He is built for agility rather than strength, though due to his mask, he has plenty of the latter. His base armor is a dark green, with dull silver pieces breaking up the color. His spear is carried across his back, held against his body by a leather strap. His Pakari is black in color, and his eyes amber behind it.

Dominant Hand: Right

Powers: Control over plant-life, Great Mask of Strength

Abilities: Texin is a skilled fighter, and adept at making use of what is available to him. Despite his personality, he’s fiercely loyal to his village, and knows every verse of their code of conduct by heart.

Weapons/Equipment: Texin’s equipment is, by most people’s standards, a bit odd. For the most part he eschews the usual style of the day, and instead wields a sturdy wooden spear. He limits the amount of metal on his body as much as possible, to prevent a Fe-Toa from having anything to manipulate. He also carries a standard issue first aid kit, and a single knife on his belt.

Fighting Style: Despite his mask, Texin prefers a more nimble style of fighting. He is incredibly agile, swift and sure of foot. He has learned to work effectively without his element due to his environment, and relies on it for little in a fight. But his normal style can be deceptive, as he is fully capable of using his mask to its full potential.

Weaknesses: Texin has very few ranged capabilities, and as such, is forced on the defensive in long range combat. Due to Po-Wahi’s climate, usage of his element is also much less effective than most other elements.


Other Possessions:

Home: Po-Koro

Affiliation: Po-Koro Guard

Alignment: Lawful Good



Theme Music:

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On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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Name: UltanSpecies: ToaGender: MaleElement: FireMask: Kanohi Matatu (Telekinesis)Weapon(s): Splittable katana for duel swordsStrengths and Specialties: Agile, quick reflexes, mastery of element, alert, wise, and calculating.Exploitable flaws(s): Average speed, average strength, requires time to perform complex or specialized attacksOther: Ultan is a Toa of enigmatic origins. He is dressed in dark garb and seems to take on different shades of dark blue to jet black depending the light around him. He wears a customized Matatu that can glow in darkness at his command as a source of light. He keeps his motives to himself.Ultan is a high-caliber elementalist in Fire, in that, under the correct circumstances, he can create enough heat and friction in the air around him to create lightning. He cannot control lightning, but can launch it and direct it on heat flows in a direct line at a target. Beyond normal attributes to a fire user, it is also important to note that, for some unknown reason, Ultan's fire is green. Name: ZortenSpecies: ToaGender: MaleElement: Minerals (Crystal, raw ore, etc.)Mask: Kanohi Hau (Shielding)Weapon(s): Traditionally, a blade made of the hardest and sharpest diamond, but he can create any weapon he chooses to out of mineral componentsStrengths and Specialties: Resourceful, durable, resilient, mastery of element, quick reflexes, accuracy, good eye sightExploitable Flaws: Average speed, once defense is broken very vulnerableOther: Zorten is a courageous and curious Toa looking for a place and meaning. He spends much of his time honing his combative skills, and is highly adept at defensive and offensive maneuvers regarding crystal-based techniques. His armor is home-made and made of the toughest diamond imaginable and he is constantly looking for a challenge to rise against. He seeks to do good but sometimes simply tries to enjoy life when he can. He has a old soul for a young spirit, and is somewhat of a romantic. Name: XethSpecies: "Toa" (see Other)Gender: MaleElement: IronMask: Kanohi Noble Huna (Invisibility) and a powerless Kanohi Noble MahikiWeapon(s): Magnetized Photon Sniper, Charge-Tipped Bo-Staff, Stun-Gauntlet, brass knuckles, and two daggersStrengths and Specialties: Agile, calculating, accurate, mastery of element, intelligent, stealthyExploitable Flaws: Easily distracted, physically weak, average speedOther: Xeth is a hired assassin. Due to an unfortunate accident, Xeth's Mahiki malfunctioned and caused him to become stuck in the form of a Turaga permanently whilst on a mission. Since, he has come to accept his fate to use his new appearance to his advantage; however, he is just as dangerous as any fully-fledged Toa. What he now lacks in physical power he now has gained in heightened stealth and element of surprise. His Toa-level elemental powers remain the same, and he has a series of highly-complex weapons he has crafted himself. When he is out of a job, he designs weapons and plots new con jobs to make a living. He is somewhat aloof and easily distracted, and does not take lightly to be treated as an feeble elder. This sometimes causes him to give up his facade and lash out violently. He has a wise-crack sense of humor and loves competition. He claims to be the most skilled assassin in all the lands, and is willing to prove it for the right price. In the distant future, he will be known as the world's greatest Makuta Assassin. Due to his size and stature, however, he is extremely vulnerable to physical attacks if they hit. For this reason, he chooses to do much of his fighting at a distance unless his speed has the upper hand. If worst comes to worst, he relies on his jet pack to flee a scene.

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Name: Sovereign SlayerSpecies: Toa of GravityMask: KadinGender: MaleAlignment: Chaotic EvilAppearance: Solid Black, with an eye cut and an arm seriously injured. Mask is deformed so that it appears to resemble a canine's face. Tattered multicolored clothes hang from his neck down.History: SS once was an aggrivated servant of a powerful queen. One day, however, he discovered a way to overthrow the queen and take her power for himself. He kindly obliged in helping the queen abdicate via the popular method of sword through the torso. Taking her power, he became a toa, and flew off from the kingdom, slowly destroying itself, thanks to a few rebels who had managed to convince the populace to take their side.Weapons: Katana, Gravity control.Weaknesses: He cannot harm any female with less power than him for a reason unbeknownst to him. He also has to protect said females no matter what his allies or he himself wishes.Name: Pulchritudinous SeerSpecies: Toa of ---(Not important, cannot use his powers)Mask: SanokGender: MaleAlignment: Lawful GoodAppearance: White with green highlights at joints and on mask. Wears a hat over the top of the mask resembling a Trilby Hat. A simple coat covers his body.History: One of the members of a kingdom opposing SS's, PS was a simple detective, who accidently managed to find the Tetrixcalibur and it's sheath, being forced into the role of the Champion of Pulchritude for the kingdom. With his two friends, he managed to protect the kingdom from the chaos SS wraught, and chased after him. He now prepares to take revenge against the Slayer for destroying the kingdoms.Weapons: Tetrixcalibur(A Sword), Bow.Weaknesses: In order to use the Tetrixcalibur properly, he has to take it out of it's sheath, a long and winding process. He also has very poor critical thinking skills, and will often do silly and stupid things without thinking the consequences through first.Name: PlaminaSpecies: Toa of StoneMask: PakariGender: MaleAlignment: Chaotic GoodAppearance: Primarily red with blue limbs. Wears Tattered Cape with a flaming skull on it. Mask has a tinted cover over the eyes.History: A matoran who recently became a toa. Lived a rather un-extraordinary life in Onu-Koro. Weapons: A Katana.Weaknesses: Is incredibly foolhardy, and will charge into situations without thinking.

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Reposting Sloth from the old new BZPRPG ( :P ,) updated accordingly with the new stuff. And yes, Friar Tuck said I could carry over my Mask of Sloth.To the other Daedra -- I still intend on being part of the group, just so you all know.Name: Decaia (deh-KAI-uh.)Species: Toa of Water.Alignment: Neutral Evil.Gender: Male.Appearance: Decaia looks like a typical Toa of Water. He stands at seven feet tall, and wears a Faxon-shaped Mask of Sloth. He tends to carry his weapons on his belt, which has various pouches attached to it so as to allow him to carry smaller objects. Unlike the blue and silver armor of regular Toa of Water, Decaia has painted his armor dark blue and black to represent his darker nature, adding small spikes to emphasize the difference even more. He wears a deep, navy blue cape, clasped at his left shoulder and concealing the upper portion of his right arm.Personality: Contrary to the normal Toa of Water, Decaia is completely apathetic and selfish (and he's male, though that's not particularly shocking.) If it doesn't pertain to him, then it doesn't concern him. Decaia pays very little attention to the world or beings around him, blowing them and their problems off as if they were dust on his armor. He resents any kind of work, and as such does not always follow orders from whoever he happens to be working for at the time. His careless nature shows in his abilities -- while still skilled in the use of his powers, he only ever uses about two thirds of what he is capable of in terms of all of his abilities, be they physical, elemental or mask-related. A common nickname for Decaia among those he meets is "Sloth"; a perfect representation for his laziness and apathy.This attitude towards the world is a fairly recent development; a few years ago he wasn't nearly as callous as he currently is, and was far more willing to assist others with their problems. Since his personality change, however, the only concern Sloth has ever shown for anything other than his own being is for a blue rose that he keeps in a special case with the rest of his belongings, falling into a rage if someone so much as taps it, though no explanation for this has ever been provided.While in close proximity to his blue rose--I.E. while carrying it on his person--Decaia becomes completely devoid of emotion, seeming to become an emotional sinkhole to those around him.Powers: As a Toa of Water, Decaia can control the element of Water.Mask: A Faxon-shaped Mask of Sloth, which allows him to target a single being and instill either intense feelings of apathy and sleepiness upon them or cause them to slow down considerably -- literally making them sloth-like in terms of physical abilities as long as he is concentrating on them. To Decaia's knowledge, his is the only Mask of Sloth in existence.Equipment: Decaia wields a pair of tomahawks, through which he can channel his powers over water. He also carries a small knife, with which he tends to mark trees with the initials "DS"; though again, the reason for this behavior is unknown.Weaknesses: Decaia has several weaknesses. His apathetic nature stops him from fighting to the best of his abilities the majority of the time, even in the most dire of circumstances; this causes him to seem almost suicidal despite his attempts to avoid death. Further, while he is perceptual, he doesn's take small points of detail into consideration, considering them unimportant; this is something that could almost certainly be -- and has been, in the past -- used against him at any time.Bio: Decaia hails from Ga-Koro, which was his primary home village as a Matoran. A member of the Ga-Koro Guard, he was once a dutiful defender of the village, working alongside the other Matoran and Toa to fend off Rahi attacks; for his bravery during a particularly dangerous transportation mission in Po-Koro, he was awarded a Toa Stone and transformed into a Toa.As time wore on, Decaia continued his duty as a protector of the village; however, on one fateful day something around seven years ago, something happened. In a flash, Decaia was turned from a willing defender of Ga-Koro to shadow of his former self. His personality shifted and he grew more evil and lazy; at the same time, he began to care, almost obsessively, for a strange blue rose that never seemed to wilt. After messing up on one too many defense missions, he was forced to leave Ga-Koro, sending over the edge even further. Since that time, he has wandered the land on his own, avoiding work and causing trouble when he feels the urge to.Needless to say, there are more than a few beings who have begun hunting him for his crimes...Name: Raehn (ray-ehn.)Species: Toa of Iron.Alignment: Neutral Good.Gender: Female.Appearance: Raehn bears the standard appearance of a Toa of Iron -- she is 7' tall, with aerodynamic metallic gray armor and burnt orange accents. Raehn wears a Kakama-shaped Mask of Accuracy, on which she has installed a scope-like attachment, similar to those found on the Akakus of most Matoran on Mata-Nui. In addition to her armor, Raehn wears a belt that has various pouches attached, as well as a quiver across her back. She also tends to wear a black cape with a hood, along with a black sash that she uses to cover the bottom half of her face.Personality: A quiet individual, Raehn tends to keep to herself. She is very in tune with nature, tending to spend less time inside of the villages on the island and more time in the wilderness. She doesn't rememebr very much of her life before her appearance on Mata-Nui, though isn't very bothered by this -- her first priority is dealing with the issue at hand before turning to her own problems. Despite her quiet outer appearance, she possesses a very caring and justice-oriented spirit, seeking to protect the Matoran of the island from the dangers posed by Makuta. Lately, Raehn has found a certain joy in tracking down and apprehending crimincals on the island, becoming a sort of bounty hunter as a result. She is a very determined individual who absolutely refuses to give up on a job, even if it means going until both she and her target collapse from exhaustion.Powers: As a Toa of Iron, Raehn con control the element of Iron. Her biggest use of this is to create more arrows when she runs low on them, negating the need to draw from her quiver.Mask: A Kanohi Sanok, Mask of Accuracy, shaped like Kanohi Kakama and equipped with a scope to give her a greater range of vision so as to better make use of her bow skills.Equipment: Raehn's primary weapon is a long bow, which she typically has stored beside her quiver when not in use. She possesses a full quiver of arrows at almost all times, differing in type -- some are standard wooden arrows, others are made of metal, and more still possess specialized tips that can be lit on fire. When in dire situations or when low on arrows, Raehn uses her bow in conjunction with her control over Iron to create more arrows. She also possesses a long, thin knife for close range combat.Weaknesses: Raehn tends to work alone; as such she isn't very good when it comes to communicating with others, which, obviously, is a problem on the occasions when she requires help from another being. On top of that, she isn't nearly as good at short-range combat as she is at long-range; if you can pin her in a corner, then there is a very good chance that you will defeat her. Finally, her unwillingness to give up on a chase makes her remarkably easy to lure into traps, though the effectiveness of them obviously varies.Bio: To put it simply, Raehn isn't quite sure of where she is from. She is aware that she is a fairly new addition to the island, having only been on Mata-Nui for about five years, though she feels as is the place wasn't her original home. Regardless, she has lived a fairly active life since appearing; having taken up residence in Onu-Koro, she has become a practicioner of the bow, seeming to carry over a near mastery of the skill from her life before Mata-Nui, though this is partially related to her mask.As of late, Raehn has found herself more and more occupied with looking for and apprehending criminals on the island, using her combat skills to take them down as best as she can. While she is interested in regaining her memories, she is more concerned with protecting the Matoran and the island itself, forcing her on a seemingly endless life of policing the various Wahi.

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Name: Skyra.Sex: Female

Species: ToaElement: AirMask: Great HauPowers: Standard powers that come with being a Toa, controlling element power, mask power, etc.Equipment: Twin protosteel katanas, the tips of which glow with bright green light, allowing them to cut through even solid rock and some metals. She has a standard Le-koroan flute with which she can summon his Kahu, Destiny. Some widgets, her Gukko Force badge, a couple of throwing knifes hidden on her person.Mounts/Pets: Destiny is her Kahu, who she raised since it was a hatching, and her most loyal friend and companion.Alignment: Lawful Good with Chaotic tendenciesAppearance:twila.png Her new body has the look of a Toa of Air or plantlife, Jade green and jet black armor. She’s about the same height as most female Toa, slightly shorter than her old body. Her feminine appearance is fairly attractive, much to her dismay.Strengths: A very capable and skilled swordswoman. Is familiar with many forms of melee combat. Her natural Le-koran agility makes her very evasive and harder to hit. Very well practiced with her elemental and mask powers. And expert Kahu rider and decent flute player.Weaknesses: Can be a bit overconfident. If you push her buttons her tempter can take over. Pointing out, teasing, or otherwise reminding her that she’s now female really upsets her.Personality: She’s still whimsical and snarky, but she’s lost a bit of her arrogance and pride since her body-swap She is in self-denial of the fact that she’s female and tries to act as masculine as possible. Still as talkative as ever. She’s rather friendly as long as you’re not evil or otherwise ticking her off. Saying she is stubborn is putting it mildly.Biography: To say Skyra has been through a lot is an understatement. She’s had to deal with pirates, Rahkshi, Mark Bearers, Makuta worshipers, being the best man at Tillian’s wedding, and nearly dying and ending up with a new body via an Iden. The kicker is that her new body had belonged to a female Toa of Air named Kilya before her spirit was destroyed, leaving the body without an owner. With her old body now lifeless Skyra has no choice but to live with being female, which is something she can’t accept. She’s now determined to find a way to restore her old body to life...even if everyone else says that’s impossible. Name: Savina Gender: FemaleSpecies: ToaElement: Jungle/"The Green"Mask: Kanohi Faxon, The Mask of Kindred, Listing the know powers of the Kanohi for personal reference. - Temporarily paralyzing venom (Dagger Spider)- Consume inorganic Protodermis (Devourer)- Resistance to poisons (Doom Viper)- Able to consume metal (Dust Darter)- Webbing (Fikou)- Long leap (Kirikori Nui)- Immunity to stasis (Muaka)- Sense elemental energy (Rahi Nui)- Poisonous shell (Fire Mahi)- Increase skin temperature to extreme heat when agitated (Lava Eel)- Completely lava-resistant shell (Lava Hawk)- Sand burrowing (Sand Tarakava)- Inflation via water inhalation (Cave Fish)- Sense weather (Dermis Turtle)- Bright body glow (Lightfish)- Acid spit (Air Serpent)- Slippery skin (Lohrak)- Absorb liquid protodermis (Nui-Rama)- Frenzy (Brakas Monkey)- Temporarily-blinding venom (Nui-Jaga)- Absorb heat from other beings (Frost Leech)Appearence: savina.png Standard green and blue color scheme of a Toa of Plantlife, average height, light green eyesPets: Currently has an Ash bear as a companion. Her ash bear, Grecko, is currently being taken care of by a friend. Alignment: Anthyn/herselfEquipment: Wooden Bow, makes arrows using her elemental power. Dart shooter, she can shoot various poisons and drugs from her shooter, usually something that calms the nerves, typically effective on Rahi, though can make more intelligent beings like Matoran and Toa more susceptible to suggestions and tired. Skills: Can hunt any target with amazing skill and grace of a hunter, capable of moving silently through almost any terrain and climate. She is a Rahi tamer and trainer and knows how to give complicated commands to her Ash bear. She's excels at making things out of plant life, from weapons, poisons, and medicine. She is one with her element and mask, knows how to use both to their maximum potential. She's skill with her bow and can hit targets accurately from great distances. Can make snares and traps with her powers over plant-life.Strengths: Tough, independent, and wild like a Rahi. Knows how to blend in with the Jungles of Le-Wahi, she's not easy to find when she want to remain hidden. Causing her great stress or otherwise harassing her is probably bad for your healthWeaknesses: Fire is not good for someone of her element in most cases. Seeing Rahi mistreated, harmed, injured, etc will cause her to take action regardless of consequences. Personality: Formerly very timid and meek, her time with Anthyn has changed her much. Gone is her fear of people and crowds. She has a 'survival of the fittest' mentality. If you're too weak to defend yourself, then obviously you deserve whatever fate falls upon you. She tries her best to be like her angel, willing to do anything to please her. She still has a soft side for Rahi however, especially Grecko.

Bio: Formerly she lived alone in the jungles of Le-Wahi, with just an Ash Bear for company. Fate choose to lead her away from her jungle home and into civilization. She had trouble fitting in and adapting to this new strange world. It wasn't until she lost her soul at the creation of the Valkyr Anthyn that everything really began to change. Since that day she's done nothing but follow the angelic being wherever she goes, and is deathly loyal to her. Indeed there may not be a soul she wouldn't kill for her angel.

Name: DarienGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: Plant-lifeMask: Kanohi Calix, The Mask of FateWeapons: A very decorative rapier. The rapier was a gift from his father, it has a golden hilt decorated with various jewels and a shining silver blade. On the bottom of the hilt is the crest of his family. Appearance: A very tall and handsome Toa, with the typical color scheme of a Toa of plant-life, green and blue. Wears a navy blue cape, his armor is very polished as well. His mask and external armor is blue, the rest is various shades of green.Alignment: Lawful GoodPersonality: Kind and considerate, Darien will always help those in need, he doesn't think himself better than anyone else. He will bring vengeful wraith against those who bring harm and destruction however. Strengths and Weaknesses: He is excellent at swordplay, and moderately good at melee combat. Not bad with his element either. He fights with honor always, never fights dirty, and only kills when absolutely necessarily, his enemies might try to take advantage of this. He's better at fighting one-on-one than fighting groups.Bio: Formally the Prince of a great kingdom, Darien is now a traveling Toa who has a strong sense of justice and a desire to bring down the Dark Lord Makuta. His family was murdered by Makuta and he will stop at nothing to see them avenged.


Name: Taleen
Gender: Female
Species: Toa
Element: Sonics
Mask: Great Huna, mask of concealment
Powers: Elemental control of Sound, mask power allows complete invisibility.
Equipment: Twin protosteel daggers prefect for up close and quite personal assassinations. She carries small bags of powder that can be used as smoke screen, various vials of terrifying poison.
Alignment: Her master, whoever he may be.
Appearance: Typical grey and black color scheme like most Toa of Sonics. Her armor is very sleek and light built, designed to make as little noise as possible. It lacks the heavier armor that many Toa use. Her feet are padded in order to further dampen her footsteps as well. She has the look of an elite assassin overall, a rather pretty one at that, pretty deadly that is. Wears a grey collar around her neck, never takes it off.
Strengths: A very deadly assassin uses her element and mask power to sneak up on her targets so they never see nor hear her coming. She’s been trained and conditioned to be the perfect killing machine. Even without the use of her powers she’s a very deadly fighter, can kill just as easily with her bare hands as with her weapons. Been known to simply poison her target’s food or drink if the situation calls for it.
Weaknesses: Opponents who have an Arthron or some other means to detect invisibility would give her a severe disadvantage. While she is excellent at taking on single targets, fighting against multiple ones would more difficult, especially out in the open.
Personality: Cold, calculating, efficient, that pretty much sums her up. She has little use for idle chatter. Her mind is always on her next objective and following whatever orders she is given.
Biography: Taleen’s past is rather vague, all that is known about her is that she was trained to be one of the most deadly assassins known on her home island from a very young age. She’s known little else but the life of a killer, simply following her orders and carrying out each mission with efficiency and precision. She rarely failed to kill a target.
Name: Dr. Novan
Gender: Male
Species: Toa
Element: Ice
Mask: Great Matatu, mask of telekinesis
Powers: Elemental control over Ice, mask power allows him to move targets within his range of view with the power of his thoughts, and allows him to project Psionic force, giving him the power to perform feats such as generating a telekinetic punch.
Equipment: Lacks any real weapons save a single dagger, though he rarely has reason to use it, and prefers to use his medical tools on his ‘patients’ at any rate. Carries a belt around his waist, it contains many tools you’d find on a doctor, things such as a scalpel, vials of different medical drugs, magnifying glass, medical bandages, syringes, etc.
Alignment: Himself
Appearance: Like most Toa of Ice he’s got a completely white color scheme. He’s rather scrawny in appearance and his movements and the way he presents himself tend to be as wild and unpredictable as he is, often looking like an insane madman, which is a rather truthful description. He typically wears a thick white lab coat that you would expect to see on a scientist or a doctor, though it is rather stained with blood and he doesn't bother to clean it. He tends to have an insane grin on his face, and will often go into fits of laughter.
Strengths: He’s a scientific genius, specifically in medical science though he has branched out into other fields as well. His level of intellect has allowed him to improvise in the face of lacking advanced technology. In combat he is very unpredictable and highly skilled in the usage of his elemental and mask power. Sometimes his insanity and unpredictability can serve as an advantage, as more often than not his opponents a.k.a. runaway ‘patients’ have no idea what to expect.
Weaknesses: He has little to no skill in melee combat beyond being able to throw things and wave a dagger around dangerously. His insanity and unpredictability can backfire on him, especially when facing rather improvisational opponents/’patients’ or pulling off an attack that hurts him just as much as his opponent or possibly worse.
Personality: Insane, twisted, sick in the mind. Mad doctor or scientist is really the best description for him, in fact he is a prime specimen of the ‘species’, though they are rather endangered, tend to get themselves killed. He thoroughly enjoys experimenting on his ‘patients’ when he is given permission to do so, both physically and psychotically. He tends to talk to himself and ramble on about things that annoy him, please him or just plain fill him with rage. Anything deemed cute he loathes entirely and will do anything in his power to stomp it out.
Biography: Novan came from an island primarily dominated by Vortixx, and learned everything he knows from a Vortixx doctor and scientist, who used the young Matoran as a servant, having killed his family and just taken him alive, as he saw potential in the boy to become a magnificent doctor, something his island was in rather short supply. As Novan was trained the Vortixx would abuse the boy, mostly mentally. Often forcing him to assist him in unethical practices that often resulted in either outright killing their ‘patients’ or permanently damaging them. This was typically done without sedatives or putting the ‘patient’ out. The Vortixx always told Novan that it was in the pursuit of science and furthering the medical field that justified their actions. Novan however was simply biding his time, he held onto a deep hatred for the Vortixx, vowing to take his revenge on him for murdering his family and ruining his life. It wasn't until many years later, when he was all grown up and had learned everything he possibly could from his master that the opportunity came. Another Vortixx…only known as Ririheik, came to Novan one morning, who was visiting the doctor on business. He confronted Novan alone, offering him the chance of a lifetime. He handed the Matoran a Toa stone, offering him a chance to join him, Ririheik was a powerful and influential being on the island, he offered Novan the resources, knowledge, and ‘patients’ he could ever possibly want. The Vortixx doctor was old and had outlived his usefulness to Ririheik, but Novan was young and had the potential to be something greater. Knowing full well what Novan would do next Ririheik left the Matoran to do the dirty deed.
With the Toa stone Novan became a Toa that day, while he was only a brand new Toa and not quite sure how to use his powers, his master was old, and could easily be overpowered with his strong new body. And so he took the old Vortixx by surprise, knocking him unconscious with a crowbar. When the doctor awoke he was restrained in one of the old medical beds. Novan took his time in killing the doctor, experimenting on the old fool and enjoying every scream of agony. The old man didn't last as long as Novan had hoped, but he was satisfied none the less. He took his former master’s lab coat and many of his tools and books of medical knowledge, and then he burned what had been his home for so many years to the ground. He found Ririheik soon after and got everything he was promised, the power, resources, and subjects to further the cause of science. Science was the only thing he ever was thankful to the old doctor for.
Some way or another he ended up on Mata Nui, while he is annoyed at the rather primitive culture, he has made the most of it. Much of his equipment was either lost or had to be recreated in a more primitive form. For a while he had been posing as a doctor in a Ga-koro hospital, pretending to be a kind caring doctor while secretly being heavily involved with the criminal underworld of the island and looking for the perfect subjects for his experiments. This all heavily backfired when he got too greedy and was caught red handed trying to manipulate the mind of some poor female Toa with some strange helmet, he ended up being apprehended by the Ga-koran Marines and placed in a cell. Though he doesn't seem to be too concerned about this, for the past few weeks he’s been just sitting in his cell, a huge grin often on his mask-less face. This has rather unnerved any of the Marines unlucky enough to get stuck guarding his cell, as well as the other prisoners in the adjacent cells. Novan often talks about how much he would love to harvest the kidneys of each and every one of them, among other parts.

Name: MimiraGender: FemaleSpecies: Le-matoranAppearence: mimira_-_profile.pngTypical Le-matoran build, a bit short for most matoran though, torso is black, arms, legs, and mask are dark greenEquipment: A bag to carry her items in. Le-koran flute, used to summon her Kahu Mistweaver. A sabre with a jade colored blade and golden hilt, has a bandana around her head and a pirate hat. Alignment: Chaotic Good. Friendly to anyone not scary.Weakness: Being a matoran. Mentally and physically a young child. Incredibly naive, and sometimes doesn't listen. Personally: She is Skyra's young sister. Mimira is very young, only a child by the Koro's standards. With the mentally of a bubbly little girl, and her rebellious spirit, she can be quite a handful.Bio: Orphaned with her two brothers Skyra and Xxeth, being the youngest, has very little memory of her parents. She spends most of her time taking care of the Gukko birds by the airfield in Le-koro. Though, she can be quite a handful sometimes, much to the dismay of the other Le-matoran in Le-koro. She also enjoys talking to Turaga Matau, who she considers her Grandpa. She has been relatively content to stay in Le-koro and be a child, though that has all changed recently with her two brothers becoming Toa. After a while, Xxeth was banished from the koro by Skyra (With Matau's consent.) for betraying them by giving out information about Gukko Force to minions of the Makuta. Mimira took this rather hard, and to top it all off, she started seeing Skyra less and less, as he was always leaving the koro on missions.She finally decided she was going to go out there and help Skyra fight evil, and so sneaked out of bed one night to try to escape the koro unnoticed, unfortunately, she was noticed by two Toa, who questioned her for being out of bed at such a late hour. Then she bumped (literally) into Miha Visc, and the two quickly became friends, being similar ages. Then, Havon, an old friend of hers and Skyra's, showed up. Mimira convinced Havon to take her with him to find Skyra, who hadn't been around in quite a while. And traveled they did, they went all over the island in search for him, eventually meeting up with Skyra in Ta-koro. Soon after Havon and Skyra parted ways, and Mimira went with Skyra for a while. Skyra and Mimira were tracking down Vidar for his involvement with the murder of Tamaru, eventually they found Vidar, but he ended up escaping, and Skyra got injured, and they traveled to Ta-koro to see Virthee, Miha's dad and also a doctor, who took care of Skyra. Then the three traveled to Po-koro, where they had a run in with Vidar and other servants of Makuta. After that battle was over, Skyra sent Mimira back to Le-koro, telling her it was getting way too dangerous for her to be traveling with him. Mimira was sought out by Xxeth, who claimed he wanted to change his ways, and no longer served the Makuta. He used her to get Skyra to come to Le-koro, and Skyra and Xxeth dueled. In the end, Skyra bet Xxeth, and Xxeth left the koro. Skyra once again left Mimira at the koro, this time to fight Rahkshi that were near the koro. After a while, Mimira once again found Havon in Le-koro, this time rehearsing for some sorta play for orphans, Mimira volunteered be a part of it. Recently Mimira has expressed her desire to become a pirate, and has done so, joining the crew of the Infernavika.

Name: DeneriumGender: MaleSpecies: TuragaAppearance: He has orange and white armor, looks like any old Turaga. Mask: Noble Matatu, Mask of TelekinesisElement: Either he's forgotten or just doesn't ever use it, either way he's not gonna tell you. Belongings: Fruit Stand, complete with various fruit, has wheels and can be converted into a cart that can be pulled by his pet MukauPersonality: Rather quirky for a Turaga, obsessed with selling his fruit, and when he does have something 'wise' to say he speaks in non-sense riddles.Alignment: Chaotic GoodStrengths: Rather unpredictable. Tries use his wits and intelligence to get out of dangerous situations. Is also wiser and much more sagely than he appears to be.Weakness: He is a Turaga, so most fighters could best him easily.


Name: Kehaga
Gender: Male
Species: Matoran
Element: Air
Mask: Powerless Akaku, though it has a functional scope that acts pretty much the same as a spyglass.
Powers: None
Equipment: Gukko Force insignia some widgets (loose change really), le-koran flute, a dagger for self-defense. A few throwing disks, he carries one or two on his back and has more stored in pouches that are attached to Beak, his Gukko bird.
Mounts/Pets: A Gukko named Beak, a rather stupid and stubborn bird that Kehaga has completely failed to train and disciple properly, though when truly needed Beak will come through…usually.
Alignment: Le-koro, Gukko Force, people who don’t want to destroy his home or friends
Appearance: Standard dark and light green color scheme that many Le-korans have. His mask is dark green as well as his hands and legs, the rest of his body is a light green.
Strengths: Gukko Force training, skilled with his dagger, can play the flute, and is a capable gukko rider.
Weaknesses: Always shirking responsibility tends to neglect his duties as a Gukko Force member. Being a matoran going against powerful beings like a Toa will most likely result in serious injury or death for himself. Ranged weapons make his dagger completely useless. His lack of discipline has caused his skill at disk throwing to be somewhat lacking.
Personality: Adventurous, brave, a bit thickheaded sometimes. While he is reckless and tends to get into trouble he makes up for it with his resourcefulness, which he has used to get out of a bind many times.
Biography: Kehaga is rather infamous around the Gukko Force, known for always being late, neglecting his training, and just goofing off in general. Despite all this, somehow he has yet to be kicked off the force, though his superiors are on the last straw with him. All Kehaga wants is for some adventure and excitement, unfortunately for him he’s been stuck playing defense in Le-koro, patrolling the borders of the village. How incredibly dull.
Name: Wraith

Gender: MaleSpecies: ToaMask: Kanohi Iden, The Mask of SpiritElement: IceWeapons/Powers: Controls the element of Ice. Has the Kanohi Iden, and therefore can leave his body and become a spirit. Has a crystalline nearly transparent sword designed to resist extreme temperatures. Appearence: Main body color is white, with silver Iden shaped mask and armor.Equipment: Almost transparent sword made of some sort of crystalline material, it also cannot be shattered.Alignment: Lawful GoodWeakness: Fire, anything particularly effective against ice. He relies heavily on his elemental powers, but he does have training with the blade he now carries.Personality and Biography. Wraith is the typical Toa or Matoran of Ice, only spoke when necessary and little social interaction, as a spirit he's pretty much the same. He's a self-made protector of Ko-koro and the surrounding areas, patrols Mt. Ihu.

MIA/Inactive characters: Xxeth, Bruntoa, AgateDead characters: Frieza, Emotia, Havon

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