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Name: Taer (Tay-er)Species: ToaAge: UnknownGender:MaleAlignment: GoodAppearence: Taer stands tall, with a slight hunch, and many wing-like armour pieces stick out of his limbs, looking almost like he's Hordika. His under limbs are a light lime-green, but the armour is a furious jet black, not it's original colour, but just it's age made it's original colour blur off. A medium build, Taer hosts two giant three-fingered claws that can also be used as weapons to rip apart his enemies. He resembles somewhat a Mauka, and his feet that were once proud metru looking, are now clawed like a Piraka's. On his shoulders are two flapping wing-resembling weapons. This is not to take actual flight, but too scare off Rahi and opponents.Weapon(s): His primary offensive tools are his partly-organic claws, that can rip apart armour with ease. The two wing-like weapons on his shoulders can also be used as a battering-ram. Like most Toa, Taer can still fight using any part of his body, but specializes in the above.Mask: Kanohi Faxon - The Mask Of Kindred (Lime)Powers: Taer is a Toa of air, and as such he can create Vortexes, control air pressure, master the winds and form tornadoes. He especially likes to throw himself in the air to slam back - onto his opponents - on the ground. His way with the Rahi could also be considered as a power as well.Biography: As a Matoran during the early stages of his life, Taer reluctantly helped in the construction of numerous Archives, and their data handling. One day he found a collection of tunnels in his section, and without no further thinking, he began to venture inside them. What he found was a enormous tunnelling Rahi. In fear, Taer tried to make a quick get-away but that only awakened the sleeping beast. Cornered, Taer began to hum one of his songs he made up during the boring contructions he had helped with. Instead of supposedly eating Taer, the Rahi only did that cute little thing most pets do when they're happy. Within a couple of minutes, Taer even started playing with the creature, using old rocks as balls. Amazed by the Rahi, Taer promised himself he would dedicate the rest of his life with them. Strangely, he was transformed into a Toa naturally like most do. Even with the responsibility on his shoulders, Taer refused to give up his time with the creatures of his land. Taer was phased out of his team, and may have had the chance to be in Lhikan's. Over the years, erm... Thousands of years, Taer learnt the way of the beast, and has awakened from his caves and began to spread his knowledge of the Rahi to many Matoran.Taer now has travelled to Mata Nui and is now confident to actually take on the role of being a ToaWeakness(es): Taer, although experienced, has little defence apart from his knowledge. Don't expect him to be moving if you've thrown a dagger into his eye multiple times.Name: Zarigami (Za-Ri-Gar-Me)Species: MatoranAllignment: Meh, a tip to the evil side of neutral.Appearance: Mis-functioned Matoran, like the Matoran resistance on Voya Nui, his colours are a maroon and a brownish-Gold.Weapon(s): His personality to carry on is a type of weapon, other than that I could count his supply of Brutaka-Sized Mechs, should I?Mask: A powerless Great-Style Hau, in the brownish gold.Power(s)He has an attitude even Kopaka would be ashamed of, so can either be extremely annoying, or be extremely frustrating.Biography: For undetermined reasons Zarigami was sent to Karzanni and laboured there for Mata Nui knows how long, and he always expected the Toa to rescue him from this scum-land of horror. But for the next 90,000 years Zarigami worked furiously hard, whip scars indented into his armour. He developed a mad hatred for all life, even his fellow matoran simply because no one came to save him. Ziragami was a askilled inventor, and when he could, the Matoran built numerous Mechs for numerous occasions. Like a bird Mech for dodging/flying or a Mole Mech for digging/defence (He doesn't have a great taste in names) He travelled to Mata Nui to wreak havoc on the Utopia to make the villagers suffer like he once did.Weakness(es): Zarigami is cannon fodder outside of his mechs, and a good spear through the centre of one, if you're lucky, could kill him. His mechs have no elemental powers aswell.Name: XantahlmSpecies: Toa Alignment: GoodAppearance: Xantahlm stands slightly taller than an original Toa, but not really a noticeable difference. He wears a purple Pakari, and his shoulder blades in form of black Kanohi Garais.He is lightly armed , but strongly reinforced lower limbs, almost looking like oversized Vahki limbs. A large Scythe he carries usually over his shoulder, over his Curved shoulder armour. He is primarily purple and turquoise underlimbs. Weapon(s): Like stated above, Xantahlm carries a large Scythe that could be carried with two hands, or one. It is bigger than himself, but that is no problem since he wears the Kanohi PakariMask: Kanohi Pakari, Great Mask of Strength.Power(s) Xantahlm is one of a very few number of Toa of Magnetism, through an unfortunate serious of events. He has most control of Gravity, and can focus it using his Scythe.Biography: As a Matoran, Xantahlm spent time alone, not the most social of all Onu-Matoran. Then one day Xan had had a falling out with his friends, so journeyed to Mangai to seek peace. What actually happened was, well, Matoranknapping. Makuta, master of shadows turned him into a Shadow Toa, using his AntiDermis. He chose Xantahlm because of his short temper and cold attitude. After many days of training, he realized he had become worse than Makuta. A betrayer. Fighting everything in his way, Xan escaped not only Mangai, but Mata Nui. Using his limited gravitation powers, Xantahlm was able to cross the never ending ocean to Voya Nui. Many, many years passed, the Toa almost fell into insanity. It all changed when Brutaka and himself fought. Brutaka, now sided with the Piraka, thought it would be fun to shoot Xantahlm into an alternate dimension. In a universe he did not know, Xantahlm was arrested by the Dark Hunters and put in the Metru Nui Lava pit. It was not until he was actually there he realised his gravity powers could come into use. Escaping, the shadow Toa found the Kanohi Volmak, mask of dimensional time travelling, made by the alternate Vakama, instructed by Teridax.He traveled into Karda Nui, followed shortly by a Klakk battle. In that, Xantahlm was finally returned into a light state. Instead of becoming a Toa of Light, he strangely became a Toa of Gravity. Later he escaped before the energy storms hit, but unfortunately, he wound up in the exact same place he had disappeared. Xantahlm destroyed the Volmak, stopping from others to use it. Now, with his wisdom amongst himself, and seeing the future, Xantahlm has the world on his shoulders. The Toa is much more cautious and social, almost to cautious.(Will add more characters later)

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Through fire, through ice

Through the endless pain

He payed the last price

When the acts seem tame

That the sword be drawn

That the trumpets blow

When it comes to dawn

We will all bow low

For the ice warrior

For the final singer

For the last protector

For the flame-bringer

It was his greatest fear

It was his final fight

His name glistens here

In the stars tonight


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Name: Chor (pronounced 'Core')Species: ToaAlignment: GoodGender: MaleAppearance: Toa of Earth, with a color scheme of black and grey. Black is his skin-tone, while his armour is light grey. Armoured areas include shoulders, chest, groin, knees, lower legs and hands. He is quite muscular, yet not hunched. Has large boots.Weapon: Chor wields a large shield. He carries no offensive weapon, yet is more than capable of crushing enemies with said shield. The shield is coloured light grey in accordance with the rest of his armour. This shield can be stored on his back.Mask: Kanohi ZatthPowers: Ability to move large amounts of earth/debris with little effort, can hurl boulders and other large objects and deflect objects with his shield. With his mask, Chor is able to summon underground Rahi both small and large to his aid.Traits: Chor is very quiet and humble, choosing to avoid conflicts wherever possible. However, when provoked he can be a formidable opponent, as he is strong both mentally and physically. He is usually willing to help accomplish tasks, and is never unreasonable when arguing a point. Chor also is a very competent navigator, and consequently knows the tunnels of Onu-Wahi better than most.Biography: He resides in the tunnels of Onu-Wahi, often accompanying mining parties when the path is unclear or dangerous. He is well liked by the local Onu-Matoran, and has defended townsites from Rahi attacks more than a few times. He has only ever been out of Onu-Wahi once. On that occasion Chor teamed up with 3 other Toa to hunt down a rogue Skakdi band travelling through Po-Wahi, Onu-Wahi and Ko-Wahi.Weaknesses: Chor will be last into battle. His hatred for violence makes him hesitant to fight. He is not too accurate when hurling boulders at enemies, and is often too slow when in battle. His inexperience in other regions of Mata Nui make him vulnerable when in strange territory. Sometimes summoned creatures will turn against him.-FtC

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JloudoName: JloudoSpecies: Runt SkakdiAppearance: he's hunched over and his head is at about the height of a Tohunga's, although he's still bigger. He's completely black and his head-spine combination is like Reidak's. Sometimes wears orange goggles and orange worker's pants. Black eyes.<br />Mask: nonePowers: Thermal imaging. However, he cannot see normally.Weapons: noneAlignment: NeutralOccupation: Veterinarian in the UssalryHistory:     Jloudo was always particularly good with understanding animals, biology, and anatomy. However, his Skakdi parents never really cared about that, nor did his Skakdi friends, who were all fierce and mean. Since he was a runt and never grew bigger, he was frequently bullied and he went soft. After a while, he couldn't take it anymore and fled to Onu-Koro, where he was encouraged to work in the Ussalry and people actually appreciated his knack for surgery and medicine. The Onu-Koronians have accepted him as one of their own and, due to his height, are comfortable enough with him that they often forget that he is even a Skakdi.     For the most part, his life has been silent, and he's been one of those villagers who gladly sits back as adventurers do their thing. He just offers them services when they come his way. Sometimes he's been called upon by miners interested in his thermal imaging vision, which prevented him from getting too bored with his otherwise uneventful job, but really he's quite content with being just a veterinarian. Besides, the races are quite interesting.     He also has a personal racing Ussal named Duku. It's an average Ussal, but of Jloudo's many small pleasures, he's enjoyed going one walks with and for rides on Duku through down, and sometimes through the tunnels, although the frighten him. The only reason he has guts to go down the tunnel is due to his thermal imaging.Personality:     Jloudo is a little eccentric and sometimes seems to adopt a little complex of orange and blue morality. His interests don't always make sense. However, they aren't chaotic and random, otherwise he would have been Chaotic Neutral. Rather, he just seems to experiment with small things that don't really come up on most people's radar, and his concept of eudaimonia doesn't translate. It's more like his overall worldview is odd more so than his immediate personality.     He has a really good understanding of biology on multiple levels. For most people who know him, this comes to mind. He could be tempted to adventure if he was offered an opportunity to try out new life science experiments.     Meanwhile, he is primarily known to be a major coward. He's easily frightened and backs out of things that scare him. Even when there's nothing necessarily dangerous, he'll often be a major worry-wart about the trivial things in life. He panics all too easily. Among the things that scare him are Toa, Rahi, and the Makuta, and exposure. However, asides from Toaphobia, he doesn't suffer from any irrational fears, since he is normally good at picking out what's reasonable to be afraid of and what's not. It's just that he often overreacts or poorly reacts to danger.Weaknesses: He cannot turn off his thermal imaging vision. He's easy to manipulate.NixieName: NixieGender: FemaleSpecies: Le-TohungaAppearance: Teal arms and legs with a Metru green body. Sometimes wears a Metru green cardigan sweater. Always known for her diamond necklace, which structurally is similar to a rosary with a key at the bottom. Brown eyes.Mask: Teal KakamaPowers: Sometimes has visions related to the people she cares for.Weapons: noneAlignment: Lawful/Neutral GoodOccupation: Fire fighterHistory:     Nixie has been in the Le-Koro fire department since the Toa went missing, and it's been an active duty, considering the amount of trouble Makuta's been up to. In her spare time she would write poetry and read a lot of books.     Her house is outside of Le-Koro and along the path that leads to Onu Koro. It takes up two trees, and in one tree she's used the extra space to make a personal library. It's high up enough that wanderers along the path don't recognize it, save for the regulars.     One time she was trapped in the forest and had to hide from a Nui Rama attack that raged on for days. She was stuck with people who didn't understand her and vise versa. Eventually the Nui Rama found them and brought them to the hive, where they were treated as cattle and redied to die. She was humbled and found the strength to face death, but was saved at the last moment by a Toa team.     This is an incident she often returns to in her journal entries. One of her main regrets was that she doesn't remember all of the eight Toa who rescued her, save for one Toa of Crystal who made her the diamond necklace and the key with which she locks her journal shut. Her name was Kace.Personality: A Le-Matoran who spends much time writing in her journal, she's often quite observant. What she sees most is the breaking of spirit, and she stands up for the poor and downtrodden. She's more of a firefighter than a soldier, she wants nothing more than to protect the people she cares for and ensure that everyone has hope and faith. She spends much time contemplating destiny and what it has in store for her...but in the meantime, she's busy making sure her friends have healthy minds. Like many of the other Nobodies, she enjoys the simple things in life. In her case, she has nerdy interests such as books. Similar to Kraggh, she takes time to appreciate beauty, although unlike Kraggh she looks more at the beauty of particulars (especially individuals) rather than the big picture ideas. Particulars, for her, would be individual people. Where Kraggh is Plato she is Aristotle. She also takes some inspiration from Anne Frank.Weaknesses: She usually lets others take the initiative of fighting and campaigning. She responds more to stuff that hits home, whether literally (such as an attack on Le-Koro) or in the more personal sense, such as seeing friends hurt. While not a weakness, it still sets her apart from the obvious action hero who gets most of the glory.




Individual Toa

LarynName: Laryn (pronounced "LAIR-in")Gender: MaleSpecies: Toa of AirAppearance: Average height. His limbs are yellow while his torso, feet, and hands are Mata green. His mask is a mix of yellow and green. He has four thin arms for swinging across the vines of the forest.Mask: Kanohi Garai, Mask of Gravity (the spikey Inika version)Powers: Control over the element of air. Also, after practicing in zero-gravity, he's found that he can throw his daggers with amazing accuracy.Weapons: Four daggers. Anything else in numbers of four would be too impractical for him to carry around.Alignment: Lawful Good.Occupation: Toa, not currently a team memberHistory:     He's been a Toa for a while, although serving his time somewhere away from Mata Nui in a tropical island consisting of Le- and Ga-Koro type villages where he was one of only two Toa. There were no major problems there and once he solved all the minor skirmishes he could, he packed his bags and headed to the far-off land he heard of called "Mata Nui". Not knowing what to expect, but hearing that it was much fiercer and that the Makuta himself resided there, he at first brought along Katana.     His journey was interrupted when he got into a predicament on a small islet with a stranded fellow Toa of Air on it named Buzzy. After rescuing Buzzy with his Garai, the two Toas of Air rerouted to reunite Buzzy with his original group. From there he accidentally stumbled upon an island of aggressive Skakdi, an island of aggressive Matoran, and an island of aggressive Vortixxes with Buzzy before finally reuniting him with his group. During this time he lost faith in Katanas and switched to daggers, finding that they work much better for him. After all that time spent together watching each other's backs, Laryn and Buzzy became good friends, perhaps even best friends.     Unfortunately, Laryn had lost his way since getting side-tracked with Buzzy and spent the last several years trying to find the location of Mata Nui. He has finally made contact.Personality:     He's a bit bubbly and quite optimistic when with other heroes. He strongly believes in fighting for causes and doing what's right for others. He's rash and unwilling to compromise, often believing he should go all-out with the enemy. He doesn't tolerate working with evil to defeat evil, and he prefers the company of Toa, although he's very friendly with pretty much anyone who's a fighter regardless of race. So long as they're lawful good or neutral good, he's happy with them.     Among his traits are a tendency to make up words and use onomatomoeias. He's boyish and usually ready for action, and he tends to hurl insults at villains with intensity that varies between witty teasing (like Spider-Man) to strong assertions, depending on his mood.

Weaknesses: While agile, he has little physical strength due to the thinness of his arms. Most Toa can overpower him.</p>MonosmithName: Monosmith the DimensioneerGender: maleSpecies: Toa of StoneAppearance: Monosmith stands a couple of heads above the average Toa. His skin tone is tan, while his clothes are Metru brown. He wears leather boots and gloves that come up to the knees and elbows, and he almost always wears his trenchcoat, which comes like a curtain down to his ankles. Unless it is unbuttoned, it conceals a carpenter's belt with his various tools attached. He walks with a variety of different postures and personas, depending on who he is around, although regardless of his company he has never been known to smile. He bears a strong, classical Toa face, with glowing eyes that, like his presence, seem to shift colors depending on how people perceive him, although most people say that his eyes are either green or blue. His shoulders are broad and his arms muscular, but everything is sanely proportioned, and no aspect of his appearance, other than perhaps his personal fashion, can really be lent to caricature.Mask: Mask of Psychometry. It is transparent and specifically molded to his face. Although he depends on them for energy, he does not like masks and resents concealing his face. The rest of his body, certainly, is hidden behind a long coat, but his face is to be seen plainly.Powers: Elemental powers of stone. He can also swim, which is a superpower among Po-Toa.Weapons: His utility belt includes a chisel and a hammer, but his primary tool is a multi-purpose flashlight he simply calls "the Flashlight", powered by liquid lightstone cells. Its other purpose is that it has a retractable fishing pole built in, with hooks he normally stores in a pouch adjacent to the Flashlight's holster.Alignment: lawful goodOccupation: Inventor, sculptor, craftsman, and ToaHistory:     His name wasn't always Monosmith, but it was always what he was called, because he lived alone in the Po-Wahi desert as a smith. After being called this for as long as he lived, for all intents and purposes it became his name. He lived in a quarry that was too far off for the Po-Koronians to visit, where he spent much time carving statues of all sizes and of all forms. He created a forest, so to speak, of his designs, from giant models of Toa to tiny armies of Rahkshi, and then abstract pillars where many things have been molded together. Also among his carvings are an assortment of geometric designs, especially three-dimensional puzzles. His most common form, however, was a simple monolith, a precise rectangular prism with the dimensions of 1x4x9. He has spend much time considering these dimensions, and attempting to create an image in his head of the pattern continuing, with an extra dimension measuring 16 feet, another at 25 feet, and so on. His intense interest in geometry and math, both results of a well-developed parietal lobe, have lead him to call himself the Dimensioneer as his formal title. This is not to say that he actually travels through dimensions, but he is still acutely interested in the concept of space.     Although alone, there were people known to visit him, and he would take unexplained leaves of absence from his collection of carvings. He secretly went off exploring, preferably hidden regions with unexplained mysteries, as his mask often allowed him to glimpse some information off of these dark corners of Mata Nui. He never ventured around the Koros much, preferring the obscure and overlooked areas of the island, especially the old places.     For those who visited him, he was known for giving math lessons. He has sometimes saw himself as a teacher. Those who knew him were vaguely aware that he was more than a carver, given that he was, indeed, a Toa, but it was clear that fighting evil was a part-time job for him, and he was flexible with how he did that.     There were several extended period of his life that he was a very active member of the Toa team known as the Defenders, a collection of tight-knit individuals sharing a strong sense of ideology and a very personal struggle against evil. He was often very influential among them, often their de facto secondary leader, but he has retired from them multiple times. Even so, he regularly keeps in contact with them, and is engaged in non-team business with his Toa of Earth teammate, Uta. He often comes back to them due to his undying sense of friendship with their leader, Kato, with whom he shares a long history with, thought he doesn't speak much of it.Personality:     "We cannot create. Everything exists before we touch it, both the materials that we use and the ideas for our inventions. We only uncover both, and then we build." While not a central tenant to his philosophy, it is a significant distinction to be made in how Po-Koronian philosophy flows through him. He has a distinct vision of the world, its laws, and its nature, with a strong sense for archetypes. He questions these things out of scientific inquiry, but is humble before nature and reverent of its laws.     He is very intelligent and he knows it. He has a creative, constructive mind, a touch of brilliance, and has invented such things as his Flashlight. Since he does not show his emotions or the many things broiling underneath, what people see is his persona, which is that of an inventor with a cunning intellect, a matter-of-fact tone, and a daring sense of bravery, along with a willingness to do what must be done. People know he is tough, can-do, stubborn, and down-to-earth.In other words, he can make others believe he is the typical Toa of Stone.     When fulfilling his duties as a Toa, he has been characterized as a Warrior Philosopher and a Warrior Poet, often deep in thought. There is, indeed, much to think about when the world is both simpler and more complex than anyone ever assumes. Take, for example, ethics. While he prefers to spare lives when possible, he is entirely willing to acknowledge when it is not possible or appropriate to spare the lives of villains. Being a crusader is part of his identity as a Toa, whether he's on an emotional high or not, and sometimes that entails acknowledging that sometimes things have to be the way they are during a war. He is most often a utilitarian, and is willing to sacrifice his innocence for the greater good.     Monosmith dwells on his past and feels frustrated that he cannot remember all of it, that he did not write down his experiences and best memories when he had the chance. He is often very sad and very lonely, although he doesn't show it. He almost never feels happiness and certainly never joy. He is often blunt and can hurt feelings, because he himself forgot how to have his own feelings hurt. He knows how to feel and express anger and determination, although the other stuff never comes up, and he only has two friends who really see what lies deeper underneath. Sometimes he can show warmth, although people have to be willing to see it.     He is often haunted by spectres he refuses to name, archetypes that weigh heavily upon his mind and identity. He has dreams and visions. These things tear him apart inside and he secretly feels very incomplete. There are also certain nightmares from the past that he doesn't talk about, which frighten him more than anyone will ever know. Indeed, his friends know him to be deeply afraid of death, which is a surprise, considering the bravery he exhibits. There are also fears he has that are deeply spiritual in nature.</div>Weaknesses:     Certain people can get along with Monosmith, and certain people can't. There's no real formula. To some, he's intolerable. There can also be times when he is deeply ashamed of himself and will remove himself from a group, or when he is afraid of getting too attached to new people and distances himself from them.

     He is not trained with any weapons other than a sword, for which he has a talent but conversely does not own one for himself.     He is more susceptible to addiction than most people.     He is color blind. The only color he can see is red. It pops out, but otherwise, the world is in grayscale.KatoName: Kato the DefenderGender: femaleSpecies: Toa of IceAppearance: She looks just like a standard Toa of Ice. Her entire body is white, and snowy tone of her full body armor is just as consistent. Her light-blue eyes do not stand out much, as they are almost white and blend in with the rest of her face.Mask: AkakuPowers: Elemental ice powers

Weapons: Kato wields a large, white, rectangular shield that comes up to her sternum when rested upon the ground. She had a sword, but she lost it long ago. Her armor and shield are uniquely made to retain full durability even when frozen over, so that they do not become brittle when her elemental powers cause ice to form over them.Alignment: lawful goodOccupation: Toa, leader of the DefendersHistory:     According to Kato, she was always a Toa. The past, however, was never something she focused on, and is something she has hardly bothered to remember. She mainly made sure to remember the basic, important information relevant to who she is in the present.     What one needs to know is that her history involves a mentor, and training in defensive combat and the art of self-preservation in the heat of conflict. She spent much of he time anonymously helping Matoran with everyday problems and going out of her way to be a friend so as to lighten the burden of fear in dark times. It became a passionate goal of hers to be a comfort to the little people who needed it the most.     She also has background with Monosmith, who founded the Defenders. She and Buzzy were the first members, and when the team was complete, she became the leader of the group. For a while, Monosmith was the main recruiter, and the group reached a dozen members, although Ashley saw them one by one either resign from the team or die, until only six remained. With a vague sense that destiny was at play, she maintained that these six were always meant to be together.     During one clash at the burnt forests of Ta-Koro, she and two other members were ambushed by skakdi working for a villainous figure she had been trying to hunt down. The other two Toa died, and she fought to a standstill. It was here that she lost her sword and survived with only her shield until Monosmith saved her. It was at this point that Monosmith quit being a regular member of the group and left it completely in her hands. She has since then given him her frequent invitation to return and has had faith that he would (and that faith has been rewarded on a few occasions), while she held her Toa of Fire, Water, and Air, because another half-member more and the team would no longer be of any use for its duty.Personality:     Kato is sympathetic and connects with the emotions of other people. She is caring and compassionate, and it affects her leadership. Although she isn't the heart of the Defenders that glues everyone together, she is the heart that provides the moral compass that they all believe in. She has never given up and never let go of her faith, even when she found herself questioning it in their darkest hours. She remains true to the Toa code and has never taken a life. She believes strongly in having mercy on her enemies, although she keeps Monosmith close to hold her accountable for when she must allow for certain ugly things that must be done, though she doesn't get into the ugliness first-hand.     With that in mind, however, it is also important to note that she tries best not to make her compassion a weakness. She doesn't see it that way and never intends for it to be. She also wished for her compassion not to essentially mean that she holds back. No, she certainly has a crusading spirit and can be tough on villains. Yet, she does not fight them with hatred, and her sincerest wish is that everyone can find personal redemption.     Kato is acutely aware of the plight of the weak and miserable. She remembers the her messed up origin and seeks them out to offer them healing when necessary, because at the end of the day her life isn't about fighting evil but promoting good.     Finally, she focused on the present.She was influenced by her past, but it was never something she dwelled on, and much of the details she has even forgotten. The future, meanwhile, is something she prepares for, but is not something she can change by thinking about it. Like most Toa of Ice, however, she is acutely aware of prophecies and has some interest in them.Weaknesses: She can't deliver the best bluffs, so she leaves that to others in the group.     She does not regularly wield a weapon other than her shield, although should she wield a sword, she has no skill in offensive fencing. Her defense, however, is the toughest of anyone on the team.


Your Honor,

Tyrannosaurus Kraggh

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I'll be working on expanding and improving this.

  • [*]A detailed description of his appearance: Black and gray with white highlights. Wears and Akaku.[*]Weakness(es): Highly suspicious of almost everyone. Extremely scrupulous and has a tendency to over think things.[*]Name: Viisi[*]Species: Toa[*]Gender: Male[*]Powers and/or weapons: Earth elemental powers. Kanohi Akaku.[*]Alignment: Good[*]Personality and history: Once a member of a Toa team, resigned for reasons unknown. Trusts friends too much and others too little.

- 55555

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I'll put my profiles I made here:Name: JiMingSpecies: Ta-MatoranGender: MaleAlignment: GoodAppearance: Slightly taller than the average matoran. He has a red mask, body, and and limbs, and orange hands and feet.Mask: HauWeapons: A blade similar in shape to Tahu Mata's sword, and a small, round shield.Powers: None, since he is a matoran. But he is somewhat good at combat, and is very fast and agile.Weaknesses: About as strong as your average matoran. Also, he trusts people he considers his allies with his life.Personality: Usually a very kind and compassionate person to his friends, but can have a bad temper at times. He doesn't like to act on impulses, usually thinking things through before reacting.Biography: He used to live a normal, happy life in Ta-Wahi. But when the Toa disappeared, his curiosity overtook him. He decided to wander the island, looking for clues or answers to what happened.Name: GeviraSpecies: Toa of AirAlignment: GoodAppearance: Slightly thinner than the average Toa, and has a green mask, body, hands, and feet, and grey limbs.Mask: MatatuWeapons: A Cutlass which he keeps sheathed on his hip.Powers: Control over air, excellent agility, telekinesis(from mask).Weaknesses: He REALLY hates extreme heat/cold. He can also be caught off guard quite easily.Personality: Very gentlemanly, and treats almost everyone he treats with respect. He refuses to speak in treespeak because he considers it to be unsophisticated. Despite this, he is a very capable fighter, though he never uses his full power when fighting someone he considers weaker than himself.Bio: He refuses to reveal his past, preferring to stay "mysterious". All that is known about him is that he came from another location to help bring justice to criminals.

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name:sephirspecies:toagender:malepowers/weapons:electricity,mini throwing swords,blade of tipherius.alignment:goodpersonality/history:slightly shy and confined,but when you get to know him,hes epic!his memories begin when he was blasted out of a blade encased in ice.he freed the blade,and began his life.he searched for days,trying to find answers...then he saw the toa.he followed them closely,always making sure he was never seen.he learned the ways of the toa.then he heard three words.unity.duty.destiny.immediately the creature was filled with energy,changing from a bodiless form to a golden toa!(this is where i get lazy,and stop thinking about what to write,so lets just say that he saved people,found out about other toa,and learned from them,before going to find a toa team of his own.)misc:his mask is a kanohi calix.barely able to use it,he continues to reasearch this masks power(literally,i have no idea what it does,but i have a hunch...TELL ME WHAT IT MEANS SOMEBODY!please!) :crying:

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Name: Frenn HalfrekGender: TomboySpecies: ToaAlignment: UprightAppearance: Not a typical colored Toa of Fire; her colors are copper and silver (shown here on mask). She has some red and blue highlights, but her entire body is worn and appears stained. She is more muscular than most and has a toned build.Mask: Kanohi of ReboundingIn the shape of a Kanohi Akaku equipped with one special lens to allow ranged viewing beyond normal vision.Weapon: Two large curved blades known as Shotels.While she mainly uses the Shotels to clear jungle, she is efficient and practiced enough to use them for combat. The blades can be connected at their pommels to form a double-bladed weapon.Powers: Element of FireBiography: Raised by Muaka on the outskirts of Ta-Wahi and Le-Wahi, she is more than capable of taking care of herself. A natural tomboy with an explosive personality, she never received proper training over her fire element. When she uses her elemental power, it works in controlled bursts of explosions. Being raised by Muaka led to her animalistic personality and underdevelopment of elemental power. Her elemental power can cause explosions by snap mood changes, or manually activated when she flings her hands, which acts as a trigger to the power. Beyond causing explosions to a varying degree, she is capable of channeling her fire power into her swords.Weakness: Cannot in the proper sense, utilize her elemental power beyond hand gestured explosions. Afraid of Fusa the natural enemy of Muaka.

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Name: Tajeh (Ta-J)Species: Ko-MatoranAlignment: NeutralGender: MaleAppearance: Typical Ko-Matoran.Tajeh is mainly a stark white color, with highlights of blue, silver and grey splashed on his body and mask, making a ideal camouflage for snow.Weapon(s): A small shield, an expertly crafted Protosteel sword and carving knife.Mask: Powerless Kanohi PakariPowers: None, although he can boast a slight resistance to the cold and claims that he is quicker then the average Matoran.Traits: A more out going Ko-Matoran then others, he is quick to make friends with everyone, and tries to see the good in everyone. He loves the thrill of battle, even if he's only been in one fight.Biography: Tajeh started out doing odd jobs around the Koro, gaining respect with each errand. He lost all that after a ill fated hunting trip, which lead multiple Rahi into the village, doing damage to the buildings and huts, until Kopaka stopped them all. Tajeh, too ashamed to go back to the Koro, left, and went to Ga-Koro, working as a boat carver.Weakness(es): Being out going makes him more gullible then most. Also, being a Matoran makes him weaker then most. Heat also weakens him.

Noiatz Livic

Name: Noiatz LivicSpecies: VortixxAlignment: Lawful NeutralGender: FemaleAppearance: Noiatz is a tall, yet slightly thin Vortixx. Her skin and armor(Thin sparring armor.) are almost he same color, a light blueish-grey. Her eyes are a stark white. Her head is mainly black, as the color starts changing to the light-blueish-grey of herbody at the middle of her neck. She wears an amulet that her parents had crafted for her.Weapon(s): None; She is trained in a form of grappling. She is an expert in swimming. She carries a Flute among her possessions.Powers: None.Traits: Slightly Shy; Soft-Spoken; Well-Mannered; Kind-Hearted.Biography: Noiatz lived a life almost akin to royalty on her home island. She had anything she wanted. Except excitement. It was a dull life, except for her weekly grappling training that she was allowed to have and her flute practices, that she wanted to escape from.In the middle of the night, she gathered the items she treasured most. Her flute, her sparring armor, the amulet that her parents had made for her and the bag which she used to carry it all.She left her family and the security that was there to seek excitement elsewhere. She stole a boat and managed to sail to Mata Nui, where she knew she is currently seeking the excitement she craves.Weakness(es):Claustrophobia; Cold Weather;






Name: Quert

Species: Po-Toa


Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Gender: Male


Appearance: Quert stands around 6' tall. He is a dusty brown, a natural camo in the desert. He wears standard Po-Koro Guardsmen armor. He wears a black jacket, bearing the Guardsmen symbol and a medical cross. His mask is in the shape of a Miru.


Weapon(s): None Currently; Highly trained with a knife as a Guardsmen Doctor.


Mask: The Mask of Healing


Element: Stone


Traits: Quert is all around good guy. A bit of a smart-alack, he can be very comforting and calming, although a bit harsh. He is able to keep a calm head in stressful situations.


Biography: Quert joined the guard early on in it's development. He avoided the combat aspect of the Guard and instead joined up with the medical division, gaining a large amount of skill as a doctor. His general sarcasm resulted in him being demoted mere weeks after being promoted.


After he became a Toa(Which Quert hates to talk about.), he stayed in the medical division. He believed it was his destiny, as he received the mask of healing.


Weakness(es): Quert is not a strong fighter, as not completely trained in combat. He suffers in freezing weather.









Name: Kaerhi (Ka-i-he)
Species: Skakdi
Alignment: Chaotic/Self
Gender: Male
Appearance: Mainly light grey, with a triple green streak on his left arm. A small scar is visible above his left eye, which are light blue. He is slim, and average height. He wears light armor, which is colored dark brown.
Weapon(s): Scythe
Powers: Elemental: Ice; Vision: Thermal Imaging.
Traits: Selfish and cold, with a bad sense of Humor. Doesn't talk much, but when he does, it's brief and to the point. Little to no regard for local laws. Has a deep hate for other Skakdi. Trained in Scythe combat.
Weakness(es): Fire and Extreme cold weakens him. He is useless in a long range battle, only a close combat weapon. Slower than most.


Name: Roase("Roast")
Species: Vortixx
Gender: Male
Appearance: Roase is...old. What little isn't covered by his ratty, brown cloak, is visibly worn and stretched His hands are bony and frail, a green tinge to his teal skin, his face droops and sags almost everywhere, his eyes and mouth are nearly hidden from the wrinkles on his face, his teeth are yellow and cracking, and his eyes are glazed over and white, making one believe he is blind at first sight. He is constantly hunched over, and his bones creak at every move.
Weapons: Roase has no weapons, although he keeps a wooden cane with him, with which he can provide a smart smack over any being's head.
Weakness: Being as old as Roase is, he moves slowly and is a lot weaker then most Matoran. Most anything can, and will hurt him.
Personality: Could be described as "mentally deranged." He tends to laugh quite a bit at the little things in life, and even at the most terrible things. Is quick to befriending people, but can hold grudges against people he meets for the first time for no real reason. Has very little cares in the world.
Alignment: Neutral. He has a real, "I could care less, but that requires caring in the first place" with most things.
Biography: Roase will tell you he was a poor hermit who sailed to Mata-Nui to seek a better life, but that isn't true.
Roase used to be rich and powerful warrior back home. A fighter in many arenas Universe wide, he made friends, but also many, many enemies. After defeating the local champion on a southern island, the islanders rioted and attacked him, nearly killing him, if it were not for the leader of the island. Instead of killing him, he proposed an evil plan: drill a hole into his skull and pour hot water onto his brain.
The islanders agreed to this idea and carried out the plan while Roase was unconscious . When Roase awoke, he was, in every sense of the word, insane. The islanders put him back on his boat and launched him towards the sea. Roase spent nearly 1,000 years trapped in an ocean current in the southern sea, somehow staying alive.
Eventually, he was recovered and nursed back to help by a Vortixx trading ship. He stayed with them until they took him home. After a few weeks home, he disappeared. No one knew where he went, or what happened to him, but to be honest, they didn't care about him.
Several years later, Roase arrived on Mata-Nui, right out of the blue. He merely appeared overnight in Po-Koro, and quickly became a resident.


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Bio: . And the Servants have proven to get on his nerves.Name: “Top Hat” MyrvalSpecies: ToaAlignment: Chaotic NeutralGender: MaleAppearance: Looks much like a toa in a jet-black English gentleman’s overcoat with two coattails (from the Victorian Era on earth). This serves as his “armor,” with natural white armor underneath that. Myrval never goes anywhere without his top-hat, suit, and cane, earning him his name. Has a spectacle over his right eye, partly covering up an ugly scar. He has a muscular build with a few gashes running down the right side of his body, most of them concealed by his overcoat. Finally, Top Hat's eyes are a soft yellow.Weapon(s): Collapsible top hat with blade rimming the edge and a cane-sword, with the grip/handle being shaped as a dragon-like rahiMask: Kanohi Calix - Great Mask of Fate, shaped as a pure-white IdenPowers: Ice, via his maskTraits: “Top Hat” Myrval has always been a nice guy, helping those he meets and keeping most riffraff away. He has phenomenal people skills, befriending most everyone that he meets. especially with tea and crumpets, he shows an affinity for both and demands them at all meal. Despite seeming to be “nice” at most times, he is extremely brutal when in battle; given, it takes a fair amount of annoyance to get him to target someone. In addition, he will sometimes commit an act that seems to have no basis - things like helping a criminal escape, tripping a respected being, and even killing a matoran he just met. In fact, often enough, he seems to have a rather insane vibe about him.Biography: The question has been raised pertaining to Top Hat's origins. What, exactly, is the answer? Well, he doesn't really have any. He's a gentleman toa that has wondered the universe, and recently he ended up on Mata-Nui. He has enjoyed himself so far, and doesn't seem to have any plans on leaving.Weakness(es): Can be very easily distracted. While he is exceptionally strong and fast, his body can't take much punishment.

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Toa BrolinSpecies:Matoran/Toa/TuragaSubSpecies:ToaGender:MalePowers:IceWeapons:Ice Sword & ShieldAlignment:Good, but occationally does bad thingsPersonality:Like any ko-anythingHistory:Became toa after struck by lightning carrying a toastoneWeaknesses:Barely strong & being struck by lightning makes him powerless for 6 hoursMask:Kanohi Kaukau

How do you get the masks

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Name: ArtorreSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: Outrightly evil, seeks only to advance himself and make other people's lives horrible.Appearance: A tall red toa of fire, not that you can see it past the black armor covering almost all of his body. His Miru is shaped like an Avsa.Weapons: A straight black sword and 10 throwing knives.Kanohi: A great Miru, shaped like an Avsa.Powers: FireWeaknesses: Is slightly less physically capable than most, due to his age, hates water.Bio: Artorre doesn't talk much about his past, although it's obvious to anyone unfortunate enough to meet him that something happened long ago which created in him a deep hatred for anything living. The only thing he mentions about his past are his favorite kills, one of which is an assassin named Reconnai.Name: OlnorSpecies: SkakdiGender: MaleAlignment: Doesn't care much for evil, but is 100% loyal to someone who is.Appearance: Olnor just plain looks like a brute, even compared to other skakdi. He's about a foot taller than and twice as beefy as his master, but an unusual sense of honor compells him to remain Artorre's faithful servant, as his life was saved by the toa of fire long ago. Artorre swears it was for the sole reason of gaining an extra pair of hands to assist him in his old age, even though he couldn't have known about Olnor's sense of honor.Weapons: Olnor carries only a large war-hammer, modified to manipulate gravity and push anything near the impact zone away. He refuses to use any other weapon.Powers: Earth, X-Ray Vision.Weaknesses: Is quite headstrong, and often rushes into fights without thinking. Is twice as thoughtless when it comes to protecting his master.Bio: At first glance, Olnor is a thoughtless brute and can, at times, act the part. However, he is very compassionate and bound by a sense of honor, which forces him to serve Artorre. He often tries to convince the toa of fire to turn from his evil ways, as of yet to no avail.

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Name: HantakSpecies: Skakdi of FireGender: MaleAlignment: Chaotic evilAppearance: Dark red, wears black armor, slightly taller than an average toa, has many scars, large claws on hands.Weapon:Zamor launcher, shoots Zamors that reduce the enemy's energy by approximately 10%.-Approved by Nuju Metru.Personality: Quick to anger, trusts no one.Vision power: Impact visionBio: Little is known about his life before he arrived in Ta-koro. Known for his great strength, he worked as a mercenary.Weaknesses: Though very strong, he lacks agility in battle. Also, he can make poor decisions in his anger.Name:LeronguSpecies: Le-matoranGender: MaleAlignment: NeutralAppearence: Slightly larger than the average Matoran, green in color.Kanohi: Powerless MiruPersonality: Somewhat outgoing, often takes risks.Weapon: Carries a small daggerBio:He lived in Le-Koro most of his life. Weaknesses: His outgoing nature can get him into trouble. Also, he often takes risks.Name: TaronakSpecies: Toa of fireMask: Pakari in the shape of a Hau.Gender: MaleAlignment: GoodAppearence: Average size for toa, red in color, wears heavy orange armour. Is very strong.Personality: Easily angered, trusts few, not afraid to kill.Weapon: A very large sword.Bio: During his early life, he lived in Ta-Koro. He always wanted to be a guard member. At a later point in his life, he wandered the island. After he finished wandering hte island, he went back to Ta-Koro, where he lived, and eventually became a guard member.Weaknesses: Very sensitive to cold, is not very agileName: SontarokSpecies: Toa of SonicsMask: Volitak, the mask of stealth.Gender: MaleAlignment: Neutral good.Appearence: Gray in color, wears black armour.Personality: Outgoing, not afraid of a fight. He is very confident, which can be a weakness in battle.Weapon: Carries a sword and a small dagger.Bio: Lived in Ga-Koro most of his life. He was a member of the guard there, but left for reasons he will not explain. He had a brother, Kontarok, but no longer speaks to him after they got into a fight. He then temporarily wandered the island, but more recently he has lived in Ga-Koro again. During the time he was wandering the island, he suffered a blow to the head in a fight, which caused him to lose a small amount of his memory. Soon after, he moved back into Ga-Koro.Weaknesses: He is not very strong, and can be too confident in battle.Species and gender: Male Skakdi of plasmaPowers and abilities: He is more agile than most Skakdi, and is skilled with a knife. However, he is not as strong as most Skakdi. He wields the elemental power of Plasma, which he can only use in conjunction with another Skakdi, and his vision power is Laser vision.Alignment: The will of MakutaAppearence: He is burnt orange in color, with white armour. He is taller and thinner than most members of his species.Personality: The nameless Skakdi is solitary and intellectual in nature, and prefers to work alone. He does not enjoy working with others, even if it gives him benefit. He is not easily angered, knowing that anger has no benefit, and, in a fight, he will try to kill quickly, rather than prolonging it. Unlike many Makuta followers, he is not at all insane. He has no problem with killing his enemies.Weapons: A scimitar, and a gun-like weapon that shoots beams of plasma which are approximately 1/5 the strength of a normal elemental blast. This weapon has a long cooldown time due to the heat of the plasma.(Approved by Nuju Metru)Bio: He has served Makuta most of his life, never questioning his motives. He lived in Ta-Koro in his early life, and after that he travelled to Po-Koro, serving Makuta there. Though he may have had a name at some point in his past, not even he remembers it.Weaknesses: He is not very strong, and sometimes refuses help in a fight.Name: KoratuGender and Species: Male Ko-MatoranAppearance: He is average size for Ko-Matoran, with a white body, legs, feet, and hands. He has light blue eyes, and his mask is white in color.Alignment: Neutral, not unwilling to utilize illegal practices.Abilities: He is skilled at negotiating from his many years as a businessman, and has gained a large amount of wealth from his business, putting him among the wealthiest in Ko-Wahi.Mask: Powerless AkakuPersonality and Traits:Like many Ko-Matoran, he is reserved in nature, and generally wary of strangers. He is highly intelligent, and he considers himself superior to most others, especially those less wealthy than him.Weapon: He carries a small, ornate dagger. The handle is made from a Kane-Ra horn, carved into the image of a Kane-Ra on one side, and a Muaka on the other. These carvings are accented with gold. This weapon is carried more as a symbol of his wealth than for actual use.Bio: He grew up in a wealthy family in Ko-Koro, which was among the wealthiest in the Wahi. As he grew older, he started a large shop, having recieved assistance from his family for the starting expenses. In this shop, he sold various items of considerable value, many of which acquired through illegal practices. He has owned this shop for many years, and it is the primary source of his wealth. He eventually became a member of the Cultured Gentry. He remains relatively unknown, preferring to keep to himself.Weaknesses: He is unskilled in battle, having never fought.

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This will be my first character. :happydance:Name: RaidenSpecies: ToaControlled element: AirMask: MiruWeapon: None,for now.Eye colour: GreenGender: MaleDescription: Lime and Metru green armour,with dark green-brownish leg greaves.Bio: Unsure and confused, he's not sure where he came from or why he's here.He is disarmed, but not helpless. Raiden is a master of hand-to-hand combat.Raiden is not sure how he can fight so well,but he enjoys it.Weakness: Easily confused, and somewhat weak against an armed foe.

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Name: GanterSpecies: Fire ToaAlignment: GoodGender: MaleAppearance: Originally, Ganter was red and orange, with some gold parts on his armor. Now he has black parts instead of red. The orange parts were lightened to yellow.Picture: http://www.kepfeltol...ltoltes.hu_.jpgWeapon(s): A sword, that was crafted by his own hands. It can channel his elemental power, Fire. His original fire sword was destroyed in the battle against his enemy, Jorgos. Ganter also has a shield, wich is round shaped, and has a handle. With the shield, he can surf of lava, but the shield is in rarely use. It just hangs on his back.Mask: Kanohi Pakari, Mask of StrengthTraits: Ganter is very similar to Toa Tahu, even if they never meeted in person before. The only thing, that makes them except, that Ganter is likes to work alone. He always use strength and his creativeness in battles. It means, he can find the best tactic to win the figth.Biography: (probably I will update later, I do not have any idea to remake it to fit the rp)Weakness: His temper.------Name: JorgosSpecies: VortixxAlignment: EvilGender: MaleAppearance: Like any other Vortixx, expect he painted his armor into red (on his chest, arm, and legs)Weapon: a staff, similar that Panrahk has, expect it is own made and shoots energy beams, like Roodaka's weapon did.Biography: (later I will do it)Traits: Truly evil like Teridax.Weakness: Water elemental powers

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Name: Zyke (pronounced "Zik")Species: Skakdi of electricityGender: MaleAlignment: Neutral (formerly evil)Appearance: vgmmah.png(credit to Katuko for this image)Weapons: Zyke is equipped with a small handheld projectile launcher that uses a volatile and very flammable chemical to propel heavy metal spikes short distances. He can synthesize the chemical from almost anything as long as he has a small amount of the original substance. He also carries two battle axes that he can throw with surprising accuracy.Powers: As a Skakdi of electricity, he can fire lighting from his fingertips and control electrical currents, but only if he and another skakdi use their abilities together. He also possesses the ability of powerful impact vision that has been known to throw foes at least two bios across the battlefield, and his legs carry an unusual amount of strength, allowing him to leap a bio and a half upward and two to three bios forward. He is very skilled with small blades and throwing weapons.Traits: Zyke is very aggressive and quick to anger, having killed many of his own soldiers for so much as stepping a hundredth of a bio out of line. His arrogance is nearly unmatched, and he will do things no other skakdi would do to prove himself. He is, however, an excellent military strategist and can successfully carry out battle plans that would most likely fail under any command but his own. Since his defeat, he has lost some of his military knowledge, but retains his fiery temper and overconfidence in himself.Biography:Zyke was once a highly esteemed and powerful military leader on the island of Zakaz. However, a band of mercenaries invaded his primary military camp and personal home, killing many of his soldiers and driving him out on a battered sea vessel with a few of his most trusted lieutenants. Seasick, tired, hungry, and lost at sea, the crew went into a delusion and tried to kill Zyke out of spite and rage. Zyke slaughtered his entire crew in self-defense and dumped their bodies in the ocean after salvaging anything useful from them. After ages of drifting through the seemingly endless sea, he washed up on the shore of Ko-Wahi. He was nurtured back to health by the unsuspecting locals at Ko-Koro, but he escaped the village and sought out Po-Wahi for the familiar barren climate. He currently resides in Po-Koro as a contract killer and is considered a highly dangerous criminal.Weaknesses: Zyke's temper and arrogence often get the better of him, making him do insane things simply to prove that he is the baddest and most dangerous warrior Mata-Nui has ever seen. Name: VorshiinSpecies: Toa of earthGender: MaleAlignment: goodAppearance: Vorshiin shares his stout and bulky build with many of his fellow Onu-Wahians. His armor is a lighter shade of grey, and his arms reach almost to the ground.Weapon: Vorshiin carries a large and very heavy hammer that can cause earthquakes that was invented by one of his friends after he was transformed into a toa.Kanohi: Elda, the mask of detection, in the shape of a KirilPowers: Using his Kanohi Elda, Vorshiin can detect hidden beings. As mentioned before, he can use his hammer to cause brief earthquakes within a one-kio radius. His unusually long arms allow him to throw foes very far distances and reach things that other toa cannot. He can also manipulate earth, but can often lose control of his power due to the strange way he was created.Traits: Vorshiin is very rash and unthinking, charging into battles without considering the consequences. He isn't intelligent, so to speak, but he is wise and can sometimes provide interesting thoughts and advice that benefit anyone working with him.Biography: Vorshiin became a toa when a mysterious toa stone was left by an unknown visitor in his workshop. He didn't know what it was and tried to hook it up to one of his machines, but it backfired and turned him into a pseudo-toa, also reducing his intelligence. He normally roams around the caverns in Onu-Wahi, Battling the creatures that Makuta sends to terrorize the matoran. He has been known to sometimes travel to Ta-Koro and watch Kolhii games in the arena there.Weaknesses: Vorshiin's unintelligent mind can leave him with a lack of judgement, causing him to be quick to violence when a solution to a problem does not present itself.Name: DekolSpecies: Ko-MatoranGender: MaleAlignment: GoodAppearance: Dekol wears teal and white armor, and is slightly taller than most Matoran in Ko-Koro. He carries a small satchel that he uses to store his books, personal items, and weapons.Weapons: Dekol carries two knives in his satchel, along with one stone disk and two wooden ones. Mask: Powerless RuruTraits: Dekol is talkative for a Ko-Matoran, and enjoys fictional literature, carrying books around almost wherever he goes. However, he also suffers from minor long-term memory loss.Biography: Dekol has been a resident of Ko-Koro for as long as he can remember, but he can't remember much. He has worked at a library in his home village that he thinks was managed by him since it was built because nobody else works there. In any case, he still manages the library, which contains various works of fiction by many different authors. He considers the books to be his own personal collection, and gets very angry if he finds a single one missing. Lately, he has grown bored of the cold mountains of Ko-Wahi, and is planning to travel across the island, or at least as much as he can explore before he forgets why he left Ko-Koro. Weaknesses: Dekol doesn't consider himself to be much of a fighter, and for good reason. He lacks much physical strength, and tries to surround himself with more combat-capable beings when the sand hits the fan. Name: Terro Species: Toa of Plant LifeGender: MaleAlignment: NeutralAppearance:smazix.png(Made with Danska's Bionicle Builder)Weapons: Terro carries a bow made of wood from the trees of his native Le-Wahi. The arrows he uses are sturdy and are sometimes tipped with poison from plants he grows himself, and he also carries a serrated dagger. Mask: Kanohi Kualsi, the mask of quick-travelPowers: As a Toa of Plant Life, Terro can grow, absorb, and manipulate plants. He is also capable of using a plant Nova Blast, turning all of the terrain around him within a one-Kio radius into a jungle, but he hasn't ever done it before and doesn't plan on it. His mask allows him to instantaneously transport to any location that he can see. He is very agile due to years of living in the trees, and this, coupled with his mask, makes him a very formidable fighter when he is in his element. Traits: Terro is anti-social, and prefers staying in a jungle to living in villages with other beings. He acts cold and distant in a group, but will fight with or against anyone if his native land is endangered. Biography: Terro lived in Le-Koro for a portion of his life as a Matoran, but felt out of place among the largely social Le-Matoran, and moved into the jungle where he made his home. He found a Toa Stone buried in the soil near his treehouse, and took it to the Kini-Nui where he was transformed into the Toa he is today. He still resides in the jungle, but occasionally comes down into Le-Koro for a drink and an attempt to be social.Weaknesses: Terro's powers can be weakened by fire and heat, so he tends to steer clear of Ta-Wahi. He will do anything to save his jungle, including things he can't do, which can lead to him being defeated or exhausted easily. Theme Music: It Ends Tonight (All American Rejects)Name: FuronSpecies: Toa of FireGender: MaleAlignment: NeutralAppearance: He's short for a Toa, being only five feet tall. His body is Mata red with Metru red armor.Weapons: None. He does, however, have a tendency to set his own hands ablaze and use them as weapons.Mask: Matatu, the mask of telekinesisPowers: As a Toa of Fire, he can manipulate and create fire. He has developed a resistance to heat in his hands from constantly setting them on fire. His mask allows him to manipulate objects with his mind.Traits: Furon is just plain crazy. He has no mental illness definable by doctors, so it seems he simply chooses to act this way. He is normally nomadic, but will sometimes take shelter in any cave he can find and will attack anyone that enters his "home," and attacking usually consists of charging with arms flailing in every direction. It's quite hilarious to watch, but not fun to be subject to.Biography: Furon was always different as a Matoran. He was singled out and bullied by others until he found a Toa Stone buried in the charred earth near his home. After being transformed, he decided to travel everywhere and fight for the common good...but then he realized that Rahi are scary! So, he stuck to hiding in caves when he was tired and being crazy.Weakness: Furon is very cowardly and tends not to fight, even though he is a capable fighter if he focuses his abilities.Theme Song: CNR (Weird Al Yankovic) Name: Grimlock (Formerly Gortash)Species: Skakdi of IronGender: MaleAlignment: He aligns himself with anyone who can convince him to join their side, and he doesn't take much convincing. Either way, he tends to side with the "good guys."Appearance: He's stout and bulky, especially for a Skakdi. His armor is gunmetal grey and rust red and possesses a severe underbite. His eyes are iridescent orange.Weapons: A massive sword that becomes wreathed in flame at the flick of a switch. Powers: As a Skakdi of Iron, he can manipulate metal, but only if another Skakdi is present. He also possesses the power of heat vision and great strength.Traits: Grimlock is a steryotypical big, dumb buffoon. He possesses a strange speech pattern that consists of saying "Me Grimlock" whenever he speaks in the first person and he likes to throw his bulk around.Biography: Gortash was a Skakdi warrior on Keretao. He was killed in the battle with Unicron, but was revived by Que in an experiment that involved fusing his body with a Rahi. He travelled to Mata-Nui with the other Dinobots. Weakness: He is extremely easy to fool and is easily persuaded to do a more intelligent being's bidding.Name: CorexSpecies: Toa of IronGender: MaleAlignment: NeutralAppearance: Short and bulky. His color scheme is fairly standard for a Toa of iron: predominantly metallic grey with some burnt orange.Weapons: He carries two broadswords as his own weapons, but he also creates weapons for Zyke, namely metal spikes that he uses in his gun.Mask: Volitak, the mask of stealth.Powers: Elemental control of iron and the ability to camouflage himself using his mask.Traits: He is self-centered, looking out for himself first and Zyke second. However, he has an astute sense of justice.Biography: He met Zyke shortly after becoming a Toa when he hired the mercenary. The job went bad and now he owes Zyke for saving him.Weakness: He often blindly puts himself at harm's way to protect Zyke.Name: Swoop (Formerly Sauros)Species: Toa of AirGender: MaleAlignment: However Grimlock is aligned.Appearance: A short and thin Toa with claws and a crest on the back of his head. His color scheme is unusual for an air Toa, being grey, red, and blue.Weapons: He carries two curved swords (picture Antroz's blades).Mask: Kadin, the mask of flightPowers: His elemental control of Air has been limited due to the emergency process that saved his life. He can, however, fully control his Kadin.Traits: Swoop isn't very talkative. When he is, his speech is awkward and fragmented like that of his fellow Dinobots.Biography: Sauros was subject to the same procedure as Grimlock after he was nearly killed in the battle with Unicron. He then became Swoop and followed Grimlock to Mata-Nui.Weakness: Swoop is directionless without a leader.Name: KorvusSpecies: Matoran of PlasmaGender: MaleAlignment: GoodAppearance: Somewhat tall with orange armor over white.Weapons: Two katana and a dagger.Mask: Powerless Akaku, the mask of X-ray vision, without the assembly of telescopic cyborg eyes.Abilities: Extremely agile and skilled with his weapons.Traits: Korvus has a sense of justice and honor. If someone breaks his own moral code, he will challenge them to single combat that he usually wins.Biography: Korvus trained for many years to hone his fighting skills. He joined the Ta-Koro Guard when he felt he had mastered the arts of hand-to-hand combat and sword fighting. Weakness: His sense of justice can cause him to give up in a fight if he thinks himself to be committing immoral actions.Name: DorumSpecies: Toa of Gravity w/ParakukaGender: MaleAlignment: EvilAppearance: When not enhanced by the parasite on his back, Dorum appears to be a thin, average-sized Toa of Gravity with black and purple armor. When his Parakuka is active, however, his muscle mass is almost doubled, and he becomes hunched over and feral. Abnormal, bony spines jut out from chinks in his armor.Weapons: A single, serrated dagger. However, he mostly relies on the strength given to him when his Parakuka is activated.Mask: Powerless PehkuiPowers: Dorum's elemental and mask powers have been disabled by the Parakuka. However, the creature can give him enhanced strength, speed, and agility when activated. Traits: Dorum was very mentally unstable before the Parakuka attached itself to him, and now his head is filled with thoughts of darkness and evil fed to him by the parasite. However, he is also intelligent and frequently communicates with his "friend" the slug.Biography: Dorum was once incarcerated in a mental hospital. However, he escaped and soon became attached to a Parakuka. He now stalks the shadows of the Kumu Islets, killing anyone he thinks will interfere with his mysterious goals.Weakness: Without the enhancements given to him by the Parakuka, he is very frail.Name: Bloodstone (real name unknown)Species: Toa of CrystalGender: MaleAlignment: NeutralAppearance: Bloodstone wears dark red and silver armor. He is of average height and build for a Toa, and looks normal except for a long, dark scar that runs down the center of his mask.Weapons: A set of throwing knives, a long, cleaver-like blade, and two short-swords that he often dual-wields.Mask: MahikiPowers: Elemental control over Crystal. His Kanohi allows him to cast illusions. He is also a very skilled assassin and can throw his blades with reasonably high accuracy.Traits: Cold and calculating. He shows little emotion besides the desire to kill.Bio: unknown.Weakness: His pent-up emotion can cause him to lose control of his powers.Name: Dagger (real name unknown)Species: VortixxGender: FemaleAlignment: NeutralAppearance: A tall, thin Vortixx with purple armor and a long braid that hangs almost lower than her pelvis.Weapons: As her name implies, she carries a dagger as her primary weapon. She also carries a double-bladed knife.Traits: Vicious and unforgiving. She will not hesitate to kill anyone, even Bloodstone if worst comes to worst.Bio: Little is known about Dagger's past except that she has been a longtime friend and ally of Bloodstone.Weakness: Her devotion to Bloodstone can be used against her.



Name: KutukanSpecies: Mutated Skakdi of MagnetismGender: MaleAlignment: NeutralAppearance: Kutukan is of average build for a Skakdi, except for the fact that his right arm is grotesquely oversized and is riddled with large mechanical implants. His armor is mostly silver in coloration with a few gunmetal bits here and there.

Weapons: A gauntlet that is permanently affixed to his oversized arm that allows him to focus his elemental energy into concentrated bursts. These bursts are normally too weak to do much unless a small metal object is inserted into a slot in the palm. If a burst is triggered then, it can send that object flying at high speeds. This makes it an effective, if inaccurate weapon.Powers: With another willing partner, Kutukan is capable of utilizing the full potential of his elemental energy. He also possesses the power of laser vision.Traits: Kutukan is very bitter and cynical most of the time. After suffering cruelly at the hands of Dark, he expects the worst of anyone and rarely trusts anyone aside from his fellow Dark survivors.Biography: Kutukan's perceived past was blurred and manipulated by the scientists of Dark. He only knows two things about his past: he was once a warrior, and Kutukan isn't his real name.Weaknesses: His arm can hinder his movement and throw him off-balance.


(Kutukan approved by Emzee)

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Name: Rukk Species: VortixxAlignment: Chaotic NeutralGender: MaleWeapons: His kitchen, miniature fore-arm mounted flamethrower for cooking conveniences and self defense when necessary. ( 2-3 foot range, and like the temperature of a gas grill, fuel cells mounted on his forearm so he looks like Popeye)Abilities: As alluded to above, he can turn anything in his kitchen into a weapon or something dangerous. He is a decent cook, and also has a vague, limited knowledge of poisons. He's not an amazing hand to hand fighter, but put something in his hands and he can hold his own.Appearance: Short for a Vortixx, and more muscular than lean, customary black and silver armor.Weakness: Limited combat and tactical abilities, relies on resourcefulness and thinking outside the box in combat. When not in combat, he has trouble balancing his behavior between too serious and too aloof and disparaging. He is confident, to a fault, with a knife in his hands, even if it is a simple paring knife.Personality/Bio: Rukk is very resourceful. He's lived at various inns and taverns and restaurant around the island, lending his resourcefulness and intuition to the kitchens there, becoming a decent cook himself. He has a strange, individual sense of humor and many inside jokes with himself. He's quick to jump to his own defense because some of the stupider inhabitants of the island like to razz him about being a guy and a cook. This has led to him always looking out for number one.He hasn't bothered to learn many fighting techniques or master any weapons, because of his personal collection of cooking implements ( Meat cleaver, curved paring knife, serrated bone knife, a small corkscrew, and a large meat tenderizer) in a tool belt he wears everywhere. He also has a small bunsen-like burner to cook with. [to be expanded]


Name: DahliaSpecies: Matoran (Plasma)Alignment: Chaotic goodGender: FemaleMask: Huna (powerless)Weapon(s): Weighted staff with removable knife-blade, weighted batonPowers: NoneAbilities: She’s got an iron will and has a natural understanding of physics and kinetics to maximize damage she can dole out with her staff in a fight. She is quick thinking and can trust herself to make wise choices.Weaknesses: She’s a horrible hand to hand fighter, and so is never without her staff and/or blade, but her staff can get in the way in some situations.Appearance: Like an orange creamsicle, except tougher. Orange is her primary armor color, with a dusty-off white as her secondary color. She has intelligent wintry blue eyes.Personality/Bio: She’s not a young Matoran, and she’s accepted that life is not good anymore, and does her best to get by. She’s not a loner, but her independent way of thinking and outward calmness can be deceiving sometimes. She’s honest and good hearted, but not very optimistic about life. Her fun side is sharp witted and spunky, and she’s not without her no-nonsense side.She makes her abode in Ta-Koro, but is all over the island, returning Ussal crab mounts to relay stations that rent them out as a part-time job. She plays Kohlii recreationally[to be expanded]


Name: FlyssaSpecies: Toa (Lightning)Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/GoodGender: FemaleMask: Kanohi Arthron, Mask of SonarWeapon(s): She nicknamed herself after her weapons, Twin Flyssa Swords (img)Powers: Average level Lightning control, echolocation (Kahohi) which is always on at a low level.Abilities: Loves artistic swordplay and is very good at it. She always makes the best choice (for her), very agile and quick.Weaknesses: She can be impulsive, which can get her into trouble. And once she’s in trouble, she doesn’t hesitate to use a full powered lightning blast. That can sometimes be good, but it’s mostly destructive. She doesn’t bother learning much hand-to-hand combat either, relying too much on her weapons and elemental powers. Also, her artistic swordplay, while it helps with fighting more than one enemy, it’s useless against only one enemy and she would be outmatched more likely than not.Appearance: Lithe but decently muscled, like a gymnast. Her armor scheme is equally blue and white, blue like the scales of a Proto Drake, and white like the never melting ice in Ko-Wahi. She has an expressive Kanohi Arthron, but guarded crisp green eyes, like new leaves in spring.Personality/Bio: Flyssa is always looking out for number one, herself, but she doesn’t consider herself conceited. Her thinking is that if she can’t help herself, how can she help others, if they need it? She is very self aware, but not self-conscious. She doesn’t go out of her way looking for Matoran to rescue or anything. She has two main mindsets: ‘carefree and easygoing’, and ‘restless and unruly’. She usually starts the day with the first, and then progressively moves towards the latter, which sometimes results with insomnia, depending on the day. So most of the time, she is candid but not obnoxious, and she has rather wry sense of humor.Her home is in Po-Koro, and she had a good reputation as a ‘go-to’ Toa when there was a rogue rahi that needed taking care of or what not. Also, she has tutored a few others in her swordplay forms, which she enjoys. If jobs got too few and far between, she’s been known to take a tour of the island. She tries her best to keep from getting tangled up too much with the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ guys.She loves music, and wants to relocate to Le-Koro where the best singers and musicians from all around the island like to go. She has no musical talent of her own whatsoever, much to her vexation. In her pack, she always carries an extra whetting stone, which is her old Toa Stone, it’s like her lucky charm. She also always has a lighstone or two, because she’s the tiniest bit afraid of the dark.Yes, yes I do let people kill my characters when I forget about them for too long. #grochibro


[subject to future expansion]

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(disclaimer: none of this banner art is original, I just smooshed it together in gimp. Torchic, Matau)
Those pesky firespitters... 
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ornata.pngName: OrnataSpecies: Onu-MatoranAlignment: NeutralGender: MaleAppearance: A black matoran with a silver-gray Great Miru.Equipment: Carries a pair of bamboo disks, a pickaxe and a lightstone in a small bag.Powers: NoneWeaknesses: Dislikes fast movement, heights and can be do things to carefully at times, making him a little too slow. He isn't as strong as a generic Onu-Matoran either.Personality: Ornata tries to be polite at most times, and has a soft spot for things of beauty and art. He enjoys making things more eye-pleasing, and has a fascination with crystals and other pretty rocks and minerals. He isn’t as strong as most Onu-Matoran, but is fairly smart and good at calculations, as well as being a good shot with a bamboo disk.Biography: Ornata spent most of his time exploring the caves of Onu-Koro and Onu-Wahi, gathering objects he finds interesting and beautiful, as well as recording pretty sights in his journal. Over the course of his underground adventures he has run into many rahi, of which he has generally found a way to avoid. He has since moved out to explore the rest of Mata-Nui, deciding that the other areas of the island could hold as much beauty as the caves surrounding his village. Edited by Refy L.S.
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OOC: here is my charactersZakamaName: ZakamaSpecies: ToaGender: MaleElement: FireAlignment: GoodMask: Mask of ShieldingAppearance: His build is similar to Zacax, hazel eyes, greyish-black with red armor, red Kanohi mask. His legs armor is heavier than his arm armor, and thicker as well. His normal attire, a grey vest with a red button up, grey slacks, fingerless black gloves, black dress shoes, and a pair of goggles.Powers: Control over fireAbilities: Zacax has natural combat abilities, being a master swordsman, an inventor, and a master at firearms.Weapons: Two twin katana like weapons (The only difference is that handles are more bent like the grip of a gun)Personality: Z is very quirky, comical, and was intelligent before his memory loss. He doesn't know the meaning of right or wrong, and asks people what is right and what isn't. He is extremely passive aggressive, and a bit nervous.Backstory: He can't remember his past at all...he lost his memory during a great fall and lande on his skull. He is glad to not be in a coma, but he doesn't remember his past, and certain things. Currently, he is a part of a Toa team created by Toa Kaithas, and hopes to find his past through this new Toa Team he has joined.Weakness: To much pressure or confusion. In battle he is relatively slower than most.Zacax:Name: ZacaxSpecies: ToaGender: MaleElement: FireAlignment: GoodMask: Mask of EmulationAppearance: A skinny built, and lanky Toa, Zacax is roughly 6'11 and wears red and dark red armor and a black body suit under that serves as mail (the chain like clothing worn by knights under their armor). He has thick leg armor, with dark red thigh armor, dark red knee pads, red shin guards that get wider until they reach the ankle, which is covered by dark red armor that cover the whole ankle, with red armor boots. Contrasting to his leg armor, his arm armor is not as thick, bulky, or wide, with no upper arm armor, with red lower arm armor, dark red elbow pads, and black gloves with red padding. His chest armor is red, covering his torso, shoulders, neck and upper back, no armor covering the quad, and wears a dark red belt with a red buckle, and wears a red mask of emulation (which was designed to looke like a Hau with a black sun visor to fool enemies).Powers: Control over fire, can create fire balls, all powers a Toa of Fire would have, as well as the power to copy his foes powers and elemental powers.Abilities: Zacax is very useful as an engineer, a blacksmith, and an inventor, often earning the nickname, "Tradesman Zacax,".Personality:Zacax displays a light-hearted, talkative, easy-going, witty and cheeky manner, but repeatedly demonstrates a vengeful and unforgiving streak as well, with him, there are rarely no second chances. He has this one warning code, punishing his enemies if they persist in their hostilities, this is coupled, however, with an intense sense of regret of the deaths of both his friends and enemies. He also has a tendency to babble, mixing apparent nonsense with vital information, sometimes acting erratically to put his enemies off-guard. He is prone to making comments that to outsiders seem obtuse or rude, sometimes to his own embarrassment. He is also able to rapidly switch between moods, from mania to anger to nonchalance and uses this as a form of reverse psychology on several occasions.Backstory:Zakama's older brother and trainer. He is best friends with Hanix and is a master in weapons crafting, invention and engineering. He and his brother became Toa and were trained by Tahukama. For Zacax's protection as well as Zakama's, Tahukama hired a Toa of Fire with the same name as Zacax's to protect the two and serve as a decoy at points (due to the two Zacax's looking similar).Zacax owns his own blacksmith shop in Ga-Koro, his home in Ta-Koro, stating that he loves to work at the beach, though selling weapons on floating Lilly pads isn't really all that fun, especially with the waves. He also had crafted his own boat to travel to different regions on the island, but it was when he would go sell weapons across the island, but decided to stay in one place to sell his weapons.He grew up on the island with Zakama, however, a few years ago he had lost his brother in Le-Wahi, and hasn't found him since.The DuskName: The DuskGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: EarthAll inner: Chaotically EvilKanohi: Mask of illusionPowers: Can create rock hands that come from the earthAppearance: All of his armor is black, same with his mask. He wears a purple cloak, and his armor is like thorns, and he has claws instead of hands.Weapons: Thorn staff.Personality: Cold, ruthless, cruel, evil and malicious at ethe perfect words to describe him.Backstory: Not much was known about him, other than he was once a part of Zaax's team, but decided to become evil. Only he knows, no one on his team knows why. He has a deep hatred for Toa, and tortures matoran for fun.According to Zacax and Tahukama, The Dusk was originally a student that was corrupted like Darix, and became Darix's student and prodigy, as Zacax was to Tahukama.HelsinaName: HelsinaSpecies: ToaElement: PlantlifeAlignment: Neutral Kanohi: Mask of LevitationPowers: Same as any Toa of PlantlifeApperance: She has green and dark blue armor, with a green kanohi mask, with spiked armor, she is quite beautiful to most.Weapons: None, she uses her plantlife powers as a weaponPersonality: Crafty, manipulative, sly, quick to angerBackstory: She has lived on this island for quite some time, and considers the plantlife her friends. She mainly lives in Le-Wahi. She, like many toa, was once a matoran, however doesn't care for fighting against evil or for the matoran. She is a mercenary.Weakness: Fire, melee combat.DarixName: DarixSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAllignment: Pure EvilElement: IronKanohi: Mask of Mind ControlPowers: Can alter and change any metal, iron, or steel substance.Abilities: Skilled in combat.Appearance: Darix is the same Height and size as Tahukama, however, Darix is black, with dark blue and gunmetal armor, that is scratched up and has spikes, his mask is black, and has claws instead of hands.Weapons: Kra-Staff (It's a septor looking staff with a black orb on top with a red eye marking on it)Personality: He is cold, malicious and deceitful. He despises Tahukama, and the light. He is intelligent, and knows how to find one's flaws.Backstory: He was once Tahukama's best friend, and closest ally. However, darkness consumed him, and he became blind, believing right is wrong. Only Tahukama knows how this happened... Darix hates Tahukama, but hates the light more, as those consumed by Darkness do.Weakness: Not the fastest, relies on his pupil too much.Deceased:

Name: Zacax Gender: MaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: GoodKanohi: Hau (with a black sun visor over the eye holes)Elemental power: FireAppearance: no shoulder pads, black upperArms, red lower arms and hands with black fingers, red leg armor with dark red lining, red chest plate, black torso, red back armor, leather back pack, heavy leg armor.Abilities: can repair, and make weapons. He can survive big falls and serious injuries (as long as it isn't life threatening), and knows everything about combat, swordsmanship, and strategy.Arsenal: Gun Sword (just designed like a gun, doesn't shoot), giant wrench, fire cutlass Occupation: Inventor, gunsmith.Backstory:Zacax at one point was sent to Karzahni after a Kikanolo trampled him. After being repaired, he was sent to the Southern Continents, and was found my a Toa of Fire. The toa of fire trained the young matoran to be a great warrior, and the young matoran showed an interest in repairing and building new things. He works on guns, be it Protodermis cannons, proto pistols, sonic blasters you name it! His master saw he was ready to be a toa and turned him into a Toa before his death. The new toa began to become a great inventor and warrior, and now travels on adventures, seeking anyone who needs help and lives to fight evil.Personality: Zacax is a very kind, gentle and comedic toa. However, he is very passive agressive, which can lead to a big problem. He is very young and quirky, however he is intelligent and a fast thinker, (though he does not always think everything through) and a strategist.Weaknesses: His passive anger is an issue, not physically strong.Fighting Style:Zacax is best in swords, and also any fire arms. In sword to sword combat, he uses his two blades to fight, using his mask for defense. When he wields any kind of fire arm, look out. Name: DeusuiGender: MaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: NeutralKanohi: Mask of StealthElemental Power: SonicsApperance: He is a silver and grey Toa with a black cloak. He has no upper arm padding or elbow and knee pads. He has lower arm armor and upped leg armor and sheen guards which are all silver. His chest armor is completely silver while his limbs are grey as are his hands, and His mask is silver.Arsenal: DaggerOccupation: AssassinBackground:Deusui was a heartless mercenary, until he quit after a certain mission that he regretted. Killing a Toa, specifically Zacax's Tahukama. Deusui tried to quit after his mission because of his guilt, but his boss said no, and forced him to kill more Toa. However, Zacax aided the warrior after realizing Deusui didn't want to kill his master, and so Zacax aids the assassin in killing his boss. Since then the two have been good friends.Personality: Before he met Zacax, he was cold and ruthless, but after, he became loyal and has protected Zacax ever since.Weakness: Loosing Zacax, being insultedAmbera:Name: AmberaGender: FemaleSpecies: ToaAllignment: GoodKanohi Mask: Kanohi Kakama, Mask of SpeedApperance: Ambera is yellow and black with her upper torso being silver. She has thin, flexible armor since she mainly attacks with speed and agility. Her lower arms and legs and belt are yellow with her waist and upper arms and legs being black. Her Kanohi mask is yellow.Arsenal: Lightning Tomahawk, KatanaBackground:Ambera has been with Zacax since they first met on Karzahni. They treat each other like relatives. She can't quite remeber her past as she had amnesia after she went to Karzahni, and Zacax and his friends have been helping her find out where she came from and who she was.Personality: She is absolutely a spark of energy, as she is really energetic and sometimes too hyper. She is loyal to her team and Zacax and Deusui, however she often thiks too fast and gets herself into trouble.Weakness: Thinks too fast.CalebosName: CalebosGender: MaleSpecies: matoranAllignment: GoodKanohi: Kanohi Huna (blue)Appearance: Calebos is shorter than most Matoran. He has blue lower arms, lower legs and feet, chest plate and mask, and yellow upper arms and hands, upper legs and waist.Arsenal: ShieldElemental powers: NoneBackground: Calebos is Zacax's brother but was thought to be dead during the Kikanalo stampede. He was actually saved by Tahukama and then placed on Voya Nui. He accidentally slept on a boat and drifted off to Mata Nui, and was on there on his own until the turaga and matoran came there.Personality: He is Very shy and reclusive and prefers to be around Zacax. he doesn't like to fight, and hates being pulled into them.Weakness: Always scared.Maho:Name: MahoGender: MaleSpecies: ToaAlignment: GoodKanohi: Mask of AccuracyAppearance: he wears a grey mask of accuracy, and has grey lower arms and lower legs, black upper arms and upper legs, has more heavy armor on his legs, and black feet.Arsenal: Crossbow, Hunting Bow, spear.Backstory: Maho has been Zacax's best friend on Metru Nui before Zacax was nearly killed. He was found by his friend when he was cornered by Vahki for being mistaken as a thief. Zacax saved his friend and then Maho joined his Toa team, and became his Second-in-command.Personality: Maho is very Comedic, cunning, intelligent, and is very faithfulWeakness: Pressure, he was placed too much pressure as a worker, and gets tense when under pressure.TahukamaName: TahukamaGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: FireKanohi: Mask of EmulationPowers: Control of FireAppearance: Golden Kanohi mask, dark red and grey, golden armor, black cape with the unity duty destiny symbol on it that's golden.Abilities: Tahukama is able to heal people with his special herbs.Alingment: GoodArsenal: "Life Fire" GreatswordBackstory: Tahukama is Zacax's mentor, and father. Not much is known about his past, but he has said he two had a mentor and was turned into a Toa as well.Personality: Tahukama is caring and Brave. Unlike most Toa of Fire, he is actually slow to anger! He is also quite intelligent.Weakness: Zacax and Calebos being harmed.

No Longer Used

Johan:Name: JohanSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: GoodElement: EarthKanohi: Mask of FatePowers: Can control dirt, rock, and minerals.Abilities: Skilled combat, skilled assassin, Apperance: Grey with heavy dark blue armor, slightly obese, his mask is dark blue with a few scratches on it.Weapons: Chain scythe, pick axe, broadswordPersonality: He is nice, shy on a first impression and quirky like all of Zacax's team.Backstory: Johan was apart of Zacax's team, and was friend of his as a matoran, like Maho. He was the heavy metal of the team, and was the second youngest of the team.Weakness: Too slow, Kye:Name: KyeSpecies: ToaGender: MaleAlignment: GoodElement: AirKanohi: Mask of Flight Powers: Can create small tornadoes, control wind, and blow opponents away.Abilities: Kye is a scout, being fast and nimble, and his mask of flight helps out escape.Weapons: Bamboo staff, katana, two twin daggers.Personality: Kye is youngest of the team, but also the most mature...he is quirky, but he is relatively more serious and focused than the others. He is smart, and unlike Zacax, thinks first.Backstory: Kye met Zacax and Ambera as matoran. Kye aided them, and their friends on their journies and became a part of their team. He lived in the jungle alone and knows how to traverse any jungle and forest, and is quite friendly to matoran.Weakness: Not strong, when on the ground he is an easy target, since he is faster when tree traveling.Calebos Rode:Name: Calebos (Referred to as C-Rode)Species: ToaGender: MaleElement: FireAlignment: GoodKanohi: Mask of ConcealmentAppearance: A Blue Toa with heavy yellow armor, blue Kanohi mask, and yellow hands. When he isnt wearing armor, his build is quite skinny.Powers: Control over fire, create fire,Abilities: Weapons: Blade ShieldPersonality: Nervous, timid, perfects to be with his older siblings.Backstory: The true Calebos. He was a part of Zacax's team, and is his younger brother. Calebos, unlike the others in his original team, uses a shield and is a defender, since he doesn't like to fight.Weakness: Not a fighter, weak without his older siblings.HanixName: HanixSpecies: ToaGender: FemaleElement: WaterAlignment: GoodKanohi: Mask of TranslationAppearance: A dark blue Toa, with dark blue and silver armor, dark blue mask, and her hands and feet are a mata blue. She is beautiful, her armor is flexible, due to her being agile and nimble.Powers: Control over water, create water, Abilities: Hanix is a dancer, and her dance moves help her in battle. She is flexible, nimble and agile.Weapons: Two twin katanas, chain scythe.Personality: Hanix is more mature and serious than her brothers. She can be funny, but she hasn't been so much.Backstory: She was one of Tahukama's first students, being more experienced then her brothers. She does not have a team, and prefers to work solo, being strong enough on her own.Name: Marksman (Real name Zacax)Species: ToaGender: MaleElement: FireAlignment: Neutral, formerly goodMask: Mask of Concealment (Shaped like a Hau)Appearance:Marksman is very similar to the other Toa of Fire named Zacax, though, his mask has tons of scratches, same with his armor. He often wears a black trench coat with a Crossed Z on the back, with two capital Ms below it. His armor is dark red, same with his mask, and has many scratches and some rust. The armor design has a red torso with dark red shoulder pads with grey lining, heaven leg armor that is dark red with grey lining, and only red armor on his lower arms , with a red handkerchief tied around his right arm, and wears a pair of black fingerless gloves.Powers: Control over FireAbilities: A skilled marksman, assassin, bounty hunter, tracker and swordsman.Weapons: His only weapon he keeps is a dagger with a red handle, with the word "Firearm" in matoran engraved on the blade, he often steals or requests weapons as his payment.Occupation: MercenaryBiography:Za-well Marksman was a Toa living on the island as long as he could remember. He lost his family thanks to a killer. He lives wherever he lays his head, keeping from the people, being an outcast, unless its a customer. He changed his name to Marksman because of a certain Toa of fire like him who was killed, now people believe he is dead, hence his jacket having a crossed off Z.His past is shrouded in mystery, he doesn't err want to speak about it. He often tries to steal from Vortirxx or Skakdi, seeing how they have better tools than most.

Edited by Zacax: The Gunsmith

"Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become,"-C.S. Lewis




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Name: TorakGender: MaleSpecies:ToaAlignment: GoodDescription: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/SKAKDI/LEGO/BIONICLE/toa_torak.png Credit goes to Matoran Onknu for sprite image.Element: AirMask: A Volitak with telescope shaped KadinWeapon: Air SwordPersonality:.He is mostly sane although there are times where he can become completely insane, He also dislikes crowds, he can also be somewhat of hyper a times, he is also incredibly smart as well as fast and he is also known for being a little sarcastic at times.Weakness:.He is weak and he lacks in armor.Biography: One day he just woke up in Le-Wahi and could only remember his name and much more except his past.Name: MahikuGender: MaleSpecies: Ta-MatoranAlignment: GoodDescription:http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/SKAKDI/LEGO/BIONICLE/mahiku_metru_matoran.png"]http://www.brickshel...tru_matoran.png[/url] Credit goes to Matoran Onknu for sprite image.Element: Powerless fireMask: Powerless MahikiWeapon:.Echo ForksPersonality:.He is your average happy, hyper, excited type of guy who always seems to find good in everything who has a large amount of strength even for a matoran and is of average intelligence.Weakness:.He is very slow.Biography: He doesn’t have much history about himself due to the fact that he is a newly made matoran. Name: CaracoGender: MaleSpecies: Onu-MatoranAlignment: GoodAppearance: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/SKAKDI/LEGO/BIONICLE/caraco..png"]http://www.brickshel...CLE/caraco..png[/url] Credit goes to Matoran Onknu for sprite image.Weapons: Pulse Bolt GeneratorsMask: Powerless HauPowers: Powerless earthPersonality: Extremely Hyper, completely insane, Impulsive, impatient, medium intelligence.Biography: He is a newly created Onu-MatoranWeaknesses: Most of his personality is his weakness also his lack of speed.Name: AgoneorokGender: MaleSpecies: Le-MatoranAlignment: GoodAppearance: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/SKAKDI/LEGO/BIONICLE/agoneorok_metru_nui_style.png"]http://www.brickshel...u_nui_style.png[/url] Credit goes to Matoran Onknu for sprite image.Weapons: Shredder ClawsPowers: Powerless AirMask: Powerless Hau Nuva Shaped HauPersonality: He is very sarcastic type of person, He has always been very serious and is also a pessimist.Biography: He is a newly created Matoran of Le-Koro.Weaknesses: He is often to serious to enjoy life he is as well a pessimist as well lacks in strength.Name: KumaGender: MaleSpecies: Ta-MatoranAlignment: GoodAppearance: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/SKAKDI/LEGO/BIONICLE/kuma_metru_matoran.png"]http://www.brickshel...tru_matoran.png[/url] Credit goes to Matoran Onknu for sprite image.Weapons: RepellersPowers: Powerless FireMask: Powerless Kakama Nuva Shaped KakamaPersonality: He has always been an always optomistic type of guy, he has always been gentle and likes to stay home.Biography: All his life he has worked as a blacksmith.Weaknesses: He hates fighting or hurting anyone.Name: MorokGender: MaleSpecies: Toa of fireAlignment: Chaotic GoodAppearance: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/SKAKDI/LEGO/BIONICLE/morok.png"]http://www.brickshel...NICLE/morok.png[/url] Credit goes to Matoran Onknu for sprite image.Weapons: Magma SwordsPowers: FireMask: PakariPersonality: He is always looking for a fight, he has a strong scenes of justice some times as well as a twisted sense of humor.Biography: He once lived off the island of Mata Nui as a simple civilian, however, due to having his island threatened he was foced to become a toa. He, however, failed to protect that island. He now is looking for a meaning in life....as well as the person who destroyed his home.

Weaknesses: He loves fighting, he is also reckless, he has a lack of armor, he is also impatient, and over confidant in battle.Name: ConguzuGender: MaleSpecies: Onu-MatoranAlignment: GoodAppearance: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/SKAKDI/LEGO/BIONICLE/congzu..png"]http://www.brickshel...E/congzu..png[/url]Credit goes to Matoran Onknu for sprite image.Weapons: Electro-BladeMask: Powerless Noble RuruPowers: Powerless earthPersonality: He has a great sense of humor, he is of high intelligence, and he is also a quick thinker.Biography: He is a newly created Onu-Matoran.Weaknesses: He for some reason HATES using melee weapons, he is also not very good at dodging things.



§ Name: Murcurius


§ Species: Fe-Toa


§ Appearance: Tall, Muscular, he is orange and silver


§ Mask: Great Akaku


§ Gender: Male


§ Powers and/or weapons: Ice Gun and elemental iron


§ Personality: Willing to do any job for a price. Murcurius is highly intelligent,


§ Alignment : Chaotic Neutral


§ Personality and history: He has worked as a mercenary, many times in his life and is great at it.

Weakness: His weakness is his lack of armor: leaving him highly vulnerable. He is also overconfident as well as Ill-Tempered.

§ Name: Vuracious


§ Species: Le-Toa


§ Appearance: Tall, Muscular, he is Dark Green and Gunmetal he also wears a black cape.


§ Mask: Great Miru shaped Matatu


§ Gender: Male


§ Powers and/or weapons: Air Axe and elemental Air


§ Personality: He hunts down people he hates for a price, he is intelligent as well as over confidence that is close to bordering insanity. His negation tactic is torturing.


§ Alignment : Evil

§ history: He hunts down people he knows simply for the fun of it. Friends or foes.

Weakness: His over confidence, and his ill-tempered personality

Edited by Damaracx 7.0
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Work in progress...(taking a picture of a moc of him soon.)name: Ebanusspecies: toaelement: airalignment: neutralcoloring: look at matoran kongu. also has bits of metru red.mask: great kualsi shaped like a miru nuvatools: 2 air katana. and a backpack like the one the random po-matoran has in the bohrohk animations.bio: Comes from metru nui. Slightly damaged armor on right arm. Strong legs. Slight damage on left side of his mask (similar to katuko's character mahdrik). Very smart. Lots of technical knowledge. weaknesses: Doesn't fight well underwater(no air there.) also doesn't like running( which is why he has a kualsi.)

Edited by rahkshi guurahk

-Rahkshi Guurahk
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Haven't posted here yet. I'll give it a shot.Name: Caiox (Cai-Ox)Species: ToaAlignment: GoodAppearence: Typical Toa Of Gravity with a dark shade of purple and black armoring.Slightly smaller than most Toa, but is very agile compared to most. His eyes are a glittering shade of purple.His mask is scarred with a one slash down the side given to him by a Nui-Rama when he was young.Weapons: A Staff of Gravity helping him channel his power. Can blast out Gravitaional energy from the staff. Used as a blade also for close combat.Mask: A Mask of Rebounding. Purple in color.Powers: Blah, who care about powers.Traits: An energetic Toa, like a person who could lighten ANYONE'S mood. He loves the heat of battle, as well as the taste of adeventure. He does however have a grudge against all the Dark hunters as they killed his 2 dear friends. Because of that, he is determined to stop their tyranny. He has average intellengence and is a little reckless. He once ran into a hoarde of enemies without his team. He was lucky he survived.Biography: Orignating from Ba-Koro, he now resides on Mata-Nui. He saves the lives of matoran from the rogue forces of the island. He is social with his fellow Toa and will help all others he sees who are in the need of it. He seems grateful he came to Mata-Nui.Weakness(es): He's too reckless for the liking of other Toa. Runs into a battle without thinking and without his team. Most would think he would of been dead by now because of this.I hope this is good enough. :3

Edited by Gravity Caiox
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Might as well join this massive RPG.Name: AtrutackRace: ToaGender: MaleElement: JungleWeakness: Has slightly major amesia, shows no memory of any weapon or rahi. Thus cannot expect any sort of attack, unless he has experinced it before.Toa weapon: Machette-style blade, row of small spikes on the dull end.Apperance: Basic toa build. The green and blue of the armour have gone dull with unknown age.Mask: Kanohi Mahiki, mask of illusion.Pesonality: Has rarely been happy. Very serious and does not joke around.Background: Little is known about him. He was found in Po-koro, where when he was asked what he was doing there, he said that all he could remember was his name. No matoran, toa , or turaga has ever seen him before, him seemingly appearing out of thin air.Other: Cannot use his elemental powers or his mask power unless he is told about it and show how it is used, accidental use obviously does not tell him how to use it again.

What do you get when you multiply 6 times 9?

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Name: KhaliskSpecies: VortixxGender: MaleWeapons: A metal staff, simple in construction, with a blade attached to the end. Despite seeming to be a melee weapon, it has two abilities that extend its usefulness exponentially. With the pull of a small trigger imbedded into the central area of the staff, it can hurl electrical bolts at whatever happens to be pointed at. However, the use of this power must be moderated, if used rapidly, it tends to overheat and cause some very nasty burns to the wielder. The second power, with a press of a hidden button electrifies the staff with the exception of the central area where the button and trigger are located. It is a very useful weapon, but it must recharge after use, an extended battle might leave it inert for as long as day or more.This weapon was approved by Nuju Metru.Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (by virtue of remembering next to nothing and having difficulty with that whole “empathy” part of existing)Appearance: He is a bit thinner than your typical Vortixx, though one would have to look hard to discern the difference. His main body color is a light gray, with white as a secondary body color. His eyes are white, though one is dimmer then the other, as he is near completely blind in it. His body is a bit beat up, with a few odd dents and scratches. He also has a large (though healing) wound on his back, though it still pains him a bit, he typically uses his staff as a support when walking long distances.Personality and history: Khalisk is a very confused Vortixx, he’s only recently washed ashore on Mata Nui with very few memories, a wealth of technical knowledge and few aching wounds. On this island he is very much out of his depth, his knowledge is centered on technology and there nothing on this island to build a true technological base with, rendering his knowledge useless, something that immensely frustrates him. He has very few memories of his past life, just his knowledge and skills. Because of this, his emotions tend to surprise even him, and he’s still in the process of discovering them. He has difficulty connecting with others because of this, he can barely connect with himself, and asking him to connect with others is rather like asking a man with two broken arms to shoot an arrow into the center of a target. He isn’t evil, but he really doesn’t have the moral system necessary to be considered good either.His history is an utter mystery even to him, it involved a fairly technical job and an excellent education he’s surmised from his knowledge and he may have been a warrior or at least, a fighter judging from his staff and his skill with it. But beyond that, he knows nothing.Weakness: He doesn’t move very fast these days due to his wounds. He movements in combat are slow and deliberate because he simply cannot act quickly enough to do much else, his wounds, though healed, have had an impact on him. Because of this he normally engages enemies at range, if they manage to close with him then they have a great advantage against him. He also has extreme difficulty relating to other’s experience’s and pain as he has very few memories himself and very little to connect the feelings of others with. His near-blindness in one eye also opens up his right flank to attack by a stealthy foe. If he has a clear line of sight and the high ground he’s difficult to defeat, but without that, he becomes very much a glass cannon.Name: DerviaSpecies: VortixxGender: FemaleAppearance: Her main coloring is a dark brown, with the trim being a light tan. Her eyes are light blue. She has a sizeable scar stretching from her left leg to the central portion of her face, a helpful reminder to never underestimate Nui-Jaga. She normally wears a sash with a large pack attached; both of them made out of Kane-Ra hide. The fact her body, beyond the one scar, is mostly unharmed is a testament to her skill at avoiding danger even when on the hunt.Powers and/or weapons: A scoped Ice Blaster, this gun-like weapon does exactly as the name indicates. It fires bursts of elemental ice energy. This energy, upon contact with a surface freezes that surface. If it hit’s an arm or leg, it makes it difficult to move, it hits the head that can be quite lethal. The barrel of this weapon sports a small bayonet beneath it…just in case. This weapon is designed to immobilize, but in the right circumstances it can be quite lethal. Albeit, some indirectly some of the time. The weapon recharges by absorbing cold air or ice overtime. After a prolonged battle, it would likely take a day or more to recharge completely.Weapon approved by Nuju MetruWeaknesses: Due to an unlucky encounter with some Nui-Jaga, Dervia’s left leg has a pronounced limp. She can’t move all that fast without straining herself, hence her tendency towards ranged combat.Alignment: Neutral good (won’t go out of her way to be cruel, and in the end, she normally does what she considers the right thing)Personality and history: Dervia knows little of her history beyond her relation to Tarvak, she arrived on this island some months ago and since then she has thrived. She and her brother have found work as hunters. They’ve encountered many of the Rahi that inhabit the island during their adventures and have invariably slain at least one specimen of each. As a result, Dervia’s knowledge of rahi and their habit’s is quite extensive. She keeps a journal filled with speculations on Rahi origins and behavior, though the fact most Rahi on the island are infected by Makuta’s taint inhibits her work in this field.She primarily survives by selling parts from the Rahi she and her brother slay. Some disapprove of her work, she doesn’t let that bother her, the way she sees it, if a Kane-Ri will charge you regardless of if it’s infected or not, she should shoot them regardless of their current state. She’s careful to not wipe out entire herds, or to provoke them. Mostly because it would be bad for job and likely, her health, a fact that is quite aware of.She tends towards the chatty side, often times spewing trivia and assorted bits of knowledge about certain Rahi. If she think’s those with her lack survival experience, she’ll likely lecture them as well. This isn’t so much the result of her wanting to be social as it is her own attempt to forestall any undue losses and deaths. Beyond this, she tends to keep to herself, feeling that her affairs are her own and not the concern of other beings.Name: TarvakSpecies: VortixxGender: MaleAppearance: He sports the same general color scheme as his sister, but in reverse. His main color is a light tan with dark brown making up the secondary colors. His right arm however, is uniformly dented and scarred, as it was crushed by a Nui-Jaga’s claw. The rest of his body is comparatively untouched beyond some markings on his torso where the beast had crushed him against a rock. His eyes are a deep green.Powers and/or weapons: He wields a flame-thrower; it is quite bulky and tends to restrict his movement due to its fuel needs. He holds the nozzle (shaped very much like his sisters Ice Blaster) and a hose connects it to the tank on his back. He brews up the fuel for the Flamethrower on his own, though it takes him several days to do so once he runs dry. The ingredients tend towards the expensive side of things.Weapon approved by Nuju MetruWeaknesses: His flamethrower restricts his movement and has a comparatively short range. His right arm doesn’t move all that well or all that quickly, meaning his response time is limited when he is using it.Alignment: Neutral GoodPersonality and history: Tarvak lives by two words, efficiency and duty. He has a distinct lack of imagination but makes up for it with determination, dogged loyalty and an astute lack of fear. He rarely chats with anyone beyond his sister and even then, it’s normally just a sentence or two before he clams up again. He isn’t stupid, not by a long shot. His definition of what’s important and what needs to be said is just vastly different from most being’s description.His history beyond the last few months is a mystery to him. He’s followed his sister’s lead ever since they washed up on shore and since her jobs have bought them a living, he doesn’t complain. He worries about his sibling overstepping her abilities and getting herself killed, but thus far these concerns seem baseless. Something he is quite thankful for.

Edited by Basilisk

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Name: ReplisusSpecies: Toa of MagnetismGender: MaleAlliance: Good.Personality: Replisus is known for his quiet domineer, but is by no means anti-social. When not doing research or self-reflection by himself, he's supportive toward his companions and adds in ideas when he can. However, he feels that personal matters should be handled by such person and made up in ones own mind. It takes time for him to give a deeper opinion about more important matters. He often does things without asking, but not in rash decision making. He's a qualified fighter, but knows when he's outmatched and stays or retreats depending on the situation of others.Weaknesses: Because of his personality, Replisus often doesn't talk about himself or what he's thinking, which can be dampening if bad feelings about others aren't resolved. He also is known to be overprotective of his friends, often helping too quickly in deed, but not words. His left arm is more mechanical which grants him higher strength, but requires constant maintenance. While he is intelligent, he's never been outside Po-Wahi and his knowledge on the rest of the world is limited.Powers: Is able to manipulate some electrical currents and repulse Iron with ease, using his Elemental Powers over magnetism. Kanohi: Rau, Mask of TranslationWeapon: Replisus carries two short blades which he uses for combat.Abilities: Replisus' link with Magnetism gives him a natural sense of direction. In places he's never been to before, he rarely gets lost and is a qualified map maker.Appearance: Replisus stands 5.7in and is covered in light armor. He has bright blue eyes, but they dim in combat. His organic parts are a deep dark blue and his armor color is silver. The Toa's left arm is noticeably more mechanical, with cuts and scars across it.Bio: Replisus' was once a Matoran chartmaker in Po-Koro. After an incident resulting in the damaging of his left arm and the death of a respected Toa of Fire, he was given Toa Energy and resolved to do what he could to help the Island's troubles. He's been a Toa for years and has made a small name for himself in the parts of Po-Wahi. Despite this, he has never ventured outside Po-Wahi and wishes to see more.

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Name: Desilix

Species:ToaGender: MaleElement: sonicsPowers and/or weapons: wears a silver Kanohi Matatu andcarries a simple sword of solid protodermis.Personality and history: He has done many generous things for others, but only toboost his own self esteem. He wants to be a true hero, but at heartknows he just wants to be something people praise. He has a history of lying abouthis past and origins. He says that one day he will transform into the very first Toa ofprotodermis, but shows no evidence of this except his small obsession for pureprotodermis. He is a little bit talkitive for a toa of sonics, is usually very confident, and likes tosubtley brag about his acomplishments. If he did somthing poorly, he lies to himself and convinces himself that he did a good job.Appearance: http://www.brickshel...ocs/desilix.jpg"]http://www.brickshel...ocs/desilix.jpg[/url]Alignment: Good, but only for his own self esteem.Weakness: Looses all confidence when he told he did somthing poorly, because this is what he believes at heart.

Name: Mambo

Species: Toa of AirGender: MaleAlignment: EvilAppearance: Mambo is very thin and tall for a Toa, and wears a cape.Weapons: Wears the Kanohi Mahiki, and carries a spiked sword.Bio: Mambo was born insane. Because of that, he was abandoned from scociety, and has minor short-term-memory problems. He constantly talks, asking random questions and brags about himself constantly. He takes nothing seriously, and doesn't consider any consequences. He loves attention, and does all actions for his own ammusement. He does not tree-speak, thinking it's a waste of breath so say all thoes extra words. He somtimes has random flashbacks about his past. Also, he thinks he is not insane. He truely believes everyone else is insane but him, and that he just doesn't have all the "extra stuff" crowding up his brain like normal people do. Although, every now and then, Mambo says somthing intelligent, surprising everyone, including himself. Mambo loves jelly-filled pastries.Weakness: Well, he's insane. Also, he overreacts to pain.

Name: Nawal

Species: MatoranElement: IceKanohi: Powerless Volitak Appearance: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/ToaOfVirtues/mocs/nawal.jpg"]http://www.brickshel.../mocs/nawal.jpg[/url]Gender: MaleAlignment: GoodWeapons: An ice pick, and the two hooks at the end of his fake arm.Bio: Nawal was a very adventurous Matoran with good morals. He was a scouter 1,200 years ago, but when he was scouting an uninhabited aera of Ko-Wahi, he was caught in an avalanch and frozen solid. When unthawed, he had no knowlage of how much time had past. He was frozen before the first Toa Mata came to Mata Nui. He later found out that he had been frozen for a long time. Because of that, he had severe frostbite in his left arm, resulting in amputation. His arm was replaced with a green, mechanical one with two hooks at the end.Weakness: Nawal would make risky decisions that would help others, but risk his own health. He has no feeling in his fake arm, and has minor trouble controling it. Also, every now and then he suffers from phantom limb symtomes.

Name: Revor

Species: Toa of IronGender: MaleAlignment: chaotic goodWeapons: Revor wears the Kanohi Sanok, and carries a three-pronged staff.Bio: Revor has a memory disorder, and is unable to forget anything. He has a photographic memory, making him a skilled fighter and a quick learner. While most Toa forget the dreams they had while sleeping in their canister, Revor remembers the dreams. The dreams were filled of random strong emotions that mentally scarred Revor, and he hardly shows any personality. However, Revor has an overwhelming urge to exterminate all evil from the island.Appearance: Revor mostly black with gunmetal grey armor.Weakness: While Revor can see his past with a photographic memory, he doesn't look to the future to see any consequences from his actions.

Name: Nahu

Gender: MaleSpecies: Onu-MatoranKanohi: Powerless purple HunaWeapons: Has many weapons and armor in his shop, and can use most of them with skill.Alignment: Neutral/EvilBio: Nahu is very obsessive and materialistic. He believes that Mata Nui is not asleep, and that the Toa Mata were a hoax. He travels around the island, selling armor and weapons, while collecting valuable items he finds on the way. He is a good businessman, and can't get enough widgets. When his possessions are threatened, his rage makes him an even better fighter. He never got robbed in his life, so far.Appearance: Looks like an average Onu-Matoran with purple feet and mask, and a black torso and arms.Weakness: Nahu can be sometimes entirely absorbed in an obsession over somthing.



Names: Kambal twins



Genders: Male


Species: Matoran of Air


Kanohi: Both wear a lime-green Faxon


Weapons: Bambo disks


Alighnment: Good


Bio: The Kambal twins are perfectly identical twins. In fact, they are so close, they act like one person. They constantly finish eachother's sentances, and have the exact same opinions. They do not have seperate names, but simply liked to be called "Kambal" as if they are one person. They are Kohli players, and are very successful at it. They are fairly smart and kind, but they have a short temper.


Appearance: Both look like average Le-Matoran with a lime green-dark green color sceme. However, they are both perfectly identical. If one gets a scratch, the other will mimic it. It is impossible to tell them apart.


Weakness: They can not bear to be seperated. To them, it would be like loosing half of their mind.



Edited by Toa Of Virtues


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These are my multiple characters.

Voxumo is dead

Name: VoxumoSpecies: ToaAlignment: Chaotic Neutralhe does everyso often help out but mostly takes jobs that are profitableGender: MaleAppearance: well aside from the provided photos he has a small mark on his right shoulder. he does not know the exact meaning of the symbol except that it is the symbol for a organization his teacher was a member of called the Lightened Shadows. he has never been able to find any information on the group and no has ever heard of it either. many ask and all he can say is it stands for the lightened shadows. his cape is made from a strong and durable fabric derived from Fikou web that can withstand extreme heat and extreme cold and is light enough to not affect his movement.Cape and Shield on back


Weapon(s): Large 3 inch protosteel shield that is surprisingly light. A Thin katana like protosteel sword. Weapons

Mask: The kanohi garai Mask of gravity. The mask is equipped with a thermal imaging lense that allows him to pick up minute energy readings. the mask also has a protective cover around his head which allows for a slightly more protective cover for his head.

Powers: Well he has your basic control over The element of ice. He has been trained in the art of reconaisance and stealth.Traits: unlike most Toa of ice he will speak his opinion and will not hesitate to flash freeze those that are really annoying him not kill them just freeze them. He prefers to travel in the shadows. He has accepted that everything has a dark side and that the darkness can be welcoming. many find his limited company to be like standing in complete darkness while having a blizzard blowing from every direction. some think he may have killed but their is no proof that he has. He has devoted alot of training in his powers to mastering the art of the ice dagger. he finds it a quick and efficient method to disarm foes especially when used from the shadows before anyone knows your even there. many of his battle techniques involve quick precise strikes that are aimed at disabling and disarming the foe.Biography:Well after seeing so much pain and suffering when the small village he was residing in was attacked and ravaged by a group of wandering visorak. after seeing the carnage he lost all hope that their could really be any peace in the world. so from there he decided he would use his toa powers to benefit him self and maybe take jobs that he finds offerable. maybe he can save the occasional matoran and such just to keep the Toa persona up. he plans to one day manipulate the strings of society from the shadows never knowing that they are all doing his will.Weakness(es): He was exposed to a strange virus that causes his mechanical parts to seize up when he is exposed to amounts of heat stone energy. Similar to how Lightstones get energy from the matoran universe and the metru-nui power plant, The heatstones receive energy too but from a different source. when the energy they receive is turned into heat that is where Voxumo suffers. it is because of the energy that he can not be near heatstones, even if the heatstone is in a case the energy still leaks and thus Voxumo can not even be near a cased up one. When the Heatstone energy comes in contact with the virus the virus reacts by causing the energy to become a solid form which is what causes the mechanical parts of voxumo's body to seize up. the effect is only temporary but can be very bad for him. For the energy to affect him he has to be within 4 feet of it and if a heatstone were to be thrown at voxumo and hit him it would cause intense pain for him.

Update- Voxumo recently lost his left arm. He has stitched up the stump. He also has a large scar on his chest and a hole through his torso from a plasma attack. Both have healed. His sword has also been Destroyed but he still has his shield. He has acquired a new sword of similar design but is lighter and smaller since he is wielding the sword one-handed.


OOOO Name: SyvraCodename: Decay Species: ToaGender: malePowers: Toa-level control of plantlife.Weapons: A 3.5 foot long tri-bladed Staff. 2 Forearm mounted claw like blades both part of his armor. He has often used the staff like a spear attaching a vine to it so he can reel it back in.Kanohi: The Great Mahiki, Mask of Illusion in the shape of a Tryna.Appearance: Along with the pictures included he also has a hooded cloak derived from fikou webs and Bula tree leafs. It is sturdy but lightweight and is the color of rotting leafs. front view Side viewAlignment: Neutral evil Personality: He has a False personality and a true personality.His false personality is one of showing compassion and general concern for others. He will seem to want to help others but at a underlying level he simply is doing it if it benefits him. His true personality is one of Cruelty and deceit. He Often looks at things from a dark view. He will commonly summon vines and bound others with them for fun. He has been known to forget about those he did that to. He does have a sense of humor even if dark. He only shows this side to those he trusts or his victims. Even given is nature he has been considered highly loyal to those he partnered with although he is more than willing to kill them if there is no other option. History: Syvra Had awoken on one of the Snowfields of Mount ihu. He knew he had been living on mata-nui for quite sometime but he could not remember where The rest of his memories were there. He Had always been evil even as a matoran but no one ever knew. He had often allowed safe passage into the village he lived in for those who payed him enough. He has not stayed long in many locations preferring to travel.Weakness: He does have a natural fear of fire due to a traumatic fire that destroyed half his village killing many of his fellow matoran. Due to this he avoids fighting any toa of fire or being near open flames. Besides that he is susceptible to most anything. OOOO Name: TivanuSpecies: SkakdiGender: maleAppearance: Tivanu Moc formUnlike most beings who have gravity as their affinity His purple and black color scheme was replaced by white and purple. Even though skakdi are already muscular species he tends to have a bit more muscle in his legs than other skakdi. He stands about close to 8.5 feet tall or about 1.9 bio which is tall even for a skakdi.Alignment: He serves whoever pays the most.Element: Gravity (only when in conjunction with another skakdi)Skakdi Vision power: Impact visionWeapon: A staff that can fire bolts of gravity from the tip. These Bolts Increase or decrease the gravity of what ever they hit. The effect lasts 2 minutes. (Weapon Approved by Nuju Metru.) Personality: Tivanu is a cold and analytical person. He tends to try and think of all possibilities and outcomes before doing anything. When he talks to people his analytical mind seems to show. Even though he is a skakdi he tries not to let his emotions get the best of him. When fighting Tivanu is a savage fighter and will tend to go out of his way to nearly kill whoever he fights as long as it serves to benefit him. History: Tivanu has been traveling the island for as long as he could remember. He tried to never stay in one place for long due to the tasks he has done in the past along with a natural fear of gaining somebody he could consider a friend then losing them. Throughout his travels he has seen many things and had spent a long time in Ko-Koro, Training himself to control his emotions. He succeeded in this training and has learned to use his emotions to his advantage in a fight. He has traveled so long and so far that he does not even recall where he originally came from. During his travels he did take some time to learn a bit of field medicine and has been hired more than once to offer support for beings. He has recently begun to grow restless Weakness: His weakness is a simple one. Due to his large frame he moves a bit slower. He also has a problem with his eyesight. He can not see very far infront of him, at about 50 feet his eyesight is blurry. Tivanu's PetName: Kive-phu (Skakdi for Vicious bird )Gender: FemaleSpecies: Lava HawkAppearance: This lava hawk is a bit larger than the average one. It is 3 feet from head to end of tail feathers. Her wingspan is 8 feet with each wing being 4 feet. Her armored feathers are a dark greenish red almost like that of a decaying plant.Natural weapons: Sharp talons that are 4 inches long and 2 inches wide and an equally sharp beak.Personality: This Lava Hawk has grown to be a savage fighter. It strikes with no mercy. It never attacks unless told to but will attack small rahi when it feels like it. It seems to be similar to Tivanu in that it's eyes show a analytical mind. Background: During one of his many visits to Ta-Wahi Tivanu came upon a Lava Hawk being attacked by a group of Nui-rama. He will never know why he saved the lava hawk but he did by using his impact vision to strike the Nui-Rama's wings which caused them to tumble into the lava. For some odd reason the Hawk has stayed by his side ever since, no matter how much Tivanu has tried to get rid of it. Tivanu eventually consigned to his fate of being stuck with the hawk. He has taught it to respond to commands. He gave the Hawk a name. The hawk now travels with Tivanu and has learned how to become a savage fighter just like it's master, Tivanu.

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Name: MalalixSpecies: ToaAlignment: Chaotic NeutralGender: MaleAppearance: A fairly aged Toa of usual build and height with a lean frame. His colour scheme is of quartered black and white with gold trim on his armour. He seems to move with a very slow and calm demanour, but will quickly establish a fast and erratic style if threatened.Weapon(s): Protosteel Axe, 11 Throwing DisksMasterful with his axe, he has a fairly erratic fighting style with lots of distracting feints and acrobatic movements. He carries 11 throwing disks as he believes that 11 is his sacred number and is skilled with them, but not to the degree of his axe.Mask: Cracked mask of Incomprehension. Can scramble spoken and written language for up to 10 minutes.Powers: Malalix is a Toa of Iron.Traits: An unknown figure in most circles of the world, Malalix has a tendency to do what ever he deems necessary to succeed. With little care for order, he instead holds favor for the lucky and fit as he believes that they have truly earned their place.Biography: All direction was thrown against itself when Malalix was shunned as an Toa outcast for reasons unknown. Wandering the world and serving the strongest, smartest and the lucky, his past has been lost in the records of time. Recently, he has emerged in the light of the world's events and serves every and no one as a lone fighter and relic of the past.Weaknesses: Malalix doesn't get along with others easily and picks fights whenever he feels like it. This and his reputation leaves him with a loss of allies. He also lacks fine control over his mask due to the damage done to it and as of such, will involuntarily use its ability. Finally, he has very little regard for his personal safety and will often take extreme risks.

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Name: ZantusSpecies: Skakdi (Electricity)Gender: MaleAlignment: Neutral, with sympathies towards goodAppearance: Pure white spine and claws with blue armor, claws, and feet. His armor is dented and tattered due to millennia of fighting, but is very tough and capable of taking strong hits. He has a sheathed weapon on his side.Powers: As a Skakdi of Electricity, Zantus can control electricity in coordination with another Skakdi. He prefers to use this ability with Skakdi of Water, but is not as adept in using his power with Skakdi of other elements. He has the ability of Telescopic Vision, allowing him to see distant objects or people. Although he lacks any other abilities, he has a high threshold for pain due to training to resist torture.Weapon(s): His primary weapon is a sword he took from a fallen foe on Zakaz that can channel his elemental power without the presence of another Skakdi. The lightning bolts produced from this weapon are not particularly strong but have a long range and can be quite a shock to an unsuspecting enemy. (Approved by Emzee) He also carries a powerless dagger, usually kept in a sheath, to be used if his sword is taken from him in combat.Biography: A veteran from the endless war on Zakaz, Zantus was teleported to Mata Nui after a Skakdi used a teleportation weapon on him. While he is impressed by the courage displayed by the good side, he views their resistance as hopeless against the threat of Makuta. He is also concerned on how the 'good' side would treat the outsider Skakdi and Vortixx if the heroes were to triumph. He is glad to be off of Zakaz but his focuses on Mata Nui are the same – survive and, if required, fight and win.Personality: Zantus is tired of the war that has dominated most of his life but doubts it will ever end, both on Zakaz and Mata Nui. He is pessimistic about the future and doubts anything he does will change anything. His primary focus is survival, and he has no problem using violence to achieve his own survival. He may aid someone in his travels if he views their cause as worthy enough and if the risk to him is minimal. He is wiser than many would assume of a Skakdi and can make excellent tactical plans on occasion. He has some sense of honor, but that honor is subject to the risk to his own survival.Weaknesses: His armor is very heavy. As such, his speed, agility, and swimming are impared. He is nearly deaf on his left side due to exposure to a massive explosive blast on Zakaz.Name: TafelSpecies: Toa of PlasmaGender: MaleAlignment: GoodAppearance: Armor and mask coloring are a fusion of reddish-brown. He is slightly shorter than the average Toa, and carries a satchel over his shoulderPowers: Wears the Great Kanohi Garai, the Mask of Gravity, allowing him to increase or decrease the gravitational pull on an object or person. As a Toa of Plasma he can create, control, and absorb Plasma. He is skilled at creating concentrated bolts of Plasma and can superheat objects in a similar manner to Pahrak-Kal's Plasma Shields. A former blacksmith, he has the skill to fix almost anything given the right supplies and can create makeshift tools out of pretty much anything.Weapon(s): Carries a bladed shield that he can throw at targets. Secondary tool is a disc launcher, and he usually has half a dozen discs in his satchel at any given time.Biography: As a Matoran, he was known to be skilled at fixing things and he could create tools. His mind had always been... different, although not insane. During a routine scouting trip with several of his friends, they were both infected and began attacking him. His mind changed at that moment, and he saved both of his friends, destroying the Rahi in the process. He began growing distant from his village, and when he became a Toa he decided he wanted to 'fix' the world. He supports the resistance to Makuta and his true desire is a world without violence and war. His hope is that the defeat of Makuta will result in a world without war. As such, he is willing to attack - even kill - anyone who he feels supports Makuta or harbors his allies. He currently resides in Xa-Koro, making weapons and giving repairs to people he feels support his cause.Personality: Tafel is an idealist and will go to any means to bring his ideal world to reality. He has a cold persona and appears unapproachable, but is a nice enough person once you get to know him. He deeply cares for the world and the plight of the Matoran, and is deeply suspicious of even benevolent Skakdi or Vortixx, as he views the whole of their species as evil.Weaknesses: Perhaps his biggest weakness is his utter confidence in himself. He views his cause as noble and thinks destiny would not be opposed to such a cause. As such, he views himself as essentially invincible and is reckless in combat, willing to take risks that most sane people wouldn't dare take. His distrust of Skakdi and Vortixx borders on racism and various Skakdi have hefty bounties put out on his head as a result-TN05

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Name: MushySpecies: Matoran of waterGender: FemaleAlignment: GoodWeapon: Long knifeAppearance: http://www.brickshel...ONICLE/mtm..pngBio.: Lived in Ga-Koro most of lifePersonality: Friendly, happy, and outgoingWeakness: Being very sensitive to fire

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IMG_0692.GIF.3309bb29bcc7460f3b8786a87af44771.png.da7133cb92dbb2189370ddfa6f4d46de.png Member-Made Emote Topic h.jpg.3e4ad884a1ceef85d03b81b5df0c09ef.jpg

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  • Appearance: http://mocpages.com/moc.php/322197
  • Weakness: Serjic has extreme sensibilities to humidity and heat, so a Toa of fire would put him at his knees.
  • Name: Toa Serjic
  • Species: Toa
  • Gender: Male
  • Mask: Golden slim fitting Hau
  • Powers and/or Weapons: He possesses the power of lightning and carries the great Toa Sword of lightning.
  • Alignment: Good
  • Personality and history:

Personality:Serjic is somewhat antisocial and prefers to keep to himself. He is not completely dead pool as and on the occasion he will show a grin. He is kind to most beings depending if they are insufferable arrogant or not.Story: Serjic does not remember who he is, where he came from or where he is now. The only thing he remembers is his name one other name; Roth and that he must find this being.

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Appearance: Rebuilt Mata-Nui style matoran, mainly grey with orange highlights, wears a grey Calix and a leaf pouch.Weaknesses: No powers, can't swimName: ZarohSpecies: Fe-MatoranGender: MaleTools: Carries a customary Fe-Matoran smithy hammer and bamboo disks.Alignment: GoodPersonality: Enjoys traveling and learning new things, often gets into trouble by standing up to beings far stronger than him.History: Left his tribe after it was destroyed by a gang of Skakdi, and has regretted not staying and fighting with his brothers

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Name: ArhynoxxSpecies: Toa (Magnetism)Appearance: a Golden Kanohi Hau (Lhikan Style) adorns his face, with a black chestplate, pauldrons, and shinguards. His lower Torso is golden, and he wears purple gauntlets, and his thigh armor and shoes are purple. He wields a sturdy gold-plated axe. He has a very lean, skinny build, and has muscled legs and forearms.Ye2k7.png I used the ToM kit for this image, made by ToM DraconeWeapon(s): Protosteel hatchet. This toa tool lets him channel his Magnetism powers. Arhynoxx also can throw his axe like a boomerang due to his control over magnetism. He finds this technique inaccurate and hard to control however, since he is quite inexperienced as a Toa. His axe is actually not meant for combat, and it was the tool of his trade when he was still a woodcutter in Le-Koro. However, being the wanderer he is now, the weapon's versatility is uncanny.Other Tool(s): Hunk of protosteel. This chunk of metal was found in an abandoned village of Fe-Matorans. It lets him channel Magnetism without his axe, though it is more difficult to do. He also uses this to return his axe to himself when he throws it. Rugsack. This small pouch on Arhynoxx's back lets him conveniently store items.Mask: Kanohi Hau of ShieldingPowers: His Hau can shield him from damage, but it is difficult for him to control it, because of how new he is to being a Toa. His Magnetism powers can thrown and pull opponents, but this quickly tire Arhynoxx, still not having mastered the art of Magnetism. At most, he uses his powers to dodge with more ease, and disorient foes a bit.Traits: Arhynoxx is a curious, naive fellow, but still quick on his feet and an able learner. He has been known to cower in fear if shown a force tremendous enough, and deserts are his worst nightmare: No food, No shelter, No relent in the onslaught of vicious Rahi. He is known to be a hungry guy, and this can easily distact him from more important objectives. He fights by striking quickly, then immediately recoiling to defend himself. This fighting style is only really for one-on-one battles, and Arhynox does poorly in battle without some backup. Weaknesses: Easily distacted by meager issues such as food, inexperienced, too curious.Other Facts: Is very new to being a Toa. He became one when a bolt of lightning from the Red Star struck him while he was cutting wood.BIO: Arhynoxx does not remember much of his past, since he was turned into a toa by a bolt of lightning from the Red Star. It fried half of is brain and rendered him comatose for a long time. after being washed ashore on te Kumu Islets, survival was tough for the Toa that never wished to be. But mainly he was hungry. And an amnesiac.

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Name: TanikaSpecies: ToaGender: MaleElement: LightningMask: Kanohi FaxonAlignment: GoodWeapons: Thunder whip (a bladed whip that creates loud claps of thunder and/or concussions when snapped and has a long bar type handle which he uses for a club in close range fighting, as well as channelling his lightning power). And a small, round, sharp protosteel shield with a mini disk launcher mounted underneath of it which can also channel his element. The disc launcher fires small electrified discs. He also carries extra mini discs. His pet Scratches is a small, dragon like, chameleon lizard that uses camouflage, a fast attack, sharp claws, and a bladed tail to bring down multiple enemies ten times larger then itself.Skills: A master at using his whip, he has almost a telepathic connection to it and can do amazing tricks (such as wrapping it around a tree branch to swing across a gorge then giving it a tug and having it come loose). He is also a fairly good shot. He has trained with his element so that he is constantly charged with a small amount of lightning, and anyone that goes closer than two inches from him gets a jolt (this will be annoying to pick pockets), when he is nervous, angry, or in a fight the charge increases so that anyone touching him will receive a big shock and if they happen to hit him with a sword or something, they will probably get hurt just as much as he does.Appearance: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Takanuvainika/MOPC/tanika2.jpgWeaknesses: Rubber (because his lightning has a hard time getting through it,) water (it causes his electric field to short out and it takes a while to build up again), feet (his feet are not covered by his electric field otherwise he would waste power on the ground).Bio: He was once the guardian of a village that was built around a small pool of Energized Protodermis. The Energized Protodermis influenced the plants in the area causing them to grow large, strong and fast. The village quickly became wealthy exporting produce, but this also attracted unwanted rahi and shifty characters. But Toa Tanika protected the village from all threats, and in appreciation the matoran saved enough to buy him his protosteel shield from the Nynrah ghosts, inscribed with this message “To Toa Tanika, May this shield protect you as you have always protected us, then the matorans names and finally because you wouldn’t accept a statue”.But their happiness was not to last, for a Dark Hunter spy discovered the source of their lush plants. The Dark Hunters’ attack was fast and precise, they quickly located the pool but found a shocking surprise. the battle was furious but one of the Hunters finally knocked him down and was about to finish him off when Tanika used the last of his elemental energy to call down lightning bolts from the sky knocking the Hunters unconscious, knowing that the rest of the Hunters would return, Tanika ordered his village to be evacuated and left the chained Hunters in the village.With the matoran in one boat and himself in another, they set sail for Metru-Nui. As they sailing a young Dark Hunter with psionic powers attacked the villagers’ ships as his first solo mission. Tanika told the matoran to keep sailing while he held of the Hunter, when the matoran were out of range he unleashed a powerful surge into the water, but was knocked unconscious from a mental blast before the surge could reach the Hunter. The young Dark Hunter was having second thoughts about his mission; in his mind the Toa was practically giving the Energized Protodermis pool to them so there was no need to kill him. The psionics user quickly went towards a random island, mentally shrouding himself so he couldn’t be seen and, wiping Tanika’s memory, dumped the Toa onto the beach, and sailed away.Somehow, Tanika awoke on the beach in Ta-Wahi and, after wondering how he got there since water would short him out, he headed off to find out if someone needed help and to find something to eat.Personality: Although outwardly he is friendly and trusting, he is actually quite paranoid and takes a long time to trust anyone as a result of years of dealing with thieving visitors to his island.

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Name: MezraSpecies: Ta-MatoranAlignment: Chaotic Neutral/ Chaotic Evil (He goes back and forth. Sometimes he tries to mislead matoran and toa, other times he merely manipulates for his own benefit. Either way, he is always looking for how, with a few words here and a bit of information leaked there, he can disrupt a complex system.) Mask: Powerless Kanohi IdenGender: MaleAppearance: Mezra's armor is red, as per being a Ta-Matoran. He is somewhat small and weak compared to most matoran.Weapons: Mezra uses no physical weapons of any kind, but he uses his vast intellect to manipulate and sway foes to his cause.Possessions: Mezra has quite a few widgets, which he has gathered from various swindles and the like. He also has a number of carvings that show him to be an official representative of the Nui Bank. More about the Nui Bank later in this post.Powers: Mezra has the natural Ta-Matoran resistance to heat. However, as mentioned in the biography, he has the ability to convince others that certain evil acts might not be so evil. For instance, he can convince a Toa to take a low-importance artifact out of a Suva and give it to him. He also has a mental shield that negates any mental attacks.Traits: As said before, Mezra is extremely smart and cunning. This enables him to deceive many beings into thinking that he is still a regular Ta-Matoran. He acts like one, talks like one, and throws himself into danger like one. Almost no one knows that he has the bit of shadow in his mind, with the exception of one being in each Koro and one in the Kumu islets. These are the other representatives of the Nui Bank. (They are my other characters who will be created soon. Or if anyone is interested they can ask to be one.) Mezra can appear to be in pretty much any mood, no matter what he is really feeling. He occasionally gets overconfident in his grand schemes to take over everything. He is very weak physically however.Biography: Mezra used to be a regular Ta-Matoran. Then an encounter with a mad Vortixx who had a piece of equipment that was imbued with shadow changed him. He gained no physical shadow powers, but his mind was altered forever, giving him increased mental faculties and the ability to convince people to do slightly evil acts, as mentioned above.Weaknesses: Mezra is weak to any kind of physical attack.NUI BANK: (I can remove this if you reject it, mods...but I think that it would add a cool new element to the BZRPG. You know, people get a job, they raid the bank, there's a forgery racket, and so on...)The Nui Bank is Mezra's personal creation, funded out of pocket. It functions like a real-world bank for all intents and purposes, but the only form of currency accepted is Widgets. The Nui Bank has the following traits/aspects:- You can withdraw Widgets from any representative of the bank, providing that you have a carving with authorization- For every 100 Widgets stored, the bank will give them an extra widget. This doubles for every 100 widgets you put in. For example, putting in 200 will give an extra 2. 300 will give you an extra 4.- Beings may apply to be workers for the Nui Bank. More on this if someone asks about it.- The Nui Bank does not have a central location. Withdraws are done by asking a rep, as said above. Most of the widgets that are deposited into it are placed in a safe house located in Ta-Koro. As the bank grows, there may be a central location.- Robberies:The safe house isn't too easy to find, but a dedicated robber should be able to locate it by asking around. (Anyone who has been approached by one of the reps and seemed interested will probably know something about this, go ahead and be creative guys! I'm not gonna be too picky. Also there is always the option of kidnapping a rep and what not...do whatever you can to find the safe house! Think up anything that you think would work, I'm not gonna GM.)Reps are not invincible, obviously, and could be robbed while on their way back to a safe house.-The safe house:It looks like a mud hut from the outside. Inside, it looks like one too. Except if one walks in the fireplace, which opens a panel in the wall which leads to a staircase. In the staircase, there are pressure plates that detect if a being is going down. If the being does not press a hidden pressure plate in the wall within 10 seconds after the floor ones have been triggered, an alarm bell will sound inside the vault room. At the bottom of the stairs, there is a protosteel door that is locked with a magnetic generator which is on the other side. Past the door, there are 4 rows of high-security vaults which are locked with bar locks. The rows have 8 vaults each. They can be unlocked with a lot of brute force, pressing the corresponding pressure plate on the unlocking panel which is behind 4 foot thick stone walls, or smashing the power generator that runs everything. There is a thermal vision camera in the center of the room that rotates 90 degrees every second. All the security systems are powered by a power generator which is located in one of the vaults. The place is kept by two Vortixx technicians. (Two of my characters who will be made shortly.)-The bank's true natureThe Nui Bank is truly a place to store illegal items of any and all kind. No questions are ever asked. The items(s) in question can be withdrawn by coming to the safe house, the location of which is told to anyone who deposits such an item in the bank. The fact that the bank provides this service is not widely known, and only advertised in some of the bars in the Kumu Islets, and even then only by word of mouth.The bank also gets items for people. It then holds them for the client until the proper payment is made. This is also only advertised by word of mouth and in the Islets.- Other updates as people want them.Name: KryzaSpecies: ToaAlignment: Chaotic evilMask: Kanohi MatatuGender: MaleAppearance: Kryza has white and silver armor. He is more muscular than the average Ice Toa, but appears to be somewhat dim-witted.Weapons: Kryza carries an Ice sword that looks big, ugly, brutal, and unrefined. It's meant to be more of a weapon than a work of art. He also has a knife in case the fighting gets up close and personal, although it rarely does with him.Possessions: Kryza has tablets that show him to be an official representative of the Nui Bank.Powers: Kryza, like all other Toa of Ice, can control the element of ice. He uses it in a more brutal fashion than other Ice Toa might, however. For example, if there were a wall, Kryza would probably pummel it until it fell down rather than make a bridge to go over it.Traits: Kryza is strong and tends to think with that strength as well. This is very different than most Ko-Matoran and other Ice Toa, but for some reason it is how Kryza works. Kryza does whatever he wants, and mostly it doesn't bother people.Biography: Kryza started out as a by-the-book Toa, but soon realized that the Toa Code was too restrictive for his liking. He became a mercenary for a few years, then found Mezra. He was recruited by Mezra and began working for the Nui Bank, as a security guard. But why Kryza would accept a bank security job after having freedom as a mercenary is a mystery.Weaknesses: Kryza's mind is weak to mental attacks, and he is terrible at thinking his way out of challenges.Name: ShazructorSpecies: SkakdiAlignment: Chaotic NeutralGender: MaleAppearance: Shazructor has grey leg and arm armor and a black chestplate and faceplate. He is definitely one of the more muscular Skakdi around, as well as taller than the average one.Weapons: Shazructor carries a Nynrah Ghost Blaster. It was made secondhand, and as a result is quite inaccurate. He also doesn't have very much ammo for it. But it still is just as effective as a regular one if it hits. He also uses protosteel knuckles in order to make his blows harder.Possessions: Shazructor carries tablets that show him to be a representative of the Nui Bank.Powers: Shazructor can use the elemental power of gravity when combined with another willing Skakdi's elemental power. He has the power of telescopic vision.Traits: Shazructor is here for one thing only: killing other beings. He is extremely cold and more than willing to use lethal force even when unnecessary. He is not the brightest, but not the dumbest.Biography: Shazructor was trained from a young age to hate all living things, and not to hesitate to kill. He found all manner of mercenary jobs, and currently works with Mezra. His basis for working with him is that he is allowed to terminate any bandits or robbers.Weaknesses: Shazructor is weak to elemental powers of almost any kind, the exception being gravity.Name: WhentenuaSpecies: SkakdiAlignment: Willful GoodGender: MaleAppearance: Whentenua has bright green leg and chest armor. His mask and arm plates are darker green. He always has a vine or two wrapped around him. He looks somewhat unthreatening and appears relaxed almost all the time.Weapons: Whentenua carries a staff made of wood that has been infused with The Green.Possessions: Whentenua carries tablets that show him to be an official representative of the Nui Bank. Ha also has a number of carvings that are fragments of his home fortress.Powers: Whentenua can use the power of The Green when paired with another willing Skakdi. He also has the power of Infrared vision.Traits: Whentenua is gentle and kind when calm. He seems like an old sage. But when he gets angry, he unleashes his full force without hesitation. He is also smart and wise.Biography: Whentenua was raised in one of the southern islands in his home tribe. It was attacked by the Visorak Horde, and completely wiped out - except for him. He made his way through the world until arriving on Mata Nui. There, he found Mezra and helped to found the Nui Bank. He believes that by helping this public service, he will be at peace. He is the only one in Mezra's company who does not know that Mezra has the bit of shadow in his mind.Weaknesses: Whentenua has trouble acting tactically, and might not do the best thing in a situation if there is an easier way to do it instead.Name: CevnixSpecies: VortixxAlignment: NeutralGender: FemaleAppearance: Cevnix has jet-black armor with circuits all over it. Her armor is always sparking and flashing, making it somewhat hard for her to sneak up on anyone.Weapons: Cevnix uses a small dagger as her only weapon.Possessions: Cevnix carries tablets that show her to be an official representative of the Nui Bank. She also has a thermal vision camera which is currently mounted in the Nui Bank's safe house, and a magnetic field generator, also in use at the Nui Bank.Powers: NoneTraits: Cevnix is an elderly inventor, and acts like it. She is very pragimatic and mysterious, never showing others how her complex machines work. She is somewhat cold, and easily annoyed when others don't understand something that she's explaining.Biography: Cevnix was raised on the island of Xia, where she learned all about the inventor's trade. She then made a decent bit of widgets by selling her inventions, and voyaged to Mata Nui to start a buisness there. It was not successful however, and so Cevnix became a thief for a few decades. Then she met Mezra and helped him create the Nui Bank's safe house. She continues to happily work for him.

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  • name: Panrahk Nuva
  • appearance: http://www.brickshel...hk_nuva_001.jpg
  • weakness: Light, is simpathetic towards other rahkshi.
  • Species: Rahkshi (upgraded with protodermis)
  • Gender: male
  • Powers: Shattering, explosive orbs, and other similar powers.
  • Alignment: Chaotic good
  • Personality: Panrahk nuva is smart and determined, but being a rahkshi, he naturally has the tendency to destroy a city in order to save it. He also struggles with understanding matoran customs and culture, so he lives with them to try and understand it. Panrahk nuva is calm, but also slightly deppressed, and he sees things physically, but not spiritually.
  • History: Before he encountered energized protodermis, he was a normal panrahk carrying out makuta's orders. He doesn't remember how, or why, but he was somehow exposed to energized protodermis, and became both more powerful, and sentient. He realized that makuta's orders were not beneficial or helpful to civilization. Panrahk Nuva quit service to the brotherhood but makuta hunted him down, and defeated him right outside what would come to be Ga Koro. There he lay, deep within the sand, in a coma like state.
  • weapons: dual function rahkshi staff.
  • Canon species equivelant (power level) : Skakdi

Being a customized species, he needs to be approved by the staff, hope he is allowed! :biggrin:BTW, could the staff who activates him please PM me when it is done? (or denied)

  • name: zarkuus
  • appearance: White and gold matoran
  • weakness: anything that could hurt a matoran. especially shadow.
  • Species: matoran
  • Gender: male
  • Powers: small light bursts
  • Alignment: good
  • Personality: Happy and generous.He is also very intruiged by mysteries and superstition.
  • History: Zarkuus was an archeologist on voya-nui, until he unearthed a strange device that transported him to mata-nui. Intruiged by the islands mysteries and history, he decided to stay and make a hut in one of the villages. He is currently traveling the island, learning about it's cities.
  • weapons: He carries twin chargers and a multi-tool handheld device.
  • mask: noble miru

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Jenali {Dropped}

Species: Toa of the GreenAlignment: Neutral Good, leaning Lawful.Gender: FemaleMask: Rau, Mask of Translation.Powers: Elemental Power of the GreenAppearance: Tall and wiry, Jenali stands at seven feet four inches but is thinner than the average Toa. Her armor is designed for maximum aerodynamics, smooth and streamlined, and is various greens and blues in dappled splotches like shifting shadows in a forest. Her organic parts are a tealish blue, her mask is dark green, and her eyes are a more neon shade of the same.Weapon: Jenali doesn't like weapons, preferring to use just her elemental powers to distract and disable whoever she has to attack, so at the moment she is unarmed.Personality: Jenali is... overbearingly, unrelentingly, determinedly cheerful. She's exuberant, and innocent, and has no sense of personal space. She protects the island and everything on it, even the Rahi, and takes the Makuta's corruption of the Rahi as a personal affront. She's a bit naive, but takes her new Duty as a Toa very seriously and throws herself into protecting Mata Nui, Le-Wahi especially, with the same innocent enthusiasm she has for everything.She dislikes violence, however, trying to use diplomacy whenever possible. She's found being a Toa isn't just calming down Rahi and using her powers to create food for everyone, but clings to her innocent roots in the hope that she can be a force for peace and good all on her own. She's stubborn when she gets it into her head to talk to someone, and if she thinks someone 'needs her help' they'll have a hard time getting rid of her.History: Jenali was a Matoran living on the Northern Continent until recently, using her affiny for plants to tend crops and keep her village fed. She found a Toa stone and jumped at the chance to help people in a more direct way than feeding them, and when she found out about the situation on Mata Nui she knew she had to help. Considering she's been a Toa for maybe two months, she's got a lot to learn...Abilities: As a Toa of the Green Jenali has the innate ability to create, control, and change plant life, and as someone who spent most of her life as a gardener in a jungle, she knows a lot about plants of all types. She's agile, and fast, and due to her lithe body she can squeeze into places other Toa couldn't. While she's naive she's not stupid, just overly trusting, and when it comes to plants and animals she can tell how healthy they are by examination, plants more easily because of her innate connection with them but Rahi as well due to practice.Weaknesses: Jenali's a new Toa, so she's still working out how to use her powers quickly and effectively. Getting into a real battle will shake her, as she's not used to anything more than calming down irate Rahi by talking and a little food, and she hasn't really had to learn to fight yet so she's not very good at it. Her naivete could easily get her into trouble by trusting or not trusting the wrong person, as she still has a very black and white view of the world and the people on Mata Nui are anything but. She's unnerved by fire, knowing how rapidly it destroys plants, and while she loves heat when it's humid like in the jungle she fears Po-Wahi and Ta-Wahi for how hot, dry, and perfect for brushfires they are. She's also not the strongest of Toa, so while she could probably outrun an average one of her fellows and she's good in the trees she's likely to be overpowered if in a grappling match.

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Name: JanasGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: GravityKanohi: Calix (shaped like a Miru)Alignment: Chaotic GoodWeaknesses: His shins, seeing as he has less armor there.Appearance: http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/Riversong/BZRPG/janas.png (by HahliNuva)Weapon: Two matched broadswords.Personality: He doesn’t talk very much, but he won’t back down from a fight, either. Despite his ferocity in battle, Janas would prefer not to be a leader.Biography: Yet to be written.

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I made multiple characters!Name: AkreeSpecies: SkakdiGender: MaleAlignment: NeutralWeapons: A large knife and a shovel(not really a weapon)Powers: X-Ray vision, Plasma when used with another SkakdiPersonality: Loves machines and fixing them, extremely cowardly, friendly, outgoingAppearance: Once-orange armor has dulled to a tan/brown colour, and is normally covered in dirt and dust. Slightly smaller and scrawnier than most Skakdi. Wears a scavenged Kakama on his left shoulder.Bio: One day, Akree awoke on Mata Nui, on the edge of Po-Wahi, with little memory of his life before then. Ever since, he has been wandering Po-Wahi, looking for things to scavenge in the desert, and occasionally going to Po-Koro to sell the scrap he collects.Weaknesses: Akree is a coward. He is adept at fighting dumb rahi but not opponents that can plan and think.Name: CimondSpecies: Ko-MatoranGender: MaleAlignment: EvilKanohi: Powerless RuruWeapons: NonePowers: Cimond has no powers to speak of.Bio: For most of his existance, Cimond was a perfectly normal Ko-Matoran, until he one day came across a dead Rahi and the infected mask that was used by Makuta to control it, and in one massive act of stupidity, took off his Ruru and put the mask on. He went completely berzerk as the mask began to control his mind, but he tripped and the Kanohi was knocked off. However, he now believes that Makuta is a force for good, and an ideal replacement for the neglectful and misguided Mata-Nui(Although he keeps it to himself). He lives just outside Kini-Nui in a camp.Personality: friendly and outgoing, tries to support Makuta but does not worship him, he is slightly insaneAppearance: An average Ko-Matoran, with white and light grey armor and a white Kanohi RuruWeaknesses: Not good at combat, and while not stupid, Cimond is a slow thinker and slightly insane.The mercanaries!Name: NidiakSpecies: Toa of IronGender: MaleAlignment: MercenaryMask: Kanohi Miru, mask of levetationWeapons: Twin cleaver knivesPowers: IronPersonality: Normally playful and silly, but is very calm and calculating in combat.`Has an obsession with fighting, and often records information about any interesting fights he gets into. Also refuses to give up on a job until it is done.Appearance: Nidiak is tall, and usually donned in custom made iron armour complete with a removable helmet and spikes on his shoulders. It covers almost all of his silver-grey body, which is also often covered in camoflauge. His Miru is silver.Bio: Nidiak was always facinated by fighting, and in his early life he would often research it (sometimes by getting into brawls). He was eventually approached by a Turaga who offered him money to go beat up a matoran that disagreed with his views. After Nidiak left this matoran face-down on the ground, he started doing fairly regular work for this Turaga, and after a while branched out to other employers. He convinced some others to join him(most of whom died), and became the leader of a small mercanary team.Weaknesses: He is incredibly devoted to finishing a job, and this can be easily used against him.Name: SlannakSpecies: Toa of ElectricityGender: FemaleAlignment: MercenaryMask: Kanohi Ruru, Mask of Night VisionWeapons: A big scythe made completely from metal, a sickle kept on her beltPowers: ElectricityPersonality: Slannak is a fun-loving joker... and that's about itAppearance: Slannak is of medium height and fairly attractive with light-blue inner armour with white highlights. She then uses a very heavy outer shell of armour that is just for combat and is almost completely covered in spikes. She wears a White Kanohi Ruru that is shaped like the noble version. Also uses camoflauge.Bio: Slannak spent most of her life as a beggar, a broken being in the alleys of Onu-Koro. Nidiak once asked for her aid after he was injured during a merc job. She dragged him to the nearest doctor and helped him recover. Nidiak then took her in and she slowly developed her happy-go-lucky personality. It also may have sent her slightly insane(but happy insane, so it's okay). Nidiak crafted her weapons and armour and she's been doing mercenary work with him ever since.Weaknesses: Slannak's combat armour, while protective, is very difficult to maneuver in. She also finds it hard to take anything seriously, which has caused her to be shunned or could provide an enemy with an opportunity to strike.Name: YickSpecies: SkakdiGender: MaleAlignment: MercenaryWeapons: A large hammer and Disc launcher with 20 discs, 5 with small explosives attached to them (they don't go quite as far as the normal kind, and sometimes the bombs fall off, but c'mon, explosives)Powers: Fire, Impact Vision.Personality: Yick's most defining trait is the hatred he has for authority toa and matoran everything. He is quick to try a violent approach to any problem, and if it doesn't work, he just tries applying the violence somewhere else.Appearance: Yick is bigger than most Skakdi, and wears heavy iron armour that covers almost all of his body, courtesy of Nidiak. His bright red skin(is it skin?) is usually covered by camoflauge, which he changes to suit whatever environment his team's working in. He also carries his launcher on a clip on his hip, and his discs in a bag on his back.Bio: He somehow ended up on Mata Nui, before Slannak and Nidiak took him in and he started working with them. He's been a mercenary ever since.Weaknesses: He is a hothead, and kind of stupid. He's easy to outsmart and refuses to follow any plan that involves him doing anything more complicated than breaking things.Name: ScrubucusSpecies: VortixxGender: MaleAlignment: ScumbagWeapons: Sword, Zamor LauncherEquipment: Six small bombs that disorientate their targets by releasing a blinding flash of light.Personality: Scrubucus is cowardly and normally complient, but is never above backstabbing any allies he has if he might gain something from it. He is always tinkering With something, and loves machinery of all kinds. He lacks social skills, and acts incredibly awkwardly around those of the opposite gender.Appearance: He is shorter and scrawnier than most Vortixx, being hardly taller than a Toa. He has bronze and dark green armour with numerous scratches and dents.Bio: Scrubucus was once a crewman on a large trading vessel, shipping products to an independent trader. That all changed when the Pirates of The Infernavika attacked the ship and made away with it's cargo. The entire crew of this trading ship were fired, and Scrubucus has been deep in poverty ever since, stealing money and occasionally doing odd jobs for people. Well, whenever he's not in jail.

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Name: MordakaiSpecies:ToaElement:waterMask: Kanohi Kakama (mask of speed)Powers/weapons: Inatead of trying to learn to control pre-existing water Mordakai has spent his whole life learning to convert his armour and body into water and back again. His main use of this is to improve his reaction time via his mask of speed and transform in order to avoid strikes by becoming a liquid.Alignment: NeutralBiography: He made his living as a free-lance body guard in Onu-wahi until one night a hired assassin almost killed him in his sleep. However he suffers from insomnia and was able to see the attacker coming. He managed to successfully fight his way to the window where he leapt out, transformed, and became intertwined with the rain. The next time all the parts of him were together was at the dock of Le-Wahi where he reformed. However because of being seperated for so long he has forgotten almost everything about himself; he remembers only his name and his elemental training.Physical Description: Slightly smaller than the average Toa with midnight blue armour and pakari.Personality: Because of the fact that he has no memory Mordakai is slightly on the gullible side and can be easily swayed by a solid argument. Rather friendly and ridiculously loyal. Will do anything for money, except betray a friend.Weapons: Doesn't use a weapon because on transformation they would simply drop to the floor.Weaknesses: When in liquid form if parts of him become seperated he cannot transform back. If he remains in liquid form for too long it has negative eeffects on his physical form. His insomnia can occaisonaly make him slightly sluggish but it is not too big a hindrance. He is very easily persuaded. He mainly relies on defense in a fight and rarely goes on the offense. He has very little to no control of pre-existing water having devoted his entire training to the transformation.

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Toa Massi

Name: LathonGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: AirKanohi: KualsiAlignment: Chaotic GoodWeaknesses: His backside, armor is a bit weak, he could quick travel to a new spot, and leave his backside open. Appearance: Lathon's armor and mask are a bright lime-green. His armor also has many black plates, and spikes jutting from the plates. He wears a long black cloak, and wields a large black broadsword with lime-green runes across the surface.Weapon: One massive broadsword, with runes scrawled over the blade.Personality: Unlike other Le-Toa or Matoran Lathon isn't the most outgoing or brightest of his kind. He has a darker personality, preferring to suspend the Toa Code so he can kill his enemies if the situation needs it. He is a powerful warrior, and he actually enjoys fighting.Biography: Lathon awoke within Kini-Nui one day with no memories of the past. His whole past life had suddenly been lost to him. He found himself upon a stone alter within Kini-Nui. He then traveled across Mata Nui trying to find out who he was, an uncover the secrets of his past. Eventually someone identified him as a missing Toa, his name was Lathon. The Matoran told him that his team of Toa had gone missing many years ago, and that he should go to back to Kini-Nui to find out why. He has arrived there, looking for answers.

DARK Agents

Name: Real name unknown, goes by IcineratorGender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: FlameKanohi: PakariAlignment: EvilWeaknesses: Incinerator’s bulky armor makes him slower them most combatants.Appearance: Incinerator’s Pakari has been carved to resemble that of a skull. It is also been painted bone-white in color. He wears large silver armored plates that have been infused into his armor that give him added protection. Oddly enough his mask and his entire head are always surrounded by flames. It is unknown if he does this himself with his powers, or his metal suit channels the flames towards his head.Personality: Incinerator is brutal and ruthless. He will kill without a second thought. He doesn’t care about taking lives, but he doesn’t enjoy it unless his enemy has given him great trouble. He is an agent of Dark and follows the commands of his master. As the Warden of Dark he oversees and commands the other agents beneath him.

Weapon(s): None, he prefers to use his strength and elemental powers.Powers: Flame elemental

Bio: Incinerator’s entire past is unknown. He was a mercenary for some time, and was even involved with the military of an island. Due to his ruthlessness he caught the attention of the Shadow organization known as Dark. He was absorbed into their ranks, not as a Weapon since he was more then willing to kill for them. He quickly advanced up the ranks until he was one of the highest ranking members. When the Dark facility was destroyed and many of them were killed Incinerator took over as commanded, answering only to his one master. Now he has Dark moving across Mata Nui and searching for any surviving escaped Weapons. It was time they took their place within the order once again.

Name: CrystaliaGender: FemaleSpecies: ToaElement: MagnetismKanohi: Volitak (black)Alignment: Chaotic NeutralWeaknesses: Crystalia isn’t the strongest when it comes to brute strength, instead she relies on her Kanohi and the element of surprise. She is better suited the sneak and strike from behind then fight face to face.Appearance: Crystalia is an attractive Toa. She is slender and feminine looking, with bright yellow eyes and a pretty smile that spreads across her mask. Her armor is jet black with hints of gunmetal grey thrown in; she loves her armor color because it helps her blend in at night. She wears a small black cloak that she uses to conceal her mask if she’s trying to conceal who she is.Weapon(s): Crystalia primarily uses two long knives that have been dipped in poison. The poison isn’t terribly lethal but it makes people feel sick, and sometimes pass out from it, and it weakens them. She also has about twelve throwing knives that she keeps tucked into special slots on the front of her cloak. If she runs out she always buys more. She has the number 12 carved on her shoulder blade.Powers: Her elemental powerBio: Crystalia awoke one day on the beach of Ta-Wahi, with no prior memory of who she was, other then her name. She began to travel across the island, looking for a place to fit in, or answers about her past.She quickly learned that she was a Toa, and that Toa had a special code, but this code did not seem to suit her. She decided to ignore the code and do her own thing. Quickly she learned that she had a knack for sneaking around, and she wasn’t afraid to kill people. She practiced her skill by assassinating Matoran or criminals within Xa-Koro for fun, but she was naturally good at it, like she’d done this before, before she’d washed up on Mata Nui that is.Eventually word got around about Crystalia and she became an assassin on the island. People would pay her money for her to take targets out. So far she’s never missed a target, always ending her assignments quickly and swiftly, using her power over magnetism only if needed. Now she’s amassed a bit of widgets for herself, and she’s bought some good-quality weapons on the island, like her throwing knives. While in Xa-Koro she came across a poison vender, who sold her many vials of poison for combat, which she tipped her blades with. Currently she is looking for a group of assassins to join. Recently she has begun to recover her memories... she'd been one of Dark's most loyal assassins. Now she is searching for them.


No Faction

Name: Ketren/ Kane (Alternate personality)Gender: MaleSpecies: ToaElement: LightningKanohi: KakamaAlignment: Chaotic Good/Chaotic EvilWeaknesses: Ketren has a very serious mental disorder. He’s sees someone who is not there… namely his own brother, Kane who in reality is dead. But Ketren thinks he’s very much alive. In his minds eye he can even watch his brother do things and say things that affect the world around him, but in reality he is doing these things without knowing it. Ketren also has blackouts, and in that period his brother’s alternate and darker personality takes over and controls his body, Ketren has no recollection of these times.Appearance: Ketren is a strong looking Toa. His armor is a mixture of bright yellow and pitch black. His eyes glow a light blue but when Kane takes over… his alternate personality they turn bright white.Weapon(s): Ketren uses two twin longswords that he likes to charge with electricity, and also a length of chain he keeps coiled around his shoulder. The chain has a blade attached to the end, and he likes to surge electricity through it and lash it at enemies.Powers: His elemental powerBio: Ketren and Kane awoke one day upon the island of Mata Nui with the rest of their memories erased. They didn’t know who they were other then their names, but they were both Toa of lightning, and they seemed to be very much alike, as if they were brothers. They decided that they were twins, and from that day forward they were inseparable.They traveled across Mata Nui going on adventures and trying to help where they saw fit. Eventually they were attacked by a group of Makuta followers and Kane was tragically slain. Ketren blacked out after his brother died, his memories of his death being suppressed. When he awoke Kane was alive again… but now in his head.His tortured and broken mind had created a split personality… one for his own brother who would now live on inside Ketren’s mind, without Ketren ever knowing he was really dead.Slowly overtime Kane seemed to grow different and darker then Ketren remembered him. He went on about anarchy and how Mata Nui and the Matoran society was corrupt and broken and how it was their duty to topple the society and install instead an empire controlled by the Toa. More then that Kane grew an appetite for death. Kane liked to kill, he enjoyed it… and when he killed… Ketren killed without knowing it. He always saw his brother kill, but in reality it was him doing the deed. Now he struggles on with his inner conflict, trying to stop his brother’s evil deeds while at the same time trying to help the Matoran. But when he blacks out… Kane takes over again and he has free reign.

Nemesis Heroes


Name: MalcorSpecies: ToaGender: MaleElement: FireKanohi: CalixWeaknesses: Malcor is quick to anger and prone to doing rash things, which can often get him into serious trouble. He isn't the fastest Toa alive, if somone can get behind him they could exploit this.Appearance: Malcor is broad-shouldered and tall. His armor is a deep crimson with obsidian accents mixed in. His eyes glow a dark scarlet, and his hair is long and jagged black. He is muscular and wears nothing but his battle-scarred armor.Weapons: Malcor has two flame-shaped longswords which he enjoys covering with flame. He has the numbers 218 carved into his right peck.Powers: He has augmented strength.Alignment: Chaotic neutralPersonality: Malcor is trained killer. He resents this fact, and tries to use his old skills for good rather then bring about needless death. He is also absorbed with hunting down the ones that made him into what he is today. He is arrogant and has a very high-temper, but he can also be selfless and sacrificial when it comes to protecting innocents.Bio: Malcor’s entire past is lost to him. He awoke one day within the confines of a lab while some insane scientist Skakdi began running tests on him, somehow bulking up his muscles past the point of normalcy and augmenting his strength. Kane then spent many years training for the organization. If he didn’t do as they said they would activate the bomb they’d placed in his skull. He was trained to become an assassin, and he was good at it. He cut a path of flames and death across Mata-Nui as he fulfilled the faction, known simply as Dark’s evil wishes. Eventually he was able to control his elemental powers to the point where he melted the bomb inside his head, and escaped their underground facility, which was on a small anomynous island across the ocean from Mata-Nui. Two Toa known as Jacen and Ashala escaped along with Malcor and together they have formed a team of sorts.


Name: AshalaGender: FemaleSpecies: ToaElement: IceKanohi: Mask of HealingAlignment: lawful goodWeaknesses: Ashala usually won’t kill an enemy, which means they could exploit this. She is also not the strongest; her strength is more in her personality and her elemental powers then physical.Appearance: Ashala is very attractive. She has an hourglass figure, and an almost angelic face. Her smile is contagious and her teeth are pearly white. Her mask compliments her face and brings out her light-blue eyes. She has a mane of scarlet hair that falls past her mask and too her shoulder, which clashes with her snow-white armor and mask. She has two angelic like wings that protrude from her shoulder-blades. The feathers seem to be made out of ice-crystals but somehow are able to allow her flight.Weapon(s): None, she prefers to create weapons out of ice. She usually wears low cut hipster type shirts over her armor and colored skinny jeans, sometimes even a scarf. She has the numbers 434 carved onto the back of her tight shoulder.Powers: Ashala’s strange wings give her the added power over flight.Personality: Ashala is a very protective individual. She cares for those close to her and will do anything to keep them from harm. She is very kind, and goes out of her way to help and heal others. Unlike many Toa of ice she is not silent and cold, she is warm and cheerful and full of vibrant life and energy. Killing is not her way.Bio: Ashala was one of the many Toa captured by the secret-cell known as Dark and turned into a weapon. She defied Dark at every turn, and was often tortured for it. Their mad scientist Purgatory even genetically altered her to give her functioning wings. Eventually there was an outbreak within the facility where many of the weapons revolted and escaped after having the bombs in their heads deactivated. She escaped along with Toa named Jacen and Malcor and now they stick out for each other.



Name: JacerenSpecies: ToaGender: MaleElement: IronKanohi: Great Kiril, Mask of RegenerationWeaknesses: If he loses too much blood from constantly being injured he can also pass out.Appearance: Jacerenn is a strong looking Toa. He is handsome with a well sculpted face and two dark blue eyes. He has an disarming grin and a determined look. Longish black hair falls from the back of his mask and down to his eyes. He is tall, standing at about 6’3’’ and his muscles are not overly huge, but he is in top physical condition. He usually wears a black tank-top over his armor, or a t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans and checkered shoes with diamond patterns for the soles.Weapons: Jacerenn has three sharp proto-steel claws that pop out of his knuckles. They extend almost to arms length and are razor-sharp and almost indestructible. He can pop out his claws and retract them at will, he can also chose to pop out all three, or just one claw at a time. Jaceren has the number 4 tatooed across his wrist.Powers: His elemental powersAlignment: chaotic goodPersonality: Jacerenn is headstrong and craves excitement. He is very loyal to those around him, and despises those who use their power to control others. He is a very brutal fighter, often getting lost in the adrenaline and causing severe harm and even death to those he battles with. He has an animal side that he battles constantly. The animal side wants to let loose and tear into anything in his path, while Jacerenn just wants to be a normal Toa and protect those who need it. Jacerenn is Ashala and see’s her as his sister, he would give his life for her.Bio: Jacerenn was also a victim of the assassin-cell known as Dark. He was captured, and experimented on like many of the others. This time they implanted three iron blades into each of his arms. Blades that he’d be able to slide out of his knuckles and retract back into his arms with his own elemental powers. The blades were also infused to his skeleton, and could not be removed. They also messed with his memories heavily, erasing memories and implanting false ones in his head, along with somehow implanting a feral personality into his mind. He escaped during the outbreak with his good friend Ashala, and another Toa named Malcor.


OOC: Malcor, Ashala and Jaceren are approved by Emzee

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