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Review: Ninja Tornado Ninja (Ninjago Knockoffs)

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Hello everyone this is my first review and it's on the Ninjago Knockoff sets known as Ninja Tornado Ninja, I can't show you the boxes because when I have gotten them, they never came with there boxes only the parts in there bags. now let me show you what they look like and hope you like my first review on the knockoff sets.

The Price I have gotten them all together is $30 but I don't know how much it is for just one of them.


Now this is something new because normally of what I know of, knockoff are mainly copy of a original Hero Factory, Bionicle or any other Lego sets but this is different, instead of making copy of set, they made there own set with a copy of a Lego Theme (that is Ninjago). The only sad thing is that there aren't any Black Ninja (Cole) and the Green Ninja. There really nothing much to say about there build because they are mainly the same build as a Normal Ultrabuild sets. also the sets quality are alright but the feet and one of the Yellow Heads cracked the 2nd time I put it on.

Instructionsand and Extra Pieces:

I mainly would just say "here the Instruction nothing much to it" the end let's party, at the end of that part but I it's different from Lego Ultrabuild Instruction for Normal size.
The Instructions are in my opinion better then Lego Instructions of ultrabuild sets (for normal size), it don't use a Instructions book and it a little better to follow and no need to flip page to page and also put the Instruction for the weapon in one part of the page and not in like 3 pages.
Also the Extra Pieces for all four of theme are 4 Red Axle (ones without Notches) and 4 Black Pin.


The card look great and look a lot like the same cards that Lego had made the only thing that is different is that the back of the card have Zane and that it feels a little like sand paper. I don't know if they come in as random but if anyone getting these set's please let me know.

New Parts and Recolors:

The Body Armor recolor look amazing and looks like the Minifigures but have some things different with Jay they used the Rebooted Torso and the difference is that it's not all in a Blue color, Kai they used the ZX Torso and the difference with it is that the Stars are on the left and not the right, Lloyd they used the Gold Ninja Torso and the difference is the same as Jay. With Zane Torso is that it nothing the same from any of Zane torso but used Cole Rebooted Torso. Another amazing thing is that it have a Red and Blue body armor and Red is a good thing because Lego have shown a Red Body armor before and never made it into a set.

The other recolor parts look great for making some good MOCs and we are going to have the Brain Attack Sword in Black from Zane and Gold from Kai plus I am going to love using that Black Brain Attack Sword, the gold one we are getting two in a office Lego Ninjago set in the summer of 2014 but it's good that we can get it before it comes out. Another thing that great about Lloyd I MEAN the Golden Ninja is that it have Golden Hand, so you can give Rocka gold hands and you don't have to keep waiting for Lego to make a Gold Hand (where your Gold Hands Lego), there are also Gold Technics pieces, I don't know what use that is for MOCing but if you're crazy about gold (like Lego) then here your Gold Technic parts. The set's also have Blue and White Size 4 Armor, the White from Zane & Kai and the Blue from Jay, plus the armor would be great for HF MOC makers. Last we also get a Breakout Sword in all Silver, Silver Spike, Black Axle 4 with Stop, Axe/Sword thing in Silver and Flame/Lightning Boltin Trans-Blue.

Now my favorite thing about this, the Glatorian Head recolor and Ninja Masks, they look awesome a look like they put more in the mask and they can be great for a Ninja MOC, of what you can see they come in Blue, White, Red and Gold but again the sadly there isn't a Cole and Green Ninja so that there is a Green and Black Ninja Mask. The Glatorian Head in Yellow and have Black Eyes look great but don't like that all four of the Ninja have the same eyes (but that just me).

Weapons and Upgraded parts

1. The weapons are nothing new and the don't know the name of some of the weapons, one of Kai weapon is mainly Ogrum Weapon but the good thing is if you have a love for Chain Piece like me then you can get more of those Chain from Kai.
2. Of what you can see, HF Hand, Axle Connector 2 x 3 Quadruple, Axle Connector and Half of a Spiked Ball don't have anything from stopping it from going through the axle connector and to me this is a good thing with the Axle Connector 2 x 3 Quadruple and HF Hands because with a MOCer like me, you can do a lot more with something like that.

Backpack Thingy:

Here how they put the Ninja Sword (aka brain Attack sword) on it's back and I really do like the Idea of this and that just back it with this... moving on.

Gold and White Ninja:

Set name: Golden Ninja
Set Number: 504
Pieces: 53

Set name: White Ninja
Set Number: 503
Pieces: 51


Just putting this out there, In my Opinion these two are my favorite out of the four.

Blue and Red Ninja:

Set name: Blue Ninja
Set Number: 502
Pieces: 59

Set name: Red Ninja
Set Number: 501
Pieces: 75




Ninja red: WHO IS THIS GUY
Ninja White: I have no idea

Overall the set's are Alright set's and I give it a 7/10 if you want to have a Ninja Mask, a new color of the Glatorian Head and a lot of new recolor and if you want to have Ultrabuilds of the ninjago Characters then I do recommend it.

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Good review. Very thorough. I should mention that at least one of the exclusive recolors isn't going to be exclusive for very long — the Brain Attack/Legends of Chima sword will be appearing in Warm Gold in 70728 Battle for Ninjago City.


I am incredibly surprised that a company directly duplicated so many Hero Factory sets, then used them to create products for which no "official" counterpart exists. They aren't especially creative designs — the eyes are identical, as you mention, and the builds are all the same except for the alignment of the upper leg shells — but they look surprisingly good and they make me look much more favorably on the possibility of official constraction-based Ninjago sets in the future.


The use of a ball joint on the back of the swords is a bit confusing for me, as it doesn't seem to serve any obvious purpose. Maybe it's just so that the axle/pin can be used to attach the swords to the hand but isn't completely exposed when the swords are mounted on the back, but it's still a bit bizarre.


The cards surprise me in a number of ways, because the Kai and Cole cards there use illustrations that have not appeared on any official cards, or (to my knowledge) in any official media of any kind. Even if these bootleggers are arguably creating a product with no official counterpart, I can't imagine that they'd have the thoroughness to create card art with unique illustrations that perfectly match the style of the official card art. Perhaps there are some European publications coming later in the year that will use this character art, much like this image of Pythor and other Ninjago illustrations that did not appear on any cards. Still, that would lead me to wonder how these bootleggers would be able to access such art before the general public.


Overall, this is quite a curious product collection. I suppose it really showcases Ninjago's brand strength, particularly in Asia, to see that bootleggers are prepared to create and sell knock-off Ninjago products that are not explicitly based on official ones. At the same time, it would not be the first time that one LEGO theme's part and set designs are hijacked for a knock-off of a completely different LEGO theme — just look at the Ninjago spinner knock-offs that use Star Wars and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles minifigures.

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Those look awesome! It's great to see that Decool has gotten *ahem* creative, and *ahem* original. Now we can make the IFB Heroes with eyes! <_<

Great review btw, and nice purple MOC at the end! :D

Indeed, can tell that you liked the recolor heads but with IFB MOC in normal size then Minifigure, they all are going to have Yellow Faces but seeing some like that head, Hope Decool or Lego make Glatorian Head with eyes and not just yellow head or with Lego Trans Head.

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These are awesome. Not to praise bootleggers, but can you really blame a MOCist? :P


I love the ninja masks and the idea of the "backpacks." Intrigued by the yellow Glatorian/minifig head combo. As Aanchir mentioned, it's surprising that a knockoff company would actually make figures that are semi-original. I had been wondering for some time what Ninjago constraction figures would look like. Guess this answers my question. Thanks for sharing. :)

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