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Peripheral Vision

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Depends on the mask. The Miru could have serious issues, if it really looks like what the set version does. Others not as much, especially if they have larger eye sections.




1) The movies showed that the masks are generally "face-fitting". So the problem wouldn't be that bad. And:


2) Turn head. :)

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Not all species or characters wear kanohi.


I've imagines a metallic Protodermic 'skin' wich 'protodermicises' when a mask is put on (the sparky thing in the first 2 films) and brings the eyes and mouth forward while pulling the sides of the mask back. As well as adding 'lips'.

In the films unworn masks are more flat and riddled with holes (including the mouth) which are inexplicable under coverered by metal or flesh when worn.


But that's just my 2cents. :)

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I believe the matoran just grown used to it. However, the Bara Magna doesn't have "masks" it is infused or something. But they're weird!

Yes, for the most part the Agori and Glatorian wear helmets, which typically don't come below one's forehead in the front. In Bones's The Destiny of Bionicle, several Agori are shocked by a Matoran, a species which they have never seen before, whos "entire face is armored". Masks are a strange idea to them.


There's the possibility that masks are slightly larger than they need to be to fit the user's face, and that the extra size of the eyeholes along with the rest of the mask minimizes any issues with a reduced range of sight. We know that masks are held to the user's face by magnetic force, so they don't necessarily need to fit snugly.

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2) Turn head. :)

I might point out, though, that peripheral vision is a lot more important that some may think. Sure, you could turn your head, but with peripheral vision, you're able to spot motion and other things without actually looking towards them, which can be handy if you're attacked by a basilisk someone is trying to sneak up on you or something. Otherwise, you'd have to be constantly turning your head.

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Looking at the characters in the films, their eyes don't appear very deep, supporting the idea that Kanohi are very close fitting.


They might also have rear-view mirrors on the inside of the masks. :P

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Some of the masks appear to accommodate for that fact, such as the original Kaukau :kaukau: since it didn't include eye holes, it would give the best peripheral vision methinks. Though others like the Akaku with those built in telescopes... those would definitely hinder that part of your vision lol


But I agree about the masks being most likely very close to their faces. At least they appeared to be that way in the movies etc.



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