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Bionicle 2001 Website Recreation


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Hi, so after seeing XONAR's post about a Bionicle 2001 website recreation, I decided to try recreating it myself. Seeing that I was a regular on the site, I remember a lot of details about the site that you couldn't know unless you had been on the website. I cant animate it or anything, but I can tell you the basic functions. I have been recreating the site in Microsoft Word. I would be using PhotoShop, but the only computer with it is my Dad's and its like 3 hours away from my house. I'll buy it soon though... :P So, I am going to attach the work that I have done, I have the Rahi/Makuta/Mata-Nui done, but thats it as of late. I am working on the Toa/Turaga/Kanohi/Software. I'll keep you posted! ;) https://www.mediafire.com/folder/vk5xrn9pdcyff/Bionicle_Website_2001

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Cool to see that I inspired others to make their own recreations of the 2001 site. :) Nice work so far.


My recreation has actually changed quite a bit since I first posted it, and it's now less of a recreation as it is a complete archive since it uses most of the same code as the 2001 site did. I use the code as a base, and then recreate any images or Flash animations that were not archived by Wayback. You can visit the still-WIP site at: http://solismagna.com/2001v2. Currently the homepage is finished along with the Mata Nui and main Kanohi page.

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