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In the barren, snowy wastelands, a group of hopeless Pyromancers march on a lonely tower...


12345678910111213Folder (when public)I love snow. I also love castles. But something I don't love is when there aRE UNINTENTIONAL CRACKS IN MY MOCS WHERE THE BRICKS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE FULLY CONNECTED BUT THOSE CRACKS ARE STILL THERE ARRRGHFADFDAFS-...sorry...So, that being said, I present to you one of my older Castle MOCs, in which a bunch of Pyromancers and [much cooler] Cyromancers fight. There are two figs you can't really see in any of the pics I have - there's one who's 'frozen' in the 'block of ice' which is being 'shot out of' the old dude's hand (metaphorically, of course :sigh:), and another dude who's in the first floor of the tower, injured. Also, the pic of the archer (this one) is just what's inside the bartizan - that circular turret/tower thingy jutting off of the side of the tower. I'll be posting a topic relatively soon on how to build one of those (the bartizan, not the archer). :)

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Yes, I did like the ice-ray effect/attack. And the mis-matched appearance of the -mancers. Made them look like actual characters who got lost rather than a unified army invading. I would have expected some debris around the breach in the tower walls, thought that might have made things too cluttered. There isn't much space with all the figs there as it is


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It's okay. I like the mix of they grays to add a cobblestone feel to it. I also like the maze-like area in the snow. The one thing I have to say though is that it is a bit blocky, and the snow could use a bit more texture in the terrain. Maybe try putting some plates on it to represent mounds of snow. :)


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