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Sorry, no actual spaceship here. But there is cake! I made a Benny birthday cake for Kakaru. I followed a recipe/design from Sprinkle Bakes. I really liked the visual created by all the lines of Pocky.


Benny's helmet and face is made out of chocolate, and I dipped biscuit sticks in chocolate to make blue Pocky. I didn't have a cake stand, so I made a simple one out of LEGO (causing the discussion of "does this count as a system MOC that should be in the system MOC forum?"). It was super delicious!






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Oh wow, I actually saw this just a little while ago on a social networking site, someone must have shared it. Turns out it's by a lovely BZPfolk! I love coincidences ^_^

That cake looks fantaaaastiiiiiic! All that "Pocky" really does look great on it. I think all the bright colors is what really makes it stand out, besides looking super yummy, and the little tear in the helmet is a nice touch. The cake stand looks kinda like an exhaust trail from a spaceship taking off, and Benny's expression really adds to the effect of the cake appearing to take off, so, I think it works and also your title gets to keep its integrity! Hurrah :D

This is really lovely and definitely one of the most interesting things I've seen in this forum. I'm sure this really sets the bar for best possible birthday cakes, Kakaru is lucky ^^

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Oh wow.

Make one before the next Brickfair NE, so I may eat it. Eat it all.


I love how you did the break in Benny's helmet, and I'd have to say this is the first time I've seen Pocky on a cake. I'm going to have to do that now.

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The blue pocky was a nice touch.


Really cool idea to make your own cake stand out of Lego bricks too! The helmet and his face were neatly done too, although I think the blue could have been a darker shade for color accuracy to the character.


Looks delicious.


Yeah, that was one thing that I wasn't able to get 100% accurate. Turns out white choclate melts start to turn into a clumpy, hard to melt blob if there is too much gel food colouring in them, so they can't really get to a true LEGO brick blue. I put way too much red in the chocolate for Benny's tounge, so even though it's pretty close to the correct colour, I had to mash the daylights out of the chocolate in order to get it to stay in one flat non-clumpy piece.


I just discovered in the google search I just did that they make choclate meltys that are already blue! If I were to do this again, I might get those and then add more blue gel colouring to make it a deeper more accurate colour.


It was super delicous! I made a strawberry and rhubarb filling for it, so the tanginess of the filling with the sweetness of the cake was amaaaazing!


Oh wow.

Make one before the next Brickfair NE, so I may eat it. Eat it all.


I love how you did the break in Benny's helmet, and I'd have to say this is the first time I've seen Pocky on a cake. I'm going to have to do that now.


I'm half toying with making a cake similar to this for BrickFair VA this year for people to share (maybe during the BZPowe meet and greet and lazertag?). There's alwasy at least one or two birthdays during the con!

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Actually there is a way to color chocolate without actually adding dye to it. I know that moisture is a huge detriment to chocolateering, so adding gel is pretty risky to begin with. There are actually some cocoa butter sprays which I have used before. I used green ones for leaves, but I`m sure that you could find all sorts of colors. It`s just like spray painting chocolate, only it is edible. I`m pretty sure Wilton makes them. You might have to order it because I don`t think stores would carry it unless they have a good cake decorating section. Personally I would not spray the pocky, but it might come in handy for the helmet.


I`m not too sure if they would make chocolate melts in the deep blue that Benny has, and adding in more coloring could help get it out of a pastel color, but it still might not get it quite dark enough.


Edit: Note on chocolateering: Just realized you were using white chocolate. Instead of melts, you might just want to use white chocolate chips or bar chcoclate that was not altered for quick melting. White chocolate by itself can call for adding a little water to get it to melt. I haven't tried dying it before, so I'm not sure if it would work fabulously, but it might help to add dye to it. Of course that would mean you would have to temper it properly which means you'd need a good thermometer and it could be more of a hassel...


Also, that filling sounds really good. What kind of cake was it? White or yellow?


I have yet to work with rhubarb, really, so that flavor is still new to me.


Second edit: Okay, after a few searches, Wilton's product is called Color Mist. Actually I kinda want to pick up some for my very late birthday cake I wanted to make. Anyway, it doesn't look like they make dark blue color mist, just sky blue. However, I did see some search results for dark blue color melts which appear to be the correct hue for Benny. So, I would try to find those, though I'm not sure what stores would carry them.

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Nicely done. It's a relatively simple design while still capturing the essence of the character. Having the pocky around it is also a creative touch. I just wish the blue in the cake matched the blue in the bricks, ah well. I'm now intrigued by Tekulo's mention of dye-less chocolateering (that seems to be thing), as I'm not a big fan of all that food coloring. Of course, if someone hands me a cake, I'm almost always going to eat it regardless. :P

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