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Nuju Metru

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Hi all!

So I'm looking to start gm'ing a game for my friendsnset in the Bionicle universe! I was always a big fan of Metru-Nui, and wouldd really like to set the game there. However I would also like this game to fall within the canon of the universe (eg. players won't be killing Teridax any time soon). 

Now I have a couple of ideas how to work the setting, but my knowledge of the deeper parts of the lore is rusty, and so I could do with some advice. 

Idea 1 (my preferred option) is that the players take on the role of the toa Metru, as the previous generation. By this I mean they would be toa at the same time as Lihkan, or maybe even Dume.

Idea 2 is that the party are toa from another island, which would maake up the first part of the campaign. The second part would have them heading to Metru-Nui for the battle with the dark hunters.

I'm planning to run the game using Mutants and Masterminds, so if anyone has tried that before any tips would also be appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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i always thought about developing a Bionicle MMORPG set right after the Toa Mata became Toa Nuva! but i don't know how well it would work out! i'm thinking ov making it an MMORPG similar to the MMORPG that Konata Izumi plays in the anime Lucky Star (can't remember the name ov it, but it might be fictional)! i'd be willing to do it, but i'm just not sure how to go about it besides the game in the Lucky Star anime (or at least the style ov the game)! i don't know! any ideas? i'm open to suggestions! :) 

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Favorite Beings:

1. Toa

2. Rahkshi

3. Turaga

Toa and Turaga because they have access to elements. Rahkshi because I absolutely love Kraata, their powers, and how they get stronger and have different, defined stages.


Favorite Elements:

1. Stone

2. The Green

3. Shadow

Stone because it was my favorite growing up. The Green and Shadow are second and third right now just because of my characters in the Six Kingdoms games. Otherwise I really enjoy playing all the elements.

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Matoran, for me. They feel kinda under-appreciated, but they're resourceful little guys, and versatile to most situations... and honestly, they're not as helpless as a lot of canon made them out to be, so I enjoy going against the expectation that they exist only to be rescued, by making them capable in their own right. I've loved the little guys since MNOG, and that carries over into this context too; give me a well-armed Matoran character who can handle her- or himself over a more powerful species, any day!

Though that said, I do enjoy experimenting with the more uncommon canon species choices, as well. I had a member of Botar's species in one game; and my Sister Of The Skrall character was shaping up to be a lot of fun when I played her, too ^^

Don't really have any specific elemental preferences; so far, I've always just run with whatever I felt like at the time for any given character!

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"New legends awake, but old lessons must be remembered.
For that is the way
of the BIONICLE."

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Top two for me would have to be Rahkshi - for pretty much the same reasons Kal stated above, and Skakdi - because their powersets and limitations can lead to some really interesting and creative character concepts. 

Third place for me is... pretty much anything else that isn't a Toa. There are so many unique and intriguing species in Bionicle lore that are rarely fleshed out or explored, and I personally find the Toa/Matoran/Turaga species to be very overused and frankly, kind of boring. Especially because their one major weakness in canon - the Toa Code - is pretty much universally ignored in roleplays on this site. 

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Embers - A Bionicle Saga - Chapters/Review

Class Is Out - A Farewell To Corpus Rahkshi - Chapters/Review

BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria, Lash

BZPRPG Mercenary Group - The Outsiders - Description - History - Base

Ghosts Of Bara Magna - Ash Tribe - Precipere - Kehla, Somok, Skrall, Gayle, Avinus, Zha'ar

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Happy new year everybody!

Many of you probably are aware, for the past year I've been committed to developing a cyberpunk RPG based on the Vortixx island of Xia. For a long time I've teased that this would be the year I would finish and launch it, and I still plan on that being the case... but it's by no means ready yet. In the coming weeks I'll should have more to discuss as time in my life opens up to commit directly to finishing my designs.

Until then, starting today, I'm opening up the formerly-unofficial-six-kingdoms-discord-server as the new official Xia Discord server, so that everyone can get on the same page with the ideas we've had there in the past and give suggestions and feedback as I continue to create the game.

Why join? What am I even talking about? Here, have a quick rundown:


What is XIA?
- In pre-production since December 2020
- Planned launch at some point this year.
- Run by @BULiK , Co-GMed by @Umbraline Yumiwa
- A world in the spirit of canon. What does that mean?
    - Fitting into the rough canon time period & world just before the great cataclysm, when all kinds of cool intrigue is happening.
    - But with our headcanon cyberpunk flair you'd expect from a BZPower RPG.

What mechanics are in the works that make XIA unique?
- The Mountain. Ascend or die trying.
- Player-run corporations fighting it capitalist dystopian black ops fisticuffs in the Matoran Universe's mashup of Shenzen and Casablanca.
- A hacking system. Jack in and explore the glory and dangers of cyberspace.
- Seasonal timelines; plans to experiment with a more gamified system of action and planning phases to allow for an attempt at balanced faction powerplay at the macro level while making it easier to jump characters right in to where you want them to be.
- Only one Toa team on Xia, and it's as corrupt as they come. Antroz's Hagah are called "The Six" and they have to abide by the Toa Code or risk expulsion. Toa are rare, and with great power comes great responsibility. If you get them to cross the line and can prove it in a court of law or even the court of public opinion, they become excommunicado.

What species and factions are out there?
- Lots of vortixx. Lots.
  - Plenty of other species too though!
- A mysterious hacker group called the Rode Collective.
- Dark Hunters?
- Brotherhood of Makuta agents?
- Order of Mata Nui agents?
- Makuta Antroz and his personal Toa Hagah, colloquially known as "The Six"
- Breakthroughs in the science of synthetic beings ("Synths") and other ethically questionable corporate research

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Visit www.BZPRPG.com to view my project of archiving BZPower's RPGs, and also access the BZPower Roleplaying Wiki

BZPRPG Profiles - Ghosts Of Bara Magna Profiles

Exo-Force RPG Profiles - Six Kingdoms: Apocalypse (Knichou, Berys, Arnex, The Taku, Exuze)

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Mobile formatting is pain, please excuse my lack of decorum here

Fight Club

Want to fight? Here's the place to do it. Want to learn how to write fights better and more dynamically? This is the place. Want to get your toes wet with some PVP but don't want to risk your characters life in one of the other RPs? Have no fear. Fight club is here with all the PVP action you could ever want, at no cost.

So how does it work, I hear you asking? Well it's very simple. The Fight Club is its own little pocket of space and time, tucked away in the corner of the multiverse. Getting into it is easy, anyone who wishes to battle can drop in at any time, and can leave just as easily when their spirit has been sated.

The dimension is broken into several areas. The main area is the cozy interior of a cabin, full of plush chairs, large viewing screens, and a kitchen. The cabin never gets cramped somehow, and the kitchen is somehow always stocked.

The other areas are the arenas. No one is really sure how many of these exist, but it is known that each one is unique, and the same arena never shows up twice in a row.

Getting from the cabin to an arena is simple. Two or more characters who wish to battle star their desire for such, and they are transported into an arena. There they remain until the battle is concluded. At the end of a battle, or upon defeat, all participants are transported back to the cabin, fully healed and alive(or whatever form of unlife they might have been in before entering.)

Some force prevents fights outside of an arena. Should one character not wish to fight the other or others, the aggressing party cannot "force" a fight by striking or attacking in any manner. Said party would simply find themselves unable to complete an attack. Unable to throw a punch, unable to pull a trigger, loose an arrow, unable to release an elemental attack. How this works is unknown.

Rules and important info:

1. Every character in this game should be here because they want to fight. How you justify that desire is up to you.

2. There are -NO- power limits. You can create as strong or weak a character as you want. However, keep in mind that you may not get many fights with your unstoppable invincible god of combat character. Keep things fun!

3. Play fair. We all know the drill by now. No godmodding, no auto hitting, no pulling secret powers out of your hat that aren't listed in your profile.

4. Each and every fight -must- have at least one overseer. This overseer effectively becomes a GM for that arena and fight and their word is law for that fight. Anyone can be an overseer, but they cannot have active participants in the fight. If you do not have an overseer, you cannot fight.

5. How a battle is decided is up to the players participating in it. You do not have to fight to the death if you don't want to!


Your profile must include the following:






You can include more if you want, and are encouraged to, but these fields must be filled out for a profile to be considered complete and ready for play.


Coming soon!

You aren't limited to these, and it's encouraged to come up with fun and creative stages to set your battles in!




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4 minutes ago, The UltimoScorp said:

Fight Club

Uh... are we allowed to talk about this? 

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Embers - A Bionicle Saga - Chapters/Review

Class Is Out - A Farewell To Corpus Rahkshi - Chapters/Review

BZPRPG Characters - Minnorak, Kain, T'harrak, Savis, Vazaria, Lash

BZPRPG Mercenary Group - The Outsiders - Description - History - Base

Ghosts Of Bara Magna - Ash Tribe - Precipere - Kehla, Somok, Skrall, Gayle, Avinus, Zha'ar

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Memes aside, while I think Fight Club worked well for a small group looking to blow off some steam, I don't think there's enough there as it stands for a full fledged TBRPG. It would work well as a place for newer members to try out ideas and learn the ropes of the forum, but I just don't think we're getting enough new members to warrant that. Instead, most of your player base will be experienced RPers who have probably created characters and fought with them before. So what does this game bring to them?

I think the first thing you should consider is more of a story. How and why are people being brought to this pocket dimension? What is motivating them to stay and fight their fellow competitors IC in the arena? What is stopping them from fighting outside it? Is there some greater force or overseer behind all of this, and what do they want? Answering these questions will go a long way toward making this concept engaging.

And while unbridled character creation certainly sounds appealing, I think people tend to be more creative when restrictions are placed on them. Having some kind of system in place to balance the power level, give characters strengths and weaknesses, might drive a lot more interesting concepts.

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Perhaps some sort of power tier tier system. Depending on someone's powers or how well they use them they get put into one of five tiers. Characters can fight people in their own tier or challenge someone above them. But nobody can challenge someone of a lower tier.

The game definitely has utility as a general fighting arena for players who want to actually get in some pvp. As Click said, it would also benefit from at least a little story. Even something as simple as trying to figure out what's up with this dimension. Or maybe there is something like a "Fight King Crown" that everyone wants.

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"I serve the weak. I serve the helpless. I am their sword and their shield. If you want to strike at them, you must go through me, and I am not so easily moved."



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@Silvan HavenA tier system might be a good idea, actually, I'll have to come up with something. And maybe having a bracketed tournament that people can participate in? Meanwhile outside of the tourney, exhibition matches and other fun PvP scenarios?

To answer your first question, @Click this game could offer players opportunities to try out some of those fights that they never got the chance to do in a more narratively driven game.

For your other questions, the how's and why's weren't super important for what I was trying to create, so I honestly didn't put any real thought to them.

I think your concerns about power scaling are pretty valid, and as stated by silvan earlier, I'll probably end up implementing some kind of tier system.

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Some good ideas. I know I'm the one who suggested the idea but one way that such a system might get awkward is during more general battle royal style matches. Not everything is going to be basic duels. So maybe the stronger character's attacks get some sort of handicap when attacking someone from a lower tier while in matches where specific challenges were not given.

"I serve the weak. I serve the helpless. I am their sword and their shield. If you want to strike at them, you must go through me, and I am not so easily moved."



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