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More photos here!


My march towards at least one MOC a month moves forward!


So, there's a lot behind this one. On our last trip up to BC to visit Janus and Hahli Husky, I took extensive photos of Rob's Gundam collection, the joint systems on them, the armour systems, etc, with the purpose of building something based on one when I got back.

Fast forward four months or so, and Kakaru built a very very cool constraction Gundam, and when he brought it over to my apartment, I knew I had to try one too.

So this is my Gundam. It doesn't have a name, because it's just a random Gundam that pulls a lot of influence from several different suits, mostly from Gundam Wing designs. I decided to ignore the blue found so often on Gundam suits and do something a little less common (though blue-less Gundam suits most definitely exist).

In my talks with Micah, we talked a lot about my keeping a little bit of visual consistency with his, because we'd like to display them together at a few conventions. So I borrowed the old toa feet and cheese slope vents on the upper torso, as well as an old toa foot on the pelvis. Not really a lot else they share, but I thought that was good and I didn't want to borrow much else from someone else's design.

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I'm not sure about the head

^^^: pretty difficult to do the head as always, seeing how gundam head have very small components, and doing that in Lego means a big blocky head....


The wings remind me of Hi-Nu's, it looks exactly like it XD Lose the wings on the weapon; it looks to fantasy-ish to be gundam-like to me...Great knee/upper calf design; really looks like Exia's. The hook-up at the end of the feet don't look nice though. Have you seen (I dunno who)'s gundam MOC? He/she used HF 1.0 feet; that may make it look mroe convincing


Nice MOC overrall; got to post my gundam-inspired MOC here some day :X Seems like its starting to trend :X

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I really like the color scheme you have here. I'm intrigued by the use of green for that sword. Why green?


Besides that, it's a pretty cool looking MOC. It's something I can appreciate despite knowing nothing about Gundams.

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The feets is dumb, everything else is wonderful and beautiful and I want it.


Also the head is fantastic and is better than Micah's. I'm sorry Micah.




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