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Lego 'Agents' Discussion


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This topic is here so that anyone and everyone may discuss past and new agents themes. With the introduction of the new Ultra Agents line I felt it was time for the whole 'agents' themes to get their own discussion topic. So yeah.. feel free to discuss.




However I will admit while not normally into the system themes the agents themes have always had a special place in my heart and I am excited to see it return in a way. I am even more excited to see a new mobile hq set for ultra agents.. it reminds me alot of the original agents mobile hq set which is the only set I own from that line.


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The original Agents theme is one of my favorite themes of all time. The first year's sets told a cohesive story, and the theme as a whole featured loads of colorful villains and amazing set designs that almost always had more playability than they let on. I got many of the sets from the theme, though to my regret I missed out on the wonderful Volcano Base (I'm a sucker for a good evil lair on the best of days). Still, the Agents sets still hold up today, and its well-organized initial year remains a prime example of how to do a theme right.

Nonetheless, I'm not planning on investing in the Ultra Agents sets. The sets look fine (with more of a cyberpunk feel than the previous Agents theme), but compared to the old Agents sets they feel somewhat lacking. Some the sets in this theme feel like retreads of the previous theme... for instance, the Mission HQ is decent enough, but compared to the old one it falls short. Instead of an innovative projector using a light brick it uses an "ordinary" transparent monitor; the way the sides close up is innovative but not necessarily as effective as the simpler method used by the Mobile Command Center, and in general it has fewer hidden features than the Agents version (which managed to fit a plane, a boat, a jet ski, two cars, and loads of missiles). The other sets are more original, but in general I liked the aesthetics and the organization of the previous Agents theme more (even if the cohesive mission structure fell apart in the second year).

There's still a chance that this theme could suck me in. The multimedia component sounds like it could be awesome, and the sets themselves are nothing to sneeze at. But currently I'm content limiting the themes I collect this year to The Lego Movie, Ninjago, and Hero Factory, so I'll probably sit this one out.

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