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The Biological Chronicle: 2003


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Welcome to the third installment of my new series of Bionicle flash fics, The Biological Chronicle.


For those who don't know what this is, allow me to quote myself from the first fic's introduction:


The Biological Chronicle is a series of flash fics written by me. Like my earlier Glatorian Chronicles series of short stories/short epics, each story in The Biological Chronicle is a standalone and the stories can be read in any order you please.


What connects these story is the basic theme. I gave myself the challenge of writing ten flash fics based on the ten years of Bionicle (one for 2001, another for 2002, yet another for 2003, etc.). The result is a mixture of my interpretation of scenes from canon, scenes from canon that were mentioned but never shown, and a few scenes that were never mentioned nor shown but which I nonetheless believe could have/probably did happen at some point in canon. I tried to stick to canon as closely as possible, however, so don't expect to see any new characters or locations or anything like that that weren't in canon.


They are all quite short (the longest is a little over 700 words), but of course that is to be expected from flash fiction. Fair warning: I've had little practice with flash fiction, so if these aren't as good as my usual work, it's because I'm not used to forcing myself to keep the word count under 800 words (although you are of course still free to criticize them however you usually criticize stories).

With that out of the way, please enjoy:



Six Rahkshi. One Toa.


Kopaka knew he was outnumbered. He had come to this clearing in order to meet with his fellow Toa Nuva, only to make the unpleasant discovery that the Rahkshi had arrived instead. He didn't know where his teammates were or, Mata Nui forbid, whether they were even still alive. In either case, he was forced to conclude that he was on his own for the moment.


And for once, that thought didn't make him comfortable.


The green Rahkshi—whose name Kopaka didn't know, though he supposed it was unimportant—was the first to move, hissing like a snake, aiming its staff at his mask.


It was also the first to be frozen. He supposed it wasn't quite as bright as its brothers.


Before Kopaka could strike again, however, the red Rahkshi aimed its staff at the Toa of Ice. A blast of energy fired from the staff's tip and struck Kopaka before he could raise his shield to block it. It didn't hurt when it hit; however, it then occurred to Kopaka just how badly outnumbered and overwhelmed he was.


Three of these Rahkshi destroyed Ta-Koro by themselves, Kopaka thought, fear creeping up his spine. And that was when both Tahu and Gali were present to defend it. There's no way I can beat five Rahkshi on my own. The odds are clearly against me.


Then, in his mind's eye, Kopaka saw his fellow Toa Nuva laughing at him, mocking him for his failure. It wasn't just the Toa Nuva, though. He saw the Matoran, too, pointing at him, calling him a failure for being unable to defeat the Rahkshi. And even the Turaga, with Nuju at the head, were shaking their heads in disappointment at his failure.


We thought you were stronger than that, Kopaka, said Nuju in Matoran. But I guess you really are the weakest Toa Nuva, aren't you?


Kopaka tried to ignore the taunts and jeers of his friends, but it was like trying to ignore a hurricane. Everywhere he looked, the Toa, Matoran, and Turaga were laughing at him. Those who were not laughing were nonetheless pointing at him, whispering among themselves that maybe the great Kopaka wasn't so great after all, that maybe he was nothing more than a freakish, fake loner who relied too much on the strength of others to survive.


No! Kopaka thought, shaking his head. I'm not weak. I can defeat the Rahkshi. I can!


He returned to reality just in time to see the red Rahkshi charging at him. Kopaka raised his ice blades and froze the Rahkshi before it could get any closer. The sight of two frozen Rahkshi encouraged him, making him think that perhaps he could defeat them after all.


The black Rahkshi came next, swinging its staff at his head. Kopaka blocked it with his ice blades, but then felt very weak all of a sudden. He managed to hold back the black Rahkshi for a few seconds before it overpowered him and knocked him over, causing Kopaka to realize (far too late) that the black Rahkshi was stealing his energy and there was nothing he could do about it.


“No,” Kopaka muttered. “I can't . . .”


“Brother!” called out a familiar voice above.


Kopaka looked and saw Tahu, Lewa, and Gali standing on a ledge above the scene of the battle. And, though the black Rahkshi continued to absorb his energy, Kopaka knew the tide was about to turn.




Comments, criticism, questions, etc. are all welcomed :) .



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