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Story Time!

    The Rugged entered the courthouse where his former teammate now called home. The Toa of earth turned to look at who had entered the room. He was immediately disappointed. "Why so grim, brother? Aren't you glad to see me?"


     "Honestly, I'm not. I was expecting a very important paper, and you're just about the last person I'd want to see walk through my door. I'd even prefer that psychopath or that shambling corpse."


    "Well luckily for you, I brought them with me. You see, I'm getting our old team back together. Isn't it just wonderful? Now first, we need some cash.


    "Now explain to me why I would want any part of this."


    "I know that armor of yours isn't quite as indestructible as you say it is."


    "Fine I'll come. But I want you to know that I'm hating every minute of it."


    "I wouldn't have it any other way. Now, I'll even make it easier for you since you were such a good boy. I've got you a deal with the local branch of the dark hunters. You scratch their back, they'll scratch yours." Now The Rugged turned to leave. but realized he had some unfinished business. "Oh and that paper won't be getting to you. Let's just say you buried the carrier."



1. None of them screenshots.

2. Betraying your side isn't cool.

3. The Null votes, they do nothing!

4. Each player starts with 10 Widgets. Each player will receive a PM from me that shall basically be used as their account.

5. Widgets may be used to reduce the number of votes for yourself at a rate of one widget per vote.

6. Double hangs may not occur unless the Turaga has bought the appropriate upgrade.

7. One vote switch per round of voting.



Village-Wins by eliminating all Dark Hunters


Turaga- Vote counts double at lynchings. May put out a tax, collecting 1 Widget from each player. May spend his or her widgets on a number of public service projects.


Store Owner- As long as the Store Owner lives, other players may buy items from them. The Store Owner can see who is buying what and may deny any purchase. Items sold include:

Shield-Prevents being killed that night- 1 Widget

Sketchy Document-Can be used to find out the role of a player. Only one sketchy document exists for each player. These return to the store if the owner is killed.- 2 Widgets

Weapon-Can kill one player- 4 Widgets

Lotto Ticket-Grants a random amount of Widgets from 1-10- 5 Widgets

Spikey Shield-Can kill one player and protects the wearer for a night- 6 Widgets

Armor-Prevents death the first time the wearer is to be killed- 8 Widgets

Secret Box-The Dark Hunters want to get their hands on this. They will take it for free if they kill the Shop Owner- 10 Widgets


Medic- Can prevent one player from dying each night.


Detective- May learn the role of one player every other night.


Normal Villagers x18- Nothing Special.


Mafia-Wins by eliminating all Village


Task Manager- Decides who to send each night, but the sent killer makes the final call on who to kill. If he kills the Turaga himself, he destroys all Public Service Projects that have been built so far.


Stealthy Bro- Shows up as villager if investigated.


Poison Specialist- Cannot be stopped by Medic or Shields.


Treasurer- Takes all Widgets from victim. These are evenly distributed among the remaining Hunters. Effectiveness decreases by half each successive night sent to kill.


Normal Dark Hunters x2- No special powers besides ability to kill.




Legal- Cannot be killed by any means. Sworn as a defender in court, and thus his votes count for -1. If the player he voted for is not lynched, he receives 1 Widget or 2 if the player was a Dark Hunter. Wins by possessing 36 Widgets(Or the majority of remaining widgets), or by going the entire game without voting for a Dark Hunter on a Village win.


Coward Matoran- Can kill a player at night, but dies the next night if any other player from the victim's faction still lives. Wins by being last standing.


Suspect List

1. Portalfig

2. Mesonak

3. Eljay: Toa of Mangosteen

4. MT Zehvor

5. Baltarc

6. Taka Nuvia

7. JAG18

8. -JL-

9. Zakaro

10. Edea Lee Villager Killed by Dark Hunters, Night 1

11. Pulse Villager Killed by Dark Hunters, Night 3

12. The ShadowVezon Villager Lynched, Day 1

13. Tiz Arrior Dark Hunter Lynched, Day 3

14. Rahkshi Guurak Villager Lynched, Day 2

15. Ringabel

16. Dapper-san Store Owner Killed By Dark Hunter, Night 6

17. Reznas

18. Voxumo Villager Lynched, Day 7

19. Agnes Oblige

20. Chro Villager Killed by Dark Hunters, Night 7

21. Shadowhawk Villager Lynched, Day 7

22. Canis Lycaon

23. The Swimming Beard Villager Lynched Day 5

24. -Toa Lhikevikk-

25. Shadow Flaredrick

26. Kaiser Manducus Coward Matoran Killed by Dark Hunters, Night 2

27. Lord Locksmith Medic Killed by Dark Hunters, Night 5

13.1. Unit#phntk#1

28. Underscore

29. DoctorCouch

30. Burnmad:Toa of Emoticons

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Gosh, I've never tried joining one of these, but I've played this game with cards a million times. I'll take spot 17.


This is sure going to be a learning experience. I'm the newb here. :P



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Only one more spot! Although, I will add more if additional people want to join.


E: Actually, I may just remove the extra space from when Unit asked for 13.1. Signups are still open until I get all the PMs out and read.

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