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["Thank you for taking the time to review this, Doctor."

"For historical purposes, we have taken the liberty to record your findings. I'm sure you won't object."]



Welcome to the discussion topic, feel free to post all manner of OOC things here.

Post profiles here for approval, approved profiles may then be posted in the Profiles Topic.

Blank profile template here, things in [brackets] can be removed. Feel free to add and remove fields as needed, though Name, Appearance, Weaknesses, and Personality are required.

Name: [self-explanatory.]

Species: [Also gender and element where applicable.]

Affiliation: [Who is your character affiliated with? What faction do they fight for? Or are they unaffiliated?]

Powers: [Elemental, mask or otherwise.]

Gear: [Your character’s weapons and gadgets.]

Skills: [What is your character good at?]

Weaknesses: [What is your character bad at, what hurts them?]

Appearance: [What does your character look like?]

History: [What has happened to your character? What has their life been like? Are they a crimelord within this underworld? A member of a failing police force? A highly trained soldier from the city above? A monster of the unexplained?]

Personality‏: [Who is your character? What are their likes/dislikes? How do they act?]

Custom masks, species, powers, etc. will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Profile Limitations: Obviously we don’t want any game-breaking elements like Life, Time etc. or any legendary or one-of-a-kind masks (Olisi, Olmak, Ignika etc.). The following masks are also banned for various reasons. Komau (Bunnying), Conjuring, Mohtrek (Godmodding), Elda, Clairvoyance (Metagaming). Some of the MU’s species are also out of the picture due to being grossly overpowered, namely Botar’s species, full-power Makuta, Krahka, Brutaka’s species, as well as anything else that’s blatantly overpowered.

Anything else is fair game as long as common sense is applied. However, if you make a pitch for one of these listed things, we will most certainly consider it.

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I would be up for that as well. Here's my profile...


Name: Zaak


Species: Male Toa of Plasma


Affiliation: The Police


Powers: Elemental control over Plasma and all that entails (plasmatic blasts, melting most substances, resistance to high temperatures, etc), ability to divine falsehoods through mask.


Gear: Great Mask of Truth, a well-kept metal staff with protosteel short sword blades on each end, small explosive projectile launcher.


Skills: First and foremost, Zaak is a fighter. He has reflexes that have been described as ‘catlike’, and is a crack shot with most ranged weapons. He excels in close quarters, particularly against a single combatant. He also is skilled at parkour, and is a fast runner.


Weaknesses: Over thinks situations, powers run out of control if angry, difficulty focusing on multiple problems at once, not quite the strongest (physically) Toa out there.


Appearance: Zaak has white armor with orange highlights. Said armor is dented and nicked, but mostly in good repair. He is tall and lanky, without much visible muscle. His mask has an orange stripe down its middle, and his eyes are a deep blue. He stands with good posture, but slouches a bit when he sits. His mask, though it is a Rhode, is shaped like a Kualsi.


History: Before joining the police force, Zaak ran a self-defense dojo. He taught the value of speed and precision over strength. However, he was cornered in a back alley by a gang someone trained by him in his dojo had crossed in a bad way. One pulled a gun, and quickly found himself and his gang flat on the ground with their target gone. He returned to his dojo, only to find it burned to the ground. In order to gain the means for legal revenge, he has joined the police force, intent on finding the gang who destroyed his livelihood. Since joining, he has quickly become one of the most effective officers in the force because he always, always tries to get the job done.


Personality: Zaak is a very intelligent individual, but tries to hide it in order to fit in. He doesn't like to stand out, but that can’t be helped based on his job. He is one of the few police officers that actually cares about the small things. He constantly patrols, looking for anything he feels he should help with, be it a stolen wallet or a wounded civilian or stopping a robbery. He has been chastised several times for “wasting police hours”. Several times, he has replied, “try to stop me”. He hasn't been fired for this simply because his success rate is among the highest in the force. He mostly dislikes ranged combat in general, although he sees the necessity, and wishes that the citizens he swore to protect (there was no oath, so he made one up) will someday be able to walk in the light of day.


Hehe... I just read the GM's profile... I wrote this profile when I first read this RPG, so I didn't copy it. So it looks like there will be two Toa of Plasma running around in the Police force.

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Profile for approval. Thanks for the name, Grav. Judging from the introduction, I assumed Spherus Magnan species were playable; if not, I'll change it.


Name: Vynsehnt Lu

Species: Male Cybernetically enhanced Glatorian

Affiliation: Undercity Police

Powers: None

Gear: Vynsehnt wears a rhotuka launcher permanently attached to his arm. The launcher fires a rhotuka with impact powrers. This rhotuka gets larger the farther it travels, so at long enogh ranges (around 1/8) of a mile, it becomes a moving wall. However, the larger ir gets, the less push it exerts on stuff it hits, so once it gets far enough (1/4) of a mile, it will stop automatically. It can also be stopped if it hits sonething it can't push over (like a building). This rhotuka can stop physical projectiles but does nothing for energy based attacks. Like all rhotuka, the projectile's trajectory can be guided with his mind. Vynsehnt also carries a handgun (similar to an M1911) if he needs to deal a decisive blow and a short sword for close combat. He will sometimes drive an armored Thornatus for assault purposes.

Skills: Vynsehnt has never been one for negotiation and crisis diffusing. As such, he's the guy they call when they know that the situation can't be salvaged. He specializes in taking down hostiles quickly and efficiently.

Weaknesses: Due to the nature of his weaponry, Vynsehnt specializes in long range combat, only falling back on his sword if everything else fails. While he is no slouch when it comes to hand to hand, he just doesn't cut it against more experienced foes. Close the gap and your changes of defeating him go up exponentially. As well, he has no real powers or resistance to any of them.

Appearance: Vynsehnt would look like a normal Glatorian if not for his many visible cybernetic implants on his arms and legs. Smooth metal plating covers patches of his otherwise organic body, and his arms are permanently encased in mechanical sleeves.

History: Vynsehnt was once a citizen of the City in the Sky, living a bornal life until the first of the Demons came. He became a member of the Enforcers, working on missions with the group until he was fatally wounded and left for dead. Found by the Undercity's police, he was "fixed" and became a member of the Police force, helping to maintain order like he used to do...

Personality‏: Quiet, asocial, and very stoic, Vynsehnt isn't the warmest person to be around, seeming almost like a Vahki into terms of personality. Some suspect this to be due to brain damage, others believe he was just born that way; nevertheless, he is how he is: deal with it.

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Zaack and Vynsehnt are both approved, though I would hold off on the Thornatus, CM, until a higher up clears it.





bet y'all didn't know i could do that, now did ya



On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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Posting muh profile for approval.

Name: Kratt

Species: Male Po-Matoran

Affiliation: In theory unaffiliated, in practice most of the gangs

Powers: None

Gear: A small baton he filled with an electric charge(acts similar to a stun gun), a two-handed(rifle) explosive projectile launcher, and a workshop full of mechanical bits.

Skills: Kratt is a brilliant mechanical engineer and inventor, and is quite knowledgeable about weapons and warfare. He's fairly stealthy as well.

Weaknesses: Kratt is physically delicate and weak, and despite his interest in battles, tends to freeze up when participating in them himself. He also cannot resist the urge to show off his technology, which can make him quite foolish when asked to do so.

Appearance: Kratt is average looking in nearly every way for a matoran. He has painted his armour dark grey to blend in to his surroundings when he's outside, and wears a Kanohi Huna.

History: Kratt has been a popular figure in the criminal underworld for a long while. He will often sell new inventions and tech he's repaired to the gangs, with some of his customers even bringing in salvaged things for him to tinker with. The police have known of his existence for a while, but not what he looks like, and he has attracted the hatred of many of them for doing things like 'giving the gangs plasma guns' and 'indirectly blowing up half the street'.

Personality‏: Kratt is a very enthusiastic, laidback and genuinely nice person when not working, and can talk for hours about subjects that interest him(much to the annoyance of those around him). When working, however, he has no time for small talk, and will not tolerate the presence of people who aren't helping.

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Name: Horic


Species: Male Toa of Iron


Affiliation: Darkblades gang leader; the Commoners


Powers: Elemental control of Iron, Arthron and inate increased endurance(elemental Trait).


Gear: A double-bladed Battleaxe. Horic has done repairs on it countless times with any available material, and as such it is an object of personal attachment.


A sword just in case.


If the situation calls for it, he uses an assault rifle, 20 rounds in a magazine, 6 magazines on his person.


Horic also has a portable handheld Rhotuka Launcher which has two firing modes: Default energy, or the spinner causes the target to lose control of their limbs for a dozen or so seconds.


Horic carries flint and steel(in case he cannot materialise steel for whatever reason), some water and pieces of tough Nui-Jaga meat.


Skills: Having fought in countless wars, Horic has a tactician's mind, capable of analysing problems quickly. Although his preferred weapon is his Battleaxe 'Doubletooth', he is equally adept at almost all kinds of melee weapons.


Weaknesses: Horic is not from stealthy or nimble. He is also getting on with his years, and doubts of his effectiveness frequently come to mind. He is also only beginning to settle in as leader of a gang.


Appearance: Horic is a grizzled and worn veteran, and as a result he is tall and strong, even if he is a bit old. He wears mostly burnt orange armour, which has numerous little scratches on it and miscoloured patches from his past wanderings. His mask is less angular than might be expected of an Arthron, although it is still recognisable as an Arthron.


History: Horic has lived in the city for the large bulk of his life. After the Fall of Makuta, Horic settled for a life of peace in The City. Given his defence of the world in the war, he was entitled to a place in the City in the Stars, but he eschewed it in favour of living with the common man.


His powers saw good use in helping construct the Undercity, and he started retreating into anonymity, against the advice of close friends. However when gang struggles started to turn into an eternal war, Horic resurfaced as a non-allied agent. He did his best to safeguard civilians(if you can call them that) while not antagonising any of the gangs.


That all changed when the monsters appeared. Horic was present when an old friend of his, a gang leader, died to protect the citizens in his turf in a skirmish between the Enforcers and the Monsters. The friend, in his dying breath, recognised Horic and pleaded with him to take over his gang upon his death and stop both the monsters and the upper city from oppressing the residents.


Now the leader of the Darkblades, Horic strives to keep the gang under discipline and to stop the monsters, those below and above the Undercity.


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That post took way too flipping long to write, y'all know that? Still, it's always good to try to get a feel for a character early on.


My excuse for the mediocre song is that nowhere does it state that Vailarin's a great writer for music, simply an excellent performer, and not that I'm a terrible at writing poetry or music. Nope, definitely not that. :lookaround:


-Toa Levacius Zehvor :flagusa:

Edited by Toa Levacius Zehvor

"I disapprove of what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

- Evelyn Beatrice Hall (often attributed to Voltaire)

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"Even if I never find the memories I have lost, I'll keep fighting to protect the memories of others!"


Name: Naona

Species: Male Toa

Affiliation: Undercity Police

Powers: Mask of Laser Vision; Elemental Power of Stone

Gear: Staff; Telescopic Visor/Laserbeam Focuser; Firework Revolver

Skills: While a highly competent police officer and well-rounded fighter, Naona is also a skilled administrator.

Weaknesses: Naona lacks some of the extra strength that most Toa of Stone possess. He is also sleep-deprived at times, leading to groggier reaction speeds.

Appearance: Compared to his compatriots, Naona is slightly shorter, possessing a sleeker-looking build that seems to focus on speed. His armour's colour scheme consists mostly of browns (excepting his dull silver arms, one of which is heavily armoured and contains his revolver), with his torso, shoulders and legs a light brown, while his mask and gauntleted hands a darker shade. At times he wears a telescopic visor as well, the black object allowing his golden eyes to see further and also focus the powers of his Mask of Laser Vision.

History: Naona can't remember his past. He knows nobody who can tell him who he was before he was Naona. He doesn't even think that's his real name. He only remembers waking up in a garbage bin, with nothing but a once-beautiful staff, dulled from aeons of conflict. Yet even without memories, the young Toa took to the streets as a vigilante, a burning passion for justice awakening within his soul. He may not know why he has such a feminine name. He may not know why he is here, in the chaos that is the Undercity. But he knows that he will fight for order, and now, a member of the Police, hopes to reform it into a true organisation for justice.

Personality‏: Although quite a reserved person, Naona possesses a warmth that is not usually found in such dedicated warriors of justice. He is dedicated to keeping order in the city and making sure that its citizens can live to smile another day, and as such works incredibly hard to protect the innocent, no matter how much harm he takes. Indeed, the Toa of Stone is an incredibly intense man, noble in demeanour and highly dutiful. However, he can be quite reckless in his pursuit of crime, especially when in lack of sleep, and is rather dangerous when not in his usual state of mind.

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As approved by Gear, this appears to be the general situation as of now in the Undercity. The blue circles are the cops, with the orange-blue one being Zorvon, and the triangle being Zaak. The red-black circles are members of one gang, and the triangle of that colour is Horic. Assume Vincent and Romaln are one of the blue circles. The orange-yellow circles to the east are the other, unestablished, gang.



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Name: Bolt.

Species: Male Toa of Magnetism.

Affiliation: Unaffiliated Courier. Works for whoever pays him.

Powers: Magnetism Elemental, Uses a Kanohi Kakama (Speed).

Gear: Sometimes wears a satchel.

Skills: Running, Insulting, looking good, getting angry.

Weaknesses: Easily angered, while great at unarmed combat he may be easily defeated with weaponry

Appearance: A toa with a Kakama, with amazing looks and stuff. Brown in colour.

History: Someone who's always been living in the undercity, Bolt made a name for himself by looking good being a really good runner, tight-lipped about messages, and never caught by mobsters or the police.

Personality‏: A narcissist with an attitude. Bolt is arrogant, cocky, and obsessed with himself. If someone came along that looked exactly like them, he'd marry them in an instant. That said, he always has a mirror on him, ready to gawk at his magnificent face. He's known also for his foul temperament, easily insulted, rash to action, and quick to insult anyone. He's kinda a dick.

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Here we go...


Name: Volin

Species: Male Toa of Fire

Affiliation: Unaffiliated


Powers: Elemental control over fire (and heat by extension) and the ability to turn mostly transparent and completely silent thanks to his Volitak.

Gear: A protosteel katana which he can superheat, a small handheld explosive projectile launcher (pistol) and maybe a grenade or two he acquires from the black market every once in a while.

Skills: Highly competent in combat, Volin’s a deadly mix of speed and strength but mostly the first. He’s physically fit, adept in the use of his element and rather sneaky when he wants to be, though when it comes to more work related skills, he’s actually quite the mechanic and handyman.


Weakness: Water obviously, and despite being in shape, a good show of brute strength could easily become a problem. He’s also more inclined to his own personal needs, resulting in a slightly selfish attitude which often prevents him from picking sides or making a stand for a cause.


Appearance: Volin’s unusually tall, standing a solid two feet over the average Toa with a lean frame supported by thick muscle and boasting a set of broad shoulders. While not excessively attractive, he’s easy on the eyes and relatively young, his smooth face and brilliant yellow eyes displaying very little emotion. His armor’s primarily red and accented by gold, scratched here and there and beginning to show signs of wear.


History: Born into poverty, Volin struggled like many of those who lived in the Undercity and took whatever job came his way. At one point in his life, he turned to robberies as a means of making profit, which eventually led him to run with the gangs for a while. When things started getting out of hand, he left his life of crime behind, though not without a certain reputation following him. Now, he tries to keep things on the down low, avoiding the authorities while he makes a living as a mechanic.

Personality: Volin’s rather dry, but he’s not without sass or sarcasm. Most people would describe him as insensitive instead of downright mean, as he’s not afraid to be brutally honest and hurt someone’s feelings if he needs to. With that said, he’s not the friendliest guy around and certainly not the happiest, but deep down inside he’s a pretty decent person with some shred of morality.

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It's important to note that you're only seeing the PCs so far, as well. Just because there haven't been any crooked cops as PCs yet, doesn't mean they're not there. So far you're just seeing the few cops that are relatively good, and I wouldn't even go that far for all of them.



On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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