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ultimate city of ultimate destiny

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IC: Ije


The air was tingling with energy, remnants of the radiation storm that had ended an hour prior. Ije found the irradiated atmosphere to be fascinating, especially as it represented the futility of the broken city's citizens in surviving the dangers brought by the Apocalypse so long ago. Also it made her head warm so that was nice.


Yet the strange weather conditions were not what mattered here. Awhat did matter was the ... Object (if one could even describe it as such) floating above the ground. It was a two-dimensional polygon, a hexagon in fact, and despite lacking a z-axis, was somehow angled away from Ije and her compatriots and sitting (the closest term possible) upright like a wheel of some sorts.


Trying to perceive the object as a three-dimensional object was quite a massive strain on one's mind, especially with a certain aura of ... Eldritch flowing from its occupied space.


"Behold ... The HEXAGON."

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IC: Zarrick

Zarrick suddenly had an uncomfortable thought. If he were to... Board, for want of a better word, the Hexagon, he would be, well, melded into the thing.


Normally, that wouldn't bother him, but given the not-so-subtle clues Harata was giving him, well he really did not feel like getting into so much... Contact with her.


Pah, why did he even care?


"So we just... Walk into it?"

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IC: Harata (Grand Hotel)


"Usually I'd say something along the lines of 'I know I'm gonna regret this' but about this I'm honestly not sure" I muttered as I stepped towards the Hexagon. I looked back at Zarrick for a minute and gave him a shrug.


"Hey, it's not like anything else is happening at the moment"


And so I "melded" with the shape and disappeared from the others' view.

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