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IC: Zarrick

"I meant to tap my knee."


Zarrick was becoming uncomfortable at the soft thing behind him.


"That's not my own butt, is it?"



IC: Ije


"I think it is."


IC: Harata (Nonagon)


"Actually it's mine" Zarrick would hear a sultry voice next to his ear... or was it his knee?


"You like what you're... wait, no that doesn't work, noody can see anything in this mess"




"Zarrick, dear, this is really not the time, let's leave it for after the death defying stunts, okay?"

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IC: Zarrick

Zarrick almost jumped out when he heard Harata's statement.


Zarrick answered,"Uh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, well-"


Why was he stammering? It's not like he found her interesting or anything. She was too pushy, too boisterous, too attractive- what was he thinking?


Zarrick sighed. He waited for the ordeal to be over.


OOC: Oh BTW, it's still a Heaxagon. The Nonagon is a gift for Zarrick after the ride. I think.

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IC: Jack


=-=[>>>] Okay I'm done with your Thomast.


[Mobility.Protocol ///INITIATING///]


And suddenly, Jack grew a pair of legs to advance the plot


=-=[>>>] Aw yeah


Jack proceeded to scurry about on his new mechanical legs, before stopping in front of Ajuni.


=-=[>>>] Later sucka


And Jack proceeded up the stairs and out the front door, gazing upon the logical anomaly that was the Hexagon.


=-=[>>>] What the is this


But nobody could 'hear' the words Jack displayed on his screen.


So he took a nice running jump into the two-dimensional shape.


[ display.percent% 42 ]


[ awaiting ]


> |

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A mental command to make the Hexagon fly resulted in a bump- before almost tipping over.


Zarrick cursed under his breath and willed himself to fly. The luminous polygon levitated and flew.


Of course, the creature simply grew taller. Its arms elongated as it grew taller, wrapping its arms around the Hexagon as it flew to the faceless face of the thing.


"Does this thing have weapons?"

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