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The 2004 Retro Bionicle Titan

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Hello folks! i'm back again, with a special creation for the latest contest!


It traveled forward in time just to punch monsters.

or other giant robots,

or whatever else there is to punch!

its big, its brutal, its got an odd sense of nostalgia surrounding its presence. its-


The 2004 Retro Bionicle Titan!



^Gallery Link^


Entry pic



Other Side



i'm not the best at BBC and waaaay outta my league in this conteset as is.

but, this was really fun to build, so. i hope you enjoy it too. :v

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Cool mech, I like the hunched shape. Do the spike/wings have a function? Perhaps as a bit of advice, the color scheme could be simplified. There's silver, black and green, which work nicely together, but the white and transparent orange look a little out-of-place with them, particularly since they're pretty limited to one part of the creation.

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When you said 2004 retro bionicle titan i was thinking this would be a revamp of krekka, though obviously it isn't. But the build is amazing. I am especially drawn to the legs and the build/design you took there. However I must agree with Akavakaku in regards to the multitude of colors.


Banner made by Onaku



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First thing that I thought when I saw this:


Since when could Nidhiki and Krekka form a Kaita?


Second thing I thought:


Wow, he's chunky.


Anyway, I think that this is pretty cool, although I think that it could do with the Radiak blades being angled a little towards the back, instead of being flat to the front. The claw looks nice, but the fist on the right arm is a little weak-looking. Also, where does the pilot sit? One more thing, I think that the trans-orange pieces in the feet look a bit out of place. Good luck in the contest!


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