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"Featured" Tab by Topic Name Disappearance

Ballom Nom Nom

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So, a MOC of mine seen here was featured on the front page, as seen here. Recently, featured content had a tab by their name saying "FEATURED" added. However, just now I was making a change to the tags of that topic of mine, and the tab then disappeared after the edit.


Is there a reason for this? Is it perhaps a bug to add the tracker? I'm mystified by this disappearance, as my topic is still visible under the list of featured content, on the second page of these search results, just minus that blue tab.


Does anyone then know why the tab disappeared, or if anything causes it to come back?


Any info in the matter is appreciated.



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The power to affix the first tag (e.g. the "Featured" tag) as a tab isn't available to members, so altering the tags unchecked the box, so to speak. I can fix it quickly just by rechecking it without having to redo the tags, so I'll go ahead and do that.


If it happens again, just report it in the normal way. No bug or anything. The tag isn't deleted, so it's still searchable under "Featured," but the prefix gets undone.


Does that answer things?

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