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Nuju & Matau (HB Style)


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I know a lot of you are opposed to HB, and that's fine. I'm working on my own mechanized drawings too... But I like drawing people most, so I'm doing those ideas first. So thats why I present to you the next two installments in my Toa Metru HB designs: Nuju and Matau! 


Something that should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway: I know we all picture them differently, so we all have a right to an opinion, but these are the way that I envision them. Don't let that stop you from

commenting, because I'd love to know what does and doesn't work for you.


Nuju: I took some artistic liberty with his crystal spikes since they were hidden since I wasn't REALLY quite sure how a human could easily use them and didn't have a reference on hand at the time of drawing it. I'll draw them properly if I decide to draw him again.

Matau: Don't have a lot to say about him.


matau_by_elisitagayle-d7oujem.png      dear_nuju____color_by_elisitagayle-d7mcn


And here's the other threads with

Lhikan & Nokama


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