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I was able to acquire all 144 Krana / Krana Kal in a trade. I've previously had three VMKK as well, but I've since sold all three. 

... :OMG:  :OMG:  :OMG:  :OMG:  :OMG:  :OMG:  :OMG:





Edit: In the future, please don't make a post with only emoticons!


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I only have 4 bohrok and thus only 4 krana, and I only know the exact whereabouts of two of them at the moment, so I dont think I wanna go through the trouble of finding and identifying all of them. They came from a Gahlok, Tahnok-Kal, Lehvak-Kal, and Nuhvok-Kal, and that's all I know :P

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I've got a Lime Su, an Orange Yo, and a flat dark gold Yo.


The Lime Su and Orange Yo were from Nuhvok and Gahlok. I also had Kohrak, Pahrak, Gahlok Va, and Tahnok Va, but I lost their Krana long ago. (Though I think my Kohrak had a Bo) I have no idea where I got the FDG Yo though, since I never got any Bohrok-kal or any collectible packs.

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Many ancient, some slightly chewed, Krana smelling of mildew in the bottom of a bin; I've tried to save them, but unfortunately the hardiest of the bunch are those dreadful Krana Kal. What I'd give for another pair of intact orange and chartreuse Krana for my Nuvohk and Gahlok.

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2x Krana Xa: 1 green and 1 yellow

2x Krana Vu: 1 ice blue 1 tan

3x Krana Su: 1 orange, 1 yellow, and 1 green

1 yellow Krana Za

2x Krana Ca: 1 red and 1 blue

4x Krana Ja: 1 ice blue, 1 orange, 1 red, and 1 purple

2x Krana Bo: 1 purple and 1 white


I never tried to collect Krana, but it would be nice to have just 1 Krana Yo instead of so many Ja's -_-.


Does anyone want to play the Master Chief Collection with me? I'm trying to get a team going for ranked. PM for GT.

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I wonder if Bionicle returns in 2015, if they'll bring back the Bohrok or not


Considering the Bohrok were one of the niftier (and more popular) things to come out of OG Bionicle, I wouldn't be surprised if there was an attempt to reintroduce them. It'd be tricky to do, especially if you wanted to encapsulate all their original gimmicks. Lego doesn't really do models made of 90% new parts nowadays. (And they're better off for it, but still...)

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