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BZPRPG Starter Topic: New Players, Start Here!

Nuju Metru

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Welcome to the BZPower Role-Playing Game!

Hello there, new player, and welcome to the official, the one-n-only, BZPower Role-Playing Game (BZPRPG, for short)! The BZPRPG is a collaborative narrative game based loosely in the universe of BIONICLE, where players tell stories, create characters, and interact through writing.


I’m Aaron (known around here as Nuju Metru), a former head of the game, and I consider it a great pleasure and honor to guide you, with this topic, into our community of players. I say community and I mean it; here at the BZPRPG, we strive as much to create a dynamic world of game-play as we do to maintain a friendly and cooperative atmosphere for our players. The point of the game (it’s a game, after all!) is to have fun, which a lot of us can sometimes forget when we’re deeply invested in it, but it’s something I want you to always bear in mind. I hope you have an enjoyable time here.


In the post below, you’ll find a treasure trove of useful information that’ll make your entrance into our game (and your continued participation in it) much easier. If you’re wholly new to the game, I’d recommend you read over this entire topic at least once; however, if you’re in a rush (or only looking for certain things), here’s a table of contents of this post.


Table of Contents

I. Directory

-In this topic

-Outside this topic

-Active Locations



II. Glossary of BZPRPG Lingo


III. Frequently Asked Questions

-What is RPing?

-What’s a text-based RPG?

-Can anyone play the BZPRPG?

-Can I write anything I want?

-What are the rules about appropriateness?

-Who’s in charge of the BZPRPG?

-Where do I start?

-How many characters am I allowed to make?

-What comes after making a profile?

-How do I play?

-How do I improve my post quality?

-Does it matter how I write my posts?

-How do I get other players to interact with my character?

-Can my characters interact with other characters that I also control?

-How do I move my character from one location topic to another?

-How realistic should my posts/characters be?

-What do I do if someone is playing unfairly?

-What do I do if I’m accused of playing unfairly?

-Who are these veterans I keep hearing about?

-Can I create my own organization/shop?

-Can my character’s back-story involve foreign places?

-What elements of the BIONICLE canon exist in the BZPRPG?

-What’s the policy on alternate dimensions?

-Any last advice?



I. Directory

In this topic:

BZPRPG Master Rules

BZPRPG Main Plot Overview

Friar Tuck’s Guide to Common Sense in the BZPRPG


Outside this topic:

RPG Forum Rules

Profiles Topic

News and Discussion Topic

The BZPRPG Wiki (an incomplete source of info, but sometimes useful)


Active locations:







Kentoku Archipelago



What's a Dasaka?

Have a bad guy character?

I want to give a few suggestions...


II. Glossary of BZPRPG Lingo

Like any other game, the BZPRPG has a few terms that you need to know to be able to understand what’s going on. The collection of words and abbreviations below will pop up a lot, so it’s good to know what they mean. When a term from this list is referenced in another term’s definition, it’s italicized, so you know you’ll be able to find it defined here too.

  • BZPRPG: abbreviation for “BZPower Role-Playing Game,” the game we’re playing; a text-based role-playing game founded loosely in the BIONICLE universe. The current iteration has been going on since 2011.
  • Bunnying: controlling another player’s character. If this happens without that player’s explicitly stated permission, it’s not allowed.
  • CD: abbreviation for “character development;” gradual change over time in a character that occurs based on that character’s experiences and interactions.
  • GD: short for “general discussion,” a commonly used misnomer for the News and Discussion Topic.
  • God-Modding/GMing: making your character unfairly powerful. This is against the rules. Metagaming and unlicensed bunnying are forms of GMing. Not to be confused with just plain GM (see below).
  • GM: Short for "Game Master," the title given to the head staff member of the BZPRPG.
  • IC: abbreviation for “in-character;” also a required label for content posted in location topics that moves the story forward.
  • Interaction: when different characters talk, fight, or otherwise intermingle with each other. Interaction is the bread and butter of the game; while IC posts can be wholly self-contained, like short stories, most are part of an interaction.
  • Location Topic: a BZPower forum topic where characters interact. Each location topic represents a different territory or area of the BZPRPG world; everything/anything occurring IC in a given region is to be found in its location topic.  
  • Metagaming: using information gathered OOC as a player to influence the IC action of characters; this is against the rules.
  • N&D: abbreviation for the News and Discussion Topic.
  • NPC: abbreviation for “non-player character,” any character not operated by a specific player (shopkeepers, armies, guards, etc.). PCs are not allowed to have NPC entourages/armies.
  • OOC: abbreviation for “out-of-character;” also a required label for content posted in location topics that doesn’t move the story forward.
  • OP: abbreviation for overpowered.
  • PC: abbreviation for “player character,” any character with a profile that’s operated by a player.
  • Profile: the blueprint/outline of a character detailing that character’s appearance, powers, weaknesses, and more. All PCs are required to have profiles. Profiles are found and posted in the Profiles Topic.
  • RPing: abbreviation for “role playing.” Someone who RPs (a player) is known as an RPer.
  • Staff Plot: the “main thread” of the complex BZPRPG story, run and directed by BZPRPG staff members. You can find an updated summary of the Staff Plot in the BZPRPG Plot Overview.
  • Strike: a serious warning given by BZPRPG staff. Like in baseball, you get three; on the third, you will be banned from the game. These are only given for serious rule violations.
  • Timeskip: when a player or players decide to “skip” forward in the timeline of the story rather than explicitly playing through everything that would have happened; frequently used by players when traveling from one location topic to another.
  • Veteran: a player with experience and skill.


III. Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is designed to give you general information, tackle a few of the most common questions new players have when they start in our game, and to circumnavigate a few bloopers I’ve noticed many new players have made. If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, please feel free to send me a personal message (PM) about anything. I’m here to field your inquiries, and am more than happy to help. No question is too small or “stupid,” so don’t hesitate to ask it!


Q: I know you defined it above, but what exactly is “RPing?”

A: RPing is an abbreviation for Role Playing. Role Playing is the process of adapting the persona of a fictional character, and is really what the BZPRPG is all about. In the BZPRPG case, RPing refers to writing about the escapades of your invented BIONICLE characters. You RP the story of these characters through your In-Character (IC) posts.


Q: So then what’s a text-based RPG?

A: The difference between a text-based RPG (what we have at the BZPRPG) and the kind of RPG found in video games is that the text-based RPG relies on (you guessed it) text. Words are your controls, sentences your actions. Everything that your character does, says, thinks, and feels is described through your writing. It’s like writing a little bit of a narrative every time you post. You are playing the part of your character by writing about them. Well, we know so far that there is RPing, but where’s the G, the game? The BZPRPG is a role-playing game because it involves interaction with other people’s characters. What your character does is reliant upon what others’ characters do – it’s like a big, group story, where each person contributes a post’s-worth of writing. You interact with people through posting back and forth. Pretty nifty, eh?


Q: I’ve never posted on BZPower before… Can anyone play the BZPRPG?

A: Indeed they can! The BZPRPG is an open game – you can join without approval. Anybody and everybody are allowed to contribute and play. Your characters and your ideas are welcomed. All you need are a free BZPower Membership, a keyboard, and some writing drive to participate in our delightful sandbox story.


Q: A sandbox, ooh, that sounds liberating. Can I write anything I want?

A: Not exactly, no. While there is a huge amount of freedom in the BZPRPG, there are certain limits to the kinds of things you can and can’t do IC. Otherwise, people could have “god-like” powers, enabling them to play unfairly; we refer to this as “god-modding”, or “GMing”, and when someone does it, it takes away from the fun of other players. There are rules to prevent foul play and make sure everyone has a good time – read these rules here.


Q: So there are rules about what I can/can’t write with respects to interacting with the world and with other characters, but what about rules about appropriateness?

A: Though we’re generally more lenient in the BZPRPG when it comes to PG-13 rated content than BZPower at large, there are still limits as to what’s appropriate and inappropriate around here. When you’re writing, please use common sense and remember that many of our game’s visitors and players are minors.  If your post contains inappropriate content or circumvents the word filter (or even uses an unfiltered word that we consider to be too provocative), we on the staff will ask you to edit the offending section out, or just do it ourselves. If you’re concerned that your post may be inappropriate, feel free to run it by a BZPRPG staffer before you publish it.


Q: “BZPRPG staffer?” Who’s in charge of the BZPRPG?

A: The BZPRPG is controlled and overseen by its “hosts,” people like me. We on the staff serve a number of functions, including running the official plot lines, answering questions, and settling disputes. We’re also the judiciaries of the RPG, and are in charge of dealing consequences – both positive and negative – to those who have earned them. The staff’s word is final, and it’s a smart idea not to get on our bad side. This is the current BZPRPG staff team (the usernames sometimes change, but these are the names by which they’re colloquially known):

  • Tyler: Current Game Master, sass-master extraordinaire, fan favorite… Tyler is a lot of things, but my secret lover is definitely not one of them. Where’d you get that idea?
  • Ghosthands: a jolly good chap from across the pond, and a boon of positivity; just don't get him started on matters of science.
  • Krayzikk: A veteran of a thousand RPG games both in and out of this forum, this guy doesn't take no carp from nobuoy.
  • Nuju Metru (Me): Formerly: BZPRPG Game Master, big bad boss, merciless slayer of characters, Pinkie of Smite, yadda yadda… I’m actually nicer than I look.
  • Emzee: the most senior active member of the BZPRPG staff, known for maintaining BZPRPG news and reference posts and for his magnificent, soft-spoken wisdom.
  • Friar Tuck: the former head of the BZPRPG, more myth than man, Tuck is a lot like the Loch Ness Monster: you’ll probably never see him, but when he's here, titanic things happen. He's probably most known these days for his fantastic Guide to Common Sense.
  • GSR: though not actually a member of the BZPRPG staff, Nate is the Forum Leader of the BIONICLE RPG forum, and also one of our players and a swell guy.


Q: Okay, where do I start?

A: Well, you’re here in the Starter Topic, and that’s a great first step! When you want to join the BZPRPG, the first thing to do is create one or more characters. Once you’ve made them up, you organize the data about the character (such as name, species, personality, appearance, powers, and the like) into a written profile, which must be posted in the Profiles Topic. In most cases, after you have created a character and posted their profile, they are viable for you to play as, and you’re free to explore any of the game topics without needing staff approval. There are some cases where characters do need a staff go-ahead before you can play; those cases are outlined in more depth in the Profiles Topic.


Q: Making characters sounds like a good time. How many characters am I allowed to make?

A: You can create as many characters as you’d like, as long as they all adhere to the guidelines in the Profiles Topic.


Q: I posted my character’s profile, sweet. What comes after making a profile?

A: Once you have posted a character’s profile, the way to jump into the game is to post as her/him in a location topic. Your first post as a character can be as long or short, as simple or complex, as you’d like.


Q: I don’t quite get what you mean. How do I play?

A: As I’ve said, game-play in the BZPRPG all happens through text and writing; a back-and-forth of IC posts describing the actions and interactions of your characters, and occasionally out-of-character (OOC) asides. As an example, here’s a very simple “intro post” for a new character, involving both IC and OOC content.


IC: Toa Joe woke up on the beach of Ga-Wahi. He didn’t remember how he’d gotten there. He stood up and started to walk along the shore.


OOC: BZPRPG, here I come!


That’s a very simple demonstration of what a post in the BZPRPG looks like. But what does the game look like when different players’ characters interact with each other? Here’s a sample post interaction between two characters we all know, if you still don’t quite get it…


IC: Toa Inika Jaller jumped off the ledge, using his Kanohi Calix to flip in the air above Zaktan’s swinging strike. He could hear the sound of the Piraka’s blade whistling by him as he passed it. This mask really is incredible, Jaller thought to himself. Upon landing on the ground again, the Toa of Fire wheeled around and fired off two quick Zamor Spheres at his enemy.


IC: Zaktan had snarled in annoyance when his sword had missed Jaller, failing to slice the Toa as he had wished. But Zaktan was not leader of the Piraka for nothing. He was cunning; his mind always thought up new plans when they were needed.When the Zamors reached him, Zaktan dissolved into the protodites that in fact made up his body, and let the green spheres pass straight through his body. He reformed once the projectiles were past, and then called over to Jaller. “Toa, this fight is pointless. I am clearly the stronger of us two – you are a fly to my spider. Give up now, and perhaps you will be merely enslaved, rather than killed.”

OOC: Epic words if I do say so myself.


OOC: You wish!

IC: Jaller shook his head determinedly at Zaktan. “No!” He shouted in response, “I will never give in to you, Piraka. I will fight you here until you surrender!” Jaller ran forward across the black lava, leaping over rocks in his path as he headed for Zaktan, laser sword primed. The Toa thrust his weapon straight at Zaktan’s face-


IC: –only to have it blocked by Zaktan’s tri-blades. The Piraka had caught Jaller’s sword between two of his weapon’s appendages and, seeing an opportunity, suddenly twisted his weapon, hoping to make Jaller lose grip on his sword.


IC: It didn’t work. Rather than let the sword fly from his stiff hand, Jaller loosened his grip, letting the sword swivel as Zaktan wanted it to – then with Calix-driven speed, he drew his weapon from its vice and slashed at Zaktan’s leg.


IC: Zaktan roared as the Toa’s blade struck him, leaving a gouge in his armor. He slashed back in response…


I could go on like this forever, but I think you get the idea of how game-play works. Note how both Zaktan’s and Jaller’s “players” left each other opportunities to parry the other’s attacks, rather than auto-hitting, or scoring blows without letting the other player respond. Also that, when dealt a blow which wouldn’t be avoidable, Zaktan’s player was reasonable, and let Zaktan be injured – this is the right thing to do as a player. When the players had things to say which their characters weren’t saying – things that didn’t move the story forward in a narrative sense – they used the required “OOC” tag.


Q: Geez, those example posts were lame and boring. How can I write better than you just did? How do I improve my post quality?

A: The answer is simple: practice makes perfect. The more you play, the more you grow as a writer, and the more you write, the better your posts will be. Personally, I’d recommend fleshing out even small posts by writing about your character’s thoughts and feelings, and not just her/his actions and dialogue… this’ll develop your understanding of the character’s personality and make her/him more interesting for both you and other players. Read the posts of veteran players for some good examples of this in action, and try to emulate the levels of vocabulary and character development they have in their posts.


Q: Does it matter how I write my posts? Is there any required format to posting?

A: Nope. You can write in first person, third person, or however you like – playing around with different narrative methods will help you find the one you feel the most comfortable with (most players opt to use third person). As long as what your character is doing to interact with other characters is clear, the style in which you write is unrestricted. The only required part of any post in a location topic is the use of “IC:” and “OOC:” tags where appropriate.


Q: Great, I get how to play. But how do I get other players to interact with my character?

A: The first thing you have to do with a new character is post IC as her/him. Once that’s happened, and your character officially “exists” in the world of the game, she/he can be interacted with. Good ways to advertise your character’s availability for interaction are to say “OOC: Open for interaction” at the end of your IC post, or to post something like “______ (your character) is open for interaction in/at ______ (their location)” in the News and Discussion Topic.


Q: Interaction with other players is a bit dry at the moment; can my characters interact with other characters that I also control?
Yeah, that’s allowed, but it’s no fun to play alone. Branch out!


Q: Branch out, okay, I’ll try going somewhere else. How do I move my character from one location topic to another?

A: Finish your IC post with something like “OOC: ______ (your character) to ______ (the desired location topic)” and then you can make your next post as that character in the desired location topic.


Q: This is a fantasy game, right? So how realistic should my posts/characters be? And should it be earth realism or BIONICLE realism?

A: The BZPRPG concerns itself with a world full of magic as well as science; in discussions of realism, a degree of stuff can and should be dismissed with a shrug of “eh, magic.” Other times, though, bearing in mind the laws of physics is important. In this game, realism is generally applied as an equalizer. After all, if everyone plays on the same plane of “realism” (quotation marks employed because fire-slinging beings, laser vision, and powered masks scientifically don’t make sense) then there’s a leveler playing field in combat and other interactions. Take a look at Friar Tuck's Guide to Common Sense to get a feel for when the staff considers it important to defer to earth realism.


Insofar as the realism of your character goes, we try not to think too hard about BIONICLE species anatomy (percentage organic vs. robotic?), the way elemental powers function (how does a Toa of Stone make rocks appear from nothing?) and other paradoxes regarding the ways Toa, Skakdi, etc. tick given our scientific understanding of the world. For the most part, species in the BZPRPG exist the same way as they do in the BIONICLE canon; however, the BZPRPG recognizes a few differences, like reproduction and the ingestion of food, things that make them more like humans. General rule of thumb for the sake of equality is to think of characters’ physical limits and processes as being like those of humans, because we as players are all familiar with how the human body works.


Q: That player just did something that wasn’t fair. What do I do if I see someone playing unfairly?

A: If you feel someone is god-modding or being unrealistic, send him or her a PM and discuss your concerns in a polite manner. If they do not cooperate and you still feel that person was playing unfairly, PM one of the BZPRPG staff and we will get involved. Please do not call the god-modder out in the News and Discussion topic; that only creates useless drama and ill feeling among the player base.


Q: I’m a bit embarrassed to ask, but what do I do if I'm accused of playing unfairly?

A: In my experience, accusations of unfair play happen most often during player-on-player IC combat, when blood can get high. You might be affronted or angry that someone has accused you of playing unfairly. If this is the case, please do your best to keep a level head as you proceed. Reread your “offending” post and all the posts that pertain to the situation you're in. Now consider from as objective a standpoint as you can whether your post is realistic, doesn’t god-mod, and is fair. Be considerate of the concerns of others related to your work; most of the time, it really won’t set your character back too far to retract or edit whatever content you posted that someone else considered unfair. If you still think your post was legitimate (or if you're not sure), send it to a staffer to be safe. We will look over the situation and let you know.


Q: You’ve referenced “veterans” a few times. Who are these veterans I keep hearing about?

A: Veterans are members who have been involved in the BZPRPG for a long period of time. These are the people with experience under their belts; veterans are the ones who generally know what they’re doing. They are learned in playing the BZPRPG, and so will often share their wisdom with newer players. While the word of veterans has no official weight, their advice is by and large to be taken, seeing as they have been playing text-based RPGs a long time. Veterans, though sometimes whiney, aloof, and change-adverse, are on the whole players who care about the game. Give them the respect they’ve earned.


Q: Can I create my own organization/shop? Are there official channels I have to go through to do this? Do I get any special benefits?

A: You are more than welcome to form groups and set up shops IC, and you don’t need staff permission to do so, but you have to do all the work yourself. You don't get any official location, NPCs or other benefits given to you. You can only work with what your character – or characters, if you’re collaborating with other players – is allowed to access and control under normal circumstances. If you want your meeting location to be a clubhouse, abandoned warehouse, or a personal underground lab, that’s okay; however, you have to “build” or “find” the location IC, which isn’t supposed to be easy.  


Q: I want my character to originally come from Bara Magna, Karda Nui, or somewhere else exotic. Can my character’s back-story involve foreign places?

A: Sorry to harsh your buzz, but that’s not okay. Here’s the thing about the BZPRPG universe: it isn’t the BIONICLE universe, not exactly. Although ours is a game founded in many parts of the BIONICLE canon, there are parts of the canon that we deliberately discard or ignore, notably among those almost every known location, several known species, and a truckload of universe history. For example: the BZPRPG world isn’t actually a giant robot body; there’s only one Makuta in our universe, and he’s a primeval force of darkness; there aren’t Dark Hunters; what’s a Bohrok?; etc. Disregarding these discrepancies by, say, stating in your character’s profile that she/he is originally from Metru Nui and was once a Dark Hunter would therefore be contrary to the fabric of the BZPRPG world.


Q: So let me get this straight: I’m not allowed to refer IC or in my character’s profile to… well, to what exactly? What elements of the BIONICLE canon exist in the BZPRPG?

A: Unless something from the BIONICLE canon is explicitly acknowledged by a staff source to exist in the BZPRPG, it cannot be assumed to exist in the BZPRPG universe. To get a better feel of the BZPRPG world and how it’s diverged from the BIONICLE timeline, take a look at the Plot Overview that can be found in the following post, in the various location topics, and in the allowed lists in the Profiles Topic. If something from the BIONICLE canon isn’t mentioned in any of those places, odds are good it’s not part of our game universe. If you’ve still got questions as to whether a particular part of the BIONICLE canon exists in the BZPRPG, just ask a staff member for clarification.


Q: What’s the policy on alternate dimensions? I want to play as a Toa that’s been transported to Mata Nui from an alternate dimension by a Kanohi Olmak—

A: Whoa there, tiger. Here in the BZPRPG, we like to avoid the headaches that come with rends in space and time; as a general rule, playing around with alternate dimensions isn’t allowed. Just keep your character’s back-story simple; it’ll be easier for everyone. Remember, it’s more important what your character actually does IC than what you get to say she/he did in the past!


Q: Gee whiz Aaron, this has been ever so helpful! Any last advice?

A: Of course! My biggest piece of advice is this: you as a player are separate from your characters, and therefore the wellbeing of your characters isn't necessarily the same as your wellbeing as a player. I find that there's actually an inverse relationship, there; I know that some of what I feel has been my best work in this game has stemmed from my characters' miseries. The BZPRPG isn't a game about "winning;" it's a game about story, and the best stories (the only stories people actually find compelling) involve adversity. A character in a bad spot is usually more fun to write than a character that's still doing swimmingly, and you as a player lose nothing from the character's setbacks. Your character "losing" or "winning" against another player's character isn't you losing/winning to that player. It's illogical and unbecoming for you to take the wins/losses of your character personally.




Well, I hope that all this has been useful to you. Please don’t post in this topic; if you’ve got a question or comment, you can either PM a staff member, or post in the News and Discussion Topic. Once again, welcome to the BZPRPG. You’re gonna have a fantastic time. :)

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I. General Rules

  • All BZP forum rules apply! No flaming, spamming, trolling, inappropriate content, or other rule-breaking actions are allowed.
  • Please take all personal disputes and conversations to PM, and if the situation cannot be resolved that way, talk to one of the Hosts or other BZPRPG staff members about the problem. These kinds of disputes are not to be had in the General Discussion topic.
  • Do not insult other members.
  • Though we are generally more lenient in the BZPRPG when it comes to PG-13 rated content than BZPower at large, please use common sense and remember that many of BZPower's visitors and members are minors.  If your post contains inappropriate content or circumvents the word filter, we will ask you to edit the offending section out, or do it ourselves. If you are concerned that your post may be inappropriate, feel free to run it by a BZPRPG staffer before you publish it.

II. Basic Gameplay Rules

  • The BZPRPG is a constantly evolving story written by the players, not a video game. You cannot win, nor can you lose.
  • You must put "IC:" at the beginning of all role-playing posts. This is so that players recognize that you are posting as your character and adding to the story. IC stands for "in character".
  • Conversely, you must put "OOC:" at the beginning of all parts of posts that do not have game content in them. This is called "out of character" and it is what OOC stands for. Keep OOC content to a minimum in role-playing posts and instead use the General Discussion topic for OOC matters.
  • You are allowed to double-post in gameplay topics. However, you must wait twelve hours before doing this, so that others have the chance to post a response. The maximum number of posts you can make in a row this way is three.
  • God-modding and other overpowered play is not allowed. (See section on God-modding)
  • Adhere to basic science, such as gravity, inertia, and nature. Your character cannot bend the rules of the universe to better suit them. Logic and reason come first.
  • Objects do not and cannot appear from thin air. You must describe how an object came into your player's possession before they can have it.
  • Although the BZPRPG is a game founded in many parts of the BIONICLE canon, there are parts of the canon that the game discards or ignores. Unless something from the BIONICLE canon is acknowledged by a staff source to exist in the BZPRPG, it cannot be assumed to exist in the BZPRPG universe.

III. Character Rules

  • Player Characters (PC's) must adhere to all trait-related guidelines as posted in the Profiles topic unless otherwise stated by staff.
  • It is required for your character to have one or more weaknesses. Invincibility is illegal.
  • In PC versus PC combat, it is extremely discouraged to be unhittable. Dodging every attack thrown at you is a form of God-modding. (See section on God-modding)
  • A character's weapons, technological items, mask, and other important belongings of theirs are regarded as extensions of their body. As such, a character's important possessions may not be taken, destroyed, or otherwise affected without the permission of the character's player. Actions which affect a character's possessions without explicitly given permission are autohits.
  • PC traits should only be acquired or altered through IC play.
  • Do not play as another player's character unless that player has given you explicit permission to do so. Likewise, you cannot kill or seriously injure another character without that player's permission.
  • Non-Player Characters (NPC's) are legal to use in your posts. However, recurring NPC's such as personal bodyguards, armies, servants, etc. are not allowed.
  • NPCs may be killed without permission from a player, seeing as they do not belong to a player. However, it is recommended that you bear in mind that NPCs are people too, and take just as much effort to kill as any other characters.

IV. God-Modding Rules

  • Deus Ex Machina's (an unrealistic or improbable way of getting your characters out of a bad situation) are not allowed.
  • Auto-hitting (throwing an attack at an enemy character and not allowing them to respond) is not allowed.
  • Using powers in battle that are not predefined in one's profile is not allowed.
  • If someone hits you where it hurts, then be hurt. Disregarding your weaknesses is not allowed.
  • You may not use information gathered OOC in IC posts. This includes details of other players' profiles - otherwise known as "Metagaming" or "Breaking the fourth wall".
  • Editing your character's traits directly before a fight in order to make them more suited to that fight is a form of GMing.

V. Staff

  • Respect all staff members.
  • Respect all staff judgment calls and punishments.
  • Staff members reserve the right to do whatever they want to your characters in the IC world as a form of punishment. These punishments are non-negotiable, and a disregard for staff decisions and/or punishments IC will be dealt with severely.
  • Do not act like you're staff if you aren't. Backseat moderating isn't helpful to us in running the game. Friendly, helpful tips to other members, however, are welcomed.

VI. The Three-Strike System
As of this year, the staff has decided to employ a three-strike system in order to deal with repeated rule breaking and other severe infractions. Should a player do so to a degree deemed serious by staff, that member will receive a strike. The strikes are here listed with consequences:

  • Strike One: Official warning from a staff member.
  • Strike Two: Temporary suspension. You are not allowed to post in any BZPRPG topics for an amount of time decided by the staff member giving the suspension.
  • Strike Three: Permanent banning from the BZPRPG.

Only Tyler can issue third strikes to members. All BZPRPG staff can give first and second strikes.


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Friar Tuck's Guide to Common Sense in the BZPRPG
I'm sure you heard the phrase "not-so-common sense?" Well, it's true in all counts, the BZPRPG included. Here I attempt to shed light on the conundrums and proper etiquette of the BZPRPG in a humorous and tactful manner, since many of the below topics can be hot-button ones indeed. While not a set of rules in which if you break I will come and break a finger, leg, or other vital body part, these guidelines are the lines between the lines, what makes this game authentic and realistic, keeping fun for everyone so follow them well or I'll slap you silly.  :P  So without further ado:

Common Sense dictates that:
You are not infinitely superior to NPCs
We start with a sticker-shock; Surprise! While having many superior qualities over a common NPC, you indeed are much closer to its level than you think. The argument to this is "Hey, but I have super-powers! Robbing banks are a walk in the park!" Very true. But may I point out that in this world the bar is raised, and in fact almost everyone in this realm has super powers as well. You are indeed unique just like everyone one. Cliché, but true. You may be a icegun-wielding, impact-vision savvy Skakdi, but those pair of Toa guards have their own set of cool powers, and probably have just as much experience OR MORE than you do, since its their job to prevent people just like you from breaking and entering. From this point of view, the playing field is actually very even, and in fact you only have a few advantages over the common NPC, which brings us to our second point in our NPC discussion.

Common Sense dictates that:
Killable does NOT equal easy target
Are guards in real life standing sacks of meat with a note taped to their forehead "Kill me!?" No. They are highly-trained, alert people who are formidable opponents, getting tougher the more important object they guard. You are (more or less) immortal, something your NPC friend is not; but when did that mean that you can walk all over him? When was the last time you witnessed a swordsman run into the Smithsonian, and in a matter of moments decapitate all the guards and deactivate the security system? Only in movies, and that is simply for entertainment's sake, not when interacting with others. NPCs are generally highly-trained protectors or soldiers who could more than match wits and powers with you. The largest difference is that your PC has a human's consciousness at all times, while they do not, but this doesn't make them less intelligent than you IC. Tossing them aside as if they are dolls is just not realistic. Remember: since everyone is super-powered, no one is.

Common Sense dictates that:
Fortresses and/or Lairs are tough nuts to crack
Your home is your castle, or so the saying goes. Not here! Welcome to the BZPRPG, where the word "Fortress" actually means sitting duck. In this game forts, Koro, lairs, even hidden and sealed compartments are a big open houses, to which any Joe Shmo has free access and reign, without the hindrances of having to deal with location, defenders, or other defensive mechanisms. Did I also mention that there is also always a map prominently placed so that the infiltrators know the location of every important circuit in the place?


Ah, no.


When was the last time you saw even an attempt at Fort Knox? Believe me, in this game there are places even sealed up tighter than that. People cannot simply walk into a secure location without a very good explanation, and unfortunately, that is a rarity. Seriously, it is. Usually a place like that has more tricks and traps than a professional magician, and that is not counting the NPC defenders (see above). Even open locations are not easy targets; in fact, it can be argued its actually more difficult in some respects. Case in point: which would be more difficult to sneak a weapon into? A warehouse complex that is locked, with one or two night guards, or an open building with only one or two entrances, with several alert security guards and a metal detector on the other side?

Common Sense dictates that:
Teleportation powers do NOT equal a free pass!
A personal favorite of many, and a personal gripe for everyone else. This makes the Top Five easily. Its one thing to move quickly from one location to another, or shot jaunts between buildings, or even messing with the head of an opponent during battle. This however DOES NOT give you the right to hit and run secure locations. Is it fair that one person (probably staff), who has spent a lot of time, effort, and time working on this, when all it takes is one person who can teleport a squad of crazies to go "Lets blow something up! *zap* Oooohh! Look! Main control center! Mines! Guns! Grenades! Explosives! C4! Grandmas Fruit Cake! *bing bang boom* Uh-oh! Its gonna collapse! Bye!" *zap* This goes in conjunction with lair invasions above. How in the world did you know where the main controls were anyway? Armory? Database? Kitchen for snacks on the way out? Are you aware that you also disregarded everything that has been previously discussed including the victims privacy? This leads to the next point:


Common Sense dictates that:
There is NO such thing as instantaneous and omniscient intel
Unless you have taken the grand tour, or have managed to steal a current blueprint of a building, how to you know that the room isn't a wall? Or a vat of toxic liquid verses a laboratory? Perhaps its the vicious animal pen than the armory? How do you know you're gonna appear in the library? You could just as well imprison yourself in the brig for all you know.

Common Sense dictates that:
You are NOT made of Teflon, or any other impervious substance
Unless you have some power over reality that we have yet to know about, things stick to you. Like injuries. Disks. Arrows. Flying pieces of debris. Stickers. Plasma grenades. While you may have armor, the rest of you is soft, mushy, and susceptible to physical damage. In fact, armor does indeed bend, get punctured, ripped apart even! Yes! It can be damaged too. Which means you cannot be fighting your arch-foe and, when he decides to set off his pre-placed explosives that can rip apart reinforced metal and concrete structures, stand unscathed. Somewhere between the concussion blast, heat, and the raining debris, you will most likely have more bruises, burns, and otherwise puncture wounds than your aunt's pincushion. Generally, you should be bleeding profusely, half-crushed under a ceiling section, and not mentally sound due to the high-decibel event. When you get shot at, you get hit; you are not intangible and your pursuers are not terrible shots. When you get slashed at, you generally don't feel too hot. Sometimes it feels like if this game were real, hospitals would cease to exist due to the mysterious, chronic, and suspicious lack of bodily injuries. Don't be the Teflon person.

Common Sense dictates that:
Insta-Items DONT exist
Sorry, but bottomless pockets don't exist, nor can you conjure up any item or amount of widgets you need; endless Mary Poppins bag for small objects do not exist! I'm not talking about a procuring a disk launcher, Gukko harness, or those new drapes; stuff like that can be purchased at your local trader or black market stand. I'm talking about endless ammo clips, always seeming to have a lock-pick, or that sword you lost last week with your fight with your arch-foe magically back inside it's sheath. You simply cannot carry everything with you, nor can you prepare for everything... so that means you must either do without, buy it, or try to find a substitute.

Common Sense dictates that:
The laws of Logic, Physics, and Thermodynamics apply to EVERYONE
Yes they do! Its what makes the world go round, and YOU, my friend, are part of that world; THEREFORE, they must apply to you. Welcome to Logic 101, a place that allows one to think critically, solve problems, and make sense of the world around. While this is indeed a large umbrella statement, it needs to be said, and said again. There are rules that govern movements, both physically and energetically, to which breaching those is considered bad not to mention the universal consequences. So the next time you jump off a high building, get caught in an explosion, mastermind a plot, or just pull off a fantastic feat in battle, just ask yourself: Is this Logically or Physically impossible?

Common Sense dictates that:
Plans are NOT perfect!
The second extension of the Physics/Logic conundrum. While plans are good, they cannot possibly predict every possible outcome, especially if you're matching wits against an equal. There comes a time in battle where your prediction or how you wormed out of something hits the Ridiculous Factor. I mean, its one thing to come prepared to fight a necromancer that has a fascination with zombies; shotgun, crowbar, and a few friends with a workable strategy will win out almost every time. Its another to come prepared for that necromancer who secretly took over a circus, and now you has demented clowns coming after you, their baggy clothing making most of your weapons useless, but aha! I have Zombie Clown Repellent in a bottle. Never leave home without it. Seriously folks, did you happen to lean back and read it as objectively as possible, or did you decide to disregard whether or not this was getting rather over the top? Sometime while clever, it elicits an "Aww, come on! LAAAAME!"; Ridiculousness 1, Brainpower 0. Finally...

Common Sense dictates that:
Its okay and natural not to win
There are winners, and there are losers, but you are never, or rarely, either one all the time. You don't have to always win the battles to win the war, and sometimes cowards live, to quote a famous Decepticon. There is ALWAYS someone better than you out there, so take your defeat like a man and swallow some of that over-sized ego and pride you have been lugging around. There are just some things you can't do, places you can't go, people you can't influence or talk to; it's a fact. You can get captured, you can't always escape, but sometimes you pull one out from under your opponent for the epic win. So take a chill pill, take hold of your limits, and realize that there are just some things out of reach. After all, we're only human.

Right, this is where I add things that I think very useful in regards for Common Sense, or other useful tools for keeping your characters and actions believable, and generally they will be links to other places. Below you will find a lots of more useful advice and tools:

Appendix #1: God-Modding Expansion Set
God-modding is a collection of numerous offenses that all deal with unrealistic roleplaying. With an open-ended sandbox RPG like this one, it's very easy to find yourself falling into god-mod trap with your character. This, however, is most certainly not allowed and can ruin the RPG for everyone else. While it should be obvious which rules are broken in each instance, when god-mod happens it might be so blatant. There are indeed many forms of god-modding, but we have listed here only the top three types:

  • Invincibility: Your character and another player's character are fighting. If your character is either not taking hits or taking hits and having them not affect your character are both prime examples of invincibility and is the most well-known form of godmode (see Teflon and Logic sections above). This is not allowed under any circumstances as it is definitely not realistic role-playing.
  • Puppet-master: Alright, same example as above. However, in your posts, you are taking control of your opponent's character and forcing them to take hits they might have dodged or perhaps act in a way that is out of character for them. This is "puppeteering" or acting as a "puppet master". This is god-modding and it happens quite a bit. Obtain permission from your opponent if you are going to do something like this.
  • Going super-saiyan: You are fighting an opponent that is vastly stronger and more experienced than you. He is beating the living daylights out of you. So what do you do? Rather than taking your defeat like a man or beating a retreat, you pull some sort of super-power-beam out of your butt. This is frowned upon though not outright banned if PERMISSION IS GRANTED FROM BOTH THE OPPONENT AND A GM. In some forms, yes, it is god-modding but if there you obtain permission and there is a price to be paid, go for it.

Appendix #2: Metagaming

In simple terms, Metagaming is using out-of-game information, or resources, to affect one's in-game decisions. Also known as: "Breaking the fourth wall"
The above sentence sums it up perfectly; its a term often used to describe players' use of assumed characteristics of the game. In particular, metagaming often refers to having a character act on knowledge that only the player has access to (for example: tricking a Medusa to stare at a mirror when the character has never even heard of the Medusa and should not be aware of their petrifying stare). For instance, a player might adjust his character's actions if the player has some foreknowledge of future events. Another one would be knowing names, abilities, powers, or locations without actually meeting someone, fighting that person, or having been at that location. Metagaming happens when players input information that they know into the game when their character has neither the right nor ability to know it. Sometimes it subtle, sometimes blatant, but this is why we have IC and OOC in RPing posts; to distinguish between player knowledge/speaking, and character knowledge/speaking. Such playing should be avoided at all costs, since it is both unrealistic and unfair.

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Chapter III. Ends and Beginnings, Victories and Loss

  • The Chojo, Umbraline Desdemona, disappears from the Imperial City. Lord Rayuke sequesters himself while his aid seeks her whereabouts.
  • Disparate forces begin to infiltrate villain-controlled Ko-Koro, including an effort by Toa Maru Oreius that resulted in a fight between himself and Legacy lieutenant Eisen ending in his defeat and rescue by Korero.
  • Lord Rayuke’s aid Masayoshi travels to the Dastana for information, and learns that they have captured Battlemaster Inokio. Under duress Inokio explains that he is working for the Fursics, and that they were behind Rora Yusanora’s death. Masayoshi forcibly enlists his aid to travel to Kozu
  • A mysterious Matoran gathers five Matoran, Leli, Lepidran, Kellin, Seven, and Tarnok, and one Dashi, Soraya, to Kini-Nui.

  • Joske confronts, and is killed by, the Necromancer Echelon. Echelon uses his Komau to discover what the hero learned in the Legend.
  • Full scale battle results in Ko-Koro after the Toa Maru, less Reordin and Oreius, discover the location of Echelon’s hostages. Independent forces, including those of rallied former Island Liberation Front members headed by Toa Maru Reordin, join the fray.
  • The Chosen Matoran are lead by Takua to the Keeping Place, and transported to Lord Rayuke’s garden in the Archipelago.

  • Dorian, enraged by Joske’s death, makes arrangements to confront Echelon at the Vault.

  • Masayoshi and Inokio storm Kozu, where Desdemona has been captured. Splitting up, Masayoshi confronts and slays the treacherous Fursic Toroshu while Inokio and Desdemona defeat her hired Battlemaster Sheika and return to Sado.

  • Dorian and Echelon have a final confrontation at the Vault. During the battle Echelon is slain, and the crystalline flamberge is inserted into the keyhole.

  • Rayuke and the Chosen Matoran, having deciphered the riddle left at the Vault, travel to the summit of Mt. Koshiki and insert Rayuke’s metal blade into the corresponding lock there.
  • The Portals opened both on Mata Nui and the Kentoku Archipelago, a deal is struck in Nowhere. In exchange for the safety of Rayuke and the Chosen Matoran Makuta escapes from Nowhere onto Kentoku and unleashes his Rahkshi.
  • On Mata Nui, Ko-Koro falls under a sustained assault by the Toa Maru, ILF, Gukko Force, a detachment of Sentinels, and the Ihu-Koran Highlanders supported by a detachment of the Ta-Koro Guard. Eisen and the surviving Legacy leadership retreat from the battle, beaten but alive.

  • Rora Yumiwa orders an evacuation of the Kentoku Archipelago for the Umbralines and their allies, as well as any who would heed her advice. The exodus is brutal and violent, but both Desdemona and Yumiwa make it safely to their ship. Inokio is killed in the fighting and Rayuke stays behind.
  • Assailed by an infected Kanohi Dragon, Desdemona is rendered catatonic by her use of Soulfire to defeat it. Dastana forces sail into the capital for its defense and occupation.




  • The Dasakan Fleet arrives on Mata Nui, the Chosen Matoran in tow.
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On this eve, the thirtieth anniversary of that first colony, many are left to wonder; is the world fast approaching a breaking point?



  Breaking Point: An OTC Mecha RPG


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