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Finally finished with one of my main MOCs I'm sending to Brickfair Virginia to join the Karda Nui display. Also my entry to the July Flickr contest.



^ Links to Flickr Gallery ^


Krika is one of my favorite characters in Bionicle. Though for most of the story (well, the few months we knew him), he seemed like a typical cruel Makuta bent on the Toa's destruction. Then, at the last second, he tries to redeem himself with Gali with one of the more interesting conversations in the latter years of Bionicle. Not only does that make his character more interesting, but also provides some secret insights into the Makuta culture in his final moments.


Still, his set wasn't great. It definitely had a more unique shape than most, but lacked posability and complexity. And I have no idea what Lego was thinking when they used those spiky pieces for the back legs. They're great pieces and all, but they don't blend with the general aesthetic of spiny ridges the rest of his armor has. Of course, I fixed that, and a few other things, making him more insect-like and more like something you would expect to crawl out of a mutagenic swamp.


This creation was based on a drawing I did a while ago (you also get a preview of the terrible WIP and the Vamprah revamp I didn't get to), continuing my style of basing my designs on Bionicle art.


As always, comment, critique, and enjoy!

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This is really cool! I like this a lot better than the original. Most people will agree with me, I'm sure. The claws and mandibles are my favorite part.


Thank you, I like them too. It really helps with the mutant insect look to me.


I actually saw this on your Flikr album ahead of time, and I will definetly vote for it!


Thanks, it would definitely be appreciated.

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