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My namesake Toa (not HB) and HB Whenua


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The Mary Sue from my really old fanfic returns in an attempt to be less of a Mary Sue. I don't really have a well-developed backstory yet, but I'm working on how to make her fit in the canon universe, because when she was created, a whole lot of the universe didn't exist (like in 2003 whenever Mask of Light came out, that's how little existed). 


Working backstory:

After the destruction of the island of Mata Nui from Makuta Teridax and his Rahkshi, a rift forms between the Toa Nuva as they try to decide what to do with the island: Should they try to rebuild, or should they venture out to the new, uncertain city of Metru Nui. Most notably, Tahu, who is stuck in his ways, wishes to rebuild Ta-Koro to its former fortress glory, and Kopaka, taking cues from his Turaga, wishes to see to the future of the Matoran in the new world. Toa Eli (named after myself, as 11/12-year-old me would have it) arrives to help restore balace between the seven Toa, their villages, and the island paradise they once called home.


Now she's a Toa of Psionics. She wears the Konohi Suletu, and carries a psionic bow and arrow which allows her to manipulate the emotions of her enemies. 


This is my first truly detailed biomechanical drawing....I understand there are probably a lot of flaws and I'm looking at more and more references to figure out where I went wrong and to make my designs stronger :)




HB Whenua


BEFORE anyone questions me: Dark skin contains the hues of the earth, of the underground. I think that it can work both ways, pale skin and dark skin. For this one, I chose dark skin. My Onua had pale-ish skin. 'Nuff said. 





You can also find my first Bionicle sketchdump (with my first EVER biomechanical drawings) here.


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