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The Return Of The Toa


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Hello everyone this is my first epic  The Return of the Toa.


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This may be a little different from most epics due to my writing style . It will be Written mainly in a script format so when you read it each character`s name will be on the left side like this.


Character 1 - Hello.


Character 2- Oh hello there .


If something is written  with in these [] it means that it is a action done by the stated character . Anyway now that the rules for the series are over here is the series prolog .




Narrator-wellcome my friends we gather again to hear the legends of the Toa . Long ago a mighty battle was fought here on SpheresMagna between the evil makuta and the mighty Mata Nui . Their battle was a hard one and many died in the battle but eventually with the Help of the Toa tahu and the other Toa of the world  were able to weaken the makuta where Mata nui could destroy is body and burry it beneath the world . That was many thousands of years ago and since then the Toa eventually completed their destinies and became Turaga  . before long the Toa had all but died out and eventually there legend slipped in to myth  . The Turaga tried to keep the legends of the toa alive but they could not eventually the matoren of spheresmagna just thought of them as stories meant for a nice night by the fire , But soon three matoren would soon find that the legends where true .


                                                                                                                      ACT 1 


                                                                                                                   SCENE 1


[Ry a po-Matoren  walks out of his condo in New Metru Nui  and watches the ships fly past and then sits down on his patio  sighing  as a Ga-Matoren named Asa walks out to meet him ]


Asa- Ry are you alright ? You never come out here and just sit unless something is wrong .


Ry- I`m fine Asa , I have just been thinking what it would have been like back in the days of the great war .


Asa -you mean that old fairy tell we learned when we were younger ? Come on would you really want to live in a time of terror like that I mean if the story is true  at all.


Ry- You don`t believe it?


Asa- I think a big war did happen long ago but I doubt  it had a bunch of giant robots fighting around ,  and come on a ancient all knowing being that used his last ounce of power to bring life back to this planet that's a little far fetched don`t you think?


Ry- You may be right but  wouldn't it be fun to be a Toa ,  you know running around saving the day and all that .


Asa- I am fine where I am you have always been the more adventures type . Now hurry up and get ready to go or we will be late for work .


Ry- Oh yea I  almost forgot thanks for reminding me .


[ The two matoren get ready to go and they head to the Kardi Labs  ]


                                                                                                                         Scene 2


[Ry and Asa walk in the doors of the facility .]


Ry-I got to head to the lab we are getting really close to a break through in a new energy source .


Asa- Great well while you are creating that I`m stuck on tour duty so see you around .


Ry- Bye.


[ They separate and head there own ways  , Ry walking to his laboratory where there is a ko- Matoren sitting at a desk studying a strange green ad glowing stone ]


Ry- Any news on the rock Idure?


Idure- Its still emitting the energy and once we get the last few parts in place on the generator we can see if it is possible to control the energy .


Ry-good I`ll go get to work on that . 


[ Ry picks up some tools and heads to a room with a large machine in it and he starts to work on the machine ]


Idure-[under his breath as he picks up the green glowing stone ] you will grant untold power I know it but I cant let that glorified mechanic use you for his plan no you will be mine .


Mean while


Asa- Hello I am Asa I`ll be your tour guide today [points to a glass wall that has matoren and Igori scientist testing and cataloging 12 different Rahi breeds ] Here at Kardi Labs we do many different test from breeding new rahi to new forms of energy and even the occasional mech suits . [ One of the young Igori in the tour group holds up his hand] Yes?


Igori- do you have any of the old bohrok A friend of mine said that you have a bunch in your basement .


Asa-[laughs slightly] no we do not the bohrok are old robots that no longer serve any use but that's a history lesson not for here . Any more Questions ?




[Ry completes the machine ]


Ry-There done ok bring the stone everything is ready .


Idure-[brings the stone in and places it in the center of the machine and it activates  as Ry sits down at a control panel ] Is it working?


Ry- All systems are operational I just need to activate the barrier or the energy may be released all at once and who knows that could happen if it does that .


Idure-[ Pulls out a plasma gun and aims it at Ry] You will do no such thing I know what will happen and I want it to happen .


Ry- Idure are you insane it could cause a massive explosion .


Idure-Maybe I am [ Idure shoots Ry in the shoulder and it knocks him away from the controls where he cant activate the barrier . The machine then starts to shake ]


Ry- Idure don`t do this .


Idure-Its to late now the power will be mine .


[ Just then the Machine explodes ]




Asa- And that is why we don`t allow vorox to work here .[ She hears the explosion and knows its from Ry`s lab.] Ry !! everyone please evacuate the lab for the moment do not worry it was most likely just a bad energy cell but its better safe then sorry .[ The tour group runs off as Asa Runs to the lab .]  Ry ! Ry ! Are you in here ?


Ry-Asa I`m in here. [she runs to him and picks him up]


Asa- Oh my gosh you  have been shot .


Ry-That's not the worst of it look [Points at the machine and Asa looks over to see Idure in front of the stone ]


Idure-Yes I feel it coming The power of the stone is free and its mine ! 


[ Just then twelve green beams of black energy shoot out of the stone and fly around the room as if they are alive and they fly in to the vents ]


Ry-That can`t be good.


Asa-That looks worse, look!


[ Idure picks up the stone as a 13th beam of energy fly`s out and grabs his heart stone and Idure merges the stone with his heart stone and turns around his Eyes having turned red and black Crack like line forming on his mask and body .]


Ry-I think we have a major problem .


                                                                                                                                   To be continued .

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                                                                                                                                     Scene 3


Asa- [she helps Ry up ] Idure Why are you doing this ?


Idure- [his red eyes turn to her ] I am no longer just Idure .


Ry-Then what are you .


Idure- [his voice changes into more of a growl ] I am Makuta Iduran 


Ry- M M Makuta ?


Iduran- Good bye Ry [ he raises his hand and a energy orb forms in it , but just as He is about to unleash the attack he is shot 4 times once in the chest once in the shoulder once in the leg and once right in the center of his mask breaking his kanohi showing a mutated face underneath  and he just turns to the shooter  who is a Ta-Matoren named  Tor] You will pay for that matoren 


Ry- Tor look out . 


[Just then Iduran shoots a blast of energy at Tor but he dodges it by doing a barrel roll out of the way and he shoots Iduran again this time using a charge shot  he was able to knock him back]


Tor- Asa get Ry out of here ill hold him off till your safe .


Ry- No Tor your in danger to we all are he is a Makuta 


Tor- Stop joking around and get out of here .


Asa-You better be right behind us !


Tor- will do now go ! [ Asa runs out with Ry and as soon as they are out they hear a explosion ]


Ry- Tor no !


Tor- [ rolls out of the room slamming in to the wall ] That is going to leave a mark [ he stands up dodging a energy blast and runs to them ] Its time to leave now !


[ They run out of the now evacuated laboratory and Iduran  burst out of the building in the sky]


Iduren- Let This city know that THE MAKUTA HAS RETURNED [ He Fly`s off out of the city ]


Tor-Asa can you heal Ry?


Asa-[ is shaking from the whole ordeal ] No not in the condition I am in I cant focus .


Ry- we need to tell the Turaga council .


Tor- Yea and they will be able to heal you  lets get going (he tears a peace of cloth off of Ry`s lab coat and makes a bandage for him and they head to the center of the city, not noticing twelve different Rahi tracks leading from the lab .]


                                                                                                                                    Scene 4


Tor-Ry what the heck was that back there ?


Ry-I`m not sure Idure let the generator explode and  then the Energy stone we found did this crazy light show and he merged it with his heart stone turning him in to that thing.


Asa-Why would Idure do that he was so nice.


Ry- I`m not sure but it seems to have had something to do with that stone because ever since he found it on that dig  he changed.


Tor-What do you mean ?


Ry- He started to stay at the lab longer working on the generator or studying the stone , He became more distant and his temper got crazier .


Asa-yea I think I remember him screaming at one of the other tour guides one time for interrupting his work.


Ry-It`s like the stone was getting inside his head or something .


Tor- He said that the Makuta has returned  can that be true ?


Asa- It can`t be true the makuta is a myth he just found some kind of ancient energy source and took on the persona of a Makuta for shock value .


Ry-who knows at the moment we don`t know enough to even guess at what Idure has done but what we do know is that it isn't good .


Tor- [ Looks around ] uh is it just me or is it rather dead out here ?


[ They look around and the city is empty.]


Asa- Guys do you feel that ? [The ground shakes  and then from around a building corner a Huge dragon Rahi comes around and roars when it sees them.]


Ry-Wow big boy .


Dragon-The Matoren shall be  consumed .


Tor-Did that Rahi just talk? [ The dragon charges at them .]


Ry-We can try to figure that out latter run [ They run off  and the dragon starts to chase them until they run in to the council building that is just as deserted as the other buildings ] This is not good .


[They walk in to the council chamber and see Iduran  holding up one of the Turaga by his throat and ]


Asa- No [ Ry puts his hand over her mouth ]


Ry-We cant let him hear us or we would be dead .


Iduran- you fool Turaga you are no toa any more how did you hope to fight me .


Turaga- You will not win Makuta the Toa will return to defeat you.


Iduran-fool with you dies the legacy of the Toa .[ he uses his dark powers to make a pulse of dark energy go through the turaga , shattering its heart stone  . He then tosses the body aside .] Come out Matoren I know you are there .


Ry- [Whispers] Don`t say anything .


Iduran- Fine then I shall  burry you in the ruins of this building . [ He fly`s out and the building gets pelted with energy blast from multiple locations and it starts to crumble .]


Tor-we need to get out of here the city isn`t safe .


Ry- yea  but where do we go . [Just then he hears a voice in his head .]


Voice-catacombs .


Ry-I think we need to go to the catacombs its safe from the destruction and its a great hiding spot.


Asa- Lead the way . [ They head to the catacombs. ] 


                                                                                                                                  To be continued .
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Scene 5


[The three Matoren stumble through the catacombs searching for a way to safety but can`t hardly see to walk much less to get out ]


Tor-What made you head this way Ry we cant even see  down here.


Ry- I don`t know maybe because the only other way would be to go WHERE THE MAKUTA IS.


Asa-Ry are you alright ?


Ry-[He looks down ] I`m sorry Tor I`m just a little on edge with all that`s going on . [He looks to Asa and she is clearly the most shaken of the group ] Asa we will get out of here safe I know.


Asa-I`m not worried about us its the other matoren and Igori . The city was empty like something took them all but who could do that ?


Ry-I don`t know but we didn't see any bodies Asa so that means that they are still alive .


Asa-Yea I guess your right hey I think I have something to help us .


[she looks in her bag and pulls out a flash stone and turns it on allowing them to see in the catacombs]


Ry-Great Asa remind me never to make fun of you caring everything in the bag of yours.


Asa-Oh I will remind you . [she smiles for the first time since all this started ]


Ry-There is that smile that I love to see . Lets keep going .


[They keep walking and eventually come to a cross roads ]


Asa- Where do we go now ?


Ry-hmm [ he reads the signs showing where each path leads . One says food storage the other says weapons storage]


Tor- We should head to the weapons storage , I cant be the only one fighting here and besides I only have a plasma pistol .


Ry- I think we should get some food who knows how long it will be before we can get some food again.


Tor- Will food stop a Makuta no.


Ry-nether will a matoren using a gun a makuta can only be beat by a toa.


Tor- Fine then we let Asa decide where we go.


Asa-Well we need both but it would be dangerous for us to split up.


Tor-No it wont be here [he hands Asa the plasma pistol] I`ll go get some more weapons you go get the food.


Ry-But with out the gun you cant defend your self.


Tor- I`m trained in more combat ways then just a plasma pistol I`ll be fine you two need it more then I do .


Asa-Be careful .


Tor-That isn't really my stile [ He runs down the path to the weapons chamber .]


Ry-Sure is confident isn't he.


Asa-yea but he sure is nice.


Ry-[Feeling a little jealous from her saying that] he's reckless  is what he is  but lets go .


[They head off to the food storage ]


Asa-Ry how is your shoulder ?


Ry-Its fine it jut hurts every now and then .


Asa- Let me see it . [she stops him and takes the bandage off and the wound is still bleeding slightly ] Sit down I`m going to try and heal you .


Ry-We don`t have the time.


Asa-You will pass out if I don`t do something so sit down or I will sit you down .


Ry-Fine[ He sits down]


Asa-Good now I`m going to have to take some of your armor off .




Asa-Oh don`t worry its not like I haven't seen a shirtless matoren before .


Ry-Fine [he removes his chest and shoulder armor so she can start to heal him]


Asa-here go's it may sting at first . [she pulls a few things out of her bag and rubs them on his wound and the bleeding stops she then stitches up the wound ] How's that .


Ry-Its better thanks [he puts his armor back on and they continue on their way.]




[Tor arrives in the weapons wall]


Tor-oh yes here we are [He feels around for a light switch and finds one for that area ] please let the power work here. [He turns it on and there are loads of weapons hanging on walls and laying on tables  along with ammo and a old exo toa armor that is rusted and broken in the back] that's what I`m talking about .


[He walks over to a table and picks up a plasma rifle ] yep this will be of use to us [ he puts its strap around his back and then grabs a few more pistols with ammo for each gun and a few holsters. Then he grabs a few grenades ] There that should do .


[Just then in another room something falls ]


Tor-[Gets his rifle ready  and walks over to the room but just as he gets to the door way a huge snake Rahi burst out of it slamming him against a wall  it then wraps around him.


Tor-Ok I didn't see that coming [he tries to pull out one of the guns but the snake knocks it away ]


Snake-Foolish matoren your puny weapons will not destroy me or my 12 brothers .


[a voice calls out from behind the snake]


Voice-No but they sure will leave a dent  [ The snake turns around and just as he does a large blast of energy hits it right in the face knocking it out and it unwraps Tor.]


Tor-What the heck was that .


[A Onu-Matoran Runs to him and helps him up after he puts his bazooka back on his back]


Onu-Matoran-That was a close one I say we get moving before he decides to wake back up .


Tor-I`m all for that idea.


[The two Matoren run out]




[Ry and Asa Arives at the Food storage ]


Asa-I`ll get the Drinks you get the food.


Ry-yea [He heads over to the food side and starts getting provisions for the journey to where ever it is that they are going] Do you like Dikapi wings and Kena-Ra meat ?


Asa- Sure you can get them but be sure to get some green foods to . [she grabs the water for the trip but when she removes one of the bottles She screams because two red Eyes are staring back at her  then Ry runs over to help her as a New Rahi burst out from the storage unit .]



To be continued .

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Scene 6


[ Just then a creature burst from the shadows  this time it is a large rat looing rahi and it snarles at them ]


Asa- [ she screams and shoots at the rahi  but the plasma bolts just bounce off ] 


Ry-[Runs over and grabs a old broom]


Rat-[ Looks at the broom] Really matoaran I know you are week but a broom really .




Rat-You face The makuta Shura with a broom your either brave or stupid one of the two .


Ry- your a Makuta?


Shura-Not just any Makuta I am the Zodiac Makuta of the Rat  my name is Shura and you my little matoran will make a great test subject for me and my brothers.


Ry-uh I don`t think so [ he takes the broom and rams the stick end of it in to the Rat Makuta`s eye  and it roars in pain this distraction allows them to be able to get away in time before it recovers ]


[ As they are running back from where they came they run in to Tor and the Onu matoren]


Ry-Tor we need to leave there is a makuta down here  with us I thin we passed another route on the way down here but we need to go .


Tor-Agreed there is also a huge snake rahi down here So we cant go that way by the way this is Golis he is a ember of my old special task force  .


Ry-no time for greetings right now lets get out of here .


[The run down the path they first came in and with Asa`s light they see a path they missed when they urn down it they come to a chamber with six tubes that look like elevator in the room .]


Asa-Dead end.


Ry-I wish you didn`t say that .


Golis-Hmm these look like elevators could they be a way out ?


Tor- [he inspects them] this is the top of the chute they only go down but htese things are so old who knows how long they have been here or if they still .


[They hear a loud crashing and hissing]


Asa- We don`t have time to decide  .


Ry-Fine its worth a shot everyone get in one of the elevators ill start the activation process .


Asa-But you wont be able to activate the final elevator , you will be stuck.


Ry-I`ll figure out a way to get back to you I promise .


Asa-You better !


Ry-[smiles ] Now get in quick they are getting closer !


[The two creatures can be heard only a few yards away and Asa , Tor and Golis get in the elevators ]


Tor-Ry here take this you will need it .[ He tosses the plasma rifle and a few ammo clips to Ry and he catches it ]


Ry-Thanks Tor you watch out for Asa for me alright .


Tor-Will do .


Ry- ok hang on this could get bumpy [he whispers to him self] Please work .


[Ry activated the control console and the systems in the elevators activate and then the doors close but as they do Asa sees the snake rahi and the Rat Makuta come around the corner]


Asa-[Just as the door closes] Ry look out !


[The doors close and the elevators shoot strait down like rockets leaving Ry alone with the two huge creatures.]


Shura-[He sneaks up to Ry who is now aiming the Rifle at the two] well brother look at that the little fellow has a weapon how cute.


Snake-Better not get to close brother You don`t want to lose your other eye .


Shura-[growls at the snake ]


Ry-So your both Makuta ?


Snake-Yes matoren You did more then just free a single Makuta you freed 13 of us you and your little friend Idure .


Shura-Your being rude brother it is not right to kill something with out it first knowing your name .


Snake-Ah yesssss you are correct brother well matoren I am Hebira Zodiak Makuta of the snake .




Ry-I don`t really care but I got to be going so bye . 


Hebira- Your not going anywhere .[He go`s to strike Ry but Ry jumps pout of the way and he runs in to one of the open elevators and uses the rifle to shoot the lever that activates them in doing so the door to his elevator Closes and he is launched down in to the tube .


Shura-You let him get away Iduran will not be pleased .


Hebira-Silence Shura or shall I remind you which of us is higher on the food chain .


Shura-We must go and tell Iduran.


Hebira-You go and tell him I`m going to follow those matoran .


Shura- Good luck brother[He leaves  as Hebira slithers down one of the open tubes ]
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Scene 7


The elevators fall for what seems like hours when really its was only a few minutes then out of nowhere they  shoot out of the tubes they are in and crash in to liquid protodermas below  .


Asa- [looks around the elevators controls and finds a communication device  and she holds down the button for it ] Hello Tor can you hear me ?


Tor- [over the intercom ] This is tor I can read you Asa.  Golis you there?


Golis-Read you loud and clear what about the Po-Matoran any body got him on the radar.


Asa-Ry can you hear me[ There is no answer ] Tor he isn't answering !


Tor-Don`t worry Asa he will be fine I just know it some how .




Ry- [is being pushed to the roof of his elevator because he didn't get to put his seat belt on like the others ] ahhh!


[The elevator crashes down like the other only much further away having come out of a different tube and a wave washes up to a shore  and the elevator opens up]


Ry-[stumbles out looking sick] I am never going to ride that again .[There is a loud splash behind him and a his] No it cant be .[ He stumbles back and runs in to the woods next to this beach  .]


Hebira-[slithers on to the shore] hiss oh matoran ! don`t think that you can hide from me . I will hunt you down you pathetic little peace of metal.[He sees the tracks in the dark light of where they landed and follows them seeing the ruins of a large city .] Sssso this is where you will hide well not for long.


[He keeps looking for Ry in the ruins of the city ]


Ry-[Who is running for his life trips and falls over a long dead Rackshi ] Ahh.[Hebira hears the faint scream and looks in his direction ]oh [he breaths a sigh of releaf ] you are just a old rackshi armor i have seen some of those in the museum [He stands back up] Your not dangerous at all.


Hebira-but I am [He strikes at Ry and he is knocked in to the wall and tries to run but is bitten in the leg]


Ry-gah [he uses the rifle to shoot t Hebira but this was only able to distract him for a moment just enough time for Ry to run in to a large collosium like building ]


Hebira-you will feel my poison in your vain's matoran [He chases after him ]


Ry-runs in to a side path in the large area passing a huge statue and he get stops when he sees old weapons hanging on the walls.]The rifle didn't do squat but [he picks up a old sword the blade made of protosteel and still sharp as when it was first made ] this should break through his armor.


[Ry runs out to boldly face the large snake Makuta and stands his ground]


Hebira-[Laughs ] You challenge me with  a ancient sword and nothing but your strength . You are with out a doubt the stupidest matoran I have ever seen but you wont live much longer to do anything else stupid .


[Hebira strikes at him but Ry dodges out of the way and runs behind one of the 7 huge statues in the arena .]


Ry-come and get me makuta .


[Hebira strikes at him again but Ry ducks behind the statues other leg then around it again and he jumps over Hebiras body who unbeknownst to the makuta is starting to be tied in a knot from the twist Ry made and eventually the knot is tight enough to where Hebira can no longer move but his head  and tail .]


Hebira-Hiss you will pay for thisss .


Ry-No but I might for this  He uses the sword to cut Hebira`s sharp tail off and Hebira Roars in pain and he uses his whole body to contract and crush the legs of the statue that then starts to fall .]


Ry- Wow [He runs trying to out run the falling statue and barely dose but as it lands the shock wave knocks him to the ground and he losses consciousness for only a few seconds but when he comes to Hebira is right above him about to strike.]


Hebira-Thissss  iss for my tail [ He raises up and go to strike but a large bladed staff blocks the strike  this staff being held by a large three legged being with yellow , silver and black armor   with read eyes.


Being-Well  well  well it has been some time since I have seen a Matoran stand up to such a large threat , But where I normally would love to see how this ends , I must say this is a rather one sided fight  so it is not interesting to me but what is interesting to me is the chance for me to fight a race of being that hasn't been seen for thousands of years .


Hebira- who do you think that you are creture you are between a Zodiac Makuta and his pray .


Being- I am the shadowed one leader of the dark hunters and one of the few powerful beings left in this forgotten land [The shadowed one hits hebira back with his spear and then he walks over and picks the makuta up] could it be that over the years the makuta have grown weak flee to your master snake and leave my lands .[he drops Hebira who then hisses at him and slithers off] 


Ry-[is stunned from fear of the two beings duel] 


TSO- I must admit Matoran you showed great battle prowess for one so small but I would suggest you follow me or some slithering beast may find you alone.


Ry-y your the shadowed one 



TSO-Yes I have said that now follow me or I will feed you to that snake for making me lose my patience [Ry follows him]


Scene 8


[The other Matoran landed on a far off beach from Ry and have started looking in the city for him]


Golis-I`m sorry miss but I don`t think we have properly been introduced I am Golis Onu-Matoran and leader of the New metru guard .


Asa-[still worried about Ry her focus isn`t on Golis but she still remains nice] H hi I`m Asa a tour guide .


Golis-Nice  to meet you .


Tor-Asa we will find Ry he has to be in this city some where.


Asa-This city Where is this city and if its night time where are all the stars I don't see any all I see are a few ancient light stones that still are active .


Golis-I`m not sure where we are but  I know when we are on the surface or under ground  but some how I feel like this is both.


Tor-Your both letting this place get to you its just a old city its nothing to worry about.


Asa-Just a old city Tor we came here on some old weird elevator things that only went down then we got launched in to a sea how do you explain that .


Tor-I cant but [ He hears the sound of wind moving and he hasn't heard that sound down here before so it alerts him to danger] Shuss get your weapons ready I think we have company 


[Just then on one of the roof tops something about the size of a Matoran lands and it closes its wings and stairs down at them with green eyes  as if sizing the matoran up.


To Be continued .

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Scene 8 (continued )


[The creature  stairs down at them and spreads it`s wings again and fly's at them making a pass over them and Tor uses his pistols to try and shoot it but he misses and the creatures hover above them then uses its  wings to create a large gust of wind knocking the weapons out of their hands and he tries to run and grabs them but the creature lands between him and the weapons still in the shadows ]


Creature- A Fire spitter I would not ever thought so have seen another of you deep down .


Asa-w who are you ?


Creature-[ It steps out of the shadows and  it is a Le-Matoran with a wing pack on his back that seems to be thrown together from scrap metal ] I am  Otana .


Asa- What are you doing down here?


Otana-I  wind-flew down here long-time ago  then my way home closed  so I was stuck  deep-down . 


Tor-Have you seen a Po-Matoran that down here?


Otana- No but At old-arena  I say loud-clash that may be him, come I lead the way .


[He takes off using his wing pack and they follow him to the arena ]




]At the Shadowed one`s base]


TSO- So Po-Matoran what is your title ?


Ry- Uh my name is Ry .


TSO-Interesting whats brings you down here to my domain .


Ry- Uh I was being chased by That makuta.


TSO- Are you alone?


Ry-[thinks] I can`t let him know about the others who knows what he is going to do to me much less them .[out loud] Uh I`m alone  there was no one with me.


TSO- Ah really good then I can send my hunting dogs out to kill these other matoran that are heading to the Colosseum .


[the others show up on a old tv like screen that flickers in and out of working order from its age ]




TSO-Why not pray tell?


Ry- I lied I came here after them I sent them off first  , so I could protect them.


TSO-Ah the duty of honor that isn't something I have seen recently well why don`t we welcome our little friends as well but first a little test to see if they have the unity of a team.


Ry- What ?


[Just then TSO presses a button on his thrown and smiles]




Asa- Otana why have you not tried to get back to the surface ?


Otana-Why go up-high when deep-down there is so much more adventure ?


Goris-Maybe for oh I don`t know the sun  Im a onu-Matoran and even I have to say that it isnt good to be with out sun this long .


Otana- I never was a big fan of the bright shine  in the sky to bright . and I always love to seek advinture .


Asa- Tor look at these statues they are huge.


Otana-They are crafted in honor of the great toa .


Asa-toa you mean the myths


Tor-really Asa after all this you still think the toa are myths we where chased by a makuta .


Asa-I wont believe in the toa till I see one .


Golis- Am I the only one that sees that there is a collapsed statue and it hasn't been like that for long?


Otana-There has been a duel here .


[The sound of a ancient gate can be heard opening ]


Golis-[Gets his bazooka  ready ]I have a really bad feeling about this .


[A large   brown rahi steps out of the gate once it opens it stands on two legs  with three tails and large pincers on its face ]



Tor-What the heck is that !?


Otana- Its a kalemara  nasty little creature I shall handle this my friends [He flies at the rahi but it just knocks him out of the way with one of its tails and it charges at Tor]


Tor-wow [ He jumps out of the way and shoots it a few times but all this does is tick it off]


Golis-I got this [ He fires the bazooka but it  dodges the blast and runs at him ] but Asa distracts it with the pistol that she has ]


Asa-guys we cant take this thing on  one at a time .


Golis- Asa is right we need a plan.


Tor- I have a idea Golis you use your bazooka to get a shot in on it to knock the rahi back in its cage , Asa you and me are a distraction for Goris  , Otana fly to the gate controls and see if you can  close it when the rahi is inside .


[They all nod and Tor and Asa start shooting the rahi trying to keep its attention from goris who starts to charge another blast and Otana fly's over to the controls ]


Tor-Ready Asa ?




[Tor and Asa both fire on the rahi distracting it from goris and Otana long enough for Goris to get a shot off the blast hitting the rahi in the side and sending it back in to the gate it came from because of the force .


Tor- Otana now drop the gate .


[Otana pulls on the control lever for the gate but it dose not close]


Otana-The controls are jammed stuck I cant close the gate .


Goris- Its getting back up !


Asa-Otana get away from the controls ! 


[she aims her pistol at the gate controls]


Tor-what are you doing  ?


Asa-Im going to close the gate .


Tor-its worth a shot Otana you heard the lady get out of there .



[Otana flies off and the other three matoran all shoot the controls causing the gate to slam shut on the rahi killing it ]


Otana- Water swimmer is rough in battle is  she not. [He lands ]


Asa-I I didn`t mean to kill it 


Tor- Don`t worry asa  it would have killed us .


TSO- Well you three are just as  courageous as your little friend here 


[The four matoran turn around and see The Shadowed One and Ry standing there ]


Asa- RY! [she runs and gives him a hug  then punches him in the face dislodging his mask slightly ]


Ry- ow [He fixes his mask] what was that for .


Asa-Scaring me to death .


TSO- And if it is not Otana the little thorn in my side .


Otana- well I must be Wind flying off now bye.[He tries to fly off but TSO grabs his leg and pulls him down ] 


TSO- Your not getting away  this time .


Asa-Hey you big lug let him go .[she kicks him in the shin and TSO just looks down as Ry gives her the motion of no stop that`s not a good idea ]


TSO- Did you just kick me [He laughs] you have spunk I like you matoran if you where something a little stronger I wouldn't mind having you be a dark hunter .


Otana- Not that  I am complaining but why have you not killed us ?


TSO-Because I have need of you .


Ry-Need of us but we are only Matoran.


TSO- Yes and as matoran in this city you can go where I can not .


Tor-Where is that ?


TSO- The central processor .


Asa-What is that ?


Tso -It is the brain of the great spirit Mata Nui . At least it was untill the reforming war .


Ry-Wait where are ?


TSO-Has it really fallen in to that much of a legend  [sighs] You are in the City of 


Metru Nui 



To be continued 


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scene 9

Iduran- You dare come back here with out that matoran head  I should kill you right now .
Hebira-How was I ment  to get the matoran when the shadowed one was protecting him .
Iduran- The Shadowed One you say ? Well this is rather interesting . Who would have thought  that he would still be alive after all this time .
Shura-Would you like us to go back down ?
Iduran-No you both have shown that you cant handle a few matoran much less The Shadowed One  .I shall send someone much more skilled in things of this manner .
Hebira-Who ?
Iduran-Ushira .
Shura-The ox? 
Hebira-He is as dumb as the creature that he is the essence of .
Iduran-He may not be the most intelligent of us but he has the strength to match the Shadowed One .
Hebira-And what shall we do?
Iduran- You in the mean time will Hunt down thous Matoran but this time stay together, Maybe with two of your brains you can out wit thous matoran .
Both- Yes sir (they leave )
Scene 10
Ry-What are we meant to do in the central processor ?
TSO-There is a door that only a matoran an open it is sealed by a unknown force that even my power can not brake .
Asa-whats behind the door?
TSO-No one is sure but all the legends say there is a weapon of great power sealed behind it . I need you to go in and get it for me .
Tor- Well I don`t think we have much of a choice so what are we waiting for ?
Goris-Lets get going.
Otana-Lead the path-way.
TSO-That is what I like about you matoran if you have a Duty to do, It will get done . Now here is a map that leads to the door . Do not stray from the path there are many more creatures then just the Makuta down here .
Ry-Yes sir .
(they leave )
Asa-Ry what  happened to you while we were separated ?
Ry-The snake makuta attacked me but  The shadowed one fought him off.
Tor- I see you have a new sword and some kind of sharp object with you where did they come from ?
Ry-The sword is from the Colosseum armory that sharp object is Hebira`s tail.
Goris-What You where able to cut his tail tip off?
Otana- Quite the accomplishment .
Tor-I must hand it to you Ry you seem to be more then just a lab geek .
Ry- I just did what I had to do .
Asa-I wonder what could be behind that door . Could it be a kanohi ?
Tor-or maybe a  vehicle 
Golis-Maybe its a Toa?
Asa-your kidding right .
Golis- Yea I guess it would be weird to have a toa down here I don`t even think they would be able to survive this long .
Asa-Yea .
Tor-It dosnt matter what is back there  because we cant let the Shadowed one get his hands on it .
Ry-Why not .
Tor-The dude is clearly insane  and evil .
Ry-People can change.
Otana- Not people with eyes that can Disintegrate  you .
Asa-I think he can be trusted other wise he would have just killed us.
Golis- He didn't kill us cause he needs us .
Ry-We can talk this over latter right now we have a job to do  and besides we will need some one like The Shadowed One on our side in this battle.
Otana-I will go scout ahead  .(he flies off)
Ry-Wait we need to stay together (Otana is already gone)darn it .
Asa-(yawns ) I think we should make camp tonight it has been a long day .
Tor-yea I`m worn out to .(he fires a plasma bolt in to the sky to signal Otana to come back)
Ry-(he sits down ) I cant believe that we are in the original Metru Nui 
Asa-This is all just crazy Makuta metru nui and now the Shadowed one , Its like the legends are true.
Otana-(he lands next to them)Legends are based on truth Asa .
Ry-Otana is right if we have learned anything from this nightmare its that the legends are real .
Asa-I know it just seems odd that all this is true .
Ry-We will have to get used to it . but for right now lets all get some rest we will need it .
Tor-Yes we will I have a feeling that tomorrow will be a long day .
Ry-So do I .
(they all lay down and fall asleep )
To be continued 
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Scene 10


The matoran wake up after a rest and get ready to go .


Tor-Wake up guys  .


Asa-(wakes up) is something wrong ?


Ry-(gets up )I don`t hear any thing.


Tor-Its not what I hear its what I don`t see .




Tor-Otana he is gone .


Ry-Darn that Le-Matoran 


Asa-We need to find him .


Goris-(looks around )I found some foot prints but, (he sees a snake trail)guys we have a problem .


Tor-(runs over and sees the tracks )get your  weapons ready .




Tor-We have a matoran to save .


Asa-(looks at the tracks )but we are just matoran we cant hope to fight a makuta .


Ry-No Asa we are not just matoran we are a team  as one we wouldn't have a chance to fight this makuta but as a team we can do it .


Goris-Ry is correct we beat that rahi back at the coliseum together we can do this .


Asa-Alright then lets go .


(They all grab their weapons but Ry tosses his rifle to Tor)


Tor-Your going to need this Rifle Ry.


Ry-I`m good last night I made this .


(he holds up a double bladed sword one blade is the blade he found in the army the other is Hebira`s tail  a blade that is made of segments and can be used like a whip or be bent in to a particular  shape ,this making a staff like weapons both edges being razor sharp .)


Tor- If you must use it fine but a blaster is way better then some old sword.


Ry-You may think so  but I prefer this.


Goris-Any way lets get going .


(they head off to follow the tracks )


Scene 11


The group reaches a large wall that would be impossible to climb with out help.


Asa-What do we do now ?


Ry-We improvise   (he looks around and sees some old cables laying on the ground.) Those will work.


(He bends the flexible blade of his staff in to a hook shape and ties the cables to his staff and throws it up to the top of the wall and it grabs a hold on something.)


Goris-Not bad Ry .


Tor-I guess that weapon is useful after all.


Ry- (he smiles and uses the cable to  climb up to the top of the wall and he looks over seeing in the distance the remains of Le-Metru ) Ok guys its safe come on up.


(the other matoran climb up one at a time and Ry removes the cable from his weapon and ties it to the other side so they can climb down  and once they do, he cuts part of the cable off and puts it in his pouch .)


Asa-What is that for ?


Ry-You never know when you may need a piece of cable.


Tor-Smart words  come on the tracks go this way .


(the group follows the tracks all the way to the main chute station and see Otana tied to a post that once held up the now long gone chutes )




Goris-(gets his bazooka ready as Tor gets his weapons ready )


Hebira- (slithers out from behind the post )well I knew that you would come if I only took one of you .


Tor- You could have killed all of us last night why didn't`t you.


Shura-(comes out behind them ) Because we like to play with our targets .


Ry-Asa you and Tor Go after Shura me and Goris will take Hebira .




Hebira-(strikes at Ry but he dodges out of the way )


Ry-Goris start charging your cannon and wait for my signal .(he jumps up  and slashes Hebira )


hebira-You will pay matoran (he lunges at him)


Tor-Asa take out his legs (shura pounces on tor and tries to bite him  but Asa shoots his head knocking him away but not hurting him )


Asa- we need to get their armor off its to strong for out blasters .


(Just then Hebira slams Ry in to a wall to every ones shock and is about to strike a death blow )


To be continued 

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