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War Never Changes


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Ah.... Nuclear weapons...


What a horrible invention.


Who was thinking of how much lives will be lost in a nuclear war? Nobody, nobody not even the Great Spirit Mata Nui himself had thought about the effects it would cause. But then again how was our country the United States of Metru Nui going to win the war against Daxia? Just only two nuclear warheads we the Metru Nui military dropped on the two Daxian cities of Tridax and Biliah and the next day the Makuta of Daxia finally surrendered and the war was over. Or so we thought...


By the 1950's our former ally Xia, betrayed us. The country of their's fell under the hand's of communism, all because the Xian Nationalists lost the Xian Civil War to the Xian Communist Army. War was not over, it was just the beginning of yet another war, a cold war. Meanwhile the United States of Metru Nui became ever so powerful than we had thought, Ga Metru, Le Metru, Ta Metru, Ko Metru, Po Metru, and Onu Metru all were now just districts for Metru Nui, or should I say the 6 Districts of Metru Nui. The flag of Metru Nui has also changed as well, our former once beautiful flag was also changed to a new one. A new flag I simply just hate the looks of...



No major wars broke out in the remaining 20th century, nor did any major wars had broken out in the early 21st century. It was just until 2052, that the Toa Commonwealth raged war upon the Southern Islands for their Protodermis. The Toa Commonwealth was dealing with high prices for Protodermis and were also running dry in Mata Nui and Protodermis was beginning to decline in Mata Nui. This thus began the Resource Wars between the Toas and the Southern Islanders. 


The United States of Metru Nui on the other hand had remained out of the conflict going on between Mata Nui and the Southern Islands. Since Metru Nui mostly gotten its Protodermis from Onu Metru or now simply called the "Onu District". However that didn't lasted long either, because by the end of 2052, Onu Metru's protodermis fields were now beginning to become dry. The United States of Metru Nui needed to get new protodermis from somewhere else fast. The government of Metru Nui then looked towards Ko Metru, due it's massive stored amounts of protodermis located there.


That when the military of Xia than invaded Ko Metru in 2059. They too need protodermis and were greedy enough to take it by force from the people of Metru Nui. Protodermis was also being made from Voya Nui and thus this made people of Metru Nui begin to call Voya Nui as "Little Metru Nui". Which didn't made the Matoran of Voya Nui happy and food riots increased there. And eventually by 2064, Voya Nui decided to become uncooperative with United States of Metru Nui and discontinued sending us protodermis. 


This just in return made it worse... 


When Voya Nui had stopped sending protodermis to Metru Nui, that in return made the United States of Metru Nui then declaring war upon Voya Nui for its Protodermis. Thus Voya Nui was invaded by the Toas from Metru Nui and the Matoran of Voya Nui reacted by protesting, or rebelling against Metru Nui. This made the Toas kill any protesters or rebels of Voya Nui on sight. Which ended in Metru Nui then annexing all of Voya Nui. 


By 2077, the Toa of Metru Nui had successfully retaken Ko Metru from the Xians. Everyone then thought the war was finally over... But we were still wrong. The Turaga of Metru Nui fled to Bara Magna and abandoned his own country and people. Many Matorans of Metru Nui ignored the alarms and sirens that were going off, which meant that Xia was soon going to nuke us. The 20 Vaults stored deep within the Archives of Metru Nui were sealed shut protecting the Matoran, or Toa inside them for decades to come. And I myself, was one of them who was survivor of the Vaults. 




War... War never changes...

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"If one wishes to know the truth, then one must find the truth." -Gandhi



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Allegory much? :P
Honestly I feel like this could be improved with a few alterations. Take the first line for example:


Ah.... Nuclear weapons what a horrible idea to ever invent.

I'd suggest altering this to

Ah ... nuclear weapons.

What a horrible invention.

avatar by Lady Kopaka


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