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Legoverse Mocworld I - Sah N Dibum


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From the first two chapters of my first story, this is the desert world of Sah n Dibum. I'm referring to this as a MOCworld because even though some of the buildings and landmarks are real sets, the organisation and piecing together is still a MOC, technically. But the main focus will be on... PHARAOH HISSHYFITT'S TOMB

The snake has not been changed from it's original build, just chopped up to give the look of it wrapping around the building. Yes, I used two different coloured plates for the roof. I tried to find another to match, but I just couldn't. It's not...TOO noticeable, is it? I originally planned on buying a second version of the snake set (mainly because I liked the 'temple' attached to it) and making a two-headed snake to sit atop the tomb, but it sold out locally before I could get it. next is...THE TEMPLE OF THE UNTAMPERED STONEHEAD

The stonehead is from a Johnny Thunder set from long ago. I've always loved it, so what better way to show that than to build a temple around it. I did want to keep it's 'sliding' ability and have a secret room in the temple, but I only have two tan baseplates so there was no room to add the feature.not a lot of MOCs in this world, I'll admit, but the next world has...I think only ONE real set in it.

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Exercise time was too bloody hard to fix...forgot to track a few days...sorry.


MOCs: Sah n Dibum - Vehicles Part 1 - Mouldi Pheats - Daleks

Stories: Adventures in the LegoVerse

Interesting Stuff: Shows You're Watching

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